The real problem? Look no further.

Monday, 10 July:

As predictable as the sun in Tuscon, the president returns from a very successful trip abroad to the NY Times leaking something about Russia.

This time it's Donald Jr. having the temerity of meeting with some Russian lawyer who misrepresented herself. She had said she had some damaging information on the Clinton campaign but in actuality wanted to address adoptions in that country.

There apparently was a law passed some time back that had stopped them; US retribution for some interference. This isn't important.

What is important is that this yet another smoke screen. The story adds up to zero yet again, and the best the fake news media can do is hint about 'smoke' without fire and the voice of the neocons, best displayed by FOX's Chris Wallace, that the 'coverup is worse than the crime'.

There is no crime. Therefore there can be no coverup. Not denoting every meeting you ever had with a foreign state is no crime and not even bad politics. The previous administration had set up relations with Russia before they were even elected.

The excuse for all this is the assertion that Russia -and Russia alone- 'hacked', or 'meddled' with our elections; the ones we hold so sacred that states won't allow illegal voting to be stopped. If anyone is 'meddling' in the US electoral process it's California who has put millions of non-citizens on the voter rolls.

They do it by giving illegals driver's licenses and then having 'motor/voter registration', and then deny any illegality. Of course they won't cooperate with any investigation.

They just assert there is 'no evidence' of a crime they won't investigate. Pretty simple, really.

If you want secure elections, one might want to start taking on the open borders crowd that has infitrated local governments. Russia, who like most countries in an adversarial relation with Uncle Sam do things that aren't appropriate.

Did they do some meddling? Probably. Did Iran, Red China and North Korea do the same?

You bet they did, but somehow it always comes back to Russia, and for good reason. The nexus of the deep state/progressive alliance, which has been pointed out on this site (and others as well) is in a deep panic.

This comes as no real news to those who visit this site, and it is not our intent to keep repeating the same facts over and over again. But the news is what it is, and yet again Trump is to be dutifully denied his success by another leak.

The timing is so suspect it isn't even denied anymore. The 'leakers' are now scared they will lose their jobs over it and have said so. In sheer breathtaking audacity, 'they' (through their friends in the media) have come out and asserted that they should have the 'right' to leak what they believe should be made public and not receive any retaliation.

These GS-14 jobs start at $89k per year. They like that dough.

It has come to this. The theater of the absurd elevated to a particularly nasty art form. The truth matters not, only the desires of a corrupt element that infests our system. One that uses whatever splinter group it can con into doing it's dirty work for them.

The bad guys? Sure, the progressive movement is malignant, and dead wrong. But they are, for the most part, the delicate snowflakes presented in the mass media, wanting a rainbow colored unicorn populated safe space.

They are basically as harmless as they are clueless.

It's the deep state denizens and their mouthpieces that are the true criminal element. Some are simpletons doing as they're told (Nikki Haley? Adam Kinzinger?) others far more sinister like John McCain, who is as corrupt as he is stupid.

He is not now, nor was he ever a 'hero'. His time at Hanoi Hilton was not a example of moral courage according to those who were there with him. He earned the sobriquet 'Songbird' for a reason. His conduct over the Keating 5 should have landed him in prison but he was considered such a dolt that he was given a pass.

His sole existence is to promote war. Period. His presidential candidacy was a backup plan in case the cypher that was the Previous Occupant lost. The deep state likes to cover it's bases, that's why the citizens really never had a chance.

You don't want Obama? Take Romney instead. Or McCain. Your choice.

Then came the election that has changed the entire dialectic. The new president wants what's best for the country, not what serves the military industrial complex or the big banks, both heavily invested in endless war and toppling countries in the Middle East.

His meeting with Putin, one that lasted four times longer than the 30 minutes 'allowed' -as if they couldn't speak any longer for some reason- terrified them to their toes. This meeting represented the resource wealth of the planet being discussed by two men who have realistic plans for their respective nations.

There was a basic understanding. The repercussions of this was felt immediately; the deep state sent their toadies out immediately; they quoted Tillerson's take on the meeting when it served their interests, and Lavrov's when it didn't.

Basically, they all screamed 'Russia is bad, they can't be trusted, Putin and Assad must go' among their other assertions. The media organs piled on, and then the leak on Trump Jr. followed.

It was, as said earlier, as predictable as rain on the savanna, or blistering sun in the desert.

It is true Trump has beaten his adversaries to an extent. He cannot, nor will not, be impeached. There would be blood on the streets, and it would come mostly from the other side.

Instead, they plan on continuing the 24/7 constant criticism, to personally belittle him and his family, demonize his associates, and drag the sewers for any tidbit they can hang around his neck.

Meaning nothing is going to change anytime soon. Therefore, he will have to fight fire with fire. Putting Jeff Zucker and CNN out of business isn't a problem; they are assisting in their own suicide.

Nor is Carlos Slim and his NY TImes, nor Jeff Bezos and his fishwrap the Washington Post. No, it's always been the GOP and their neocon element. They have allegiances to a different system.

One that needs trillions spent on military equipment to fight a foe THEY created. So the banks can steal their wealth once the 'enemies' are toppled. They could care less about the worries and concerns of average citizens.

They have free health care that you can't access. They did vote themselves OUT of the health care act. They have underground shelters -DUMB's- Deep Underground Military Bases' to run and hide in.

Like their progressive pals they think they are smarter, more privilged, indeed BETTER than anyone else. You see that from a moron like Nancy Pelosi who proudly claims her qualities as she leads her party to one electoral defeat after another.

These people hold everyone who voted for the current administration in utter contempt. So does their media allies; progressive activists posing as 'journalists' in a fraud that is fooling no one now.

These are facts. Not pretty ones, either. It pains anyone who has served their country to call out other former service members who now inhabit the halls of congress. Some of them might be innocent by design but guilty of sheer stupidity.

It's hard to tell, and ultimately makes little difference. Is James Comey just a fool on the hill? Or is he a bad actor? How deep does the 'deep state' go?

It covers up the pedophiles. Be certain of that, and it will also attack, without mercy, anyone who stands in it's way.

Even the duly elected representative of the people...




She behaved herself. Handwriting on the wall?

Saturday, 8 July (Weekend Edition)

It's hard to evaluate what is more amazing.

Is it the appearance of a true leader of the Free World tossing off the shackles of political correctness and dealing with the pressing problems facing us all? Or is it just the abject difference between he and his predecessor?

The person carefully selected and groomed for a role he was completely and uttterly useless at?

Nobody, and that means what it says, not a single person was advocating for a Donald Trump presidency back in, say, 2014. Other than a small ring of friends and advisors, he just wasn't on the political radar.

The other one? He was a prepared casserole. All the right political ingredients baked together and promoted like the latest offering of a major fast food chain. He was the 'McRib' of presidential politics.

Yes, the sugary sweet offering with the fake bones that anyone who likes a real BBQ rib avoids like the plague. Trump, on the other hand, is more like a good meat loaf.

Filling, and nutritionally solid. No real surprises but tastier than one thinks. With a side of potatoes and gravy a very traditional American meal. No 'arugula' on this plate.

The American public are, by and large, beginning to like this more traditional dinner, and in spite of much marketing, forgetting a well, forgettable fast food meal. The billions spent on making his predecessor a diet staple was wasted.

Right now -if he really were a meal- he is staying away from the FDA because of false advertising and tainted ingredients. Just in case you haven't noticed as his 'chefs' testify about possible wrongdoing he stays in Indonesia.

If you guessed it doesn't have an extradition treaty with the US you would be correct. Surely only a coincidence.

The president just returned from yet another foreign triumph. His blunt honesty and 100% embrace of 'America First' makes him a lot easier for friend, adversary and foe to deal with.

Macron from France has already triangulated Angela Merkel by cozying up to both Trump and Putin. Trump hung up the 'cheap energy/see me' sign at the G20 and is getting many bites. Merkel is trying to leverage Putin against the US but Putin isn't stupid.

He wants to be accepted by the west and keep his country together. Russia cannot succeed without warm water ports, something they have sought since Peter the Great. This explains both the Ukraine incursion (Sevastapol) and Syria (Tartus).

The deep state wants to overthrow Russia; they interfere with the Clinton machine out of self defense. She was, like the Bush family before, a Company asset. They want to keep the macro enemy meme alive because it pays so damn well.

But is Russia a real enemy? Traditionally it never has been. It has supported US freedoms since the war of 1812, really even before that. It was communism that was the enemy. There is now more of a threat from that malignant ideology from academia than from Putin's country.

Indeed, Russia is a nominally free, capitalist and Christian country. Now, this doesn't sugarcoat their shortcomings. It is still a oligarchy with criminal tendencies; kind of a mafia like operatiion.

But the world is full of strange actors, some bad, and some worse. Frankly, Cuba is still a more dangerous country pound for pound, than Russia is. But progressives like totalitarian states.

Don't forget their embrace of Mussolini first, and Hitler second. It was only Hitler turning on the communists that soured their fondness. Putin famously scolded the Previous Occupant for embracing socialism and spurning capitalist reforms.

Now the world has a clear vision of America and it's people. The nonsense of Russian spies and Trump operatives, a not very well thought out fiction created by Clinton operatives and backed by the holdovers in the deep state, is falling apart.

Trump dutifully accused Putin of actions that they didn't do. It's why he phrased it 'the American People want to know', as opposed to Coast Guard Intelligence or the other nonsensical 17 agencies.

Then they got down to work. The deep state created ISIS is on the ropes. A cease fire in Syria with safe zones for their people to stay in their own damn country being created. No more exporting 25 year old men to the US to become future problems.

Refugees? Look at the pictures and see how many women and children you see as opposed to the military age men.

Trump pinned the ears back on the stacked progressive judiciaries; they have been humiliated by a 9-0 beat down and then the most recent rejection of a challenge from Hawaii about just how deep family ties go.

The AG in Hawaii told his snowflake constituency 'he's done'. No more legal challenges. Meanwhile, Trump and Putin spent two hours figuring out how to advance peace and perhaps even some prosperity.

Not that they love each other. It's called 'selfish self interest', and both leaders have many issues in common. The immediate future will be all about controlling the likes of John McCain and the other neocons who want Russia overthrown.

They already screwed themselves with the stupid collusion meme. How they put that toothpaste back in the tube is anyone's guess. It sure won't be easy.

Just for now, not hearing a peep out of McCain, if even for a few days, is nice. Like the 2 year old baby who has cried himself to sleep. Trump has beaten his opponents once again.

They won't give up. The Mueller commission will try to find a head to justify the millions they will spend. But no crime was ever committed, and therefore no punishment will ever be doled out; it was always meant to tarnish, and control.

Jim Comey was going to be the puppet master once again. Guess that didn't work out so good for them, either.

His replacement Christopher Wray, will be confirmed next week.

How much longer will the opposition continue to underestimate this most unique president? 

Maybe forever. They just don't learn their lessons well...





Your faithful editor hard at work (after the flea dip).

Thursday, 7 July (Late Edition):

While the President enlightens the Free World on just 'what' freedom means, and manages to keep the war on the resistance media in his favor, a lot of things need mention. Things that sort of fall by the wayside given the focus on the big scene.

Sadly, much of the attention given recently is to the domestic media, bruised by their own actions becoming public. They have shown themselves to be true wretches of the first regard; whiny, self absorbed, and ideological narcissists who, like the rest in their movement, incapable of accepting either criticism or responsibility for their own actions.

CNN and their descent into oblivion is an amazing case in point.

They have decided, for internal reasons, to join MSNBC at the hip as an ideological foe of the 45th president. The only real problem with that is they still maintain themselves as an 'independent and honest' arbiter of the news.

This seeming contradiction is just that; impossible to reconcile. Therefore it has created an unusual situation where a self inflicted fiction is being appiled to cover any and all facts that prove them to be simple propagandists.

They have taken the withering criticism from all quarters and wrapped it into a blanket of self righteous outrage that is breathtaking in it's sheer idiocy. It is patently phony, and is the ultimate example of the 'Emperor's New Clothes' fable.

It isn't important to them what the 7 odd billion people of the world see. All that counts is what they feel, and how they perceive themselves. 

Their beleagured boss, Jeff Zucker, has ordered them to 'double down' on their war with the administration. Does that strike anyone as familiar? The 'double down' approach?

It should. It's the only tactic progressives know. Unable to accept neither criticism nor defeat, they invent straw men and bizarre fantasies to prop up their belief system. It does seem to indicate that there is a mental disability at the heart of progressive ideology.

It caters to the weak, the soulless, the bitter and envious. It offers only theft and revenge as antidotes to their failures. Even worse is the megalomaniacs who serve this gruel up as the solutions.

Marc Zuckerberg told an audience he is a fan of the 'livable wage' of $15 an hour. Do you think for ONE SECOND he would ever have accepted that as his future?

This is beyond disgusting; telling the youth of America that a $32,000 annual income is something to strive for coming out of the mouth of a multi billionaire who acquired his fortune ruthlessly.

It is dishonest. It is cruel, and it should be exposed as that. CNN is just an ugly blip on the radar screen; when Time/Warner buys them they will stop the self serving suicide model of Zucker and company.

There are those who live 'outside the bubble' who see things just a tad differently.

There is also the incredible story of the sitting mayor of a major US city leaving the country unnanounced to join in the G 20 protests in Hamburg. In a story you won't hear much on the major media, Warren Wilhelm, Jr., aka 'Bill De Blasio', flew to Germany to participate in the left wing/anarchist mobs that greet every G 20.

He's the mayor of New York. What in the hell is he doing going to Hamburg to help rabble rouse? He just had a police officer assassinated; fed by Black Lives Matter hate propaganda.

He has a job to do. Can you imagine a GOP mayor leaving his city to travel to Venezuela to protest against the criminal Maduro regime?

Think the media would cover that?

George Clooney has decided the UK countryside too dangerous for his young family. He contracted former secret service agents to analyze all his properties, and they said 'go back to L.A'.

His mansion is only blocks from an LAPD station. Guess it ain't Lake Como or the pastures of Surrey, but hey, it's America and the COPS ARE THERE FOR ME.

Not picking on Clooney; he's one of the better practitioners of his belief system. But the irony is sweet; it is the first responders who put Trump in office that is his best chance at safety for his kids.

And in an odd coincidence, they, and we, can find some reaffirmation in that...



Angela Merkel: not exactly a fan.

Thursday, 7 July:

The second leg of President Trump's foreign policy is now under way.

Having taken on the Middle East already, and with some modicum of success, and met wiith the NATO members in Brussels -which was a mixed bag- he now goes to the G 20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

First he stopped in Poland, and to what could only be called a 'heroes welcome'. To a large, and enthusiastic audience who yelled 'USA' and 'Donald Trump' among the cheers, he gave a stemwinder speech that noted Poland's unique presence.

They have been the subject of both Nazi and Communist oppression, and the Warsaw Uprising in WWII has been said to be a major part of the defeat of the Germans. Trump pointed out the heroism and sacrifice to the very friendly audience.

The Previous Occupant was the recipient of enthusiastic crowds as well, but there was always a scripted feel to them and the enthusiasm an artifice.

Such is not the case with Mr Trump, who saw the Saudis literally jump out of their skins for him, or the off the charts reception he received today in Warsaw. The foreign perception of the 45th president is considerably different than the domestic feelings.

He is John Wayne, George Patton and JP Morgan wrapped into one. They correctly see the self made billonaire with the beautiful wife and children, the TV star and celebrity. They see an AMERICAN.

The last fellow came across like a self satisfied academic on tour to preach. Foreign audiences put up with him more than anything else. He was a scold, basically.

Trump is the 180 degree opposite. In him they see American exceptionalism, stength and determination yet warmth and compassion. The unique American message the progressives cannot project.

Trump's message to the Poles was simple, and direct.

Work hard, be self sufficient and retain the noble trappings of your unique heritage. We will back you up; provide you with both energy and security. He told them they would be sold Patriot anti missile systems.

His 'buddy' Valdimir Putin won't be too happy with that. Wonder how Rachel Maddow will spin this. He also said they won't be at the mercy of one energy supplier, either. The US will now sell LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) to Europe, something the previous regime seeked to prevent.

Chinese tankers sit in port awaiting delivery of sweet crude for their own consumption. In six short months the US has gone from energy dependent to a net energy exporter. Trump wants to dominate the energy market.

What a difference.

Poland is the first stop. Next he goes to Hamburg, which is Angela Merkel territory. She is now an adversary, and has made note of it by not referring to the US as a 'friend' in her speech on the G 20 meetings.

Merkel was born in East Germany, and raised in the repressive socialist state. She was a member of the FDJ ('Free German Youth'; essentially the 'Hitler Youth' of the socialists) and her embrace of democracy has always been statist.

She does not believe in individual freedoms. She believes all rights begin with the State. Trump presents a clear and present danger to socialist Europe, and they aren't shy about showing it. Merkel intends on 'lecturing' Trump about global warming -or is it climate change? you make the call- and his refusal of the Paris Accords.

Fear not. Trump considers her a bureaucrat in a failed system... 


11.07.2017 18:11


I'd sure like to hear your insight on the new FBI Director announced today. Good guy/bad guy?