Young Trump aka 'D.T.'

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It begins...

9 February 2017:

Our story begins in New York City in June of 1946.

Born to Fred Trump and Ann Marie (nee MacLeod), he was the fourth of five children. His father, Fred, was a successful developer in low cost housing, sold largely to returning veterans on the GI Bill.

His uncle John was a professor at MIT, and when Nikola Tesla died he was the expert the FBI had examine Tesla's papers in his hotel room, all of which were then seized and are still classified files of the US government.

Just another of the 'achiever' notch in the family.

He grew up comfortably, but his parents never lost sight of their humble roots, and hard work and thrift were preached. On Sundays after church, Fred would take the brood to the jobsite and they would be tasked to scavenge for nails -good ones- the workers had dropped.

Whoever got the most got an extra dessert. Reward for a day's work was immediately instilled. He was also taught to drive a Catepillar bulldozer as a 12 year old, so he could not only have the fun experience but understand what the workmen had to do.

This inculcated him with not only his work ethic, but his almost obsessive attention to detail.

When his 757 was being built he was in on every single detail of it's construction, and held every person involved accountable. This continues unabated to today.

A high energy type from the cradle, he was a handful for his parents. His father referred to him as a 'pretty rough fellow' when he was small. This convinced them he needed a dose of discipline.

He got it. They enrolled him at NY Military Academy, and it was not only the disciplined surroundings he needed but it shaped the man you now know. The criticism of him not having any military experience is misleading.

While not actually the military, these schools, like West Point was for college, imbued serious military disciplines in their students. No different than going to The Citadel or other institutes of note.

This, we submit, made the man you now see...


How it shaped young Donald