'I am the Law': Sally Yates as Judge Dredd.

Tuesday, 9 May:

The senate hearings on Monday were a classic example of why most people hate politics and politicians. The Democrats, reeling from Trump's admittedly good week, got their carefully timed leaks and convenient hearing.

Absolutely nothing of real import was learned.

But the lifeline of Russian spies in the Trump administration, something history will laugh at, was kept afloat as one senator after another dramatically intoned how 'badly an independent prosecution is needed.

This, of course, is the fallback option. They know damn well the IC has no concrete evidence to support this ridiculous claim; speaking with Russians, as opposed to, say, Chinese, is no crime.

The sanctions that the previous adminstration slapped on Russia just as they were leaving are NOT the Holy Grail. The whole approach, which is to criminalize policy differences, would be thrown out of any court but has been pushed endlessly by the media.

Keep in mind that many of those in the 'mainstream media' actually WORKED for the Democrats and made seamless shifts to ABC, CBS and CNN.

These incestous relations would not be tolerated if they weren't progressives.

But the country was treated to the increasingly irritating Al Franken try to insert spurious conspiracy theories into every utterance. Full well knowing this all to be a ruse, they instead now count on getting their 'Ken Starr' so they can dig for dirt.

Make no mistake, They would, and will impeach Trump the MINUTE they could. They have to take back the House first, though. So, the media is selling everyone on this inevitability.

The health care issue they say. It's the GOP's turn to pay at the polls. But this is no certainty, and if they make some concrete improvements they could be rewarded. 

For now, though, it was the Sally Yates show. Yates, a careerist at the DoJ, was called to testify on the reason she went to White House counsel Don McCann with the notion that Gen Mike Flynn could be 'compromised' by the Russians.

He didn't tell VP Mike Pence what he was up to, and Pence made misstatements as a consequence. Because Flynn was 'unmasked' and then his conversation with Russian ambassador Kislyak was illegally leaked to the Washington Post.

So far, that is the only real crime committed here.

It was Yates' opinion that he might be a security risk. If you look at it closely, it makes almost no sense. McCann didn't think so, and asked her why DoJ would get involved in 'one politician lying to another'.

Flynn's feelings about better relations with Russia was NO SECRET. How a phone call over sanctions hastily slapped before the previous lot left office -no crime, indeed obvious conversations to have- could possibly be grounds for blackmail is a real stretch.

It was on another topic where Yates showed her true colors.

When questioned over her refusal to uphold the Trump travel ban she revealed the mindset that you see in progressives. The sanctimony, the absolutism of their belief system.

This is what transpired:

During Yates' hearing, John Neely Kennedy, a Republican junior senator from Louisiana, questioned her about her handling of the executive order, interrupting at one point to say, "I don't mean any disrespect, but who appointed you to the United States Supreme Court?"

It was jaw dropping to those who actually revere the Constitution. She insisted that like the 9th Circuit and other venues, they correctly interpreted the law, and that Trump's obvious dislike of Islam meant he couldn't use laws that deferred power to him.

The media has crowned her a queen, and is chirping this story both far and wide. But here's the rub: in yesterday's hearings about the ban the ACLU lawyer sheepishly admitted that if it weren't Trump this ban would have been upheld.

Keeping the country safe by carefully controlling immigration from hostile regions is the President's DUTY. These rulings, and Yates' admonishments will be overturned, and it might not even be close.

Most experts think 6-3, and maybe even 7-2.

Sally Yates is a new heroine to the progressives, she will pick a state and run for the senate in '18, you can count on that. She may very well win; she is a capable public servant with a nice pedigree.

But she will also be wrong on the key decision she made, and was fired for. Politico, like the proverbial broken clock being right twice a day, got it down:\

The rest of the media? Save your time; they think she's a goddess...



Le Pen: Her loss is no big deal, really.

Monday, 8 May:

There is no such thing as a quiet day in the world of Donald J Trump.

The constant nattering of his unhinged opposition -they had Maxine Waters front and center at the MTV awards giving out some award; bravery for politically correct actions in film and music or something like that.

She, of course is the most ardent supporter of impeaching the 45th President. When she isn't advocating seizing private run industry, that is. Poor Bill O'Reilly. He nailed the James Brown wig on the septuagenarian.

It was one of his last 'pithy' insights.

But this is just progressive hysteria; that and the so-called psychologists who branded Trump a narcissist and liar, or whatever they claimed. Violating the first rule of their craft by analyzing a patient without a personal examination, their assertions are so laughably bad as to make a profession that already has aspects of witch doctor hoodoo to it even worse.

These same 'experts' were famously silent as the Previous Occupant referred to himself 200 times in one speech.

That anyone who has the temerity to run for President has a pretty healthy ego. Trump's was already well established; he didn't need to move to 1600 Pennsylvania Av to have it bestowed on him.

This is the background noise. This is the illusion.

Meanwhile, he and his inner circle soldier on, tackling illegal immigration and reducing it 70% through sheer force of will. Jeff Sessions has been turned loose on MS-13, a group that even the left has little sympathy for.

Russia still simmers, but Diane Feinstein said yet again, there is 'no evidence' of collusion among the Trump advisors. Of course there isn't. 

However, if you have been paying attention there is already a deal in Syria; Russia, Turkey and Iran are working it out, as they should. It's their back yard.

Perhaps everybody's attention is affixed on the shiny object in Trump's hand. Dumping socialized medicine.

Damn. That shiny object yet again. One of these days his oppositon will stop falling for it, but they have been biting regularly for, oh, 18 months or so. That's the problem with constant hysteria; it does tend to blind the afflicted.

Now, a word about France.

Marine Le Pen lost, as was the plan. Macron, who is the Franco version of the last US President right down to his dubious sexuality, is a wholly owned EU creation designed to do their bidding. 

Natuarally, the progressive left have been singing his praises; they now have somebody other than Angela Merkel to worship. Le Pen, who is a French patriot, had many other views that made her, like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, not very popular as a leader.

Unlike Donald Trump, neither of them adopted populist economic issues; they are happy with the welfare state. They just don't want any foreigners -particularly Muslims- taking it. Her loss, while by a large margin, was still a huge showing for her.

The National Front has always been a fringe party. Her 'right wing' views are really anything but; she advocates a 35 hour work week and other quasi-socialist issues. She's just opposed to the open border policies and that makes her, of course, a 'right wing racist'.


But to an extent her losing helps Trump. Had she won, it would have destabilized the EU and rattled NATO, which he and Rex Tillerson have settled down. Whether France is in the EU, whether it exists or not, really means little here.

If the French want to be the target of an Islamic invasion and have a major terror incident a couple times a year, that's their business. Same with Germany.

They serve as models of what NOT to do. The UK was smart and bailed; good for them. But Trump really didn't need a constant comparison with Le Pen, either. This outcome was actually a release valve for him.

The globalists have their stooge in place. Let's see how reality works for them.

Meanwhile, the repeal of healthcare, which is either a nothingburger or a threat to the planet's existence depending what time of day it is, has moved to a all of a sudden very picky Senate. They are looking at this whole thing as some sort of nuisance foisted upon them by a president and congress that is out of control.

They have stated that 'they will take their time' and 'craft their own bill' as if they were speaking to everyone from Mt Olympus. Here's the real scoop.

They will now feel the heat of Trump; lots of them are very vulnerable come 2018. The media is willingly carrying the amazing new take on the previous act; it is now a bill from the heavens that just needed a tweak or two.

Like an additonal half a trillion dollars. For starters.

Mitch McConnell has done a nice job over the last year. Just the Supreme Court nomination alone was well handled. He and Trump have made a nice alliance.

Considering there is little love lost between them. The Majority Leader has his work cut out for him, and knows it. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between the two as this plays out.

It will take longer than 100 days, But not much, depend on that...




one bitter ex-Speaker; house of cards collapsing around them.

Tuesday, 4 May (Breaking News Update):

In a stunning turnaround for the Trump administration, the House passed what will now forever be known as 'Trumpcare'; they had just enough votes plus one.

217. Speaker Paul Ryan passed his first major back against the wall test; he made sure House Majority Whip Steve Scalise had just enough votes; the 20 GOP members who voted against it were basically 'purple state' guys who were given a political pass.

Here's what's important to know, and try to filter the 'fake news' (it's in overdrive on this)spin. First, this is a major achievement for President Trump. Forget the arched eyebrows from CNN and the very thinly disguised snark.

Second, this not only saves Paul Ryan's speakership, which it does in spades, it united the GOP. The relentless efforts of Trump and Pence -real leadership, folks- paid off 'big league'.

Third, even though this does codify the progressive desire to make health care a 'human right' (easily the most misused term of modern times) it takes governent control away from the equation and replaces it with government 'assistance'.

That's 'huge', too. Donald Trump is one satisfied man. And he should be.

He now owns health care, and as a very bitter Nancy Pelosi said afterward, it is 'tatooed on their foreheads'. So be it.

The major difference is that now that it has been established as a right; which the GOP asserts as a right to access, not care, it can be turned into what it is supposed to be.

A health care system. One that is more of a bottom up, consumer driven model. The previous incarnation was a Trojan Horse, as is all progressive schemes. Meant to topple a capitalist system.

Their plan was to flood the country with illegals, get as many on the welfare/health care rolls as possible, and crater the middle class. It was only health care in the abstract.

The insurance companies would eventually fail, and a single payer socialist system installed. THAT was the plan, always has been the plan, and they were close to pulling it off. But something went very wrong for them last November.

The proof of all this will become evident, as you will see in the pushback from the progressive left. They will find every last little aspect of what this doesn't cover (so far post partum depression is an early favorite) as opposed to what this will do.

The violence will be turned up. They do NOT like what is happening one little bit.

You will also hear how this will cost the House. Don't believe it for one second. The opposition hasn't a clue what to even run on; they can't put moderate Democrats in swing districts unless they turn on their constituents and vote pure progressive.

They own, and control the party. There are only a few 'moderate' Dems. 

They demand purity tests. All the money in the world won't buy them the House as long as they cater to 25% of the voters. This also gives Trump a tremendous bully pulpit. He can whip the process along.

He owns it. Fine. He wants it to work, not be a cog in the NWO globalist control scheme. This is phase one, phase two goes to the Senate where it will pass, and then back for reconciliation with the House.

Phase three is where market forces can be brought to bear. Number one being tort reform. Bring medical lawsuits back to earth. An anesthesiologist makes maybe $250 k annually.

Their malpractice insurance can cost $150k. This is prevalent in the entire industry; the trial lawyers -the biggest Democrat donors, BTW- need to be reigned in.

By capping pain and suffering payouts, and having bogus lawsuits charged court costs the overall costs will drop dramatically. You won't hear CNN utter a peep about this.

Streamlining the FDA and drug applications. Letting insurance companies cross state lines. Negotiating better deals with Big Pharma. Real progress can be made.

If you don't think the Democrats know this, think again. This was part of their political scheme, and they have lost control over it. Business people will make it cost effective.

So, if Trump, Ryan, Scalise and the other members of the House want to take a bow?

Let 'em. They earned this one...



the facilitator: HHS Sec Tom Price.

Thursday, 4 May:

Another epic day in the world of Trump.

The House of Representatives are in final negotiations to install what will soon be known as 'Trump Care'. They may not be 'repealing and replacing' the AHCA, or 'Obama Care' as it is now commonly called.

That's too bad, because the original bill has evil intent, and by not repealing it a built in codicil allows them to revive it in it's entirety (that's how progressives think, mind you) if, indeed they regain power.

They had gamed out every aspect of replacing it, even if it was a colossal bust as a program. But it established health care as a right to a segment of society that heretofore had depended on emergency room care.

The red herring in this has always been the 'pre-existing conditions', which is a small part of the problem, really. The biggest issue has been affordability, and efficacy, of service. In other words, it isn't about the tiny minority.

It's about the mass majority of people paying for services they don't want, or need, and the competition of insurance carriers who actually WANT your business as opposed to being forced to take it.

There is so much to this that it cannot be addressed fully in one single column.

A good baseline understanding is this: Progressive forces (indeed, even communists) have wanted to install this for generations. It has nothing to do with health; it is all about government control of your life.

Just like climate change. Taxing your exhales is no different than having death panels and rationed care. All roads lead to Rome, as they say.

The GOP and Trump administration have a chance to change this from a top down socialist nightmare to a market based service for the good of the people. They need to pass tort reform and other market modifiers like streamilned FDA rules for drugs and such to make this cost effective.

Make no mistake. The opposition has succeeded in establishing another 'right'. Health care is no longer a personal responsibility.

But there is an excellent opportunity to turn this from chicken droppings to chicken salad, and over the next few months the country will see how this pans out... 



the unhinged left: Colbert's rant counterproductive. Again.

Wednesday, 3 May:

The Trump administration now moves into the 100 Days of Spin.

There are several types of spin; good and bad. American citizens got to see it in spades over the last few days, as this played into the simple fact that NOBODY is happy right now.

The budget is simple enough. Most of this was negotiated with the Dems last year; you could consider it the last budget of the previous regime. For Trump to tear it apart was unrealistic; he doesn't have the numbers to do it.

Mick Mulvaney made a pretty good case for it yesterday.

On the other side, they crowed about getting what they wanted. But that cry was immediately met by a resolute Trump who vowed to shut the whole thing down if they don't allow his agenda come September.

He has no fear of it because he knows how to wield power; something congressional Republicans don't. He has the Dems spooked over the next battle already, and will be relentless on this, just watch.

The current debate? Much ado about nothing as an old regime's priorities fades and a new one takes front and center. Then there's the meltdown of the progressives, now embodied in Stephen Colbert's jaw dropping rant the other night.

To call it rude, insulting, inappropriate and debasing would be fair. Upset by Trump's lack of deference to a reporter (!!) and calling progressive propaganda outlet 'Face The Nation' 'Deface the Nation' in jest was too much for the CBS late night host.

Colbert, who is nowhere near as funny as some think, showed his thin skin by launching a profane tirade against the 45th President that managed to insult just about everyone. By going into the amatuer night open mike route of sexual slurs, he crossed every line there is.

Nobody has more sexual hangups than progressives. They pretend to be open minded but when cornered always show their stripes; this time Colbert claimed sex acts that he perceives insulting but the gay community doesn't.

It was a revelatory moment. The world got to see just how unhinged and deranged the opposition is through one of their secular gods, Stephen Colbert. He managed to set back their movement six months with this tirade, and one suspects the so-called 'Tiffany Network' knows it.

CBS's reaction? Crickets.

The gloves are off, and by doing this Colbert has freed the other side to take his skinny little fairy ass on and go straight after their whole movement. You cannot insult anybody any more than he has.

Not necessarily advocating this, mind you. Just saying.

So there's THAT. But the reality of simmering conflicts, both foreign and domestic, lay just below the surface. That and a government that steadfastly refuses to live within it's means.

One pundit pointed out an obvious gift, though. Just as Trump was starting to get beseiged by media criticism guess who surfaces to bail him out, albeit unwittingly?

The loser of the contest, Hillary Rodham Clinton. She did yet another softball interview, this time with CNN's increasingly marginalized Christine Amanpour. In a classic example of doing something that actually works against you, she once again blamed her loss on EVERYONE else but her.

It had to be as grating on the Dems as it was for regular folk to watch. In a controlled atmosphere, spin, incorrect assertions, wishful thinking and outright lies wafted about like a bad gas attack after a bean eating festival.

She doubled down on the James Comey/Russiagate nonsense. Comey's letter just before the election didn't help her. But she had already lost the election; it was just a matter of getting to the polls.

When the book 'Shattered' came out, instead of taking the lessons in there as a fair warning, she and her operatives went on a scorched earth pogrom of whoever in her circle spoke to the authors in pure revenge.

They have been trying to bury the book since it came out. But denying reality and spending millions on ads saying reality doesn't exist won't make it so, and the lack of self reflection in their movement will be their undoing.

Once again, a Clinton saves the day. For the Republicans...

Air Force Falcons present jersey to the President.


Budget director Mulvaney; he says budget deal as 'good as it could be'.

Tuesday, 2 May:

So, the first 100 days of the Trump administration has passed, and what should everyone really make of it?

There is a lot of chirping going on, and the informed readers who come to this site know how biased the media is, so an explanation is required. This is an analysis of what worked, what didn't, growing pains and inspired moments.

First, and foremost is the battle with the media. He ran on this, and won partly because of it. To understand fully, some context is required.

First of all, Donald Trump has been at least toying with the idea of becoming President since the early 80's. And his reasons have been surprisingly consistent. He thinks the trade deals are terrible,the banking (and lending) rules counterproductive, and the infrastructure a disaster lorded over by corrupt bureaucrats.

He ran as an agent of change; NOT because he wanted the job. He took a lifestyle cut to take the job and gave up every vestige of what little privacy he still had. Those who question his patriotic love of country do so by either ignorance or malice.

That's the major reason why the Russia issue is such a joke. Same with General Flynn. If you know anything at all about these people they are America first, last and always.

It is the forces allied against Trump that want strife with Putin and Russia, and they are using the phony charges to hold his feet to the fire. The added benefit is the proxy of the deep state, which is the moribund progressive movement, is getting what they want.

The budget deal everyone is talking about a case in point.

This is a deal that was really cut in the final days of the last administration, so Trump had only so much impact over it. His first real budget- where he can, say affect the sanctuary cities- will be in September.

The opposition is crowing about the victories they got. No money for the wall, funding planned parenthood, healthcare mandates fully funded, and so on. But all this was agreed on before Trump took office.

He would have had to renegotiate the whole deal from scratch, and this was untenable. He had to make the best deal he could, because going to the wall on this with the Russia thing being used against him gave him limited capital.

He still does NOT have control over the apparatus of governance. By September this will be a different animal entirely. And to that issue he already gave them a shot over the bow; his recent tweet shows it:

either elect more Republican Senators in 2018 or change the rules now to 51%. Our country needs a good "shutdown" in September to fix mess!


The Art of the Deal. He has already raised everybody's sights; Senator Patrick Leahy already had to come off the celebration express to moan about how Trump ruins the spirit of bi-partisanship or some such other claptrap.

Let's get one thing straight. To a progressive like Leahy 'bipartisan' means capitulation. Same with Nancy Pelosi, 'reaching out' to them means doing WHAT they want. 

Trump had no real strong negotiating position this time. So, he goes full nuclear right off the bat; a 'good shutdown is needed'. This must be sending quivers of fear down the GOP spines as we speak.

Because they believe, with good reason, that ANY shutdown will be blamed on them. But what Trump did here was brilliant. He now owns it.

And if you own it, particularly early, you can control it. He has issued an edict.

He wants the wall funded, the military restored, and sanctuary cities ended. He can now direct this argument for the next three months, and will just hammer the opposition over their resistance to things the US voters find important.

76% of the people are against sanctuary cities. Open borders is something George Soros wants, NOT the public. These special interests will be exposed and challenged continuously up to the day of the budget deadline.

Then he can make a 'deal'. 

No one has ever presided like this. If Trump can catch a couple of breaks it just might become very popular, indeed...



Speaker Ryan: Friend or foe? Neither? Time will tell.

Monday, 1 May:

Now that the silly, and arbitrary 100 Day mark has passed whatever the 'new' metric for judging the Trump presidency is yet to be determined. If one looks at it in 100 day increments he's 8% of the way there, more or less.

The silliness of the 100 day mark is the ferocious attempt by his opponents to show him a failure so far. Short of driving the man out of office; minimizing any accomplishment is item #1.

He didn't get any major legislation passed, true. But the last two presidents didn't fare much better; both had one signature item done by this point. Trump has the stalled healthcare, which according to sources could be solved by the end of the week.

What he has done is change the way the US is perceived by the rest of the world. 

By being forced into simmering conflicts by the neocon/deep state factions within the GOP, he has, instead of a desired war, gained international respect for allowing his professionals freedom to do their work.

It's classic CEO stuff. Giving the authority to succeed, and or fail to those who have the best skill sets for the job. Whether it's James Mattis on Defense, or his new closest pal Rex Tillerson at State, he has picked experts and given them basic instructions on what he wants and free rein to achieve it.

The Syria missile strike was a stroke of genius. He was being pushed into the Syria conflict, which is NOT a desired goal; putting 150,000 US troops to unseat Hafez Assad and corner Russia is really stupid, no matter how bad McCain wants it.

But sending a message- to the parties concerned and the rest of the world- to behave themselves and not use chemical warfare resonated worldwide.

It doesn't even matter which side did it. They both have done it and it needed to stop.

His desire to work with Russia has been pushed into a corner for now. The nonsensical Russia spygate story won't quit because it is a lifeline to the now drowning progressive movement, and the calculated leaks are meant to keep this alive.

If anyone can delineate exactly WHAT they think Michael Flynn did wrong, please elucidate. Going to Russia as a guest of RT Today is not a crime, nor is accepting an honorarium for doing so.

Nor is advocating better relations with Russia. It may not be what John McCain and Lindsey Graham wants, but that doesn't make it a crime. It's a POLICY difference.

But the progrssive movement, unhinged by both the loss of power and the fact it was to a conveniently perceived Luddite neanderthal like Donald Trump, clings to this fantasy like a drowning man to piece of flotsam.

They cannot accept rejection, therefore elaborate fictions must be created to give them cover. The fact that virtually no one outside their bubble buys any of this makes zero difference. It is, and always has been, about 'them'.

Precious little snowflakes melting in the heat of a perfectly evil Trump machine.

Unicorn births are down 88% since his inauguration. They are just besides themselves. Advocating open borders and the defense of illegal alien criminals is NOT a path to electoral success, but they seem to have given that up.

They hope to win back the congress. Not with these messages. Their own experts are telling them this; they need to moderate their policies to win back 'purple' districts. But they don't want to be 'Republican lite'.

Trump has some terrific openings for him. But he needs to string together some legislative wins, and this is up to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, so as the man says 'good luck with that'.

One thing is for sure. The Trump team is formidable, and his foes will have their hands full... 



face of denial: DNC chair Perez.

Friday 28 April:

What did you expect? Smooth sailing?

The election and it's amazing results have stood not only the country but the world on it's head. What transpired as politcal discourse before 20 January has changed forever. The orderly transition from first world super power to second/third world vassal state was stopped, dead in it's tracks.

This wasn't supposed to happen. Everyone is now aware of this. What were desperate voices of constitutional freedom are now the ones making policy. The Previous Occupant has been reduced from worldwide icon status to yet another parochial, flawed presidency.

You all know this.

It's where do we go from here now. There is little doubt that Trump wants to affect as much change as he can, and just as little doubt that his opponents will stonewall as much as humanly possible.

To the extent they will shut down the government, not only over a wall they supported in 2006, but even if he can get a health care approval in the first 100 days. They want to deprive him that public relations success.

They, and their media cohorts, have already decided his presidency is a failure, and he needs to be, if not removed marginalized as much as possible. Part of this is the plan to surround him with as many liberals as possible.

But beware of that. Gary Cohn may be a Democrat, but he was hired to do a job, just as Steve Mnuchin and others. You are either on the same page with Trump or you're gone.

The media is trying to push the convenient notion that Trump is intellectually malleable; that he can be manipulated. This flies in the face of reality.

He can no more be controlled by Cohn, or Jared Kushner than he can Steve Bannon. The biggest mistake people make about the President is simply not knowing, or admitting, just who he is.

The man has been consistent for 30 years. This from NPR, not exactly fans:

There are tons of examples out there. The big mistake progressives make, and this is continuous, is to mistake their Alinsky tactic of ridiculing your opponent as fact. As pointed out here before, they did this with Bush 43, and all he did was pin their ears back for 8 years.

There is little doubt that Trump brings quite a bit more ability and less baggage than the affable but slightly better than mediocre 43rd President.

What amazes the editors here is the continued assertions by the media, which Bannon correctly tagged 'the opposition party' that Trump is unfit, or unqualified, for the job.

These are the same folk who ignored every negative about the Previous Occupant, could have cared less about his actual past, and was quite content to push a propaganda narrative as the real story.

They still do not understand how much this cost them, and when you add the shameless advocacy of Trump's electoral opponent one can understand the media's horrible poll numbers.

Only about 30% of the public have any faith in the media's honesty, and if you remove those who have some, but not much faith you're left with about 12%.

That's almost a statistical anomaly; it really means no one buys what they say 100% of the time. Lies, or at least misrepresentation, is expected. However, when you live in a bubble and all you hang out with is the like minded one can become delusional.

Maybe Sean Hannity is a cheerleader willing to give the President wide latitude on his actions. But Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews are seriously into delusional territory; their unhappiness with reality has them embracing an illusory, alternate reality.

This transcends to the Democrats, who desperately want a different reality. But refusing to accept the current one is the single, biggest mistake a party ever made. By cowtowing to a small minority, about 25%, they risk losing even more elections.

Nobody thinks Donald Trump is a Russian agent. Not even those yelling it the loudest.

And releasing the truth about his previous opponent- keep in mind they NEVER disputed the Podesta e-mails- is not exactly 'collusion'. It was, after all, the truth.

There are many hard lessons the progressive movement needs to take. They are not devoid of good ideas; futurists are necessary. But governing to a desired outcome and ignoring the political realities of the voters was a fatal mistake.

Their arrogance does not allow for much introspection. They'd rather just hang around with each other and grouse. This is a recipe for more failure; as even Keith Ellison pointed out.

He was the sole voice to blame the previous president for the loss. While staying personally popular he oversaw the dismantling of his own party.

This is just becoming more obvious by the day, as is Trump's willingness to adapt to reality. As it stands right now he is the most formidable Commander in Chief since Reagan, and that will only be reinforced by the actions, or shall one say 'self immolation' of the opposition... 


This excellent briefing on General Flynn is eminently worth the read:




really want to get to the bottom of this? Former DCI Brennan.

27 April 2017 (Evening Update):

You know, if one looked at the leaks, or conveniently timed revelations, of the whole Russia spygate thing you could be forgiven to think it's somehow planned.

First of all, let's not forget the former State Dept employee Farkas. The one who said 'this information' meaning illegally spread throughout government. They wanted to make sure this intel 'didn't diaappear' when the new people took office.

This is the trap that President Trump walked into. The quasi-illegal surveillance, which was clearly illegal in the Flynn case, was set up deliberately to catch somebody in an artificially created web of intrigue.

As this site has been saying since Day One. You can create an elaborate fiction, and then get someone involved in a crime of either process or perjury. Apparently, General Flynn didn't either report, nor get the permission of, the Dept of Defense to accept any fees.

Now here's the key to this tale.

All of this happened during the LAST administration. His appearance on RT, his fee acceptance, all of it. The big revelation here is that Fynn was subjected to another security review AFTER this incident occurred.

That's right. He had been cleared once, was the head of the DIA, and was given his five year review after this, and long before he became part of Trump's advisory team. For some reason this extremely important distinction was met with cynical laughs from CNN.

Shepherd Smith at FOX as well. The reaction was of 'how dare you' blame the previous administration for this. Smith was incredulous that they didn't 'vet him again'. Hate to tell him this, but THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS.

His clearance was a matter of national security, NOT becoming a part of a new administration. The FBI background check, which is so thorough most civilians wouldn't believe half of it, is done because of government need.

Not the vicissitudes of a political campaign. Sean Spicer, who is both a Navy veteran and has a security clearance as well, explained it well. But the same media types- Jonathan Karl, Jim Sciutto, Jeff Zeleny, Jim Acosta, and Major Garrett- all asked the same question phrased differently, and it was apparent that the 'narrative' had a tidbit it wanted.

The hell with Carter Page. Mike Flynn is a FAR better catch, and some of the more unhinged among the Democrats immediately shouted 'treason', which is just a 2 syllable, seven letter word to them.

One. More. Time.

Michael Flynn is a patriot, a brilliant man with vision and an deep understanding of the threat Islamic radicalism, which is political, NOT religious, is. He knows the difference between Islam as a religion and the Wahabbist/Shia fundamentalism that wants conquest.

That the previous foreign policy was, and still is, a disaster. And Russia- big, bad, Russia is the regional key to stability and to control of Iran. 

That is, unless, you don't want stability. Perhaps knocking off Syria, after doing it to Iraq and Libya, is preferred. Then you have Russia on the chopping block. Vladimir Putin, who John McCain calls 'a punk', would be forced to step down.

The Russian Federation and more important, Gazprom, would no longer exist. The big EU banks could buy the oil and natural gas reserves at wholesale prices and that wealth would be transferred from Russia to the EU.

Which is why the EU and NATO have such good media press, Brexit, Trump and Marine Le Pen not so much. It all  fits if you piece it together.

The newest revelations on Flynn means nothing; a technicality. His counsel said he reported to the state and defense departments both before and after he returned. That, and the advising fees from a Dutch company that represented Turkey, are no big deal.

It may be kind of sordid, but it goes on all the time. His offenses are trivial, and completely political by nature. It's just not that hard to find a crime of either process or perjury in these situations.

As far as Flynn's resignation, he deliberately kept Pence out of the loop of an intel stream. Why is not known, but lack of trust is expected. Flynn was a spook, you know.

Leaks were everywhere, and the opposition had declared war on the new president. Sources say he was close to the Iran deal and the ugly facts implicating John Brennan, and Ben Rhodes,

Other sources say the phone call to Lavrov, and it's leak -most likely Sally Yates- were part of a trap laid by them. If so, it worked very well.

So far.  Trump needs to survive this calculated attempt to force him into a war for one party by feeding conspiracy theories to yet another. He has only 50 or so of his own people in place.

General Michael Flynn? 

He's the latest Scooter Libby, or G Gordon Liddy. Or maybe even E Howard Hunt of Kennedy CIA fame. Someone caught in the wheels of history, and being ground to bits before his case is adjudicated.

It's sad. He deserves much better, and one hopes that the REAL truth of all this comes out. Of course certain intelligence agencies and their bureaucrats wouldn't look very good.

Now would they? ... 




or is THIS more likely?

Thursday, 27 April:

If you are feeling slightly confused about what's going on in the geopolitical world, don't feel alone. There are as many conflicting signals as any ever previously witnessed.

There are signs of war everywhere, not to mention the naked desire for it shown by the neocon faction. This is led by John McCain and his disciple at the UN, Nikki Haley. Which war would suit them is hard to discern.

They seem to prefer Syria, but maybe N Korea will do.

Lindsey Graham seems really good with the saber rattling in the Korean peninsula. Not to mention the globalists love the rapprochement with Red China; they love their communists.

They truly do.

Russia? They used to be communists. Now they're a capitalist country that's pro-Christian and anti-gay marriage. This is a big 'no go' with the elites, and Vladimir Putin is their designated boogeyman as a result.

Having the two nuclear superpowers unite over an agreed free capitalist venture would not serve global interests, and that's why the country has been subjected to the spectacle of Putin/Trump bashing for the last 100 days.

Yet Russia is quietly going about it's business undeterred. For all the discussion of invading Syria and knocking off Assad that seems no more likely now than it was a year ago.

 The missile strike on Syria is now more correctly seen as a public relations coup for the Trump administration than any real slap at the Syrian war effort. Just a reminder to 'play fair'.

There are still no 'no fly zones', and this 150,000 man invasion that everyone is warned about by the neocon watch is nowhere to be seen. That can't be arranged in secret; too many assets need to be moved around.

The conclusion -so far; everything is sublect to change- is that Trump and his inner circle are doing a pretty damn good job of juggling some flaming items without getting burned. The Russiagate issue is winding down to it's tortured finish.

Don't be fooled by the testimonies yet to come; nobody really has anything other than some CYA activites. The GOP is dumb, but not stupid, and will not greenlight a political witch hunt in the form of a special prosecutor.

This is the fervent wish of those who want the President removed from office. They will not see this occur in spite of their fevered demands. Just like Trump will never release his tax returns, nor should he.

He's a known quantity, unlike Mitt Romney, who was a shadowy corporate raider. And the voters intutitively know that if Trump's fortunes increase over the next 4-8 years it will be because the economy improved for everyone.

It's kind of obvious he isn't doing this for the money. He turned down hundreds of millions of future income to run in the first place. 

No, the daily 'who's on first' routine will go on for some time as he and the opposition battle each other for 24-48 hour grips on the narrative. Right now he's winning that battle little by little.

Even some entertainment types are saying 'enough' about the constant whining about Trump; singer Rob Thomas:

He's right, too.

Whining gets on people's nerves and ends up being counterproductive. Right now there is not one politician in the US who could beat Trump in an election in spite of the silly polls you see.

It's time to get on with the business of running the country, passing major legislation and settling these global hotpoints without war; it seems there is a savvy bunch handling it now.

For a change...



so, you want to see a real ICBM, do you? US launches a Minuteman II.

Wednesday, 26 April:

If the first 100 days of the Trump administration proves one thing it's that the opponents are dug in, and showing zero sign of softening their 'never Trump' stance.

The Russiagate issue; hated by the truth but much beloved by the more unhinged among us, is demanding a scalp. Now, it looked like hapless stooge Carter Page might be their victim. Keep in mind this site told you months ago that if any crime would ever occur it would be a perjury trap or process crime of some sort.

Now it appears that Mike Flynn, whom the previous lot absolutely hated, is directly in their sights. After he was fired by the former President, he hit the rubber chicken circuit that favored his agenda, which if you read his book is no secret.

He went to Moscow as a guest of RT (Russia Today) and, as the talking heads breathlessly assert, it is a 'Russia propaganda site'. It is in the same sense CNN is the voice of the IC/deep state, or NBC is the wholly owned proprietary of the progressive movement.

RT is as legitimate a news outfit as Al Jazeera, which was lauded by the previous bunch. The Democrat who lost to Trump proudly claimed the channel to be her 'go to' for the truth. Now, 'Al Jazz' as they loved to call it, had moments of honesty.

So, too do the rest of them. But anyone who thinks the NY Times is a font of honesty while RT is a bunch of lying dogs is in fantasyland.

When Gen Flynn was there he accepted an honorarium, which is common for foreign dignitaries who come to speak. It was $40 grand or thereabouts.

Next to Bill Clinton's half a mil speaking fee AFTER his wife engineered the uranium sale to Russia, chickenfeed. But somehow that is not even a crime but not an issue.

This is the criminaliztion of political differences. Flynn made no secret that the Russians could be key to stability in the Middle East, and that radical Islam wanted to establish hostile caliphates.

He also saw Turkey as a secular bulwark against this movement that was slipping away as western pressure on Erdogan was forcing him more to Islamicization.

He also knew how bad the Iran deal was -as the public is starting to see- and this made him #1 target of former administration toadies Iranian born Valerie Jarrett and her stooge Ben Rhodes.

They wanted Flynn out of office before he could both overturn the deal and out them for their criminal malfeasance in it's adoption. And is their wont, they want to personally destroy him, too.

The country was given a glimpse as the soon to be ex-congressman Jason Chaffetz aided the Democrat scalp hunters by intoning that he 'may have' broken the law. No one is sure why Chaffetz is leaving early, but he is another lightweight who talked a good game.

He will not be missed. The GOP has always wanted to be 'liked' and seen as 'fair' by the media, who willingly carries the water for the progressive movement. It is, and always has been, a fool's errand.

So, the fix appears to be in. There is no linkage between any of these dubious Russian ties with the President, but the Dems want this investigation to go on forever as it will weaken Trump.

It won't, but it doesn't help him, either. He still cannot have a summit with the other nuclear superpower in the world while they have this ginned up affair to hang over his head, and some of the crazier types on the other side are even claiming that a war with Russia will be because he has to prove his separation from Putin.

That's right. They have created fictions to cover their narrative no matter what happens.

If General Flynn didn't disclose these fees (he did brief the State Department before and after his return) then he probably broke a process law, and if so they will throw the book at him and try to get a Scooter Libby scapegoat.

He has no incriminating testimony to give, nor would he. The immunity he seeks would allow him to indict his foes; they know it and it's why he'll most likely never testify.

If they can put this man, who has served his country nobly and is being incriminated because they disagree with his policies, in prison that will most likely satisfy their bloodlust.

For now.

Keep in mind it's only Monday... 


From Rolling Stone's Trump hating Matt Taibbi, a spot on take about the insanity of 'Russiagate':



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