POTUS and his generals: zero degrees of separation...

Friday, 10 January:

They tried to lure POTUS into yet another conflict in the Middle East.

In what has become a recurring effort of the warhawk/DS elements of the government, yet another attempt to ensnare the 45th president was avoided this week. The plan was the same as the others before it.

Use a kinetic action -in this case the killing of a prime target- to start a broader war in the region and to hurt the reelction chances of the president. A 'twofer', if you like. They get their war, restaff all of the state department officials removed from the AO and hurt DJT with his 'no foreign wars' base.

Like the missile attack on Syria, or the affair with the Turks and the Kurds.

Yet, like Lucy and the proverbial football from Charlie Brown fame. once again DJT may have teed it up but then yanked the ball at the last minute. He did the same thing to John Bolton in Venezuela.

The 'air attack' on Maduro's base never materialized. You would think by now these people would know just how this president rolls. He will use the neocons to advance a short term gain, like ridding the world of scum like Quasem Soleimani to back the mullahs into a corner.

Then he will just let them hang out to dry. The Grahams and Rubios go from beating their breasts to grinding their teeth. It happens every time.

Every. Single. Time.

Most of those who follow this site know this all too well. They know the president is surrounded by people who very much want to see him replaced in November by someone more 'reliable'; a candidate who will continue to let the good times roll, as it were.

He has precious few friends. This is why his family is so key.

The facts on the incident this week in Iraq are simple and straightforward. After a long series of aggressive events by Iran to get POTUS engaged in a sustained conflict, including attacking oil tankers in the Gulf, hitting Saudi oil refimeries and then the attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad DJT saw a chance to make a move.

Soleimani, who was the head of the Revolutionary Guards, made a huge mistake.

Like a lot of these tinpot dictators he thought he was untouchable. He was on foreign soil (Iraq) of whom we have a defense treaty with, and had just engineered the attack on the embassy. He was also coordinating other offensive actions.

Iran and the mullahs are wholly owned by the DS and the members of the Previous Administration. Included in that passel of money given to them (and the laundering of funds in Ukraine) was their retirement.

It was to be the bank to fund their New Zealand redoubts when they finally crashed the US economy and flee the mobs who would hang them all. They could hide in comfort as the Final Battle occurs on the plains of Megiddo.

The resulting world wide pandemics would do the rest of their dirty work as the world population would be reduced dramatically. This is their plan.

Fortunately one man knows all this and stands in the way. President Trump came to office knowing full well this dynamic both exists, and will not go away without a major fight. The one you are currently viewing.

Where a partisan opposition nakedly uses it's (limited) power to try to remove the man who stands in their way. The supposed 'leader' of their party plays games with the party line vote on impeachment because they cannot shape a desired outcome.

This is war, people.

It is a war for the hearts, minds, and souls of the Free World. That means you.

Some point to the relentlessly negative media coverage, and how FOX has 'betrayed' them by embracing the alternate views offered endlessly by the others. They are unhappy that justice has not yet been served.

Many now think it may never happen. To that, the admonition here is RELAX.

Things are actually moving along quite well. The federal judiciary, which was chock full of left wing activists posing as judges, has been reversed. They have seated 187 judges so far, and this article from the left wing site Vox shows how terrified they are.

To wit:


Keep in mind you cannot convict wrongdoers as long as they control the judicial branch. Think 'Gregg Craig' and his acquittal as an example. He did what Paul Manafort did yet walked a free man.

Being one of HRC's inner circle paid off nicely.

Then there is the matter of John Durham's investigation. Do NOT make the mistake of assuming Huber found nothing and folded as the Washington Post just asserted. That is wishful thinking to the max.

He referred his relevant cases to Durham because they interlock. He and AG Barr did not go to Italy and the UK for pleasure. They have the evidence on the very beginnings of the coup attempt and are building an airtight timeline case.

Ghislaine Maxwell -who was not just Jeffrey Epstein's procurer but his handler as well, is 'somewhere in the Midwest' at a safe house guarded 24/7. She is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who was a well known intelligence asset of a foreign power.

They were the ones who controlled 'Epstein Island'. It was a full fledged intelligence operation that had the movers and shakers of the world fully compromised in a 'honeytrap' sting.

All of this evidence is in the hands of the white hats now.

Then last week a surprise came from Hollywood, as British comic Ricky Gervais unloaded on the so called 'elite' as political ignoramuses, lying hypocrites and pedophiles. If you haven't yet heard the 8 minute monologue it isn't just 'jokes'.

It was an evisceration; they were gutted and laid bare. 'Q' could have written this.

Here it is:


Simply put, the president is not only not in any trouble but he is sailing along in waters that are surprisingly calm considering the noise level. That is the problem with 24/7 media lies at full volume.

They stop working. Meanwhile, this president rolls on nonplussed. He's winning, he knows it and better yet so does the smart money out there...


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45 and the First Lady: Portrait pf class and elegance


POTUS and Pelosi: Will they ever conduct business as usual again?

Friday, 27 December:

The impeachment effort continues.

Now in it's 1,071'st day -the day he was inaugurated the crowd at the Washington Post said 'impeachment clock starts now'- it has degenerated into the political equivalent of World War One trench warfare.

Static lines, much misery, no clear cut gains for either side and awaiting some sort of adjudication. A trial in the senate is the usual goal of any impeachment but this time even that is in question.

The Democrats have achieved what they knew they could do -impeach the president based on their own whims- but now the resolution cries to be served. The all but certain acquittal in the senate awaits, and this poses a huge problem for Pelosi's raucous caucus.

They have established an accusation; no more, no less.

Knowing that the flimsy case would be given short shrift in the senate is hugely problematic for them. The last thing they want is to see the 1,000 plus days go up in smoke with a DJT victory march after the acquittal.

There is no win for them in the senate no matter what scenario occurs.

No GOP senator -even ones who not so secretly despise the 45th president- will vote to remove him from office with months left before the people choose their new leader. The very best the Dems can get out of this is a form of censure.

The drone of the 'improper phone call'. It's all a joke, and what's sad is most of the world knows it. They not only know that POTUS did nothing wrong with his contact to Ukraine, but that their own conduct there was not only illegitimate but illegal.

They know what Hunter Biden did, and that it is but the tip of a corrupt iceberg.

This all means the Dems have started something they cannot finish, cannot wish away, and must make some sort of decision on, and soon. The notion they can just 'sit' on these articles and continue to investigate hoping an unpaid parking violation pops up is nonsense.

No, they will submit this package of silliness to Mitch McConnell in the senate, who is more than happy to let them keep it. It will just continue to fester there and he likes that idea just fine. 

They will have a trial. It will be a perfectly somber affair.

However, nothing will change. The president will not only not be removed, but his approval ratings will stay about the same. This whole affair has been 'baked into the cake', as it were. The country is eager to move on.

As is the rest of the world. That is, except those who espouse global socialist control. They are not happy at all. Matter of fact, they are the entire fury behind the 'resist' movement and the political arm is simply an appendage.

Or wholly owned subsidiary if you prefer.

They are not a happy lot. Then again, most of you already know this. Seems a certain Hungarian billionaire is the most unhappy of the lot. He has spent an ungodly amount of money to usher in his version of utopia.

One most would call 'dystopian', but then again they would all be the slaves to his master plan. Seeing he owns most of the politicians in the Democrat party (and more than a handful in the GOP) he will continue to demand some return on his investment.

Meaning expect the media and the 'resist' crowd to continue the onslaught no matter how absurd the charges are. This mess ain't even close to being over yet.

That is, until a certain prosecutor returns some key indictments. That will be the game changer. According to AG Barr this will be 'some time late spring/early summer', although that is almost certainly an exaggeration.

Expect something much sooner. Say another month or so. 

Until then you will have to satisfy yourselves with the drip, drip, drip of declassification. It is going on, you know. 

Just have to dig a little.

As far as the president goes, he knows this period will pass. His economy is strong, and the world is at (relative) peace. Don't worry about N Korea. That is the Red Chinese waving an 'attention' flag the Deep State cannot ignore.

The fact POTUS won't bite makes them crazy. Too bad.

He will soon give his State of the Union speech. In front of his chief accuser, the Speaker of the House. That ought to be one worth watching.

The president has little to concern himself about as far as that goes. The state of this particular union is in pretty damn good shape...


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Impossible to deny this provable fact...

Thursday, 19 December:

So now the whole world knows.

The drive towards impeachment of the 45th president reached it's first plateau with the vote taken on Capitol Hill last night. The two articles presented both passed.

Every Republican voted in favor of the president. The Dems lost two members and the enigmatic Tulis Gabbard voted 'present'. No matter what the media posits this was not a good day for the Democrat efforts to unseat this president.

Like the move against the 17th president, the quite unpopular Andrew Johnson (often referred to as the most criticized president ever) who had the difficult task of following Abraham Lincoln after the assassination.

This briefing on Johnson will help see the actions of last night in a clearer perspective.


Like Johnson, Donald J Trump was confronted by both a hostile opposition -this time radical Republican seething over reconstruction- amid a time of turmoil and change.

Johnson, like President Trump will eventually be, was cleared. His sin was to try to fire Secretary of War Edwin Stanton in violation of the 'tenure of office' act, a law the congress passed specifically to protect Stanton.

The failure of the impeachment did have a chilling effect on the presidency.

It brought in the era of the weakened executive branch and for many decades caused the country to basically be ruled by congress; NOT the President. Woodrow Wilson weighed in on this in the early 1900's and felt the need to restore power to the executive.

He did with almost calamitous results. Cut to today.

The real, real big difference between Johnson and Mr. Trump is that Trump is popular. So much so, that in spite of being impeached he has had what many are saying 'his best week ever'.

To wit:


Even the Bezos owned propoganda driven Washington Post was forced to agree.


His 'day after' polling from the reliable Rasmussen. At 49% he is above the Previous Occupant by 3 points at the same time in his term.


As anyone can see, the president is not only in good stead but is approaching an all time high in his job approval. Meanwhile, his opposition is caught in an endless spiral of how to try to cheat him at every juncture.

They don't want him to have even one victory, and by obsessing on the daily machinations over how to pull this off they have lost sight on the looming destruction of their party. Being held prisoner by the hard left has them in a bind.

They must not only support socialist idiocies but try to block capitalist successes.

They tell voters with a straight face that 'the money shouldn't be as important to one as the social justice issues are'. Go ahead. Run on that and see where it gets you.

This rigidity has made their movement brittle. When you lack flexibility you face breaking apart. This is exactly what the public is seeing now. In the sheer panic to block his every move they have put their own party on a path to oblivion.

Like the Whigs. They became irrelevant and went away. American Labor is now moving towards the GOP because of the 'America First' policies. It was AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka who got Pelosi to move on the USMCA trade deal.

POTUS and he worked together to satisfy the final components of the trade deal.

It's not 'warmed over NAFTA' as some say. It is a game changer. It evens the table with Canada and instantly creates a viable middle class in Mexico. China comes out the loser because they no longer can push inferior steel into the United States.

It should be passed by the House, who's members are hearing it from their constituents to get their heads out of their rear ends and pass the damn thing. Naturally the Dems are trying to seize credit for it's passage.

Whatever. It's what they do.

Nobody will take credit away from the master 'deal maker' no matter how hard they try. His legacy of success is now cemented. Few noticed that congress caved on the funding for the wall; the budget has $1.8 billion alotted for it.

They were so terrified he would shut down the government -like he did last winter for 35 days- and he could 'do things' to their permanent bureaucracy. They had good reason to fear.

Therefore, another victory was ceded to POTUS. He now can complete 300 miles of border protection this year. Lower court blockage now removed.

Through all this President Trump has not only not lost a step, he's got a new bounce in it. Last night's rally in Battle Creek (Flint) Michigan was a prime example. He was on fire, his speech a combination of red meat rhetoric delivered in a quasi Jackie Mason/George Carlin style.

As Greg Gutfeld has pointed out time and again, POTUS is the best standup comedy act around.

It was his most wildly entertaining rally yet, and that's saying a lot. For those who watched the stultifying charade in the House instead, recommend that you watch this in it's entirety. Grab some popcorn and a favorite beverage and enjoy:


The GOP announced 600,000 new donors have joined since this circus affair was started. And a word to Pelosi and the Dems: if they think holding these articles back so he cannot be acquitted by the senate they are sadly mistaken.

McConnell and the senate can do the exact same thing the House did and set the rules it likes.

Article I, section III says this:

'The Senate shall have sole Power to try all Impeachments.'

One could say that is pretty clear. The Dems cannot demand a trial they want, one based on selective use of the facts backed by illegal leaks to create the 'circle of comment' they rely on.

Face it. Their goose is sufficiently cooked.

This president may have been impeached last night, but he is also at the strongest point his presidency has been. The whole affair has backfired in his favor.

He said you will 'get tired of all this winning'.

Perhaps, although doubtful. For now this is the culmination of what the true patriots of this country has sought for decades. 

You have one man to thank for this. He is sitting in the Oval Office right now telling all comers to 'bring it on'. He is utterly fearless and determined.

In this festive Christmas season as people enjoy the fruits of the economic boom what more could you ask?...


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Don't forget this classic piece from Comey's henchman. You will not escape this...

Monday, 9 December:

So, they thought that the impeachment hearings would 'blunt' the release of the report from IG Horowitz. Then they also ventured the notion that this weighty tome (400 plus pages) somehow exonerated the top FBI/DoJ brass from wrongdoing.

Once again, they were not only wrong but spectacularly so.

First of all, the hearings -a partisan three ring circus that is only missing the trapeze artists; we have already seen the clown car and the high wire act- served as a perfect tableau for the report.

All attention was instantly diverted from this insult to the constitution to the conclusions of the Inspector General. The DS/media talking heads rushed to the mikes with their conclusion. Of course before they read the entire document.

'It exonerates the heads of the FBI' they shouted with glee. 

Soon, the former head of that agency -you know, the one fired by 45?- weighed in with his tweet:

'So it was all lies. No treason. No spying on the campaign. No tapping Trumps wires. It was just good people trying to protect America.'

'All lies', he says. However, that is itself a huge lie. It said no such thing. The report just concluded that within it's limited scope (they can't interview anyone not still in the government for one) they found no DIRECT EVIDENCE of criminal activity either by evidence or eyewitness testimony.

Horowitz said the same thing about the report on the HRC e-mails.

No direct evidence is NOT an acquittal. His preening victory dance is way premature; this report is not an end but a new beginning. What the IG did find was quite revealing, though. He has found 17 different issues.

Most are bureaucratic. It's what he does. This is an internal look into whether the organization was following their own rules. It appears they have not. Judging intent is not his purview. He simply laid out what was at least utter incompetence.

It could also have been criminal in it's intent. They did find several crimes, basically in the FISA applications. So far this is being dismissed as the actions of a 'lowly lawyer'. This is an utter joke.

First of all, to be able to work on a FISA application you need TS/SCI clearance. Second, the idea that somehow this person took it upon himself to commit a crime think again. He was most definitely following orders.

Given by who? Perhaps the stringbean former director who is dancing phony jigs right now. It started at the top. Bureaucrats -particularly progressive ones- are not known for thinking on their feet and making decisions outside their realm of responsibility.

This was all prosecutor John Durham needed. A crime was committed.

One thing leads to another, you know. This has already worked it's way far enough up the ladder that both the AG and Durham travelled to Europe following evidence trails. This included a sojourn to Italy to check up on the mysterious Joseph Mifsud.

This indicates that the 'conspiracy theory' that not only the previous administration conspired in a coup attempt but sought the assistance of foreign intelligence agencies. In other words they wanted a foreign country to help them get rid of a political rival.

Sound familiar? It should.

This is precisely what they are accusing President Trump with. Only they are using a phone call over aid to Ukraine that was delivered on time. They were attempting a coup d'etat.

Like comparing a parking violation with Murder One. Add to it that their mischief in Ukraine was most definitely criminal in nature. They were misusing taxpayer funds to advance a shadow foreign policy -once again they incredibly accuse the president of running a 'shadow' policy when this is his sole responsibility.

It simply cannot be a 'shadow policy' if he is doing it. 

Now, when the policy is being administered by people both born in Ukraine and with a very anti Russia agenda that are deliberately subverting the policy of the president THAT is a 'shadow policy'.

In what is classic progressive fashion. they are accusing POTUS of exactly what they do, only what they are doing is far worse.

These people want a war with Russia, and make no bones about it. The fact that the president and the 63 million people who voted for him do not makes no difference. The sheer arrogance they show is mind blowing.

There is a reason why in spite of all this nonsense President Trump is at his all time high approval ratings. 51% in the latest Rasmussen poll:


His economy is setting records. All of this with the opposition blocking every move they can just to deny him any victories at all. Impeachment has actually driven his polls up. His party is united behind him.

As far as this report goes, well, the door is now open and the investigations are 'ongoing'. One might tell the former FBI director to stop the premature gloating and save up for more lawyers.

He -and others close to him- will all need them, and sooner than you might think. Meanwhile, POTUS soldiers on, seemingly impervious to all this. History will be very kind to him for this.

The 'resist' crowd had a lot invested in this week.

It has all blown up on them. The next few months will see major things happen. People will be brought to justice. It has to happen fairly soon, too.

There's an election that needs to be made fair coming in 11 months....


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These pups know what's going to happen next year...

Wednesday, 27 November:

So, it looks like while the rest of the nation enjoys the economic boom with an unprecedented level of Christmas shopping the last vestiges of the 'resist' movement are going to try to remove a legally elected president.

One who has done absolutely nothing wrong other than try to investigate previous corruption.

Now, the other side knew full well he was going to do this; his appointment of the soon to be exonerated General Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor was the first shot over the bow.

The Previous Occupant warned the newly elected DJT not to hire him. So, too did other DS types. Nobody in the 'swamp' wanted this bright, tech savvy warrior in the Oval Office. Setting him up to fail was item #1 for them.

He knew FAR too much. Mostly about the dubious financing of the never ending Middle East conflicts and what the zero accountibility fostered. He also knew all about the mischief going on in Ukraine.

That the 2016 election was not a result of Russia 'hacking a DNC server' which is a mantra in Foggy Bottom that is accepted as undisputed fact. The good general knew better about that as well. Russia's interference was typical for them; a low rent operation meant to sow some discord.

Much like the US does to them with Radio Free Europe and other notions. Fact is, everybody messes around with the elections of others. Don't forget the Previous Occupant sent his election team to Israel to try to defeat PM Netanyahu.

At one point Mueller (remember him?) sent a team to Israel to see if they tried to help tip the scales for the Trump victory. The irony was rich, as this story shows:


Essentially, this whole effort to depose the sitting president for something other ones routinely did  is, and always has been, a sick joke. Only a corrupt media presence has allowed this farce to reach the soon to be critical mass it has.

On December 4th, the House Judicicary Committee starts public hearings.

The same parade of disaffected bureaucrats will be marched out, and the splitting of infinitives will be the order of the day as they search -desperately- for anything that can advance the nonsense yet another day.

Understand that there are TWO major reasons the Dems feel compelled to go down this road. One is their base; they are a fevered, emotional lot who's daily lives are fueled by an irrational hatred of the 'Orange Man'.

They pay protestors $50 to show up to a conference on opioid addiction to heap abuse on the First Lady as she tries to bring light to a problem that kills. A lot.

70, 237 in 2017. It's going up, too. But hundreds booed lustily just because she is married to someone they hate. The fact she is trying to help their community lost completely to them.

Number two is their masters.

This is the people who pay them to do their bidding. The malevolent billionaire from Hungary is one of them but not the only one. The EU, IMF, World Bank, UN and other globalist entities see the 'America First' policies of POTUS as a existential threat to their financial interests.

This explains why the Vatican, the world's so called 'royal elite' and such are all aligned against this president.

They have their minions -which includes most, if not all, of the political opposition- in their debt. It could be money, or it could be their predeliction to sexual perversions, as the Jeffery Epstein scandal is showing.

Killing him off solved nothing. Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell are very much alive and  will cooperate fully. Not to mention the white hats have all of the photo evidence. You see, every bedroom and bathroom on 'paradise island' had camera surveillance.

Yep. Not good for the thousands of celebrities, politicians, and world leaders who went there.

Not to mention the satanic temple. They thought blowing it up would solve things. Idiots. The visitors all had cell phone pictures. This is in the metadata that our intel people have.

You take a cell phone pic and send it and you are now screwed. Ask Anthony Weiner. No, the good guys have it all. Every last bit of it.

So, they are caught in a trap.

They know the impeachment is going nowhere, and fast, too. They also know that the circus has been an abject failure so far. No matter how much bullshit the media shovels at you with the fraudulently pious Op Eds or the phony polls, it isn't working for them.

Their 'leader', the hopelessly conflicted Adam Schiff, has already said that even if this fails (it will, 100% guaranteed) they will STILL 'continue to investigate this president'. 

His masters want this. They want POTUS gone, and they don't much care how it's done. He is on track to expose all of their criminal actions, which would cut off their money flow. Some might even be brought to justice and serve time.

The money is the key. You see, the criminal actions they committed, and still do are the SAME charges they accuse the president of. Election meddling? You bet. They are guilty as hell. Withholding aid?

Routine, as Mick Mulvaney famously pointed out. But it gets worse. The aid, which the taxpayers pony up, is turned over to the state department who dispenses it as they see fit. There is zero accountability for these funds.

No wonder Ambassador Yovanovitch cried when she was relieved from duty. She was a diva, a star. Hated the Russians -her family fled the Soviet Union- and had a real dog in this hunt. Same with the portly Vindman.

He was born in Ukraine. His family also hated the Russians. He was in charge of dispensing the military aid. They liked him so much they offered him the job of defense minister. Not just once, either.

Three times. They were insistent. 

None of this passes any smell test. The DS wants you to believe that this bastardization of a foreign policy is an absolute constant; that this IS the stated policy of the United States and there will be no changes to it.

No matter what the voter says, or the actions of their elected leaders. They are to be ignored.

You will see more of this tripe handed down to you next week as these career bureaucrats will whine about how this president and his personal lawyer (the redoubtable Rudy Giuiliani) went around them to find out just what in the hell was going on there.

How dare they!

The clock ticks for them. They know that POTUS has the goods on them, and that after the IG report breaks -it will be spun as 'no big deal' by the media because it is narrow in focus but it opened the door for Durham's criminal charges- it is just a matter of time until even CNN cannot ignore the real story.

Forget everything else you hear. 45 is in excellent shape in this, he holds the whip hand and is awaiting them to expend all of their ammunition before he opens a torrent of information, so much that they will not be able to spin it.

The sheer volume will be too great.

Until then, enjoy your Thanksgiving and be with loved ones. Let them know all is well...


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Meanwhile, the axe is about to drop. Impeach THIS...

Thursday, 14 November:

They took the bait.

After the ridicuous Schiff led secret tribunal/star chamber debacle that saw the Dems polls start tanking, they did the next best really stupid thing. Go 'live' with it.

This is the equivalent of being beat up badly at school and then having a rematch outdoors in front of the whole neighborhood and receiving the same results. Simply adding more bureaucrats and doing it in public did NOT help them.

As a matter of fact it made it worse. At least the private hatchet job by Schiff and company sheltered them from the abuse now being heaped upon them. Wednesday's 'blockbuster' hearings (as the Mockingbird media repeated endlessly) were a dismal showing.

Instead of riveting testimony of how mean Orange Man was to poor Ukraine and the selfless state department bureaucrats one was subjected to 'dweeb hour'. Except it ran for a whole morning.

The various ambassadors and other officials were adamant that only they are qualified to execute US foreign policy; not the elected officers of the Executive branch; voting public be damned.

It was an incredible display of arrogant bureaucrats that defines what the 'swamp' really is.

None of them had any actual evidence that the president did anything wrong; indeed they more or less proved he was not only on solid legal ground but also doing his job. They just don't agree with the job he's doing.

It is the attempt to criminalize policy differences, which is classic progressive tactics. Seeing that they are by large secular atheists, politics is their 'religion'. Anyone who disagrees is an apostate, not a 'true believer' and is to be ostracized.

This explains the lockstep thought and resultant conversation. The 'deep state', or established bureaucracy, has a worldview mired in the post cold war Europe. Where a decaying former Soviet Union was both a threat -and an opportunity to be exploited- by the west.

The plan being to make Ukraine a NATO member, and deny the warm water port of Sevastapol to Russia. This would starve the Russian populace and cause the country to fall. The late senator from Arizona was a huge advocate of this.

'Russia is nothing but a gas station with nuclear weapons' he famously said.

The 'nuclear weapons' part the most problematic. Russia has insisted that any attempt to take Sevastapol away from them would most certainly result in a nuclear exchange. This is precisely what the DS and the Clinton team was angling for.

They were certain that they would win, and this would take Russia out of the game.

They could then seize all of the resources of the region. Not to mention do some major herd culling. Some may roll their eyes at this, but do not. Russia was always the final target after the middle east had been toppled.

Syria being the last as it is right next door. 

This is simply to explain why the resistance to POTUS on this region is so vociferous. He is changing decades of foreign policy going back to Bush 41. When they are in power they 'make nice' with Russia and do deals like Uranium One.

But the agenda was to have HRC start a war over the Ukraine to 'finish the deal'. That hundreds of thousands, even millions would die is not a drawback to progressives.They are well known for advocating for 'drastic' population reduction, and their fat cats were all ready to flee to their New Zealand mansion redoubts to 'wait it out'.

The pandemics that would follow such a conflagration would kill millions more.

This is not science fiction. This is known progressive policy; they just hide it in plain sight. These articles pretty much sum it up; do your own homework as well:



Yes, the Duke of Edinburgh did say he wanted to be 'reincarnated as a killer virus' and Henry Kissinger referred to the masses as 'useless eaters'.

As repulsive as it sounds it is how they think. Wealth and privilege can inculcate one with a sense of superiority. This is the whole undercurrent to what is transpiring on Capitol Hill.

These people don't just want to get rid of POTUS because he's lowering taxes and installing conservative judges. No, they want him gone because he is derailing the most evil plans ever developed.

Add to it he is after their most favorite pastime, which is the demonic treatment of the most innocent of all life, the young. While the world focuses on the impeachment charade the president and his team is taking down the child trafficking/pedophelia rings that stain the world.

Think 'Jeffery Epstein'. His 'suicide' is the tip of the ugliest iceberg ever to float the sea.

This is the whole undercurrent to this clown show run by a known pedophile and OK'd by a woman who has a 100 years of family corruption running through her veins. Trying to take it seriously is difficult.

Until you realize they are the font of evil. 

Their agenda that they admit to is bad enough; open borders, restrictions on all freedoms, confiscatory tax rates, libertine sexual practices codified by law, rejection of Christian doctrine, the celebration of all things secular.

The return of satanic imagery to the public square. This just happened in Rome:


Now what did they used to  do at the Coliseum a couple thousand years ago? If you said 'sacrifice Christians and children' go to the head of the line.

Just because Donald J Trump stands in their way -along with billions behind him- doesn't mean they will stop their plans for one second. In fact it's full speed ahead, or 'use it or lose it' in more contemporary slang.

Just look at the product coming out of Hollywood for any lingering doubt. Or the media pushing 'drag queen Tuesday' at the local library for 6 year olds. Even the gays see this as a horror; they know the difference.

Like in Hitler's Nazi Germany they are being exploited for their support, only to be turned upon once control is seized.

These are the stakes. POTUS is totally aware of what is said here. None of this is a real secret.

However, there is a Higher Power, and this force unites all freedom seekers behind the president. His trial is ours as well. In a multitude of ways, this man has been selected by Fate to be a means of deliverance.

This is why he is so feared.

Soon, this hoax of an impeachment will fade into memory as the situation in the Middle East is straightened out. The visit of Erdogan from Turkey this week is no coincidence. Syria is being sorted, and balance restored to the region.

The opposition, including millions who will soon defect from them, will rail and scream. They will continue to accuse the president of crime they commit.

He will continue to push through all of it.

We are living through what may have been an end times scenario. Instead we are perhaps seeing the rebirth of that what makes us great.

It is an amazing time to be alive, and we are so fortunate to have this man in the right place at the right time...


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POTUS and AG Barr: What the Dems really fear this Halloween...

Thursday 31 October 'All Hallow's Eve':

Better known, of course as 'Halloween'. 

How ironic, and oddly appropriate, that a reluctant speaker of the House put her party on a slow train to political obscurity with a vote to continue the so called 'impeachment probe' on a day famous for witches. ghosts, goblins; things that go 'bump' in the night.

And spooks, too. Can't forget them.

Without 'spooks' the intelligence services can't get you 'six ways from Sunday' as a prominent Dem Senator famously said. There is little doubt that President Donald J Trump is the 'Van Helsing' of the intelligence community.

He has the tools to bring them down; the stake, silver bullets and of course the Cross.

So, in what is unprecedented event in modern history, one party is trying to remove the legally elected president of the other side for what is, essentially policy differences. The 'evidence' is a collage of minor procedural missteps.

They have no evidence of any wrongdoing. The thin gruel -in the spirit of the season let's call it 'witches brew'- of misdeeds has little of any substance. It lacks the 'eye of newt' and other ingredients needed to make it work.

He asked the leader of a foreign government for assistance in the investigation of a political rival. Only problem is, this event was about the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Land asking for them to help the attorney general in an ongoing investigation for possible crimes.

It was also before the opponent even declared his candidacy.

Add to this the fact that the 'political dirt' that the Dems keep referring to are actual crimes. No matter what the media claims, the conduct of the Biden clan was more than simply stupid, or even greedy.

It was that. It was also corrupt, and utterly illegal. In other words, what President Trump is being accused of -accepting something of value to be used for your own political purposes- is exactly what they did.

It is classic progressive 'projection'. When accused of wrongdoing they transpose this on the accuser. Knowing damn well the crime exists, they in turn claim innocence.

'It was THEM, they shriek.

No one who has followed this can honestly claim that the Biden clam are unfairly targeted. They have a long, and very dubious history of enriching themselves at the public's expense. They are not alone, of course.

Why it's called 'the swamp'. To wit:


The Dems will scream 'no evidence' at the top of their lungs like the hack lawyers most of them are. But there is plenty if one cares to look.  Keep in mind everything POTUS does is transparent. He even conducts foreign policy in public.

Asking for China to assist in an investigation of US corruption as a rhetorical question, or for Russia to 'release the e-mails' out in the open is no crime. It's rare honesty. 

More seasoned hands know the Biden's aren't just personally corrupt. That's an aside; they are getting their 'taste' as HRC henchman Sidney Blumenthal famously blurted out. No, they were mere 'bagmen' for the rest of the administration.

The politicians were all able to get wealthy off of this taxpayer paid 'slush funds' to Ukraine (and other nations; think 'pallets of cash in the middle of the night in Tehran') while their semi-permanent bureaucrats at State establish their own personal fiefdoms of power.

This explains the hysterics of the fired ambassador Yovanovich and other displaced officials.

They believe that it is THEY who are the real goverment; that the elected people's body comes and goes but the 'professionals at State' run the world.

It is that bad.

President Trump ran on a platform that they disagree with. He wants better relations with Russia, which is NOT a 'gas station with nuclear weapons' as the late senator from Arizona said.

He wanted to drain the swamp. He won on this. He is doing what he promised to do. The fact that they don't like it, that the swamp likes it's corrupt ways makes no difference. The way things work in a constitutional republic is that the president makes the foreign policy the public wants.

The swamp be damned.

What transpired today was no impeachent. It is a prostitution of the process. They had a vote to continue the charade, really. A figleaf of sorts was offered allowing the GOP a little more input but essentially it was still 'shifty Adam Schiff's' show.

It will never succeed. The GOP in unison said so today. Barring some kind of bombshell -that doesn't exist, you can count on that- they will not get any votes in the senate to convict; therefore guaranteeing POTUS will not be removed.

Forget the CNN/MSNBC fantasies of a 'president Pelosi'. Fevered hallucinations offered to a near insane base.

No, they hope to weaken him enough to at least hold on to some power come 2020. Right now they are facing elimination as a movement. Americans will not vote socialism in power no matter what.

POTUS is polling in the mid 40's with African American males. That is a historic shift. The legal minority vote for him is far better than you are being told. This is why they are trying to keep the borders open and to enroll illegals to vote.

They know this. They also know what IG Horowitz and AG Barr are up to and they are scared shitless.

This is the back story to today's spectacle. They know that silence is acquiescence. They also know that the public is now wise to 'projection'. They were screwed either way. The Washington Post said 'the impeachment process begins today' the day after he was inaugurated. 

So much for 'journalistic integrity'. The fact that the paper's owner, billionaire Jeff Bezos bought a home close to what he hoped would be the 'Hillary Clinton White House' had nothing to do with it.


This is the environment Donald J Trump took on. They hate him with a fervor rarely seen. He revels in this which only makes them foam a little more; the spittle now running more freely down their chins. Watch CNN for 3 minutes if you don't believe it. Scary to see.

After all, it is Halloween, you know.

Meanwhile, Donald 'Van Helsing' Trump will continue his slaying of political vampires, and as you can see there are a LOT of them exposing themselves to the light of day. POTUS is earning his salary.

You know. The one he is giving away...


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No sir, you most certainly can't...

Thursday, 24 October:

So, the 'non impeachment' impeachment is on. 

Speaker of the House Pelosi, who has had to walk a tightrope of either keeping her congressional majority or plunging headfirst into a carnival led by Adam Schiff has decided to do the latter.

More or less.

They still won't have a flooor vote on this; there are upwards of 30 very vulnerable Dem House seats in districts POTUS won in 2016 that could go against them. Not really 'could', either. 'Will lose' is far more likely.

The media is doing their best to cover up the names of these people but that won't work. Nervous freshmen Reps are already doing the 'hamina hamina' dance when quizzed about a vote to remove the president.

Quite frankly, there is NO way she can hold the House if this presses forward.

However, those pushing for the impeachment aren't too concerned about that eventuality. That's a problem down the road. First order of affairs is saving their asses. They are in a world of hurt over this Ukraine issue and know it will bring them, and their Deep State pals crashing down.

You see, not only is Ukrainian corruption with the previous administration being investigated, but the decision to leave Syria was the 'one-two punch' they dreaded. Not only will many go to prison -and do NOT doubt this- but it also pulls the plug on the Middle East money siphon.

It doesn't matter if only one Green Beret is in Syria.

This will allow the billions to keep flowing, all unaccounted for. The criminals keep the diverted funds, and the politicians get nice, cushy positions with plenty of regional power.

This is the parade of disaffected bureaucrats testifying about how mean Orange Man doesn't do what they want him to, and even -get this- fires them.

The recently fired Ukrainian ambassador, a bureaucrat named Marie Yovanovitch wailed to the committee about how awful it was for her position to be taken away from her. The fact her dealings were steeped in the corruption of the deposed Poroshenko regime meant nothing, zero.

Keep in mind the people of the Ukraine voted in his replacement Zelensky, a former stand up comic with seventy three percent of the vote. The people knew what a crook Poroshenko was.

To wit:


Why is the media and the career politicians all defending this? They are very careful not to endorse Poroshenko nor condemn Zelensky. Yet they all defend the POLICY that was being carried out.

Once again, why?

Simple. Like all things corrupt, 'follow the money'. It sure seems a lot of people in the swamp have some sort of financial interest there. The new 'star witness'- there have been dozens in the last three years that all amounted to nothing- is an ambassador named William Taylor.

Like Bob Mueller, the media is quick to anoint him a hero; he is a Point graduate and did a tour in Vietnam late in the war. Hiis wiki page makes him look like a combination of Hamilton and Patton. 

However, the real story is completely different. This paints a far different portrait:


Can you spell 'swamp critter'? Know you can.

Seems he has a stake in all this, too. This is the load of excrement the 'resist' movement has unloaded on the public. All done in secret, with innuendo, second and third hand information and carefully selected leaks.

This is an affront to all the citizens in this country.

If the situation was reversed, the other side -and their media prostitutes-would be screaming bloody murder. And rightfully so. One suspects the vast majority of the right would be horrified by this kangaroo court/star chamber.

Good people demand fair play and accountability. The progressive left laughs at this; notions of 'honor' and 'fairness' are ridiculed in their circles. They will lie, cheat, steal and worse to achieve their humanistic goals.

This is just the ever morphing impeachment attempt on POTUS, which started only hours after he was sworn in.

It doesn't matter what he did. 'Muh Russia' was a disaster for them, but no matter. Now it's using Ukraine to be mean to Joe and Hunter Biden. Their corrupt activites are supposed to be kept secret.

The President- the chief law enforcement officer of the land- cannot investigate a 'political opponent'. Did you ever wonder why there are so damn many running? Or behind endless investigations?

They all think they can avoid their criminal activity this way.

This is the nature of the opposition and what DJT is facing. Right now it has the desired effect; his poll rating (Rasmussen) was 51% two weeks ago, It has been dropping about a point every couple of days and he's at 43% now.

This is the plan.

They know he will never be removed from office. They will not get the two thirds of the senate to convict, no matter what Mitt Romney and DS mouthpiece Mike Wallace says. Not gonna happen.

Their real plan is to tie him up, deprive him of any legislative victories (USMCA is dead for now) and drive his polls down to where he can be beaten by one of the various deep state pairings they decide to toss at him.

Make no mistake. 

The opposition is feeling their oats now, and with the neocons united behind them on Syria think they can actually regain power. This flies in the face of what is about to come.

The Horowitz IG report will set the stage. As of this writing he just announced it will be released 'very soon', is in the 'final declassification phase' with 'limited redactions' and the bomb declaration:

'It has national security implications'.

This sets the stage for the Durham report, which is the criminal phase. Coming back from his overseas sojourn with AG Barr, he is quite keen on 'interviewing' former spooks James Clapper and John Brennan,

Many in the Company are lawyering up and are 'rattled'. They should be, Once again, to wit:


If the dear readers here are a little confused by all this don't feel too bad. This is meant to be confusing; the devil loves deceit and subterfuge rather than a fair fight. The opposition knows what they did and this is a last ditch effort to save their rear ends.

Keep in mind the admonitions of Sun Tzu, of whom DJT is a fervent adherent:

'Always appear weak when you are strong'

The cavalry is charging, and this whole affair is going to turn on it's ear. The resuts will not only exonerate this amazing president, it will quite frankly change the world...


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'Pierre Delecto, meet Carlos Danger'. Mitten's not so secret twitter account...

Monday, 21 October:

This was never going to be easy.

Although millions have been assured by the 'white hats' that they are in control (they are) and to sit back and enjoy the show that does NOT mean this was some sort of cakewalk.

As the redoubtable Steve Bannon said almost three years ago:

'Anyone who thinks these people will give up without a fight is crazy'. He was absolutely correct. The opposition is largely atheistic and their sole motivator is life in this existence. Afterlife consequences mean nothing to them.

It is simply about acquisitions of power and wealth. Politics is their 'religion', and any disagreement is an apostasy to them. This explains their sheer vitirol. The emotional lather they work themselves into.

Plus the amazing fragility of their psyche. They cannot take one scintilla of what they dish out.

In order to defeat an adversary it is key that you know who they are. Fortunately for American citizens, the Trump administration knows their foes intuitively. He, and they know how Red China, the NATO/EU alliiance, and the neocon/DS nexus in this country all interface.

One can safely say that the other side is relatively clueless to what POTUS is all about.

Their attacks on him are juvenile and make the mistake of hugely underestimating their opponent. This gives their followers a false sense of superiority. This brings us to the current position.

The media and the Dems in congress think they are now holding the whip hand.

They have a prostitution of an impeachment hearing going on in secret as they selectively leak anything even remotely damaging to their media friends in what is now referred to as the Pelosi 'smear/wrap'.

What they did to Justice Kavanaugh. The so called 'whistleblower' was their new Christine Blasey-Ford. They had this plot up their sleeve for some time; knowing full well that AG William Barr would soon find the evidence of their massive corruption in Ukraine.

They had Biden, who didn't have a prayer to win the nomination anyway, in the race just so they could use his presence to block these inquiries. 'Political opponents' instead of actual criminals.

Why do you think there are so many candidates who poll at zero?

Most are hoping to escape that which is coming. After all, no matter what occurs the current administration still 'needs' an opposition party.  They knew that the Bidens were simple 'bagmen' for their movement and that junior was a real liablility.

So what to do?

Attempt to criminalize the investigation. This is the current circus you are seeing with Mick Mulvaney and the so called 'quid pro quo'. You will notice -obviously- how uncurious the media is about what the Dems might have done, and particularly Crowdstrike and the 'server'.

It's 'debunked', you know.

Bu whom, though? Nobody knows other than their assertions that 'their experts' have said so. No, it not only hasn't been debunked, it has not even really been investigated. Until now, that is.

Meanwhile, as this charade goes on POTUS has been a very busy fellow.

The decision on Syria was monumental. 45 knew when Turkey's PM Erdogan told him an 'incursion' was going to occur he could install his long expected Middle East policy. One of disengagement militarily while backing regional solutions.

These would be backed by US sanctions instead of boots on the ground. This infuriated the neocon/DS alliance for several reasons. But first and foremost it would be the shutting off of the 'endless war' funding.

This article says $5.9 trillion and it's from the Fake News folks, too.


It's probably far more than that, all unaccounted for.

Remember when DJT wondered where 'all of our Humvees are?' This was to highlight this fact. ISIS was armed by US proxies under the eye of the Company with weapons 'liberated' from Libya. 

They were meant to destabilize Syria so that the US would be forced to aid in the overthrow of it's Alawite government and Bashar al Assad. This is a major strategic goal of the DS, and add to it the psychotic 'religious' nutjobs who want their apocalyptic 'purification by fire' on the plains of 'ah Megiddo'.

Or 'armegeddon', as it is more commonly known.

What you are seeing right now is the Last Stand of the opposition. They have marshalled all of their resources and have them all employed at once. It is NOT going well for them. They have had enormous defeats handed to them.

Many have sailed under the radar.

People saw Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame make the cable TV tour. What they may have missed was it was a penance show. He told FOX news host Dana Perino that there will be no censorship on FB.

That people have a 'personal responsibility' to sort through material and what to, or not to, believe. This put left wing hair on fire everyhwere. They wanted their government to censor political speech they didn't like.

Similar to their histrionic reaction to the defeat of the so called 'Net Neutrality Act', which was a Trojan Horse to bring back the 'Fairness Doctrine' which was overturned by Reagan back in the 80's.

It allowed Rush Limbaugh to become the biggest voice for conservatism in the Free World. They have hated that policy switch ever since. The old doctrine required every minute of paid conservative talk to be given an equal minute for free.

It hobbled conservative thought and gave the establishment almost complete control. The left craved a return to this. That has been soundly defeated. And, of course, the internet is thriving as one can see here:


Zuckerberg has obviously been 'flipped', after his meetings with the administration, and has delivered the death throes to his compatriots. The waters were immediately roiled. HuffPo was put on the market straight away.

So far no takers:


These are all huge developments. It shows the efforts the 'white hats' have been almost universally successful. While POTUS absorbs all the blows his compatriots are, as they say, 'gettin 'er done'.

This includes his Attorney General who has just returned from his tour of Europe, more correctly his investigation of the infamous FVEY intelligence network. They have been very, very bad boys and girls.

They, too never thought she -HRC- was going to lose. 

Ooops. Now their malfeasance threatens to undermine their own governments. POTUS has been begged by them not to publically out them for it. However you might have to resort to sheer memory on this one because search engines have been scrubbed of most of this content.

No matter. No amount of censorship on thei part will stop what is coming. This last stand of the DS is full of bluster but is on the shakiest foundation ever. Built on a foundation of lies.

It is coming apart as you watch.

This isn't over yet. These people are utterly desperate, and their well paid minions are all being 'urged' to whip their followers into a frenzy. This impeachment hoax will continue. The very LAST thing they want is it to be actually challenged in the Senate.

How this plays over the next 30-60 days is unclear. 'Declassification' was promised months ago.  

It is the one thing they fear the most, and it is why their actions are so unhinged. This carrot may be dangled for awhile yet. What you need to look at is what is being accomplished.

It is the stuff of legend...


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Schiff doing his 'version' of the letter; no he couldn't carry Pompeo's jockstrap...

Wednesday, 2 October:

The love affair that never was is now officially over.

The last, desperate stand of the opposition to the legally elected 45th president is in full swing now. That is the ridiculous 'impeachment lite' the Democrats have launched. Keep in mind they have been doing this implied threat since the day the man took charge.

Understand that this president is NOT going to be removed from office.

There is no way enough Republicans would defect to give the two thirds majority needed. No matter how much they (secretly) loathe this blustering brigand who is upsetting their happy little applecart of corruption.

They know the voters would toss them out ASAP. 

The reasons behind this action are numerous. They feel if he is damaged enough he may not be reelected; that the public will tire of the 24/7 conflict and want a more peaceful replacement.

This flies in the face of the 90% approval of POTUS by his GOP voters. They are behind him because of what he does; not how he does it. Sure the sheer obnoxious nature of the whole affair takes it toll on one.

However, one can most certainly say they started it.

The president didn't get even one moment of peace since the election; indeed he had trolls planting phony pictures of his inauguration to prove somehow he wasn't as popular as the Last Guy.

Putting up a shot of the mall FOUR HOURS before the inauguration and claiming it was a poor turn out was dirty pool number one. The so called 'metoo' movement protested him just days later, with Madonna saying how much she wanted to 'blow up the White House'.

It hasn't let up since.

It is no secret that the policies the president is pursuing are contrary to what has been occurring for the last 40 years or so. The bum's rush to globalism, a one world government is basically it.

He wants a sovereign US answerable to the citizens of the country. This ruins an awful lot of planning. Think 'Greta the Climate Brat'. This was all supposed to shame the public into giving up their wealth and liberty because a child was mad about the weather.

Doesn't matter if they are wrong on the climate, which the one consistent fact is that they are always wrong. You had 'ZPG' (zero population growth') and the coming Ice Age in the 70's and 80's, and global warming this century.

All but simple guesswork shaped by a political agenda.

President Donald J Trump presented an 'existential threat' to their agenda. This is undoubtedly true. On the few moments the progressives speak the truth, some have admitted that POTUS will 'undo 100 years of plans in just a matter of months'.

Marx once said that as long as one capitalist was allowed to exist he would own everything in the world. The very nature of individual accomplishment is anathema to them, and right now the world is in the hands of such an individual.

This rush to impeach is just a ploy.

The real story is not the president calling the prime minister of the Ukraine and bringing up Joe Biden and his family. The fact they are but bagmen for the corrupt overlords is pretty well known.

When average citizens are told that Hunter Biden got $50 k a month salary for being on the board of a Ukrainian energy company in spite of zero experience they just roll their eyes and think nothing of it.

They may not like it but it is the way the world works. They expect it, sadly.

Donald Trump is trying to reverse this course. To say the Powers That Be are unhappy with it is the understatement of all time. There are plenty in the Republican party who are just fine with the status quo; they would be fine with being useless appendages in congress as long as they are well compensated.

Then when you add the systemic evils that exist; satanic pedophelia and child trafficking, which is an epidemic involving the world's elite one can see just why the opposition is so hysterical. 

They are all in it together. This explains the sheer frustration that POTUS showed in the press conference today. The media asks him leading questions on pet topics trying not to educate or elucidate but to embarrass, demonize and incriminate.

It is why he calls them fake news, which he now says is far too nice.

'Corrupt news' is the new meme. It's hard to argue against him. Even those who don't like him or his policies (Ron Paul and others) say he is under an unfair set of accusations and is a victim of an orchestrated hit.

The rest of the world sees it, too.

They know he is the legitimate leader of the Free World and is a force to be reckoned with. They also know he does his negotiations in public, he is THE most transparent president in modern history.

They also know they will get a fair shake from him if they put their best foot forward. This explains the the unlikely friendship of POTUS and Kim Jong Un. Kim sees a way out of the downward spiral his country is in without being invaded.

POTUS sees nice condos on the North Korean coast. There is an undeniable human charm there.

All of this threatens the careerists in the government. They liked the way things were. DJT wants to rain on their parade and bring accountabiity -and take away the profiteering- that needs to happen if one is going to have honest government.

This does not explain the depth of the resistance,though.

Many think this is just another cycle in our history, that another president will come and things will return to 'normal'. That is not what is going to  happen. This is a time of great change, like the Revolution or the Civil War.

The country will be forever changed come 2024.

Either we will be restored to a constitutional republic responsible to its citizenry, or a vassal slave state to the global order. There are no other alternatives. This is why the anti Trump forces will stop at nothing to bring his adminstration down.

POTUS has them in a bind.

He has investigations that will indict the most powerful in this world. AG Barr, who's silence is not to be confused with inactivity, is harnessing all these components into a cohesive whole.

His lead attorney John Durham is ready to roll on what he found in the Ukraine, and the fact that it was they who contacted the State Department about information they had about Democrat interference in the 2016 election.

That it was they who wanted 'dirt' on Paul Manafort. Also, the corruption of Poroshenko and his dealings with the Bidens. It's all coming, and that is just a small part of it. You also have the facts behind the Mueller scam, and the participation of the Previous Occupant and his minions in illegal surveillance of a political foe.

The media corruption -the fact that they are 'all in' with the progressive movement- indeed they have a fully incestuous relationship with each other. Through hiring practices and even intermarriage, the media and the progressives are one in the same. 

Sure POTUS is frustrated. One can clearly see he is really riled up about this.

He handles it all by himself, too. GOP support is awful quiet. But he does not care; he knows that by taking the heat he allows others to work under the radar.

They wil fail at this effort to impeach. Indeed, it is simply a matter of just how badly the blowback will be on it.

So far taking on this president has shown zero winners...


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POTUS dissing the climate brat. Classic Trump...

Monday, 23 September:

The narrative has shifted over the last month or so.

The world progressive movement, otherwise known as the 'opposition' or 'resist' crowd, has pretty much allowed their faithful here in the United States to proceed on the political attempt to remove the president.

Impeachment being the main goal.

In spite of the current kerfluffle over phone calls to the Ukraine and the (well known) corruption of the Biden family, this is certainly not going to occur. In fact, President Donald J Trump is now at 52% according to the latest Rasmussen poll. To wit:


A close look at the breakdowns here show a president FAR more popular at this point than his predecessor was. His fundamentals are all strong, in spite of the relentless attacks from the media.

They now know that he will not be removed by the Democrat party, even as the pursue this in a suicidal fashion. The progressives are more than happy to destroy what's left of the once proud Democrat party in order to accomplish their goal.

They have plenty of support from the GOP turncoat faction. It's bigger than you might think.

Still, they basically cower in fear of 'Orange Man Bad'. He scares them witless, haunts their dreams and essentially makes them crazy. They have used their entire Alinsky arsenal against him yet he not only still stands but is at an all time high in his popularity.

China has given up on the notion he will be replaced. They know he is smarter and more capable than the last four presidents combined. Add the determination to give the power back to the citizenry and you have the most dangerous foe the so called 'world order' has ever faced.

So what to do?

Simple, for them. Start a war, any war, no matter where. Iran is preferred, but Venzuela, or Kashmir will do just fine. Once again, the problem is that no matter how many provocations (read: 'false flags') that occur, POTUS won't bite.

The president met with both prime ministers this week; he appeared with Modi at a rally in Texas and sat with Imran Khan of Pakistan at the UN today. Both have been promised financial assistance in business deals and the temperature in Kashmir has cooled substantially.

The media tried to whip that one up, too. Too bad for them.

Just like in Iran, where the DS and it's hired hands in congress demanded a military response to the attack on the Saudi oilfields. As with the shooting down of the drone in June, he played pattycake with his warhawk element (Pompeo, Graham) allowing them to rattle their sabers and feel good.

He simply uttered his now famous 'we'll see what happens' phrase.

So far, nary a shot has been fired. More shootings and deaths in the progressive den of Chicago than in Iran, or Kashmir. You could even add Iraq and the Ukraine and not touch the 3,000 shootings in the Windy City this year.

363 dead so far. Now that is a 'shooting war'.

This whole nonsense of the Ukraine and the phone call is desperation at it's most critical. The Biden family, well known in certain circles for being corrupt, is at the center of the Ukraine scandal. This is also the center of the whole Mueller hoax as well.

You see, the previous adminsitration, along with their 'traditional allies' were all in on the US backed coup in the Ukraine that installed the fascist stooge Petro Poroshenko. He replaced the Kremlin goon Viktor Yanukovych.

Now, keep in mind none of these people are any good. Yanukovych was a two bit corrupt tyrant with fealty to Putin. However, Poroshenko was just a mirror image; he was the toady of the US/EU cabal that inserted him.

Then the fun began.

The US moved in and started seizing their resources; this is how Hunter Biden, who had ZERO experience in the energy business got his $100 k a month spot on their 'energy board'. Like when Biden took his son and John Kerry's stepson Chris Heinz on Air Force 2 to China and they came back with a $1.5 billion equity fund deal. 

Read this and say it doesn't stink to high heaven:


So, when POTUS speaks to the new Ukrainian president, perhaps he has a real reason to ask about the Bidens and their schemes.

Vlodomir Zelensky, a former stand up comedian, is the man. There was a historic 82% turnout, and he won SEVENTY THREE PERCENT of the vote. Let that roll around in your mind for a moment.

The very government that supposedly fired the lawyer that was investigating Hunter Biden was unceremoniously thrown out by the Ukrainian people. They are being held up by the likes of Shepard Smith and Judge Napolitano -along with the 'rest of Europe and the World Bank'- as somehow moral exemplars. They were basically tarred, feathered and run out of town.

Think the locals know just who these people were?

The jackals are screaming to have the transcript of the phone call released. Zelensky has said the call was 'friendly' and there was 'no pressure'. The 'whistleblower' (most likely Sue Gordon, Dan Coats' former aide) played the same game that Comey and McCabe did with Russia.

The IC -intelligence community' is a corrupt, politicized arena engineered by the previous administration. President Trump is an existential threat to them.

They have a pact forged in hell with fellow progressives to use all means at their disposal to defeat their political enemies. They could care less about the Red Chinese threat of world dominance.

Indeed, many are good with it.

So, while this plays out -and you will see POTUS triumph on this as well, and it won't take two years, either- the DS will continue with the attempts to start a conflagration. Expect more 'attacks from Iran', which is a sad sack country in hock to the DS.

They won't work any better than the last two. Keep in mind the same people do NOT want the president to speak with Iranian PM Rouhani. Does that make any sense?

No, they want him to 'step in it' with a military strike. Just like they hope to force him into a 'gun control' deal that will alienate his gun owning base. 

As if.

No, POTUS is in full charge, his popularity no longer in doubt and the opposition grasping at the thinnest of straws. The Biden thing will bite them squarely in the ass, but they wil just throw him overboard and find something else they can gin up.

Any way you shape it, they are losing, and badly, too.

Manwhile Donald J Trump soldiers on happily, slaying dragons as he goes...


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29.12.2019 20:28

Shannon Tillman


29.12.2019 22:43



28.11.2019 08:48

J. N.

Ahhhhh... If only this opinion could end up on the front pages of the WoPo and NYT...

28.11.2019 16:03


they are busy lying about the IG report right now. The difference is stark...

24.11.2019 13:53

J. N.


24.11.2019 22:52


thanks for the post. RT'd it...

18.11.2019 06:44


Yes, we are living in extraordinary times indeed! Great column. This week should be interesting..

25.10.2019 18:53

Margaret Beveridge

Sure hope that Canada is included in "will change the world".

25.10.2019 18:57


because of your feckless government you will have to be dragged along, but, yes, it will occur for you as well...

23.09.2019 22:19


Enjoying the show and just waiting for the execution phase...

24.09.2019 05:16


one suspects October may bring some satisfaction there...