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Friday, 27 April:

One is tempted to say 'what a week'.

But was it, really?  All that occurred the last seven days was two State visits, a historic meeting in Korea, and in a Tarantino like twist a renegade escaped the Plantation. And there was, of course, Russia.

What would a week be without Russian intrigue somehow being a backdrop?

Emmanuel Macron, president of the French Republic came to the US amidst an amazing display of pageantry. Repaying the Bastille Day treatment Trump received last year, Macron got the hero's welcome most heads of state publically decry but secretly desire.

The counterpoint between the laudits festooned on Macron was the very business like meeting between Trump and Angela Merkel, who are famously not very fond of each other. The big difference this time was the antipathy of the US versus Germany was replaced with the facts on the ground.

They need to get along on certain key issues.

In actuality the differences between France and Germany and the US are pretty similar and just as numerous. Macron and Trump may have a robust 'bromance' going, and the German leader and Trump can barely stand each other.

It doesn't change the core issues.Both countries want pretty much the same thing.

An end to finacial sanctions, the Iran deal to stay in place, and US military commitments. The media, both clueless and dishonest at the same time missed just about everything.Trump's affection for Macron is based on the mutual respect of two very successful businessmen who just sort of 'happened' into politics.

Merkel is simply an East German bureaucrat. The differences are stark.

Frankly, Trump doesn't have a whole lot of love for either the EU, which he sees as a stagnant quasi socialist bureaucracy out of Brussels, nor NATO. He sees that military arrangement as a one sided affair. We protect them while they spend defense money on their internal issues.

But if either country thought Trump a soft touch he made quick work of that. Merkel had to stand and listen while the president pointed out how huge the trade imbalance is, and he didn't blame her for ripping us off.

It was the feckless (and corrupt) administrations that preceded him. She shifted uncomfortably during all this but Trump was unfazed. If the truth hurts, so be it. Macron may think their friendship will allow him to alter policy.

Not with Trump. He sees a clear difference between friendship and business. The affable French leader had to admit that even after his speech to congress- which was enthusiastically received by Democrats- that he may have had little success convincing Trump to change his mind.

He already had his ears pinned back by suggesting Trump agreed to keep a long term military presence in Syria when it was forcefully rebutted the next day. This time he admitted that Trump might still pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.

In short, it matters not whether you befriend this president or not. He prefers friendly negotiations. But Merkel got exactly what Macron got; a promise to consider their positions.

Nothing more.

Facts: Trump is not going to remain in Syria. No matter how much the deep state/globalist network wants it. Nor will he defend Europe without their robust contributions. While all this was occurring 'Rocket Man' Kim Jong Un crossed the 38th parallel to meet President Moon of South Korea .

They promised an end to the now 67 year old war. Just in case you missed it.

Then, there was of course more Russia. With a federal judge putting a 90 day stay on the Stormy Daniels lawsuit against Michael Cohen -which they predictably went right to the infamous 9th Circuit to overturn- the need to get ther day by day 24 hour lifeline was sought in the return to Russiagate.

It is the worst addiction any political party has ever had. It not only doesn't have any real grounding in fact but it is hugely counterproductive. It fosters the worst elements in their party; akin to turning over the GOP to the white separatists.

It is, to be put succinctly, politcal fratricide.

James Comey gave an incredible performance Thursday. Under intense questioning by FOX news host Bret Baier Comey said he had 'no idea' who paid for the infamous Steele Dossier. That a former federal prosecutor would not find that out the FIRST THING before starting to investigate a politcal campaign is either sublimely naive or beyond stupid.

This allowed him to continue the narrative of Carter Page as some key Russian intel asset inextricably linked to the Trump campaign. It is a massive untruth steeped in intellectual dishonesty.

As Trey Gowdy pointed out, anyone who interviewed and knew Page saw not an agent but a fool.

One who's life has been just about destroyed over nothing. He's still not accused of any wrongdoing 5 years after his first FBI interview. When Trump rages on about a 'hoax' and a 'witch hunt' he knows the actual truth.

However, on Thursday the House Intelligence committee released it's report on Russia. While it was both ridiculed and ignored by the major media they did sift thtough it looking for anything. They found this nugget.

The female Russian lawyer who was in Trump tower with Donald Jr that day in 2016 was actually a Russian informant. 

What a shock.

It changes nothing; her advocacy to overturn the Magnistsky act -sanctions against Kremlin oligarchs- pretty much showed it at the time. But now it gives CNN another couple of days to push the narrative, and better yet keep Trump's postive acheivements off the radar.

Peace in the Korean peninsula? A possible Nobel Peace Prize for Trump? 

Can't have that being discussed. No, there is another shady Russian prancing about. It would be hilarious if it weren't so abjectly pathetic. The drowning man cares not what piece of driftwood he clings to, as long as it keeps him afloat it works until he finds something better.

How much longer can this go on, one wonders. For the progressives it's keeping it until November midterms. Their prayer - or wish, really they are atheists- is that a dispirited Trump base will not turn out, and they get back the House.

That's over FIVE months from now. And their coalition is fragmenting in front of their eyes. Kanye West started a massive sea change with his proclamation of love for his 'brother' Donald Trump and their matching 'dragon energy'.

The idea of any member of the plantation is fleeing progressive group think is bad enough. But a multi-millionaire rap star is a bridge too far.

The reaction was a furious as it was predictable. How dare he think 'independent thought'. Trump is evil, and to be hated. Period.

Mr West didn't agree. Of all the things that broke this week this actually might have been the biggest...


Many thanks to the ardent contributors to this site who kept it afloat while your faithful editor was out of action for a few days; humble toads from Maryland and the other sons and daughters of the new liberty movement are all to be congratulated; Fred, John, Courtney Jo, Anthony, James and the rest. well done.

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Syria and pal Iran: Say hello to our little friends'

Wednesday, 18 April:

The  continuing maelstrom in Washington DC definitely serves one purpose.

Getting things done. Contrary to the continuing bogus media narrative, there is no lack of accomplishment in the Trump administration. While the opposition digs in every crevice looking for some sort of crime to prosecute his people are literally re-arranging the world.

Under our very noses.

First of all, take a look at the attack on Syria, which has already faded into the back pages. Other than a platform for the Nikki Haley neocon wing to press for a war with Russia it has reset the order in the Middle East.

It's what the public doesn't know that is important. 

The tomahawk attack on Assad's chemical weapons is almost assuredly a feint; the 'shiny hand' to focus the narrative so other, more important goals could be met. They didn't go to all this trouble to just toss 105 cruise missiles.

There were 'incursions'. Israeli and Saudi forces were involved. Ever hear of the GCC?

Gulf Cooperation Council? Didn't think so. A brief:

Think the first trip Trump made to the ME and the new Saudi prince Salman. Ever since then  things are changing rapidly in the kingdom as they both modernize/liberalize and also take responsibility for their security.

Trump just told them to 'man up' and replace US forces in Syria. What else occurred of note?

The attack on Syria was prefaced by Trump's speech to the nation and followed by Jim Mattis' briefing from the Penatgon 2 hours later. If one listened closely and did the math a couple things became obvious.

Trump said 'we aren't interested in a permanent presence' in Syria. The civil war is 'not our concern', and 'we will soon bring our warriors home'.

Mattis elaborated. 'We selected these targets to minimize collateral damage (civilian casualties) and to not engage with other (Russian) forces. If one deciphers these very deliberate pronouncements a simple conclusion is reached.

The US just ceded the naval base of Tartus and the warm water port of Sevastapol (Ukraine) to Russia. In Russia's backdoor; not our problem.

Assad? Up to you; he's toxic and we'll pin his ears back again if need be.

Putin and Russia just made out like bandits, and justifiably so. To try to deprive them of the only two warm water ports they have would be to collapse the country; turn them into the most dangerous of failed rogue states.

With 4,300 nuclear weapons. Think a barrel bomb of chlorine is nasty?

A stable Russia is in the world's best interests even if it is a criminal oligarchy of kleptocrats. There are worse actors out there we tolerate.

Did anyone even notice this? Once again, as the CNN universe couldn't wait to break away from Trump and Japan's Shinzo Abe to cover the boobilicious Stormy Daniels ('did you see the sketch of her assailant', they breathlessly asked) what else was transpiring?

How about peace on the Korean peninsula for starters?

Turns out Sec State candidate Mike Pompeo met with 'Rocket Man' Kim last week, and both North and South Korea have decided to bury the hatchet and declared peace after a 63 year standoff.

Hear much about that? Not really; just a passing comment or two. No, Michael Cohen's recordings might have a salacious bit or two but ultimately it's National Enquirer gossip stuff and of no real import.

The desire to ensnare the president in a process crime no matter how obscure isn't just bad for the administration and the country but it's bad for them as well; hugely counterproductive as they turn more moderate Democrats into Trump supporters.

African Americans as well. His numbers continue to rise there as well.

The simple fact is this: while the media obsesses with all things nice and shiny the Trump cabinet is systematically returning sanity to the government. They just offered legislation that requires welfare recipients to work, and perhaps even drug testing.

Haven't heard a whole lot about that, have you? 

The Democrat brain trust, for what it is, knows the impeach Trump train is a death wish. They run on that and they will get just annihilated. They know his polls are better than shown; they may be dumb but they're not stupid.

So, their plan is to flail away every day with whatever is at hand; Comey and the stripper will do for now  (just who's the bigger whore is hard to discern) but they are feeble attempts.

Sorting out the world so business can be better for everyone is not going to be siderailed by a few thousand unhappy snowflakes who were sold a bill of goods in the first place.

Trump said something about 'winning'. It can happen in a variety of ways, you know...

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Meanwhile Syrian airspace has been cleared. Something's brewing.

Tuesday, 10 April:

One of the major difficulties covering the Trump presidency is the lightning fast nature of it.

That is occurring because of one simple fact: since the moment Donald J Trump won the 45th presidency bestowed by The Greatest Nation on Earth, ever since the networks refused to call his obvious win at 10PM EST.

Those who were paying attention saw the obvious math; he had Pennsylvania dead yet it wasn't given to him. Then they parsed the late turnout in rural Michigan; looking every bit the forlorn liberals they are.

The networks finally called the victory at 2 AM. Even then the presumptive loser, lost in a sea of tears, chardonnay and unfettered rage wouldn't concede. Her aide de camp, John Podesta, lover of pizza and hot dogs came out and claimed 'it isn't over yet'.

But it was. Undeniably. It was not an avalanche, but a 74 electoral vote margin  is significant. Romney lost by 116 votes, a fairly similar number, and folded up shop early as the networks wrote him off even before Ohio was called.

Ever since that moment, followed by the snark directed at the inauguration, and then THREE DAYS later the 'women's march' gathered blocks away from the White House, this president has been under a relentless, 24 hour 7 day a week attack.

That it was planned and coordinated by the outgoing administration is the worst kept secret in all of Washington. 

Their original plans- contesting the electoral count, and then the Jill Stein affair- were not only feeble but counterproductive. The electoral count added 4 votes. Stein's recount challenge was limited to one county in Wisconsin.

Trump picked up 141 votes. Ooops.

Then the noise began. This lawsuit, that accusation, this rumor, sheer anger, frustration and even palpable hatred was displayed, often and usually quite loudly. This culiminates in where the country is right now.

Confused, disturbed, concerned and pretty damn angry.

The earthshaking news that dominates the airwaves is the FBI raid on Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. There is a lot of info out there on this; not here to bore with details. Suffice to say this:

It's about a few minor possible crimes. Bank fraud, campaign violations and other such small arms fire. Certainly nothing even close to the crimes being investigated by IG Michael Horowitz.

Or the 'mysterious' John Huber investigation. They are looking at crimes that make Cohen's actions look like a ticket for jaywalking. Nobody cares if Trump had an affair with some hot babe 12 years ago.

He was a billionaire playboy reality TV star who ran a beauty contest. Think he might attract a few women?

Even the deeply evangelical understand. They see Trump as a 'grown up' who has learned his life's lessons and is, more important, in their corner. They weren't electing a saint; they hired an advocate.

The Stormy Daniels issue is an absolute non starter as a reason to impair the presidency. If it is an act of revenge, not to be dismissed, for Bill Clinton then they didn't take the right lesson. His transgression was far worse.

He used his power as President to lure a homely 20 year old intern into a sexual relationship in the White House. 

Trump (supposedly) had a consensual affair with a 27 year old adult film star. See the difference? There is no moral comparison, other than cheating on your wife, which while not recommended is violated wholesale by millions.

This is to put the whole issue in perspective.

So, to those who are stressing over this, and buy into the 'fake news' accounts, relax. The only people who think this is a really big development are the opposition. Russiagate, which has been a joke from the get go allowed them to fish for this.

It is going nowhere. Cohen has some excellent constitutional challenges to offer in his defense. If Mueller hopes to flip him with threats of long jail sentences he can rest assured he will be well represented in court.

What to make of all this?

These are all diversions. The Trump administration is changing the world in front of your eyes. It's a whole lot more than putting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. While hugely important, that is eclipsed by what's really going on.

Look at the EPA. 

Scott Pruitt is under full assault for his expenditures. They show a hick from Oklahoma with a shiny credit card that says 'US Government' on it and has seen the way others live in this town.

His mistake is thinking he will be covered like a regular politician. He isn't. He's a one man globalist wrecking crew; dismantling the machine designed to take down the constitutional republic.

The EPA was fully 'weaponized' by the previous occupant. They even had it funded through 2018 just in case a GOP congress survived the eventuality of a Clinton election victory. Yep,they thought they had the whole thing worked out.

Too bad about all that. Best laid plans of mice and men, you know.

Pruitt may be a typical bureaucrat. But he is just laying waste to the insanity that was codified into EPA law. That pond in your back yard could be regulated under the navigable waterways act.

Think about that one for awhile. It's a direct -and deliberate- attack on private property ownership. That is just the tip of that iceberg, and it's why the progessive left is out of their skulls on his removal.

If Pruitt is forced to resign, he will be replaced by an EPA careerist (read: holdover) who will stop whatever Pruitt is doing instantly. Congress would take months to approve a replacement, and anyone like Pruitt would be filibustered.

Forever. They had no idea he'd rip into them with the gusto he's shown. It's why Trump, who dislikes bureaucrat featherbedding and would ordinarily dismiss him, now won't. Asked by reporters coming off Air Force One,Trump said this:

'He's (Pruitt) a good man. And where I just came from, coal and farm country, they just LOVE the guy'.

Issue settled. Stymied, and with incipient action against rogue elements in Syria which always gives the incumbent a bump in the polls they simply had to do something. So, a raid by the FBI on Michael J Cohen, attorney and family friend of the president was performed.

There ARE no coincidences. This is a diversion.

The deep state, and their former globalist pals are in deep trouble and they know it. Their fortunes and futures are threatened. They live la dolce vita, and like it. They have zero interest in giving it up.

Donald Trump and a few others -Scott Pruitt among them- are a living, existential threat to their plans, and they will stop at nothing to derail him; indeed they would like nothing better than to have show trials and summary executions.

This is a fact, not a supposition. Just listen to them; it's in their own words.

The United States is about to attack another country that poses no threat to us; indeed it will happen any moment. This is an act that should be front and center and also give every one pause.

It's an attack on Russia's doorstep. It is this site's belief that whatever happens is choreographed, the subjects fully warned, and possible responses discussed. Both Trump and Putin know there's too much at stake to go to war over Hafez Al Assad.

He will be deposed in a staged show of force by 'Syrian patriots' who will still be the Alewite tribe who has ruled for centuries. This is not the desired outcome of the John McCain warhawk wing, which wants a failed state up for grabs like Libya.

But it will satisfy the narrative that 'something has to be done'. 

This has been a lot to cover in one post. Within 48 hours it could all be eclipsed by yet new developments.

You said you wanted change in November of 2016.

Guess what? You got it...

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Invasion USA: Trump as Chuck Norris.

Wednesday, 4 April:

There is an invasion happening.

Before anyone expresses feigned shock to this statement this has been going on for decades. It had it's real start in the mid 80's but the genesis was laid before that. Basically, the progressive movement always knew it would have to replace poor voters as they moved upscale.

It is no state secret that their base is powered by those who cannot fend for themselves.

It's why they are singularly focused on destruction of the nuclear family; a household with stable parents raising children with both love and discipline is just not helpful to their cause. On this front they have been almost spectacularly successful.

That is a story for another day. This post deals with the ongoing invasion of the country from all points of the compass. Right now everyone's attention is on the southern border, because it is so obvious. However, there are other equally egregious examples.

Namely overstay of visas, and also the Asian anchor baby scam.

Years of progressive rule in Washington have paved the way for these ongoing situations, and to some analysts they were fairly close to their goal of diluting the vote to a level where they could 'fundamentally change' the way the country operated.

The amount of planning and operation behind these seemingly random incursions is deep, well organized and financed.

Right now the country is transfixed by a showdown at the southern border as several thousand people -as usual mostly military aged males- trek through the Mexican plain on their way to seek asylum.

No, that's not quite correct. They are demanding asylum.

That, and a full panoply of aid, including everything from the right to bring every relative they have here to abortions for teenagers. It is a progressive wish list, with the directed purpose of telling US citizens they have absolutely no choice other than to submit.

Like the 'Borg' in the 'Star Trek' series. 'Resistance is futile', as their slogan said.

But is it? Maybe not so fast. For their movement they need to inculcate the masses with the sense of inevitability; that somehow things like gender fluidity is the wave of the future and you may as well get used to it.

Of course there is the usual invective aimed at those who disagree. The Marxist approbations meant to stifle dissent: Racist, sexist, homophobe, and on.

They used to use 'anti-Semite' but they hate the state of Israel almost as much as the US, so that has sort of faded to the background. This has all been the status quo for quite some time, so much so that it was thought to be 'baked in the cake'.

That is no longer the truth. A new pastry chef has decided that cake is unacceptable.

That 'chef' is the newly elected president, and he has a FAR different vision of the future. One that is not going to tolerate this undeclared war on the US voter. His first order of affairs was to stop the Islamist invasion.

That's the visa overstays. 

By reducing the amount of countries who could get the automatic visa approvals -which was met by the full fury of the open borders crowd- he set the tone. It isn't just the poor refugees fleeing failed states in Central America.

There is a fully organized and funded Fifth Column dedicated on bringing as many foreigners here as possible. These are almost all 'NGO's' or 'non government organizations'. There is a LOT of them. To wit:

These all get some sort of help from their 'friends' in the government, namely aid. They also get grants from other places like the Ford Foundation and such. Here's a look at their money trail; you'll see the usual suspects everywhere.

While it is true that this country is welcoming of immigration, it is also true that we have also suspended it for extensive periods. There were congressional limitations enacted in 1924, 1952, and 1965.

These were passed to allow for assimilation purposes. The idea being that the new folk would settle into the routines of American life. That is no longer the case.

Now, it's all about bringing in as many non compatible people as possible; the bizarre notion of sending Somali refugees from equatorial Africa to the frigid clime of Minneapolis stands as mute testimony. They were almost a guarantee for isolation.

This is called 'Balkanization'.

The textbook explanation courtesy Wiki:

Balkanization, or Balkanisation, is a geopolitical term used to describe the process of fragmentation or division of a region or state into smaller regions or states that are often hostile or uncooperative with one another.

Sound familiar?

It should, it has been the domestic policy of our immigration people for decades. When you add to it the foreign policy disasters that have turned the Middle East into an ongoing genocide and Latin America into a semi-failed narco state it makes this situation far worse.

Face it. If this is done on purpose it is a major operational success.

The Previous Occupant made it possible to take these refugees, fresh over the border and without any vetting, to places specifically chosen to change the balance of how that area voted. Some were sent, fully funded, to Alaska.

It was on the news. The GOP ignored it, and people yawned.

That was then. Now the entire fabric of the argument has pivoted. The real truth is being revealed, no thanks to the GOP establishment which was good with their piece of the pie; low cost labor.

Instead you have the president declaring war on so-called 'sanctuary cities', and forcing showdowns with ICE agents over deporting illegal immigrants who also happen to be felons. What was once sympathetic treatments to these 'forlorn' people is now an indictment.

How can a country without borders be called a country? This is what the president queried the nation. How does one argue that?

You can't. It's impossible to square that circle, and that's a fact. The press conference held Wednesday afternoon had the media in panic mode wondering if the military can actually be used to seal off the border.

Can military funds be used to build that wall?

Progressive sites are shouting about 'Posse Comitatus' which is rich considering they were decrying it's obsolesence just a few years ago over the Jade Helm training op in Texas. They didn't know what it was then, just as they don't know now.

You can't use the army to affect domestic policy, or against the citizenry without an act of congress or declaration of martial law. This only covers the Army.

Other branches of the service such as the Air Force and Marines are basically exempt, although there are 'understandings' as to how they would or would not be used. It isn't any accident that Trump is surrounded by Marines.

To sum, this is the new reality.

There is an attempt, funded by very wealthy global elite, to change this country into a second or third world supplicant in fealty to their desire to rule. It is so obvious as to be undeniable; they accuse those in the know of conspiracy theories.

This is no theory. It's FACT, and it's coming to a head...

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12.04.2018 12:36

Larry Williams

Very informative