Obi Wan Kenobi? Perhaps Steve Bannon.


Bannon: I will only become more powerful.

Saturday, August 19:

This has been the most significant week of a very significant presidency.

This may be self evident to most, but perhaps for not the correct reasons. Let's recap the events. First there was what is now becoming apparent as an 'engineered' event at Charlottesviille, Va. This was followed by the attacks in Barcelona, Spain and finally the much speculated exit of presidential adviser Steven Bannon.

Let's take Mr Bannon first. 

Since the very first moments of the Trump administration, the focus of the opposition was on the 63 year old Norfolk, Va native. Known for his anti globalist nationalism, he stood as a existential threat to the scheme of a one world government.

Make no mistake, this was the net goal of the last lot in power; a redistribution of US wealth worldwise and dimunition of US global power. The US military used as a myrmidon force to protect corporate interests.

Bannon was chosen by Trump as a key component to execute the policy of deconstruction of the regulatory state imposed by the Previous Occupant. This would be the Death Knell of their movement, something they have spent the better part of the last century trying to implement.

The media, which like a bunch of misguided tick hounds, focuses on the shiniest object around, and also falls for the hidden hand agenda every time. The Trump team is fully aware of this, and feeds them a diet they control regularly.

Whether it's his tweets, interviews, the Anthony Scaramucci tenure, or other so-callled spectacles the media believes to be examples of disorganiztion and failure, virtually all of these are planned incidents.

First of all, neither Scaramucci nor Bannon are stupid enough to believe anything they say to a corrupt, progressive media source is going to be 'off the record'. To believe other is a massive mistake.

By offering up tasty tidbits of palace intrigue they seize the issue and can create their own narrative. It's a bizarre method of getting out a message, but it works. Think about the press conference Trump gave Tuesday.

It is, predictably, derided by the establishment, and the phony never Trump RINO's who are as happy with the swamp as the left. What does that net the president?

Quite a bit, actually. His assessment of blame on BOTH sides is a huge winner with the public, receiving over 60% support in some polls. It inflamed the left because they were exposed as demanding their violence be excused because the other side was worse than they are.

Try taking that argument anywhere else. 

The pundits are scratching their heads over this turn of events. Every publication worldwide condemned the president as a 'racist' which is a hysterical overreach they just didn't see.

Too bad, so sad. Yet another massive mistake. Barcelona kicked the what is really a minor incident in Virginia off the radar with it's sheer brutality. The media, absolutely bereft at this turn of events, culminated in the most ridiculous moment of the year so far.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer, who had to be reading the question he asked, offered up Barcelona as a 'possible copycat' of the Virginia affair. Even to this universe this was akin to another of their hosts offering up a Black Hole for the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner.

Only less believable. It was just a pathetic attempt to keep The Narrative going.

Then the week ended with the exit of Bannon. In full disclosure, the author of this piece was a Breitbart contributor back when Bannon was first there, and as such is part of the so-called 'alt right' movement.

It is not ethnic, nor racial in nature. It is a rebuttal of the GOP neocon Irving Kristol wing that has seized the Republicans and mired them in the endless war in the Middle East, which is neither conservative, nor even pro American.

It is a simple mix of secure borders, economic nationalism, freedom and a return to the US as a meritocracy. Pretty simple stuff, really. All are welcome to participate.

That does not include those who willingly game a system for their own benefit. There is no 'right' to the income of others. This stands as a rebuttal to the globalist entity that demands income redistribution, resource denial, and a weakened US as a result.

One that controls every aspect of life, from the air you breathe to the words you speak.

Bannon, who shares this worldview with Trump, was in the inner circle for eight months. In that time he had a TS/SCI clearance, which is as 'top secret' as it gets. That means 'Top Secret/Secure Compartmented Information'.

As such he has seen under every rock, knows the dirt on every gator in the Foggy Bottom, and that includes all of the pedophiles. And there is a LOT of them in both parties. He knows the raw intel on the Clinton Foundation, the DNC server leaks, Wasserman Schultz and her misdeeds, and so on.

He is returning to Breitbart, which was seized by the neocons after Andrew's untimely death. This follows a dinner with Robert and Rebekah Mercer, the billionaires who supported Bannon's entrance to the inner circle.

Add to that the media fixation with his removal, and one has what is called a 'pyrrhic victory'.

Is he gone from the West Wing? Yes. But does this mean he becomes, somehow, less effective? Does anyone really believe he will turn on Trump? If you do, stop it.

For it just isn't going to happen. This was, like most other information explosions from the White House, a pre-planned affair. Bannon gave his resignation weeks ago, and used this week's events as an excuse to seize the narrative.

If anyone else out there belives that these media savvy entrepreneurs somehow don't know that EVERY word uttered to progressive media outlets won't be regurgitated word for word, well guess again.

Whether it was Anthony Scaramucci, who achieved his task of moving out serial leaker Reince Priebus, to Bannon telling some UK progressive outlet the bon mots he offered up is somehow 'off the record' is just plain nuts.

They know damn well it wll get out. This gets the media feeding on the narrative the administration wants; NOT theirs. Sure, he pointed out that a military option in N Korea is insane.

That's not exactly a secret. It's the conventional wisdom. But a combined special operations assault to decapitate the Kim regime is very much a possibility. This has the appearance of a confused, mixed message. It is nothing of the sort.

It sends a message to them that all options, even distasteful ones, are being considered.

With Bannon's departure he goes to a newly funded, and now far more famous Breitbart thanks to the breathless media coverage of the last 72 hours. Tens of millions who didn't know him, nor the site, will now tune in.

Like Obi Wan Kenobi, in 'Star Wars' says before Darth Vader kills him: 'You may strike me down, but I will become more powerful than you can imagine'. Such is this.

The opposition was hoping the Virginia incident would drive Trump's polls down so low the GOP RINO element would be given cover to defect, and demand his resignation after a vote of 'no confidence' once congress reconvenes.

John McCain would leave his deathbed for that.

Now, Bannon, with knowledge that can shake the roots of the opposition to it's core, is turned loose with a LOT of money, and newfound fame (and prestige) in his favor. Just WHO is losing now?

You get the point.

This is going to get ugly. It always was; progressives never willingly cede power, as is being demonstrated for all to see. Just a matter of who wins it.

Trump said you may get 'sick of winning because we'll win so much'. He really believes it, and it's worked pretty good so far. Just ask the 16 GOP types he left in the dust before he polished off the opposition candidate.

Desperation causes stupid moves. They're coming soon to a TV near you...



Pigs blood? Hell with that. Take THIS instead.

Friday, 18 August:

In what could only be seen as a serendipitous change of events, real terror, committed by the masters of the craft, has taken place in the world. The events in Barcelona, Spain have overwhelmed the Virginia incident.

Much to the chagrin of the media, and the denizens of the swamp loacted in Foggy Bottom.

The final push to remove a legally elected president from office was gaining some traction until the attacks, multiple ones, took place in Europe. The scope of that attack so dwarfed the Charlottesville incident that it was knocked off the air for a full 24 hours.

This was NOT part of the plan. You may notice that the attack on Trump for his refusal to kneel before the organized left is right back on track; no mention of 'radical Islam' and the dozens dead or dying in Barcelona.

Now the meme is Trump cannot atone for his apostasy; the mother of the victim there will 'not accept his apology', and more RINO never Trumpers are coming out of the closet.  Mike Pence is shown as the calm voice in ths storm while Trump is being excoriated for his re-assertion of the Blackjack Pershing story.

He tweeted the tale, where during the Moro uprising in the ealry 1900's was taking place. The Moro's were Islamic, and as the story goes 50 of them were captured. 49 executed by bullets dipped in pig's blood, the 50th allowed to take the tale back to their compatriots.

There was no more violence for 35 years.

Now, the pundits have supposedly debunked this; they turn to Politifact and Snopes for examination, which is like asking the DNC what they think about G Gordon Liddy. Since the story is steeped in folklore, it cannot be verified in totality.

It does NOT mean it didn't happen, nor a variation of it. Most military experts believe something close to it did take place but it wasn't General Pershing who was involved. Most likely it was a lower ranking officer.

Keep in mind one axiom: all rumors have some basis in fact. The Moro uprising was a real problem; their warriors would opiate themselves before battle and the .38 revovers issued to the Marines lacked stopping power.

So, the finest handgun ever made, the Colt 1911A1 was developed in .45 caliber. That gun, and round, is still the sin qua non of all combat handguns. So, just this story, which is demonstably true, shows what we would do given the proper threat.

Criticizing the President over this shows stupidity, cowardice, and/or treachery. Take your pick and see how it fits your elected representative.

Once again, all of this is a concerted effort to get him to resign (good luck with that), impeached (ain't gonna happen) or, if all fails, surround and marginalize. That final aspect is the only real possibility, and Newt Gingrich is a key proponent.

Basically, it goes like this:

Get rid of Steve Bannon first. He is the sworn enemy of the swamp, and although you hear much about how the Trump administration hasn't accomplished anything, that is a flat out lie.

They are stripping years of onerous regulations meant to restrict growth and redistribute income, and it has the affect of de-railing the rush to one world rule. Those who have been designing this for decades are not about to stand down.

As Bannon said himself, 'don't think for ONE SECOND that they (the globalists) will give this country back without a fight'. He's dead right on that, and this is exactly what you're seeing. The new plan is to make the public so weary of the Trump team that they will just stay home come 2018.

That isn't going to happen, either.

No, this is now at a stalemate, which of course is a small win for them. They want Trump gone, but will settle for paralysis. As long as the Obama holdovers and permanent bureaucracy is NOT removed.

So far they have achieved that. More than 70% of the governnment is holdovers, and they are quite busy sabotaging the change the voters asked for. Quite frankly, this is organized treason at a level that is mindblowing, but so amorphous that it's difficult to isolate.

The IRS? John Koskinen is STILL in charge. Nothing has changed there. Foreign policy? The warhawks are still gaming for more war, big defense increases and backing Russia into a corner.

Ultimately they don't give a damn about the voters, or what the 63 million who put Trump in power want. They think them idiots, and that they are the exalted few capable of ruling. This includes BOTH parties.

The only hope is to hang on until 2018 and replace every progressive, and RINO enabler. It will be quite a task.

However, the country is totally capable of achieving this. President Donald Trump stands as a perfect example... 



The now 'secular saint' Heather Heyer.

Wednesday, 16 August:

You can't say this was not expected.

Ever since the first day of the Trump presidency a constant, 24/7 assault on the legitimacy of his election has occurred. First, it was attempts to undermine the Electoral College.

The net result? The Democrat candidate actually lost a vote. 

Then there was the ridicule of the inauguration crowd, the demonstration famous for a major singer and actress making absolute, utter fools of themselves. Their party, which had been soundly defeated in both midterms of the Previous Occupant lost most of the real estate in the country.

They were hopelessly (and still are, make no mistake) divided between the socialist lunacy of Sanders and the corporatist CIA approved Clinton, who ran on a 'I can't lose' message.

There was one overriding concern for them, though. They had never considered the idea of giving up power, and decided they just weren't going to do it. The media juggernnaut, created in large part to further the progressive movement spang into action.

They took the thin gruel of Russian conspiracies that pale next to actual conduct by their own, and made a John Smiley novel out of it. Knowing this was a dubious scheme, they attacked on other fronts.

The First Family, with even his 11 year old boy became fodder for some. Their appearance, which most find quite attractive was still made fun of. Instant parody shows appeared on cable dedicated to portraying the 45th president as a completely evil, and ridiculous character with no redeeming traits whatsoever.

You all know the story. This isn't a lecture; it's a timeline, and it all ties together with the incident in Virginia. This really obvious false flag; a provacation not only allowed, but enabled by the authorities that no one other than the president and a few others have any interest in getting to the bottom of.

Trump's press conference of yesterday is being spun as a major disaster, which of course means it's nothing of the sort. The man got elected in spite of the media, and therefore their spin is to be continuously questioned.

What Trump did, was in his own inartful way, tell the TRUTH. 

You may not like it, it may not be 'comforting' or 'healing', but it was the unvarnished truth. Only the truth could get such a reaction; if it were a lie it would have been met with sarcasm.

This was met with unbridled, sheer hate. Keep in mind that nobody hates like the progressives, and when they accuse someone else of 'hate' it's always a projection.

The 'Anti Facsists' are fascist by their very nature; statist mind control advocacy is hardly libertarian, you know. But just go ahead and state that obvious truism to someone.

You'll either get called a 'racist' or, more likely, get the blank stare in response. Simply put, this is the culmination of the united anti-Trump forces, which is a coalition of the deep state, neocon RINO element, and the snowflake progressives.

They have nothing on the man, nothing criminal. He has committed no 'high crimes', nor 'misdemeanors'. Impeachment would backfire worse than it did against Clinton.

No, this 'final push' is to get him removed as unfit for office, and they are gaming it right now, hoping to drive his approval rating into the mid 20% range, otherwise known as 'Nixon territory'.

Then the idiot RINO brigade, which includes, in no particular order, McCain, Graham, Collins, Sasse, Corker, Cornyn and a few other senators, and Paul Ryan and his cadre in the House, will commit career and party fratricide joining up with the opposition to demand his resignation.

This is precisely what is happening now, with the ridiculous narrative of statues of Confederate generals as the excuse...



The real target: Steve Bannon.

Tuesday, August 15:

In the seamless manner that exemplifies the opposition movement, they have tossed over the Russia collusion myth (although they intend to put Paul Manafort in jail) and have moved on to yet another favorite trope, which is race baiting.

It was, and is eminently predictable, just like accusing male FOX hosts of sexual impropriety. It's what they do, and it is to be expected. What is amazing about this current theme is the sheer complicity of the corporatist media and the RINO element of the GOP.

You all know the story by now; the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia. They are called 'race riots'although very few people of color were involved. Instead, paid protestors on the left, the so-called 'Anti Fa' group came to rumble.

The 'white supremacists' also seemingly paid for and organized came as well; few were locals, and then there's THIS:

Seems Mr Jason Kessler gets around; he now organizes the White Supremacists while only a short time ago on the payroll of the 'Occupy' movement. So, ideology doesn't seem very important to him.

The whole affair is rotten to the core; these people on both sides were paid to show and fight, and the results are yet another attempt to force the President to make political changes the opposition demands.

They may have lost an election, they may only really represent about 20% of the electorate, but they are intent on changing the course of a legally elected presidency.

As predicted here, and easy enough for any to see, this is all about getting Steve Bannon removed from Trump's inner circle; the protestors had his name on pre-printed signs. They consider him their greatest enemy, and want Trump surrounded by deep state types so they can stop, or slow, the deconstruction of the regulatory state.

Simply put, the Trump team is shrinking government, and this is war against a fascist globalist entity. The joke about the Russians throwing out 700 diplomats underscores the point; Trump sarcastically thanked them for reducing the size of the state department staff.

The media and government (read 'swamp' types) did not find it funny ONE BIT. They are 'entitled' to these high paying positions, you know.

Bannon has been target #1 since the first day of the inauguration, and the left does nothing if not focus on whom they don't like. Trump and Bannon share a worldview, and that isn't going to change.

But the conventional wisdom is that NSC adviser McMaster and Bannon are on opposite sides, and if only Bannon can be 'banished' then the neocon/IC friendly views can be furthered. These include, in no particular order, no wall being built, no tax reforms, no challenge of sanctuary cities and of course, war.

The NY Times banner is about Bannon and his incipient removal.

None of this has anything to do with race. That was just a convenient excuse to pin Trump in a corner, and it's worked so far. He had the temerity to point out that both sides of the protest was wrong.

This did not fly well, not even the left, but the 'never Trump' RINO element like FOX pundit Steven Hayes found the president's actions, or lack of them, repugnant. The self righteous indignation of the GOP gators in the swamp is hugely revelatory.

They were always going to be the real problem; not the Democrats or the snowflake progressives. The 'riot' was a fake, it was pre-planned, police sources in Charlottesville, according to FOX's Doug McKelway, said they were 'ordered to stand down'.

The police chief denied it. But as McKelway pointed out, as soon as the 'anti fascist' protestors engaged with tear gas, the police lined up in single file and walked away. The chief said it was to put on riot gear.

But, if you have seen people with helmets and clubs gather for hours why would you NOT expect violence? The chief accused the leaked sources of 'lying'.

But take a look at this. Two sides, few locals, wearing combat style gear and ready to rumble. The organizers on BOTH sides came from the same 'talent pool'. The media has their new anti Trump line, which is 'racist president' as MSNBC immediately crowned him.

It's all so predictable. But what is disturbing is watching the GOP and their pundit base find an excuse,no matter HOW bogus, to turn on a president who saved their party from oblivion.

It also took North Korea's 'surrender' off the front pages, something that would give Trump a big boost. No more missile launch at Guam now.

Is this fooling the country? Hard to say. But it is fooling some, and that might just be enough...



The 'Anti Fa' crowd. No criticism allowed.

Sunday, 12 August:

Sometimes you just  have to step back and take a breath.

The Wimbledon class vollleys between the 45th President and a most determined opposition is turning into a virtual 24/7 affair. Ever since the inauguration, with photo misrepresentations of his crowds to this affair in Charlottesville, there is never more than 36 decent hours for Trump.

Now, this could all be coincidence, but don't get that argument going. These people are playing for all the chips, and most, if not all events are pre-planned and precipitated. The North Korea thing is a big net winner for the president.

It just is. Even Susan Rice, surely the Benjamin Disraeli on crack of her time, admitted they screwed the pooch on this one, too. China and Russia both have vested interest in a successful Trump term; they know they can 'do business'with him.

So, throwing Fatboy and his inner circle to the wolves, installing a Chinese sleeper (like they don't have a few) as an interm Fearless Leader. They keep their buffer state intact only without being run by corrupt inbred stooges.

The Korean Peninsula can de-nuclearize. Russia in the middle brokering. You can almost see it, right? Sure you can. 

Because it's what the hell is happening. Occam's Razor applies very well here. The US and Trump come out of it looking like heroes; Schumer and the Soros led opposition are done, toast.

So, what would THEY do?

Alinsky playbook, page 3 (of 4; thin tome aimed at the retarded). Re-direct attention by either sex charges (every male on FOX) or pushing the race card. This whole affair in Charlottesville just stinks to high heaven.

There is no alliance between the 'alt right' and the Nazis, who are actually progressives, nor the white separatist/Klan fringes. These are a sad lot, for the most part. Small in number but VERY important to the Southern Poverty Law Center and other proto Marxist agencies.

If you have, say, 150 sorry ass white supremacists in a group anywhere that's like having 300,000 showng up to boo Trump on Day #2 of his presidency. There are a LOT more ot them then these buffoons.

No, the 'alt right' is what the 'tea party' used to be, for the most part. A loose arrangement of like minded people who believe in an America that was free, admired and productive.

A meritocracy open to all. Simple, really.

But to a statist entity, this is a metaphysical killer torpedo. The whole idea of a Free Man, or Woman, with control over their own destiny is anathema to them. Therefore, these notions must be silenced, and early.

So, this thing with a few hundred people protesting the removal of Robert E Lee, which is still sensitive down there, and the sanctimony the paid 'Antifa' crowd is now receiving, seems awfully convenient.

The car that plowed into the crowd drove backwards at a fairly high rate of speed up a slight hill in which was a pretty fair display of driving skill. Closeups of the driver see a man in his seat belt, hands correct at 10-2, looking just a tad more professional than the shlub paraded on TV later.

Do your own homework on this. Check it out. 

It smells, because it stinks. Way too convenient, pat. FOX in on it as well, with brainless infobabe Julie Banderas showing her stone ignorance on what a nazi is,or isn't, and joining in on the media cry to Trump.

His message to the nation wasn't good enough for some. Seems he didn't single out 'white supremacists' as opposed to the paid 'anti fa' element, which allowed various RINO officials to take shots at him.

The want him to reject the 'alt right' which is what got him elected, and fire Steve Bannon, who they (correctly) see as the Mortal Enemy. His deconstruction of the regulatory state has got them in deep panic, here's a taste of why:

The economy is growing without tax cuts and health care out of control because they are removing reguations at a very fast rate. The fear that Trump can undo in one term- no,make that 2 years- then it took them a half century to accomplish.

Believe it. That is as true an observation on them as any. They have been planning this takeover for a century (or more,depending on how you look at it) and all of a sudden this real estate developer gets in there and undoes it all in half of a term.

This also explains why they don't want to wait until 2020 to see him gone, either. There will be an attempt, or even multiple ones, on him. Just a matter of time until the opposition feels they are going to lose it all.

So, with all this fun and happiness everywhere, best thing now is just tune it out a little. There is a lot of noise out there now, and it might get deafening pretty soon. The Charlotte affair, most sad because a Virginia State Police helicopter went down and took two lives, is just the shiny hand.

Ignore that one. Watch the other, it will show what's really next...



Fatboy Kim: Time running short?

Wednesday, 9 August:

Let's have a little history lesson.

Don't start rolling your eyes. This is important. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself, and the drum beats of war now are as understandable as they are predictable.

The Korean peninsula may not be on everyone's most important list, but there is a fact everyone must know. The Korean War, which most Americans have filed in the distant memory compartment never really did end.

There was an 'armistice' signed on July 27, 1953. An armistice is essentially a cease fire; a truce. The exact wording of the document signed by Lt Gen William Harrison says this:

(to) "insure a complete cessation of hostilities and of all acts of armed force in Korea until a final peaceful settlement is achieved'. Problem is, that final settlement has never been achieved.

The 38th parallel is THE most heavily armed, and fortified, border in the world. The DMZ, or so-called 'demilitarized zone' is in fact the most militarized area on  this planet. The US has the 8th Army, and 7th Air Force stationed there.

Including the Naval and USMC components there are 28,000 US troops in theater. Combined with the 6.000 troops on Guam and another 25.000 on Okinawa the US has a major strategic presence in that theater of operations.

Add to it deployable USAF mainland assets including B-1 and B-2 bombers, and the US Navy's redoubtable 7th Fleet with 2 carrier groups are on station in the South China sea. 

You get the picture. 

The Kim regime has been in serious trouble for years. The current situation actually predates President Trump by years; the situtation started degrading seriously in 2013. Simply put, they are crumbling from the inside out.

It is, like any rotten entity that is diseased, decayed on the inside. This encompasses every aspect of the North Korean system. Their 2 million man army is equipped with 50 year old Soviet era gear.

Their 4,100 MBT's -main battle tanks- are mostly T-48's, which are ancient. Their 940 aircraft does include 40 MiG 29's. But they also have 106 Shenyang F-5's in service. That's the NK variant of the MiG 17, which was developed in 1947.

Your grandad shot them down with his F-86 Sabre in 1952.

The military, like the society is old and decrepit. The best description of the entire country is decaying structure covered in fresh coats of paint. The people are routinely starved.

What is the endgame, you ask?

What the Kim regime wants to do more than anything is SURVIVE. It is the only Stalinist system in existence, and it is complicated by the fact it is a family dynasty. This is an open contradiction in terms to a Marxist state.

Add to that they have sold their peasantry the notion that the Kim family is divine as well. Talk about painting yourself into a corner. Their desire is to unite the peninsula under THEIR rule. Meaning that South Korea and their wealth be controlled by none other than Fearless Leader Kim.

The rest of the world says NO.

The traditional allies of the rogue state are China, and Russia. The fact the two countries borders the North is no coincidence. Russia is only a nominal ally; they sell them their old junk.

Like the Foxtrot class subs they sold them. Russia made sure their launch tubes didn't work. China is a  diifferent cat. They supply the North with over 80% of their trade. China uses them to advance their own interests.

Imagine N Korea the saber, and China the hand rattling it and you wouldn't be far off. But China is losing control over the rogue state. As it's disintegration starts advancing, their desire to become a nuclear power able to project a worldwide threat is something recent.

It did start with the Previous Occupant, of course. Progressives have always not so secretly admired the Kim dynasty, with people like Madeleine Albright and Michael Moore singing their praises.

Why, you might ask?

The way they weild power. It's naked, and raw. Progressives, being statists, admire someone who can dictate what they think needs to be done rather than ask the people, whom they hold in disdain.

Deplorables, remember.

Therefore this cancer was allowed to metasticize under Clinton, first, and the Bush administration was too busy overthrowing the Middle East to give much notice. 8 years of the Previous Occupant basically ignored the treat.

So here we are. What's next?

There is a multitude of possible outcomes. Total war is possible, but unlikely. The Chinese and Russians would be victims in that scenario. Millions of starving Koreans would flood their countries and pose a national emergency.

Diplomatic solutions are just as unlikely. They won't disarm, won't give up nuclear programs, nor will cede political power. Even the Chinese can't force this.

The take here is there will be a joint US/China/Russia effort to take out the leadership. The UN Security council vote of 15-0 on sanctions sets that in motion. It would be a difficult, but not impossible Op.

There is a lot of SpecOps people in the area now. A LOT.

The way this would happen is their launch vehicles would be destroyed on the pads, and an assault force would storm Pyongyang and the Kim inner circle in a series of lightning raids. it would be bloody, but relatively quick.

They would appoint a mid level N Korean military officer the new 'leader' temporarily, and start the democratic reforms necessary to move the state out of slave status.

In other words, a fairly typical coup de'tat.

For now, it's all about watching and waiting. The reports of the miniturized weapon tech is most certainly an exaggeration. Intelligence reports say the re-entry vehicles are breaking up before impact.

They'll figure it out. But accepting a nuclear North Korea means the death knell of the South, because they will never go away; they will continue the cold war as long as it takes. The Chinese call their eventual world domination 'The Long March'.

It's how these people think. It why they need to change, and the US may have to be the leader in this...




why Newsweek stopped selling years ago.

Monday, 7 August:

Three weeks until the solar eclipse, which is a racist Trump plot, too.

The thinking, if you can call it that, is that southern states will benefit from the full eclispe while the north gets a mere partial. That's just not fair, and the whole astronomical program has racial overtones.

It gets better. There is criticism of Chris Nolan's fine film 'Dunkirk', a labor of love shot entirely in the 65mm IMAX format. It is a survival story as spectacle, and is a true sight to behold on the 120 foot screen.

But it has the sad effect of perhaps offending certain audiences because of 'lack of females and people of color'.

You heard right. This isn't just one voice out there; no, these are progressive talking points meant to keep people in line. The fact that the film is about English forces stranded on a beach in France in 1940 shouldn't keep one from changing a character or three to 'fit the times'.

While all this sounds trivial it isn't. It's all part of the narratve. There is no history other than what we say is acceptible.

And this is just one of the many heads of their Hydra. So,when someone points out that the President has his hands full with things coming from all directions it would probably be true.

It's also true that the best defense is a good offense. And that is precisely what is starting to happen. In predictable fashion the President's men are closing ranks around him. Kelly did what Trump wanted on the border without question.

He will get the same treatment from Kelly in the west wing. The so called fallout with Jeff Sessions was most definitely a planned act; the only question is whether he was in on it or not. What it did was give Sessions 'street cred' with the Dems so when he went after them, like what is happening right now, it would be really difficult to go back to hating the guy.

Actions, stupid ones, have consequences.

Now, Rod Rosenstein manned up and pinned the media and Bob Mueller's ears back on Friday by saying 'no fishing expeditions' will be tolerated and this will 'stay within the scope' of the Russia collusion story.

Which all hangs on the Don Jr story, which goes nowhere. Now, will they nab a peripheral character? They usually do. You might remember Irv Lewis 'Scooter' Libby.

The trick now is putting the genie back in the bottle- it's about to bite THEM in the ass- and that might not be as easy as you think. Congress goes on recess now.

They are going home to 'talk' to their constituents, and the hired hands of the Obamacare protesters isn't all they will see. Trump's approval may only be 39%.

Their's is EIGHT. That's right, 8 percent. Meaning just about everyone disapproves of their work. But Trump showed what a spur of the moment rally will do with tens of thousands who CAN'T get in whatever forum he's at.

They are artificially depressing his approval. This situation has come to loggerheads now, and as such has entered the theater of the absurd.

The side picture in caption is the current 'NEWSWEEK' cover. Since Trump is taking a 17 day vacation  they have accused him of being 'lazy'. That's right, perpetual motion billiionaire Trump lazy.

Now, the fact that congress is closed for recess not mentioned. Nor the kicker:

Trump has been ordered out of the White House as the HVAC systems are overhauled; they're 27 years old. 

Newsweek didn't point THAT out, either. 

The New Tale will be that of a closely controlled president as the 'serious players' make their mark. That's what they want you to believe.. No, Trump will continue to strive to keep a couple steps ahead of the pursuers, and he's gaining ground.

The leakers are now the story. There will be arrests and indictments. The rabid progressive base, clearly out in looney territory now, have to be reeled in. Their cable goddess Rachel Maddow has to now find a way to let them down.

For you see, some of their sacred cows are about to be charged with crimes, and Loretta Lynch using her grandmother's maiden name as a secret account just ain't all that clever.

More to come, and soon, too...






Is Mueller out to get the president? Maybe.

Thursday, 3 August:

In predictable fashion, a spate of good policy moves -and bad media conduct- was instantly followed by yet another series of leaks.

The establishment, which includes all of the Democrats, most of the GOP, and the so-called 'deep state' nexus of intelligence and banking interests, are emptying their ammo cans now.

The Russiagate story , fully out of steam and ready to ensnare the same Dems who pushed it, has morphed into several parallel tracks. One is covering up a non crime.

Another is obstruction of justice over a non criminal act. Then there's the fitness for office meme, and the march to a war they want but would like to pin on Trump. They are re-writing history the moment it is made, and casually trampling on both the constitution, and the rule of law.

It is being selectively enforced to protect the denizens of the swamp, and they will stop at nothing to prevent the plug being pulled out of their drain. Meanwhile, their media whores -and this is an insult to whores everywhere- are not only carrying their water but actively running interference for them.

The big leak today is the fact a Grand Jury has been called. Now, this sounds ominous, and it isn't a good development. However, it's not the end of the world, either. If you are putting together a special counsel who hired 16 lawyers they need to have something to do.

They need to issue subpoenas, interview witnesses, and all that other fun stuff lawyers call work. The more hours they spend the more they charge, and this has the resources of the DoJ behind it.

This means a whole lot of money, with the added benefit of being able to take on a president they didn't vote for, don't like, and  don't want to  have around. 

Not good. Even if Trump did nothing wrong, which is likely. How could he? Anything he is even accused of pales in comparison with FACTS commonly known about the opposition. It was always just the sheer audacity of interference with the sainted progressives.

Did Russia sow discord on the US electoral process? Sure they did. As did at least a dozen other countries, and the US has messed with the rest of the world's politics for 70 years. However, because they lost power, something that just is not acceptible to them, now all bets are off and honesty means nothing.

They are twisting the truth into pretzels right after it happens, right in front of your eyes.

They are even manuevering this country into a war with several nuclear powers without even a notion of what that might entail. John McCain calls Putin a 'punk' and openly invites a conflict which he feels the US 'can win easily'.

The deep state sees a chance to get the money back to them, instead of seeing it go back to the people in tax cuts and infrastructure. They want to flood the nation with illegals who'll work for ten bucks an hour and support the welfare state with tax dollars.

They do NOT want to see people in West Virginia making, say $40 per hour doing a real job.

That's where the President spent the evening. Addressing a large, and enthusiastic crowd, Trump took on all of the DC establishment. As he railed against the Russia hoax, and the lack of cooperation the governor of the state announced he's no longer a Democrat.

This ordinarily would be pretty big news. Governors just don't switch parties.

This would explain, of course, the leak of the Grand Jury, which operate in secret. They needed to blow off the radar screen  anything deleterious to them, not to mention anything positive for Trump.

Trump was unrepentant. He let the DC denizens know that they may not like him, and want him gone. But he has a fervent following; people who are fully invested in the billionaire real estate mogul.

They see something inside of him that they like. A lot.

Trump showed the world again what he can do. A chickenshit investigation engineered by criminal insiders ain't gonna fly. That any attempt to remove this man from office will not be met with open arms.

More like force of arms.

Make no doubt about it. This is getting very serious as the resistance, small in numbers but funded very well, is insistent in trying to roll back the clock to undo an election result they don't like.

The GOP is stunningly silent; indeed all you hear is Lindsey Graham, who like his pal McCain takes turns  being the 'shadow president' when neither could get elected themselves, help Dems make sure Mueller cannot be fired.

Even if he goes after financial dealings that have ZERO to do with 'collusion', which was always JUST AN EXCUSE.

All of these people need  to be primaried and beaten. All of them. But that's a conversation for another time. Right now, the snowflake crowd is melting down and are letting loose their dogs of war.

Trump will have to do the same. This is not going to be pretty, but it just might be necessary...



Miller hits a home run on immigration.

Wednesday, 2 August:

What would you rather hear, the good news or bad news first?

Kind of an age old question; sometimes it doesn't make any difference, as in the 'bad news' is you're being shipped to Afghanistan, but the 'good news' is you'll have better sleeping quarters.

Or the good news is there will be dessert after dinner and the bad news is it's lime jello. You get the picture. And that's where the 45th president finds himself. The 'good news' first; it sets the table for the conversation.

The good news is he is not, and this is with the caveat of an extreme development as yet unseen, in any real danger of being removed from office. The GOP, while feckless and disingenuous, knows damn well that it would eviscerate their party, so they won't sign on to such decisions.

The Mueller investigation just hired their SIXTEENTH lawyer, so they will be around for some time. The ruse being that the opposition wants Trump to fire him, just as  they wanted Sessions fired as well.

That, you can be certain, was a gambit by the administration to get the AG free to pursue leakers by getting the Dems behind his tenure. Any smart analyst could see that one coming a mile away. The Mueller probe will find a scalp eventually; they would love to get Trump Jr, but that is a long shot.

Paul Manafort will do, but they really don't have anything other than faint traces of money laundering. Hoping he will flip and rat out the Trump people is even a longer shot. Frankly, anyone who has done business with any Russian entity in the last 10 years could be caught up in some sort of money trap.

That's what happens when you deal with a criminal oligarchy like Russia. It isn't the Bank of Switzerland.

No, the fact that the opposition is stuck with Trump for at least four years is dawning on them. This doesn't mean they won't continue the attempts to oust him; hell,they have built an entire cottage industry on this. MSNBC and Rachel Maddow would go out of business if they stopped selling the incipient demise of the Trump presidency to the rabid fools who watch.

It's why she's number one in cable; if Trump is the 'anti Obama' she is the 'anti Bill O'Reilly'.

So the nightly nonsense will continue. What you AREN'T seeing is the moon face of Adam Schiff every half hour saying what newly discovered nugget is 'troubling'. The Russia thing is about to bite them in the rear end, and this is not on their holiday wish list.

They will carefully thread the needle between the collusion thing while adamantly resisting the probes into the actual collusion that occurred more or less daily from their people. In their universe, pushing red reset buttons, assuring the Russian foreign minister about 'flexibility' after a lame duck election, and selling 20% of our uranium assets to them and the First Husband getting a cool half mil a few days later for a boilerplate speech is NOT 'collusion;.

It's only bad if the Trump family does it. Welcome to the world of John Brennan, Ben Rhodes and Valerie Jarrett. This is their legacy.

The sheer fantasy level of all this caught up with them, and Trump is still standing; as a matter of fact the president is on somewhat of a roll, achievement wise in spite of all this. The failure of the repeal and replace is all on a GOP that never thought they would be called on it and hasn't the guts to strip away a freebie no matter how awful it is for the country.

Face it. Trump is going nowhere. 

That's the good news. Now for the bad.

The sheer grind of the opposition, the 'resistance', the anti Trump media, the progressive plants in the GOP, and such has taken it's toll. The latest Rasmussen can be analyzed in different ways, but it isn't good:

The trend lines are all down. Now, keep in mind this is still early, and Trump may have more in common with the historically unpopular Harry Truman than the shiny suit that just left.

Trump is a man of action, of consequence. This creates friction, which causes opposition, foes.

Enemies. No billionaire is without them; Bill Gates has them, as does Tim Cook, Marc Zuckerberg. The late Steve Jobs was hated by many, including those closest to him.

Trump is no different. He knows them, knows they are inevitable, and realizes this is the lay of the land. But politics is different.

Ronald Reagan, whom Trump is most incorrectly compared to, knew how to oppose without being harsh. Reagan was a charmer in public, not so much in private. Trump the diametric opposite; he's a beast on the loose but a reserved, considerate and gracious man in private.

The confrontational Trump, the one who gets things done on just sheer will, is starting to wear a little thin; that is what Rasmussen really shows. In the words of Rodney King:

'Can't we all just get along'?

The president has,to an extent, manuevered himself into a corner. He has few friends, few reliable allies. Having become the modern equivalent of Genghis Khan, the world does tremble in front of him. The humbling of NATO, the panic of North Korea, and the magnanimous reaction he got from the Middle Eastern potentates are but a few examples.

He scares his enemies. Again, when compared to the fugitive from academia who held the post for the last eight years, this is a drastic difference. But all this comes with cost.

If the country were to unite behind him, this could be a time for the ages. If anyone listened to Stephen Miller's press conference  on immigration today, it was but a taste of what a true 'America First' policy is like. Stopping the 'chain immigration' of poor people who bring in their poor relatives and all end up on public assistance only makes sense.

It protects the citizens of this country from having their wages dragged down, which had been happening for the last 25 years. Both parties are in on it.

They got called out today, and it was a sight to see. The media exposed themselves as the open border/pro socialist lot they are. They not only DON'T care about the average American, they hold them in contempt.

To resist their desires is racist, you know. Just in case there was any doubt.

This encapsulates the 'bad news'. Make no mistake, the Trump presidency is encountering rough waters right now. But this bad news isn't fatal, not by any stretch.

It's up to YOU. The people he wants to serve, to pay back for his own success, needs to stand up and be counted. This trend can be reversed. 

Nobody has to love the man. He isn't seeking that. He does, like any human being, seek reaffirmation. That he has support, that those who voted for him support him. The media will make sure no one on the other side ever does, so it's up to the 63.5 million voters and the 90% of the geographic US to back him up.

For if you don't, well, the globalist rulers still await...



Just in case you forgot.

Tuesday, 1 August:

The Trump saga enters it's newest, and most tertiary phase.

The last gasps of the Russia collusion theories are now being exhausted; the latest 'bombshell' is that the president helped craft the reply Donald Trump Jr gave to the media after his meeting with the Fusion GPS arranged Russian.

The same woman who was all over Capiton Hill the same week, but somehow speaking with Trump Jr was a scandal. The report, which was leaked by someone VERY close to Trump (Reince Priebus' revenge, perhaps?) claimed the tale of her pushing adoption rights was shaped by Trump himself.

He claimed he knew nothing about it at the time. As fas as 'bombshells' go it's pretty thin stuff, as is virtually all of the charges against the man. To even the most casual observer it's pretty obvious that certain media outlets detest him and his presidency and want him gone.

Therefore, objectivity is in pretty short supply. When one keeps looking for malfeasance in every action eyes begin to glaze over, and even if this is true and shows Trump far more connected in the messaging it proves nothing, and once again no crime is evident.

Misleading the media is certainly no crime.

There's also the Rod Wheeler lawsuit against Trump and FOX news over the Seth Rich story the network later killed, but it exists in a universe that Rich's murder is somehow without controversy.

That's pretty hard to swallow as well. No, the rounds being fired at the president are all blanks now. However, the administration is morphing into another entity now.

The wide open here we are Presidency of the people is now going to enter the cloak of military discipline -and therefore OpSec, or 'operational security' will now rule the day. Many are positive about this development.

This site urges a more cautious take. John Kelly is a good man, a patriot and as his stint at DHS showed, on the same page with the president. As Chief of Staff, he will be the clearing house for whatever comes into -and out of- the president's agenda.

And as the immediate dismissal of Anthony Scaramucci proved, everyone will have to go through, and not around, the former Marine four star general. This is very good for staying on message, and advancing the GOP agenda.

It will not be as good for Trump to keep his open air 24/7 presidency. The media berates it, but has it been a terrible thing? Or is his constant fight against the 'gators in the swamp' now going to be seen only through the biased prism of it's media enablers?

Keep in mind that this is a war about information as it is about actions. There has been more truth displayed in six months of the Trump era than in the last half century.

That's right. Truth. The thing the media speaks about but never follows. Trump, using his own prisms has changed how people look at the disseminated news product. People always knew they were being fed a mixture of fact and fiction; it was just accepted.

No longer. Thanks to a combative personality and the144 character nature of Twitterverse, Donald Trump has changed the nature of communication; it's every bit as radical as FDR's famous 'Fireside Chats' during the '30's.

Since that was progressive indoctrination, it is heralded as brilliant. Trump challenges those notions, therefore it is derided. But he has been courageous to a fault. His high point -and there have been many- might be calling out the EU bureaucrats to their faces as a bunch of freeloading mooches over NATO.

As much as the media hated it, the public loved it and it had the addditional merit of getting them  to dig a little deeper in their pockets. Why should the EU exist in cost free peace with places like Austria having the highest living standard in the world on our dime?

Enough, the man said.

This is the Donald Trump the people elected. Walling him off behind a phalanx of former Marines might protect his flank, but suffocating his bond with 35 million followers on Twitter is NOT an acceptible compromise.

In fact, it would be a surrender. Trump is not, nor will he ever be a 'regular' president. That's his second in command, Mike Pence. He's a politician adept at working the halls of congress.

Or navigating the swamp, take your pick. But he is, and would be,a very traditional conservative president; one the media could corner while the progressive sniping would control.

Like all the other GOP types people have invested their faith in. Nothing would fundamentally change. Let's take the ban on transgendered troops as a perfect example. Trump tossed that hand grenade into the public discourse on purpose.

The military was terrified of this report. They didn't want to touch it with a ten foot pole. But Trump, ever the pragmatist, saw a ridiculous policy that could negatively affect military readiness with no discernable benefit.

He has been roundly critiicized about it, with the media even pushing the fallacy that the military 'ignored' and 'disobeyed' the order. Nothing of the sort.

Trump gave them cover to tear this apart without having to take any blame. It was as noble, and selfless, a political act as seen in some time. Swearing to protect the LBGTQ community has nothing to do with allowing the psychological minefield of gender identity to become the problem of the platoon leader.

It's more about keeping some Islamic nutjob with gay tendencies to murder a nightclub full of people enjoying who they are. THAT's what you 'protect'. The whole argument was so inherently dishonest, and then Trump 'boom' straightens it out.

The pundits, stripped of their power by the president's ability to bypass them via social media, depserately want Kelly to vet his tweets before they're issued. Got news for them.

It ain't gonna happen. General Kelly will bring discipline  to the West Wing, and the rival factions will be corralled. That's good.

But the President simply must continue his communication with his base. They desperately want to erode it; his coalition is a mortal, existential threat to globalist rule.

The best way for that to happen? Hide behind your Chief of Staff, allow the media to seize back the narrative, and tie his future to the cooperation of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

That isn't the Donald J.Trump you know, and let's hope that never becomes reality... 



Venezuela wannabe dictator Maduro may wish he still drove a bus.

Monday, 31 July:

The predictable demise of the Russia conspiracy theory came to pass last week.

The Deep State called in all of their chits and got the bought dogs in congress to tie the hands of the administration in an unconstitutional move preventing Trump from improving relations with Russia.

They get what they want, which is the continuation of hundreds of billions into defense projects dependent on a nuclear armed adversary, and by signing on Trump will get relief from the fiction of Russiagate.

Now, the Mueller probe can look at his financial dealings with shady characters -every billionaire has them- to keep the rookie president in check.

Left out of all this, predictably, is the progressive goon squad. Lured into the bizarre fantasy world where no crime could have been committed even if the rumors were true, they now have to accept moving on to their new paradigm.

The 'unfit for office' meme, which isn't as fulfilling and won't give Rachel Maddow her grist for the nightly John LeCarre/John Smiley spy tale. They'll take it, though.

As long as they can keep the fantasy of removing him from office soon alive.

This doesn't remove any of the dangers facing the 45th President. They just shift to a different set of threats. One is the push by the deep state to start the war they so desperately desire. They have thrown Russia, Iran and N Korea into the skillet at the same time figuring one of them might develop.

With a little luck worldwide conflagration could occur. That would be just fine and dandy with them, and keep in mind the so called 'intelligence community' is the advocate for this.

The Previous Occupant's most deadly contribution was to load this community with agent provocateur's not answerable to the president the people elected. They are now the enemy of the people.

Along with the media toadies, as well.

Trump is also in danger of a coup; that hasn't changed a bit. The choice to move John Kelly to Chief of Staff does more than bring discipline to the president's message. It helps build a firewall around the president just in case the opposition attempts to remove him from office.

Impeachment, never really a possibility, has been sidelined. But a bold move like an arrest, on phony charges, daring the public to rally to his defense is a distinct possibility. His enemies will never, ever give up with the attempts.

It's just a matter of how desperate, and therefore stupid, they become.

Kelly, who is fiercely loyal to Trump, will make sure this doesn't happen, and that explains the departure of Priebus as much as anything. However, the chess match will continue.

Trump's next move is to somehow diffuse the push to war with Russia. They have retaliated to the increased sanctions by ejecting 750 employees of the State Department; sending them back to the US.

Trump and Rex Tillerson may just take advantage of this by letting them go completely, they are determined to trim the size and bloat of this agency anyway, and it would be payback to the 'IC' for their meddling.

Make no mistake. The president of the United States and the intelligence apparatus are at war with each other. Difference being, Trump intends to win.

He's also got Maduro's attempt to turn Venezuela into a communist country, too. That may be even more pressing of an issue, and one might expect Maduro needs to bone up on his life insurance.

Just saying. This isn't the last lot in charge. Communism in our hemisphere is now looked on unfavorably... 


22.08.2017 16:05


Enjoying your always spot-on insight, my friend! Required reading and shares in the social world with the hopes others have the opportunity to learn from you. Thanks, and keep on keeping on!

28.08.2017 16:24


thanks for the kind words; spread this around...

20.08.2017 13:21

Scott Renterly

Damn I love this website. Such amazing writing, insight and common sense.

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thanks for the kind words; pass this info around and keep the faith!

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As a friend of the author here, thank you sir. We've spoken of bad things to come for many years. This year however, I can feel it in my bones.

20.08.2017 14:31


change isn't necessarily bad. The future is up to us in many respects...

04.08.2017 00:49

Steven Hyatt

What the hell is going on with HR McMaster? Sounds like a swamp rat who turned on Trump.

04.08.2017 01:53


McMaster is an establishment guy. Trump is a newcomer to them. That said,Trump plans to send him to Afghanistan where he belongs...