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What the young Trump saw after graduating college was his beloved New York City in the grip of the urban decay of the '70's.

He was determined to change it. With a loan from his dad -which he claims was $1 million, and there is no eveidence to prove otherwise- he bought out the family real estate business 'Elizabeth Trump and Son' and renamed it 'The Trump Organizaton'.

He then set out to change the NY skyline for the better, and that's how Trump Tower came to be.

It was just a much a labor of love as it was a business investment. But it was a key time in the city's history, and Trump immediately became a game changer.

Once again, the internal discipline he brings to his day, the commitment, was evident. This came as much from his Scottish born mother as anyone. She was the real strength behind the throne, and her hardscrabble beginnings in Scotland guided her tutelage of the brood.

This 'rugged Scot' atmosphere was another very key part of his character, and should always be noted. Those who mock the man do so at their own risk because of it.

Trump's career skyrocketed, and he was the darling of New York's finest. This lasted until the casino business entered the fold.

This period was going to put the young entrepreneur in his toughest spot.


Atlantic City and the bad rap.