Tuesday, 26 February:

This brief is for all of the faithful readers who have followed this site since it was started two years ago. You have graced these pages over 70,000 times and it is both appreciated and humbling.

However, many if you have notice a distinct drop off in production here.

When POTUS was elected, much analysis was needed and there 3 to 5 articles a week. As the time has passed people have gotten much more in tune with this most unusual of presidencies. Also, too, his chosen battlefield has been Twitter.

The 'Twitterverse' is, and has been for some time, where the real battle for the soul of this nation is being fought. In Sun Tzu, the warrior who is most successful chooses the field of battle, and this one most certainly has.

It is there where your intrepid observer has been doing the real work. The public attention is so short, and the flood of information so great, that facts become mere 'memes'.  A