Indictment? Manafort will know soon enough.

Saturday, 28 October:

This is titled 'part two' because it was noted only once before. There has been precious little 'calm' in this most unusual of presidencies, and this little break follows a very busy month.

About to be thrust into another really busy month. Starting with the Mueller indictments on Monday, which could be of a janitor who left the keys to the office in his car and it will still be seized by The Narrative, which is hungry to propel it's silly impeachment meme.

Considering Paul Manafort has said he 'has not been contacted' by Mueller, and he's the focus of the investigation, it probably will be a lesser character. It is common practice for the indicted to be given a 'heads up' just before it's served.

It could be as high as Mike Flynn, or as low as Carter Page.

No matter. It will be instantly spun as a road to removal. They can't help themselves. So, we shall see. Until then, a few tidbits.


Trump is pouring on the coals, and he will get a major tax bill before filing time. They need to stop trying to get Democrat votes; they only want one thing and that is to please their activist 'resist' base.

They actually don't care if the country suffers as consequence. Then again, after the last 8 years is that any real surprise?

The key is the 20% corporate tax rate reduction. That happens alone and trillions return to the country, jobs are created and wages rise. The rest is icing on the cake.


Three carrier groups (Nimitz, Reagan, Roosevelt) sitting off of fatboy's shores is about as stern a warning as you'll ever see. Then there's Premiere Xi, who is consolidating his power and making noises like Mao Tse Tung instead of the more liberal Deng Xioping.

Xi wants a government controlled economy. This is going backwards, not forwards and it empowers his military and iintelligence services to get more aggressive in their theft of US intellectual  properties.

This show of force is a warning to him as well. China is still very fragile economically; their growth rate (7%) is difficult to sustain without us buying their goods. War is not likely, but changes are coming because of the threat.

Both sides are positioning themselves to get the most out of the deal.

Fusion GPS:

The sheer amount of lies being told -don't believe for one second that the head of the DNC or their presidential candidate didn't know about this. They are far too much of the control freak persuasion.

The Washington Beacon, a marginal GOP/RINO friendly publication, originally contracted the deal for this outfit to do 'opposition research'. But they dropped it, it was picked up by the DNC through their law firm Perkins Coie. and it was THEY who got Christopher Steele involved and the 'dossier'was created.

Funniest part of all this? This obvious collusion is called 'oppositional research' by the same people accusing Trump of colluding because of a silly meeting with Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer.

One thing about the progressives, they get their talking points down quick like good little robots.

JFK Files:

Why is anybody surprised that the CIA wanted to delay these from being released? There is nothing gained for them; they can only lose on this and know it.  The extra six months -what about the last 25 years you say?- is because they never really thought any president would release these docs so they didn't prepare for it.

They will make sure anything that connects the dots is broken in a key phase. You'll get tanatlizing tidbits that can take you in differnt directions, which would be perfect for them. The only real narrative people have is Oliver Stone's goofy 'JFK'  which, like 'Platoon' had every single conspiracy/bad behavior that could have happen actually occur.

One thing to remember, though.  Lee Harvey Oswald was a real operator, not the hapless patsy portrayed in the film. He was a crack shot, and his performance from the Book Depository was completely possible.

Not even that difficult. Big reason is the shots were fired over 13 seconds, NOT the 7 seconds popularly believed. His positioning was excellent, and that was a better rifle than people think.

Was there help?  Kennedy was beloved by the hordes but hated by the rest of the Known Universe; from their crooked rise (dad smuggled Irish whiskey through Canada) boorish behavior as a clan, and then there's the Cuban resistance and the Bay of Pigs.

Castro was no fan, either. LBJ hated him with a passion. A real good guess is it was the Cubans with mob assistance, but who knows? A lot of organizations might have known but just turned away and let it happen too.

NEXT: Monday and Mueller. Should be interesting...

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Mueller: Has his hands full now, doesn't he?

Wednesday, 25 October:

Looks like maybe it just wasn't the Trump people after all.

Way back when this site was started -it was February of this year- the prediction was made that if the 45th President survived Labor Day without being forced from office he would solidify his hold on power.

The other prediction?

That the opposition, a criminal lot by any measure, would start to unravel. The fantasy that they perpetuated, a seamy collusion between an election opponent and a foreign power to adversely affect the will of the people was always ridiculous.

That opponent lost because she was easily the worst candidate in electoral history, easily rivaling the likes of Thomas Dewey, Bob Dole, Michael Dukakis, and John Kerry. To an extent, she even made them look good by comparison.

Dewey was complacent but honest, Dole a fine man and war hero but lacked political acumen, Dukakis weird but a good public servant, and Kerry a hopeless fraud but still not down to her level.

Nope. She lost because she just flat out sucked in every phase of the game. She didn't need any help from Russia.

On the evening of the loss, which once again, this site saw as inevitable as soon as Trump dispatched the 16 lightweights on the stage with him, they had to create an excuse. Progressives have many weaknesses, but the biggest one is lack of any introspection.

They simply cannot believe anyone disagrees with them. Their politics are their religion; indeed their doctrine demands to be treated as an article of faith. To normal people this is just silly.

Not to them. Therefore, they created in a few hours, using their favorite tool -projection- this mythos that the Trump people did this dirty, un-American task and gave the ball to their media outlets.

You know. CNN, where James Acosta worked for the previous Adminsitration, and the Post, who had #1 Hillary supporter Jeff Bezos as owner, or the NY Times, owned by an open border 'keep that money coming into Mexico' billionaire named Carlos Slim.

With an intelligence apparatus eager to keep Russia as the boogeyman to keep those black budget funds rolling, they couldn't lose.

Hell, they had Rachel Maddow! What else do you need?

There was a problem, though. Having a demonstrably provable fiction as the core of your argument is one thing. But when it's what YOU did, the projection of YOUR crimes and malfeasance on someone else, well, that's something entirely different.

Sure, they had James Comey and the FBI on their side as well. And they got Jeff Sessions to recuse himself. They nabbed Mike Flynn and have their sights on Paul Manafort. But on their way to the forum something went sideways.

That's the bogus Christopher Steele/Fusion GPS 'dossier'on Trump. A series of gossip pieces that lack any real evidence, it was contracted by the Clinton camp. But when they saw the thin gruel it really was, even they bailed on it.

Hiring Russian prostitutes to perform, uh, certain bodily functions to a bed slept on by the Previous Occupant is actually pretty funny, and if that's the best you've got, well have at it.

So it was going nowhere. 

That is until the hidden progressive asset, the reliable but box of rocks stupid John McCain got wind of it. He dispatched an aide to London to meet with the mysterious Steele and acquire the document.

But McCain wasn't about to write a check for it, so the FBI did instead. For Fusion GPS this was a bonanza, they're now getting paid twice

Given to James Comey, he used it to set up the process traps they needed to get Trump's people in trouble, poor Mike Flynn stepped in it with his perfectly understandable conversation with the ambassador of a nuclear armed adversary was illegally leaked.

He didn't trust Mike Pence. It's just who he is, these Intel types are like that.

So,on and on this went, 'round the merry go round where all the media went for a ride. They liked going around in circles, anyway.

But something funny happened on the way to the impeachment. The truth broke out.

There is SO much on this now, just giving a couple of links don't do it justice. Instead here's the entire Drudge report from today, help yourselves...

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Sgt La David Johnson's spirit was there, count on it.

Monday, 23 October:

The latest  non event to draw the media's unending interest is the regrettable politicization of Sgt La David Johnson, who was killed in the ambush in Niger last week. His widow, shamelessly exploited by the hate Trump crowd, has made a campaign of accusing the President being not sufficiently empathetic over his death.

The other three men who were killed are being wrongly ignored because the desire to draw blood from the Commander in Chief is all pervasive. The absolute tragedy of all this is that Sgt Johnson would be both aghast and horrified about being used in this matter.

At hand here is the supposed callous comment 'he knew what he was signing up for', as if that is some kind of family secret. Johnson was a typical Special Forces candidate; an overachiever who, as his widow pointed out, 'did in three years what others did in five'.

That detail is somehow being lost out there, and it's beyond sad. The good Sgt. is spinning in his not yet settled grave, you can count on it. Just why the military is in Niger is a good topic; it will be addressed here at some point.

But the honor this nation owes these men is beyond question. That's why in the middle of this politicized melodrama the story of Capt. Gary Michael Rose is literally the breath of fresh air this whole affair needed.

Born in October of 1947, the New York native enlsited in 1967, and due to high aptitude scores was granted Airborne training at Fort Benning. He later applied to Special Forces, and upon acceptance trained as a medic.

Stationed in Lobpuri, Thailand, he volunteered for Vietnam and was transferred to the legendary 5th Group, MACV-SOG. Assigned immediately to the FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Kontum, he became the 'village doctor' treating the local civilians.

Three months later he went on his first mission, which he was wounded and awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. In September his unit was tasked to take part in 'Operation Tailwind', a covert operation to interdict Viet Cong and NVA support coming down the Ho Chi Minh trail.

He was tasked to treat 15 other US soldiers (his 'A Team') and 120 'Yards', or the mountain dwelling Montagnards who were the de-facto local native miliitia support for US forces. The Op took them 70 miles inside Laos, which was not approved by Congressional oversight.

But the North Vietnamese did whatever they needed to succeed, and Nixon wanted this war won, and over. So he approved agressive operations to cut off the supply routes to the South.

After insertion, things became hairy quick

On 10 September his team made contact with an NVA squad, and took fire immediately. He went out to rescue a wounded comrade and shrapnel from a B-40 grenade launcher (RPG) sprayed his back, leg and foot with shrapnel.

He ignored these wounds, dragged the Montagnard back to the Company's location. Hobbled by the shrapnel, he grabbed a stick as a crutch and went back out. He continued to rescue wounded, and when the MEDEVAC chopper showed it couldn't land close to their location.

He went out into the open to load the injured on the Huey. But it was under such heavy fire the pilot had to abort the mission. It crashed just a few 'klicks' (kilometers) away. For the next two days, with close air support from USAF A-1 Skyraiders the company was able to break out of their defensive position.

They were immediately surrounded by NVA regulars.

He dug trenches to protect the wounded, all the time hobbling on the improvised cane. His force rallied on 13 Sept to destroy the enemy base camp.  But an FAC (forward air controller) told the CO that a force of 500 NVA troops were on their way.

They had to get an urgent 'dust off', or helicopter rescue. Supported by Huey gunships, they established a rudimentary LZ ,setting up a perimeter to surround the wounded as they loaded the MEDEVAC's. 

Meanwhile, they were surrounded and attacked from all sides. He had to drag the wounded to the choppers, with an M-16 in his other hand laying down suppressing fire while loading the men on the Hueys.

He boarded the last chopper out, manned by Marines. The door gunner took a round through the throat, and he administered life saving treatment. 

It just gets worse. The chopper took heavy fire, and at about 4500 feet the engine stopped. The Huey autorotated into the jungle brush, throwing Rose clear. Dazed, and bleeding heavily, he went back to the now burning chopper and dragged out the wounded.

He set up an ad hoc medical station, treating the freshly wounded Marine crew while monitoring his own men, until they were rescued by another Huey.

Rose was nominated for the Medal of Honor. But because it was a covert Op, it was downgraded to the DSC (Distinguished Service Cross) which was awarded to Rose by Commanding General Creighton Abrams on 18 January 1971.

For 40 years Gary Rose never spoke of this, not to his friends, nor his family. He went back to civilian life where he earned a Masters Degree in Communications, and raised a family. But those who served with him sure didn't forget.

They mounted a 40 year campaign to get him the MOH, the 'Blue Max' as it's lovingly referred to, and had to wait until the Op was declassified by the DoD. But there was obstacles in the way of that as well.

In 1998 Time and CNN (yep, it's always been the same perps) claimed Operation Tailwind was designed to 'kill American defectors' and that 'sarin gas was used on civilians'. This onerous report, first floated by the left in the early 70's was a provable fiction.

And a particularly ugly one, too. This black lie turned this from the display of selfless heroism into a horrid tale of the 'ugly American' and the 'evil US military. Rose, who still wouldn't disclose his own tale, protested to the DoD until they declassified it to refute this story.

His supporters stayed on the issue of the Medal of Honor. His commanding officer, Eugene McCarley, petitioned then Secretary of Defense Ash Carter for an upgrade from the DSC to the MOH.

This was further complicated by the fact that the Medal of Honor has a rule, and it must be issued within 5 years of the action. Congressman Mo Brooks and Senator Jeff Sessions put Rose's name in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017, effectively granting him a waiver on the five year rule.

On 20 September it was announced he would get the Medal, and President Trump decorated him Monday in full White House ceremony.

For his own sake, Captain Rose wanted to bring his 10 year old grandson to the White House and meet the President. It was a breathtaking, and memorable presentation as the men who lobbied for decades to recognize their friend all rose, one by one, as the President called out their name.

It would make quite a motion picture, and one suspects Sgt La David Johnson, looking down from above, would be really good with what transpired today. May he, and all of them, be remembered for who they were, and what they did.

Serendipity is a wonderful thing, indeed...

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Thoroughly enjoying her 5 minutes of fame while defaming the honored dead.

Friday, 20 October:

If anyone has noticed lately, the level of discourse is approaching an all time low.

While it's true the Jackson-Adams campaign of 1824 was probably a base line for nastiness, the current state of affairs isn't far removed. There is no criticism too vile, no tactic too low, and no stone unturned in the desire to attack or disrupt the sitting president of the United States.

After eight long years of unfettered fealty to the Previous Occupant, who could have swooned his media acolytes with a symphony of flatulence, it's a pretty stunning dichotomy.

Not that this president can't handle it; no, like Andrew Jackson, whose portrait hangs in the Oval Office, he thrives on the negative energy thrown his way. The only major difference is he won't shoot a man from the front porch of the White House.

Nor almost cane another to death.  OK, so maybe that isn't a certainty.

This whole issue has come to the forefront in what might be one of the tackiest episodes in some time, where a widow of a slain soldier is tossed in the middle of a political minefield involving the President and a consolation call he made.

A Florida congresswoman, who's name is not important, listened in to the call and decided to turn it into both a political hit job on Trump and a bonus of big PR mojo for her. Taking the call's contents out of context, she attempted to paint the man as an uncaring, insensitive boor.

It's not that charge, which is both ridiculous and easily refuted on it's face. It's the fact that the grieving widow whose Green Beret's husband's body wasn't even cold yet has his legacy hijacked for the short term political gain of the opposition.

They think they have a theme of the president disrespecting 'Gold Star' families, going back to the Khans during the convention. That was just as phony, as the 'grieving father' was exposed as a Democrat party insider eager to draw blood from the then candidate.

This is equally as phony; John Kelly was in the room with Trump when he made the call and talked to the press the other day in an impressive 18 minute briefing on just HOW difficult this duty is, and there is 'no right way' to do it.

That anyone would think that Donald Trump, who's affection for the military is hardly a secret, would be callous at such a moment. This is a very delicate time, and people's feelings are raw.

But no president, even the last one who called a medical corpsman a 'corpse-man', means disrespect. Not even the Benghazi victim's family who was told by the then vice president that their dead son had 'balls the size of cue balls' to have died how he did.

Nobody tried to make political hay out of it.

But these are different times, and the sheer panic the opposition is in over the railroad of change Trump is bringing, is now showing itself in the most insidious of ways. If you can't even honor your war dead now this means that the end of discourse itself is soon at hand.

And when you stop talking, you start fighting.

The actual repsonse of a Gold Star widow:

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Not so fast. New signposts up ahead, courtesy Trump.

Tuesday, 17 October:

The recent events have all been beneficial to the Trump presidency.

In spite of intense criticisms from both the opposition and their media enablers, it is now apparent that trends are breaking for the 45th president. Whether it be the Mandalay bay massacre, the crisis on the Korean peninsula, or the stalled legislation from congress, Trump is benefitting from it all.

It was as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

This is the predictable punishment the opposition is getting. After blaming the man for everything from Russian meddling to the spate of hurricanes, it was only a matter of time before hyperbole would be replaced by the facts on the ground.

Those facts are now becoming self evident. One, is the economic revival. While not exactly the boom it might be, it is certainly apparent that things are trending up. Markets remain strong, regulations are being cut daily, and there is a sense of optimism that hasn't been there in some time.

The EU is changing to reflect the world of Trump; NOT vice versa. Austria just elected a 31 year old PM who is decidedly right of center and wants to turn back the flood of Muslim immigration. Macron of France is supporting of the Trump agenda.

The UK is, although May is in trouble of her own making. But outside of 'Londonistan' the rest of the country is excited to be sovereign, and free from rule from Brussels. Germany's Angela Merkel is increasingly isolated, and the rise of the right in her country has made her backtrack on her 'open borders' policy.

Here at home it's even better. Trump has the DACA affair as a lever to get the border control he needs; if you want to keep these people here, congress will have to have a vote and be held accountable.

That's why this was never brought up to a vote before. The congressional cowards did not want to be judged by the voters. Now, they will have to act on this and come up with a package that the president will sign.

It better have a wall somewhere in it.

The trade agreements are all being either redone or re-evaluated. He welcomes Trudeau of Canada and then says that NAFTA will either be renegotiated or thrown out while he stands right next to him.

The same with the Korean peninsula. He has a 'decapitation' team sitting off shore; it's SEAL team 6 on the USS Michigan, and if you are a bad guy leader this is not a welcome bit of news.

At the same time he tells S Korea that their trade practices need to change. Talk about playing both sides of the coin. The hurricanes and other natural disasters that have occurred have all brought him kudos for competent handling.

Forget what you hear on Puerto Rico. This is a desperate attempt to manufacture another racially motivated Katrina, and it didn't work. They found one politician on the island they could manipulate, and when she claims Trump is responsible for 'genocide' on the island even hard core doubters don't buy it.

The island, a basket case before the storm, was literally wiped out. There is only so much they can do, and it is being done. The governor is quite content that FEMA and other first responders are doing a marvelous job.

For example, the media maid a big deal out of only 10% of the power being restored. But upon examination, that number included ALL of the power generating stations, hospitals, and other necessary agencies.

The distinction is huge. These facts have been coming out, just as fast as the media hate campaign tries to spin it in a negative fashion. They are now victims of their own lies and disinformation, and this has freed Trump to cut loose.

The FBI/Comey thing, along with the 'dossier' that started all this, are now coming apart at the seams. Comey has been exposed as the liar and swamp denizen he is, the dossier and it's participants are busy ducking congressional inquiry and about to take the 5th.

The collusion with Russia story is now evolving from Erik Prince supposedly meeting Russian agents on an island resort, a spy novel fantasy that kept Rachel Maddow busy for weeks, to him running for the senate in Wyoming.

Doesn't sound like someone worried about being outed as a Russian spy.

Then there's the NFL, and their spiral into sports oblivion from cozying up to the progressive left. This marriage made in hell is hurting both of them; Colin Kaepernick wants to be hired to replace Aaron Rodgers (good luck with that) and then sues the league for the favorite charge of their movement

'Collusion', of course. Not a good way to ingratiate yourself with a future employer. It is a case he is destined to lose; why they went this way is hard to discern. Panic, mostly.

How about Harvey Weinstein? That gift keeps giving as Hollywood's phony hold on the country's moral high ground is utterly destroyed. Supposedly there is so much dirt on Ben Affleck that WB is worried that revelations will hurt the 'Justice League' film coming out.

He's just one of them. There are many others. Hollywood has been full of perverts since Day One; just back in the day you had Louis Mayer and Jack Warner run roughshod over their hires and made sure they behaved.

Now the studio heads ARE the problem. Weinstein's connection with the Democrats furthers the disintegration of their carefully crafted web of lies while posing as moral exemplars.

There you have it. Donald Trump is having a good roll right now. Sure, he makes his little missteps; he gave a 45 minute no holds barred press conference yesterday, completely fearless as he answered all questions. He just weighed in on other how other presidents handled informing the families of dead soldiers, and had the temerity of demeaning the Previous Occupant. their hero and godlike figure.

They went after him tooth and nail, with their latest 'gotcha' moment. It does turn out there is no one set way to do this; some presidents called, some sent letters, and some met personally. Some did all three.

But Trump gave them a sliver of 45 minutes to seize, and they did. This will never change.

But if that's all they've got it's a pretty damn good week or so for the 45th President...

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Tom Steyer as Ernst Blofeld.

Wednesday, 11 October:

'Trouble Ahead

Trouble Behind

Casey Jones you'd better watch your speed'

Jerry Garcia intoned this gently in the Grateful Dead's 1970 classic, and the admonition could very well be directed at the 45th President. Like the eponymous railroad engineer, he has navigated major obstacles in his 9 months in office.

Some deftly, others with the subtlety of a flying mallet. And other perils lie ahead, as billionaire Bond villain Tom Steyer has informed Democrats that all donations will be tied to the impeachment of Donald Trump and his removal from office.

Trump's policies threaten Steyer's financial empire, and like any wannabe Ernst Stavro Blofeld he's in hysteria and wants to 'see Bond dead', as he sends his SPECTRE minions scurrying to carry out this nefarious deed.

Let's make one thing perfectly clear. The opposition would have zero problem with Donald Trump if he was carrying the globalist water; his personal peccadilloes are a trifle compared to a true sociopath like Bill Clinton.

He was a reliable rubber stamp, so his criminal activity and utter lack of honor was not only tolerated but celebrated in some circles.

Steyer is just one of the boulders on the tracks that lie ahead. Don't forget the 'true' Blofeld, George Soros. Then there's the entrenched EU bureaucracy, too.

Given all that, Russia is nowhere near the threat to the United States.

As a railroad engineer, Trump is far more likely to pour on the coals and use the cow catcher on the engine to blast obstacles off the tracks rather than proceed slowly and remove them carefully.

He knows motion is good, that caution can be conflated with indecision, and that would give the opposition the upper hand. As the late, great baseball pitcher Satchel Page once said, 'never look behind because you'll just see someone catching up to you'.

It was his secret to an amazing career, and much wisdom is to be gleaned from it.

Meanwhile, Trump has Red China and N Korea in a tizzy; they are so used to the dance steps laid out by the last four administrations that this 'shape up or pay dearly' message has them out on a limb.

The Chinese do not want a failed state. N Korea cannot win any conflict with the US, and the trump card (forgive the pun) the US holds is allowing Japan to go nuclear while putting the tactical nukes back in S Korea.

This is something China does NOT want to happen. They want to invade Taiwan and annex the South China sea as their own, and this would prevent all this. China is also in no position to wage a conflict with America.

Trump holds all the cards and knows it.

Then there's the other domestic opposition, namely the media. But they're having a real bad week, as you may have noticed. First of all, you have the latest from Project Veritas and their undercover work.

They caught the NY Times flagrante' delecto in a progressive left conspiracy to undermine a lawful Presidency. Hidden video exposes one of their editors as a former AntiFa thug turned propagandist who is dedicated to progressive left causes rather than reporting the news.

To wit:

Of course, you also have the Harvey Weinstein affair, which is notable for watching the progressives turn on him to save their own credibility. It took the Previous Occupant and the so-called 'smartest woman in the world' who would be better known as the biggest loser ever, five full days to pile on Weinstein.

They waited until literally every other left winger turned on the movie mogul beloved for bundling millions to the Democrats. A real portrait in courage.

Equally entertaining is to watch their pundits try desperately to cover for him by trying to compare his behavior to Donald Trump's by bringing up the Billy Bush tapes. But the public knows the difference between a randy billionaire playboy and a predatory rapist.

Trump grabbed some ass while hosting beauty pageants. Roughly 94% of the males in the world would have gladly traded places, while most women know what goes on in a sexually charged atmosphere such as this.

They were as willing as he was. Big difference; forcing someone to watch you shower or else you'll ruin their career is something else. This doesn't excuse Trump's behavior, but it does put it in context, and as such it is harmless.

This is what happens when the truth comes out. Hypocrisy is exposed.

So, when Trump calls out Bob Corker (R, Tn) he isn't causing trouble in his party. He's helping to bring sunshine on it, and the same goes with all who oppose the agenda he was elected to follow.

That is the real story here. He would be welcomed with open arms if he embraced the globalist statist views which depends on the evisceration of the American middle class and redistributing their wealth.

One certainly hopes the evil Steyer stays with the plan to only support Dems who demand impeachment. It will only further the destruction of their movement and put more libertarians in office...

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For your listening pleasure:




Sleeping well, are you little Rocket Man?

Saturday, 7 October:

One of Donald Trump's best qualities -or for some most maddening habit- is to bait the media.

He knows them, the whole media apparatus, intuitively and as such how to manipulate them. This carries on to the rest of the world as well.

He has no problem letting both alllies like the EU and enemies like North Korea twist in the wind, wondering what his latest message meant. The media and his opposition howls about this; they so want to shape and control the message and this subverts them.

Stops them dead in their tracks, indeed.

So, when he has a meeting with all of his military brass and the resultant West Wing photo shoot occurs, he drops this bon mot:

'This is the Calm before the Storm', he said, with a wink and a smile, no less. This drove the media hordes absolutely nuts. The press conference on Friday had the press corps obsess over this; what possibly could he mean?

Naturally, seeing their predisposition is to criticize anything the man says, this enigmatic phrase had them in convolutions, it was actually a pretty funny sight to see. They want to pick on it but can't wrap their heads around it.

It was perfect. Trump is simply being the unpredictable 'bad cop' Martin Riggs to Rex Tillerson's good cop, Roger Murtaugh. Yes, it's 'Lethal Weapon' movies come to life.

This is a warining to N Korea and Iran. Plain and simple.

However, the media just can't put 2 and 2 together without a diagram, and flailed about in a 'how can he do this' routine for the entire press conference. Each reporter asked the same question albeit phrased slightly differently.

Meanwhile, Trump seized another 24-48 hour media cycle. In the 'who's your daddy?' sweepstakes he wins, again hands down. 

Meanwhile, the Russia investigation is both heating up and cooling down. It appears that Trump may be close to getting a 'pass' from the Mueller investigation; indeed he was told several times by James Comey (remember him? Seems like years ago) that he was 'not the subject' of the investgation.

However, Paul Manafort and some Russian businessmen sure are, and Kenneth Starr of Monicagate fame says 'indictments are coming'.

The deep state is heavily invested in keeping Russia in the 'adversary/enemy' column. They know that Trump's reapproachment to them will lead to huge cuts in defense spending, and wiith a nice, deep black budget already on tap they have no intention of giving it up.

So, Russia will be singled out as the ONLY country that meddles in the elections of others, and they will find some dirty financial deals involving Trump associates and some Russians.

Keep in mind these are just indictments, and as the saying goes, a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich if if so wishes. Convictions are a different animal.

The end result will be-or so they hope- a restrainment on Trump and his overtures to Russia. The fact that just about every major country out there tries to influence elections is dismissed. It's so transparent and so wrong, but there you have it.

They want things to stay the way they are; no tax cuts, no wall being built, no turning back from the sprint to a totalitarian state.

Trump and his policies are fighting this, the under the radar stuff is what's the real story. The establishment is just fighting a static 'battle to hold onto territory they already have. Enlisting the likes of Jimmy Kimmel to sell it is highy revealing.

This is now a simmering conflict that has yet to bloom into a full throated insurgency.

Trump knows he cannot compromise on core principles, and the opposition has no desire to govern if it helps Trump solidify his holdon power. This is an intractable situation, it simply has to be resolved.

It's just a matter of when, and how ugly it is...

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This lot now has a gun law they can back.

Thursday, 5 October:

The media is correct about ONE thing.

There are more of these mass shooting incidents occurring, and they do seem to be getting deadlier. Their darling example is, of course, Sandy Hook elementary. Something did happen there, but it was almost certainly not as reported.

The Baltimore Navy Yard shooter heard 'voices in his head' before he went ballistic, as did the sad sack in Aurora, Colorado.

Last year's massacre in Orlando was by either 1) a Muslim with gay issues and did it because he was a homophobe, or 2) He was just a soldier of Islam who thinks gay activity evil.

Or both. Kind of a smorgasboard of sins; take your pick.

Then there's this person, a cypher known as Stephen Paddock has just pulled off a near Herculean feat; a soft, flabby 64 year old who sits for hours and plays big stakes video poker hauled thousands of rounds of ammo and bags of weapons to the 32nd floor of a hotel.

He then proceeded to knock out several windows, set up expensive semi auto AR variants in both .223 and .308 caliber, arrange interlocking fields of fire, and execute a 10 minute onslaught that killed 59 and wounded hundreds of others.

He was able to hold off police, he had video monitoring of the hallways around the conference suite, which is huge.

He then killed himself, conveniently closing all questions. Yet he also had explosives, plans for other attacks, and even a plan to escape. The Vegas sheriff's office is convinced he 'had help'.

Yet there seems to be a rote tale of a malcontent with a Dragon Lady type girlfriend conveniently out of the country when this is all occurring. Just after getting a $100k 'goodbye' gift.

Then there's the other woman, the room service for two -no one orders two lunches and two Pepsi's and eats them both- and the mysterious couple that went down to the frst row of the Aldean concert -witnesses said the woman pushed her way down- and then yelled 'you're all going to die' before getting escorted out of the concert by security.

That was 45 minutes before the attack.

The sheer volume of ammunition, the quantity (needless) of expensive, high end weaponry, and the fact that the shooter had an 'escape plan' seems to just beg for the inclusion of more people.

Let's just say that the author of this piece is absolutely convinced that there were others. It's now simply a matter of 'how many',and the real question, 'who they are ' and where the hell are they?

His 'girlfriend', an Australian citizen of Philippine ancestry, has supposedly cooperated. Of course, everything she has stated is blather mouthed by an lawyer. She had 'no idea' he was like this.

She lived with him while he was turning his house into the Springfield Armory, with explosives like Tannerite and Ammonium Nitrate laying around, yet saw nothing.

The classic 'Sgt Schultz' defense. 'I see nothing, nothing'.

If he had an escape plan, then why would he basically commit a suicide operation? How in the hell do you escape from the 32nd floor after lighting up a football field sized arena for 10 minutes with a couple thousand rounds of ammo?

Just sneak past the armada of SRT teams storming the room they KNOW the firing is coming from?

Or perhaps the shadow operator(s) helping you sell you on a non existent plan only to execute you and lay the pistol in your hand nice and neat?  With the shell casing of the pistol laying on top of the blood rather than covered by it.

It's all there in the photos. You've seen most of them, but here's something you may NOT have.

Listen at the 2 minute mark. See if you hear two automatic weapons of different calibers -the light chatter of the .223, and the throatier roar of .308's- simulataneously.

Listen to this and see if you think he did this alone:

Then there's the predictable fallout. The progressives, who now know they cannot remove Donald Trump from office over the Russian issue, are in full melt down mode. Knowing 100 years of plans to turn this country into a vassal of the EU globalists is being unwound every day, they are turning to whatever advances their agenda in 24-48 hour increments.

The conversion kits known as 'bump stocks; basically useless novelties that can make a semi-auto imitate an autoloader for a few moments, are now the 'Satan' of the firearm accessories.

The public is notably,and understandably, concerned about this. These kits make the rifle very inaccurate, 'spray and pray' only. For the evil intentions of this incident they were useful.

Other than that it's all about shooting up some pumpkins in the back yard for a hoot.

Nobody will give a rat's rear end if they go away, and the GOP and even the NRA are good with these being Class III regulated items. End of story.

Not so fast, say the progressives, who will demand TWO things:

One, a  return to the 'assault weapon' ban, and Two, 'universal background checks'. Let's take a look at both of these.

The ban on assault weapons, passed by the Clinton administration (no surprise there) was basically an 'ugly gun' ban. If it looked menacing, well it HAD to be evil. These components included folding/collapsible stocks, flash suppressor, bayonet lug, forward assist (on an AR), short barrels (carbine) and extended magazines.

The author of this piece recalls the one he bought during this 'restricted period'. It had it all; an 'H-bar" (heavy barrel) collapsible stock, bayonet lug, forward assist, you name it. They can't ban, or even legislate, the AR's because the upper receiver isn't the controlled item.

It's the trigger housing group, or lower receiver which are the inexpensive plastic parts that have the serial # on it. You can get all sorts of trick upper receivers including ones that take a 37 mm grenade launcher.

It was, and is a ridiculous, futile ban.

Then there's the 'increased background checks'. If you have ever purchased a firearm, you know well there is a background check done on everyone, including gun shows. Only private sales don't require them.

They don't like the private sale, not one bit. This 'background check' is a de facto registration effort, don't let them kid you. They want every owner on file, so when they get the power -and majority to pull it off- they will DEMAND them to be turned in.

Just like Great Britain. Australia.

Nazi Germany.

There is one real big problem with all this. It's called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This country was established as a refuge from tyranny, and the rights to it's citizens are given by the Creator, not to be taken away by the state.

The Heller decision codified the decision of the Bush 43 justice department that the 2nd amendment was an INDIVIDUAL right, not a 'collective' one. This is the worst news the progressive movement ever got.

Next, maybe to Donald Trump being elected, that is.

They simply MUST disarm the American citizen before they can be turned into 'subjects' like the countries named above. They have no 'God given rights'; they live at the convenience of their leaders.

Whomever they may be. Bureaucrats in Brussels, mostly.

So, they will never stop. This despite losing elections steadily since the late 90's. They run on a hate Trump/gun control platform in 2018 and they will get killed.

What happened in Vegas isn't going to stay in Vegas. Not this time. No, this incident, horrible as it was,will  just further galvanize those who want to protect their freedoms. The opposition, lost and without direction, continue to relitigate the election they lost.

While all the time flailing away at the realities of life, whether it be successful capitalism, white men who are selfless and noble, and the people of color who agree. That sex is a personal issue for the bedroom, and children need to be protected, NOT exploited.

Their whole philosophical construct is unwinding into a moral morass, a nightmare of nitwittery.

And they are decidedly not happy about it, as this tragedy just further proves...

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Marilou Danley: Seems they DO want to see her.

Monday, 2 October:

The story of the Coward Stephen Paddock may or may not become the stuff of legend.

A 64 year old millionaire with no record but a bizarre family history planning and executing a mass slaughter is a side story; only now suitable for whatever raw intel it produces. Much of what has been said so far is conjecture.

However, there are disparate threads that knit a narrative that belies where the media wants to go. Determined to make this the new Anti Trump plot device, any possible terrorist links were immediately dismissed.

In spite of ISIS claiming the prize, not once but twice, today.

Not that they aren't 'bullshit boys' as operators like to refer to anyone untrustworthy, which can include domestic intelligence as well. They most certainly are, and have taken claim for acts of others.

The incident itself is just so damn peculiar -unless, that is it fits a Big Picture scenario- that when it starts being assembled it just doesn't make a lot of sense. Keep in mind it's a Lone Wolf, as most of these are immediately tabbed.

Maybe. The amount of gear this guy had, and the scope of the operation seems to beg for more participants. He had 16 rifles in one location and 18 more at another.

He had thousands of rounds of ammo. Top it off with Ammonium Nitrate in the trunk of the car. Clark County Sheriff Lombardo called it 'fertilizer' in the press conference.  Because he pointed out it didn't have the necessary component to make an explosive out of it.

No fuel oil. That would make 'ANFO', which one Timothy McVeigh made a household term.

But if anyone thinks that this person was going to feed his Rhododendrons on the way to a massacre, think again. Particularly when they DID find an actual explosive cache at his home.

There's the mysterious girlfriend development. The one who is all of a sudden in the Phillipines, after meeting Paddock at a resort where she was a high limit hostess at a gambling table. They began a relationship that conveniently finds her out of the country at this precise time.

Coincidence, of course.

Marilou Danley was immediately dismissed as a 'person of interest'. Not so fast. Catherine Herridge, on FOX pointed out that the Feds very much want to speak to her and are awaiting her 'voluntary' return from the Phillipines.

Keep your eyes on that. Paddock's family is either really gobsmacked, or putting on a damn good act. They hadn't a clue the dear boy had it in him. But is that really the case?

Turns out his dad was Benjamin Hoskins Paddock. 

Convicted bank robber, imprisoned felon and known psychopath. Did the apple not roll very far way from the tree? Or did that make him a prime target to 'turn'? What about the couple who worked their way to the front of the concert row to warn patrons that 'they're all going to die' and ended up being escorted out by the police?

That was 45 minutes before the concert started.

Many questions. Too many odd pieces that don't fit. Cameraphone video of gun flashes coming from a lower floor than the 30th he was in. The law enforcement insiders saying he was shot and killed, not a suicide.

That Anti Fa literature was everywhere, and so were pictures of Ms Danley in Dubai. This is all courtesy of Alex Jones but discount it at your peril. He has some very, very good contacts within the "Oathkeepers' communiity.

Stephen Paddock seems a most unlikely mass murderer. There is something to this story that is missing, and it just stinks to high heaven. Progressives, namely Mr 'Don't let a good crisis go to waste' Rahm Emanuel immediately made it a gun control story.

From someone who runs the murder capital of the Free World that's pretty damn funny.

The rest of their group jumped on, and some dimwit lawyer with CBS went on social media to claim 'no sympathy' with the victims because 'country music fans are mostly Republicans'. It was such an egregiously brain dead comment the Tiffany Newtwork had no choice to fire her.

No doubt she'll sue for re-instatement. First Amendment, you know.

As for the President, he gave the most somber, soft spoken address of his Presidency, asking for the country to come together and quoted Scripture.

It was from Psalm 34:18. It reads like this:

 "The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

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Special Forces A Teams set up medical aid stations immediately.

Sunday, 1 October:

So now it's Puerto Rico.

If you may have noticed, Russia isn't the Cold War era pulp thriller it was just a few short weeks ago. Where KGB chief Putin is the control of Donald Trump's Kim Philby, or Aldrich Ames as a more recent example.

No, instead it has pretty much melted into an amorphous puddle that basically consists of it wasn't so much a hack as a leak, and it was probably from disgruntled Sanders aides.

That's quite a journey, really. Considering Julian Assange supposedly will clear Trump from the Russia charges in turn for a pardon, it sure seems the opposition needed to 'move on', as they like to say.

Now, Rob Reiner and Morgan Freeman are saying we're 'at war with Russia', which of course, is nonsense. They won't let go of Russia easily, it kept them warm at night for months. Bob Mueller isn't looking for secret agents and back alley meetings.

He's looking for some financial or process crimes, and more likely trying to protect Clinton and the FBI from criminal inquiry.

But if you hate, really, really hate Donald Trump, what are you going to do?

Have to have something, anything to fuel the machine. So, if the man gets up on the left side of the bed, as opposed to the right, then there's the fundamentals of a nice daily scandal. What type of bed clothes he wears has been the focus of speculation.

Or tweeting from the lavatory. But this is just noise; you need to have a scandal you can hang some clothes on. Accusing him of profiting off of tax cuts won't do it, people already know he's rich and isn't in it for the money.

Mocking him on every television broadcast does wear at the edges, but it's still publicity, and as Howard Cosell famously said, there's 'no such thing as bad publicity'. 

OJ Simpson is a living example of that. He's about to cash in on TV interviews and a book deal. Not bad for someone who butchered his wife and another poor soul. Or so they, not a jury of his peers, say.

No, by criticizing him so relentlessly they elevate him to omnipotence; a perfect opposing storm. 

The hurricanes that struck Texas and Florida, and to an extent the Virgin Islands, were epic in scale and scope. These storms put the young administration to test, and they performed admirably.

Not perfectly. You can't have disasters of these proportions and get everything right. But as opposed to the Charlie Foxtrot of Katrina, where several thousand died and the state took a decade to recover from, these were handled well.

There are challenges ahead. No doubt about it. The opposition wanted to dump on the rescue and relief missions, but GOP governors in both states took the progressives out of the equation. 

Then came Maria, and she had Puerto Rico squarely in her sights. Hitting the island head on at Category 4, the devastation is complete and total. Basically, the island was both swamped and swept clean.

There is no infrastructure that survived, just rotting wrecks in swamps. It's 77 degrees in San Juan as this piece is being written, but that's at night, and the humdity is 88%. More rain is on the way.

There is no sugarcoating this. The whole place will have to be rebuilt from scratch. 

When the disaster hit, the President, who is not a politician, pointed out that the island 'was a basket case before the storm hit' and that the grid was ancient. These are facts, and Trump's first instinct as a businessman, is to tell the truth.

This is not what career politicians do, however. They know lying pays off, and so does leaving out inconvenient facts. The media machine went to work immediately. They had the Katrina to hang around Trump's neck.

You see, keeping his poll numbers down is a 24/7 affair, and he's crawled up to 45% approval, largely because of the 60% approval on hurricane relief. This cannot be allowed to stand; the forces dedicated to his removal reject what they call 'normalization', meaning he cannot ever be seen as a 'regular guy'.

He must be 'Hitlered' constantly. Seeing an opportunity to turn Puerto Rico into an advantage, they started shaping a story of a disinterested Chief Executive who didn't care about an island in the Atlantic.

Even better, they could push a racial angle, and as you all know, racism is kind of their favorite thing right now. They've gone from Confederate statues to the Founders, Christopher Colombus, and now the anthem and Old Glory as 'racist'.

All in about six weeks, Not bad.

But Maria and Puerto Rico gave them a tangible. A disaster mishandled by a president who is a racist and thinks these people less worthy. All because he pointed out they were in horrible shape and right now cannot help themselves at all, they're fully dependent on outside assistance.

Which, while perhaps indelicately put, is right.

There's one real big problem with all this. It is a 100% fiction. There is nothing the federal government, FEMA, or Donald Trump can do that they haven't done. To say that some things didn't happen quick enough is to deny the scope of the problem.

Nobody has rescued 3.4 million people from an 3,500 square mile island in one weekend before. And that is what needed to happen. 80% of the island is unapproachable; flooded roads, debris.

Bet most of you don''t know that Special Forces 'A' teams were being air dropped with medicine in various parts of the territory hours after the wind died down. If one listened to, say CNN, you wouldn't know that thousands of tons of supplies sit in the port awaiting truck drivers to deliver them.

Trouble is, the Puerto Rican people, truck drivers, police, first responders, have all melted into the miasma of the disaster. They just aren't THERE.

So, the US Army has to step in again, and they are bringing in vehicle operators from Guard units all over the country just so what's already there can be delivered. The governor of the state, Riccardo  Rossello, who just so happens to be a Democrat, has praised the operation and the 'hands on' approach of Trump and FEMA.

So was the mayor of San Juan, another Democrat named Carmen Yulin Cruz. Until some stateside progressive forces got a hold of her. She went from supportive to accusing Trump of 'killing her people' as Hollywood jumped on the bandwagon and they had the start of their new Downfall of Donald Trump plan.

Then people started poking around and this, like all the rest of these stories, fell apart.

Seems she has some political ambitions, (surprise) and has also praised the FALN terrorist the Previous Occupant pardoned. What's worse, is she was filmed telling the camera how the Trump administration 'abandoned her people' leaving them 'helpless'.

Problem was she was standing in front of THOUSANDS OF POUNDS of supplies on skids, waiting to be delivered. Like the saying goes, you just can't make this stuff up.

Just what they'll seize on next is anyone's guess; until then there's always Rachel Maddow...

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Another proper time to kneel.

Tuesday, 26 September:

One thing you can't say about the Trump presidency is it isn't interesting, almost on a constant basis. Fully aware of the fact that if they don't seize the narrative his determined opposition most certainly will.

Ergo the NFL kerfluffle.

Seeing some ripe, low hanging fruit, Trump seized on the 'take the knee' parade that is, while not eating at the sport, is certainly nibbling at the edges. The NFL. which has been the target of progressive forces for some time, thought they could break bread with them.

BIG mistake. They hate the sport, despise it's Type A alpha male certitude, and would love to see it replaced by soccer which they deem more 'inclusive'. Still upset that Michael Sam couldn't make it as an openly homosexual player -it meant little that he was too slow and too small to make it- they then invested themselves in the Michael Brown Ferguson incident.

You know. 'Hands up, don't shoot'. What he said before he was gunned down by a racist white police officer intent on murdering himself a black high school graduate just mosying down the street.

The only problem with all this is it never happened; it was a lie and proven so by both eyewitness and forensic investigation. No matter; 'The Narrative' must be fed, so the facts were changed to fit the desired story, and soon the NFL got involved.

Players came out of the locker room holding up their hands and saying 'don't shoot'. Soon, a so-so quarterback with the SF 49'ers got involved. Colin Kaepernick was among the first to 'take a knee', ostensibly to protest the police actions concerning the black population.

Now it's perfectly understandable, even reasonable,to question the efficacy of local policing. Since crime is rampant in most black communities, their denizens are viewed with suspicion. It's only natural, but it must change or else you will create even more criminal behavior.

This is a discussion that is both important and topical. No issues, there.

But that wasn't really what it was all about. Kapernick soon started wearing Marxist iconography like Che' Guevara T-shirts, socks with pigs in police uniforms, and sprouted an Afro that would make any 1968 Black Panther proud.

This was using the problems with policing and use of force to advance the far more insidious plan of seeding the minority community with racial animus to further the decline of the United States as a constitutional republic.

Marxism, fascism, call it what you want. It's all progressive plans to create one world government,and they got a foothold in the NFL. They had already compromised the league with the spouse abuse/thug meme, and then add the concussion scandal to it and the league was forced to break bread with them.

The problem with that is that they loathe the NFL, hate it's alpha male, rugged individualist persona and want it replaced with the far more egalitarian soccer.

So, this is not exactly a marriage made in heaven. It's more of a hellish relationship, and the Kaepernick issue led to this. He was never very good; he had a couple of decent seasons but his career rating of 88.9 and 70 TD's with 67 turnovers isn't much to write home about.

Add to it the leftist -and these are REAL left wing displays- and you have an unemployable football player, plain and simple.

The Trump people saw this whole thing unfold itself, and struck. Now, many of you think that Trump got the butt end of this deal. It is exactly the opposite.

He not only got on the right side of the issue immediately, he also seized the narrative from his haters in the oppositon media, who want to make the horrible disaster in Puerto Rico an issue to hang around his neck.

The country was a corrupt basket case BEFORE the two hurricanes hit. It is now more 1917 there than 2017, and it will require north of $150 billion to put it back on it's feet. The media and Dem operatives want to make this a 'Trump is racist' issue as well.

He'll deal with that -as will this site- later. For now, he buried that story and seized an issue that about 65% of the public agrees with. 

The NFL is already falling apart over this; they know the truth. Pittsburgh Steeler coach Mike Tomlinson ordered his team to stay in the locker room before Sunday's Bear game. However, tackle Alejandro Villanueva, a former Army Ranger came out by himself.

He was excoriated by his coach and backtracked.

But veteran QB Ben Roethlisberger threw the coach under the bus. To wit:

The pundits are claiming Trump seized on this to deflect criticism on Puerto Rico, which is nonsense because there is little anyone can do; it's an island with a semi functioning airport and not much else.

They got hit hard, and help is coming. The election in Alabama was a win/win for Trump. Moore's victory galvanizes the base, and he did what he could to aid McConnell. The conventional wisdom is Roy Moore loses in the general election.

Don't make book on that.

Meanwhile, Russia is fading, and the progressive embrace of Anti Fa and Black Lives Matter is coming back to haunt them. They are too arrogant and stupid to realize this, and so the media lapdogs just double down again.

Trump is a smart cookie. As long as the opposition wants to commit suicide, may as well get out of the way and let it happen. Pushing the honor the flag issue was just SO right there for him. 

The healthcare issue went down the tubes again, and it's all on Mitch McConnell, who just had a really bad couple of days...

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28.10.2017 03:26


I can't wait until the intel man coughs up his evidence which was hidden by Obama. He wants to talk and I hope he has good security right now. The Clinton's have a way of making one commit suicide

28.10.2017 05:12


be cool on this; understand it's a series of little victories that have the opposition on it's heels...

18.10.2017 13:45

Jim McGowen

Sure love the analysis. The Clinton bribery scandal is, and should be huge news. Can't wait to hear how they spin that evidence.

28.10.2017 05:11


don't get too lit up on any single development. They are winning, right now, and the under the radar stuff is pretty damn impressive. The press feeds on this stuff.
The real story is different...

18.10.2017 15:43


The issue there is can they use Mueller to intimidate Trump to keep her (and team) out of prison...

11.10.2017 04:08


Cracker Jack analysis that u won’t see in the NY TIMES

18.10.2017 15:44


many thanks for the comment...

11.10.2017 14:36


thanks for the kind words; your input is treasured...

04.10.2017 16:31


The furthering of the police state will now commence. Rather convenient how the left does crap like this to find that ever elusive Utopia they know must exist if only they could control everything.

04.10.2017 17:07


this could prove, like almost all of their other ham handed attempts, to be hugely counterproductive...

03.10.2017 04:56

Strike team

This has all the markings of a Psyop program. After all, they have had programs like this dating back decades and decades. It is not conspiracy theory when the programs have been declassified.

03.10.2017 05:48


it has the elements of a False Flag, and there is much to be learned yet...

27.09.2017 03:10

Catherine Timmons

Villanueva could have been a hero if he wouldn't have bent over from the pressure. I thought he was a Ranger? If so, he should have had the balls to stand up to these Fascists. Great piece....again

27.09.2017 04:02


and you all got the article before it was finished due to an input error; hope you like the finished product...