Someone isn't too happy with the current trends.

Saturday, 24 June(Weekend Edition):

The 45th President just completed his first six months in office. It has been every bit the wild carnival ride expected here and elsewhere.

When the collective shock of his win in November set on the powers that be, it was immediately apparent that they were NOT good with this, not one bit. So, let's dismiss one early, and ridiculous theory:

He isn't an 'inside agent' looking to bring about The Collapse.

If that were the case his press would be different; he would have more support in the Intelligence Community and the attacks wouldn't be as personal. No, that can be eliminated.

Sometimes things ARE as they seem. His is an 'accidental presidency', which has occurred before. Usually by death in office, Lyndon Johnson is the last one. Conspiracy theorists still have a field day with JFK and LBJ.

Let's not crack open that nut. Suffice to say the whole thing still stinks to high heaven. JFK had as many enemies as Excedrin has pills, and his vice president was one of them. However, Hillary Clinton was selected by the deep state to lord over their continued rape of the world's resources while building a police state.

This was considered omnipotent, a fait accompli', meaning a done deal.

But it didn't happen, and instead is being unwound. This was most certainly not in the cards. The people of the United States seized their country back through THEIR agent of change, and that is Trump.

Where most of the media -OK, let's say 99% of it- gets it wrong is that they think the president is in charge and is a megalomaniac pursuing a selfish agenda to enrichen himself. In the first order of Sun Tzu, which is 'know your enemy' this is categorically wrong.

Trump has no interest in using the office to fill his coffers. THAT would be the lady who lost.

His earnings and brand have taken a hit; his son in law Jared Kushner had to pull out of the purchase of the Miami Marlin baseball club, and he can't do what he loves, which is 'make deals'.

He doesn't need the house or the plane. He had his own which he liked better. No, the actual truth is he decided the country he loves was on the wrong track, has been since the late 80's and hasn't been shy in pointing it out.

He is 'the tip of the spear'. The REAL threat to the deep state and it's cohorts are YOU. Trump bonded with the dissafected, those who have swept local and statewide offices since 2010, putting an undeserving Republican Party in charge in epic scale. They control more of the country than they have since Reconstruction.

That's the Civil War era, folks.

This wasn't done because they loved Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell, well meaning but typical behind the beltway 'get along go along' types. It was done as a grassroots answer to the progressive movement's takeover of the Democrats.

One that installed the Previous Occupant, who was seen, correctly, as an agent of change in the wrong direction. One of wealth redistribution, seizure of assets and control of resources. One of promoting humanism, and restricting what has traditionally been observed as freedoms granted by The Creator.

This was never going to be accepted by the country when it came crunch time. They can dumb down education to the point where college graduates know faux social sciences but not how to read, write or use critical thought processes.

They can push sexual perversion, libertine lifestyles, transhumanism and the Dark Arts. However, what has happened is the destiny of the evildoers. That they would be confronted on the very eve of their Final Victory.

And would experience a richly deserved, yet stunning, defeat. Administered by a billionaire businessman who sees failure as a temporary setback, one who is incorruptible and contrary to media spin, is brutally honest as well.

Trump is the Perfect Antidote chosen by a country determined to rediscover itself before it was too late. This is why he has survived an onslaught of manufactured crisis and negative press.

It's why no matter what is thrown at him it bounces off; usually coming back to hurt the accuser. This is apparent in the Democrat attempts to drive him out of office. The polls, even the phony ones, have a 60-40 disadvantage to them on this.

People are sick of Russia, sick of calls for impeachment and nitwit celebrities calling for death to a man 65 million people voted for.

They may not like giving up free Medicaid money, but they do despise the AHCA. Contrary to press reports, the passage of the GOP salvage of health care will be huge; they can then move right to tax cuts and the result will be a spur in economic growth.

Instead of 'free health care' rationed by a cruel, unfeeling government, you will have people making more money and able to purchase a better product brought to market more efficiently.

Trump has changed the dialogue like no other president since FDR after the depression. Big difference is that he represents the people, he is their agent, not their commandant.

You see the rallies. He gets the same rock star treatment the Previous Occupant does, only this time by actual taxpayers. This, and his tweets drive them crazy because it cuts their media organ control out of the loop.

Last week, the president survived the final attack on his presidency, at least as far as the impeachment/removal issue. His outmanuevering of James Comey; that's exactly what the 'better watch out for tapes' bait was that was swallowed whole, sealed the deal.

Rachel Maddow can go on about Erik Prince and the Russians in the Seychelles as much as she likes; a bad Pierce Brosnan post Bond  B movie plot may excite the cretins who tune in faithfully. But wishful thinking is just that.

CNN can whine about the move from the daily press conferences that made Jonathan Karl and Jim Sciutto minor stars; being briefed off camera gives information but robs them of grandstanding.

Too bad, so sad.

This is the Trump Effect. He frankly doesn't give a rat's rear end what these people think of him. He holds them in at least as much contempt as they do him. Only they don't have 65 million fans and the nuclear football.

As Stephen Colbert pointed out. That's why they can call him whatever they want, and fixate on the shiny object in his right hand, whatever HE chooses it to be. The 41 day delay on the tape recordings a fine example.

He kept them guessing, fed them little scraps, and then pulled the rug out from under the whole lot. Meanwhile, he's remaking the middle east, appointing conservative justices, taking apart the regulatory state and reasserting America's proper position as leader of the free world.

The 45th President is not completely out of the woods yet.

The special counsel Robert Mueller will cause some problems; the deep state wants Russia as a foe to keep those billions rolling into projects like the F-35. Don't need them against ISIS.

They will try to get a scalp to prove their worth, although this could still backfire on the Dems with any digging into say, Loretta Lynch. Mike Flynn didn't do anything wrong other than not fill out a form correctly.

Lynch obstructed justice. James Comey was good with it, not so much with Mr Trump. So, even with a special counsel, the admontion that 'be careful what you wish for' is now hung around the necks of those who wanted an open ended investigation of someone innocent of fraudulent charges.

It just might be THEIR crooked dealings discovered.

The best example of the Trump Effect. Truth is breaking out everwhere... 






Recordings? Are you nuts?

Thursday, 22 June:

There is change in the air.

Not that it hasn't been; obviously the Trump victory last November was a harbinger of change. But the immediate so called 'resistance' which started the first weekend of his presidency, coupled with the phony Russia story has slowed the change element.

Not any more. With the defeat of Jon Ossoff in Georgia it does seem a worm has finally turned. The progressives -and that's what they are, not 'Democrats' in the classic sense- are dispirited and scattered.

Many are now bitter about the Russia meme. Coming out of the ether can have deleterious consequences, and these are painful. Many others are seeing the the refusal of their 80 year old leadership to hand over power as a problem as well.

In other words, reality is starting to rear it's ugly head. Ugly to them, perhaps. Beautiful to others, like the party in power. The calls for Nancy Pelosi's head are louder now, and of course she had a press conference basically telling them to screw off.

No progressive EVER willingly gives up power. They believe it their birthright. Methusala Biden thinks he's the savior and wants to run in 2020 as an 80+ year old.

They spent $35 million on the Ossoff race; most of the money coming from Hollywood, Martha's Vinyard and New York. The candidate didn't even LIVE in his district.

He did 48% in the primary. He did 48% in the regular election. Meaning the district stayed the 52% GOP vote it was, and they tossed all that money down the drain hoping Samuel Jackson and his Hollywood pals would cconvince Republicans to switch their vote.

As if.

The crushing reality that Donald Trump is now the president. Hoping you can obstruct every aspect of his administration and that it will somehow hand you the House so you can spend two more years impeaching him is an awful idea is now obvious.

Their back is broken now. The anger and hatred will spin them into obliviion, and soon. The smarter ones among them are realizing this. It comes as no surprise here.

He just got done punking James Comey. He conned him into leaking his memos and testifying CORRECTLY that Trump didn't do anything wrong. The supposed 'recordings' kept him up at night, or so he said.

Trump just admitted that there aren't any.

CNN, clueless as usual, asks why he would do something that would get Comey to ask for special counsel? They still operate from the Rachel Maddow school of idiocy that he has something to hide.

He did this to keep Comey HONEST. To make sure his recollection wasn't 'he said/she said' testimony. Instead, he cleared Trump of any and all wrongdoing and just hinted he was 'troubled' by it all.

That ain't a crime, folks.

Trump has survived. And he isn't going away, either...



Looks like the polls were wrong. Again.

Wednesday, 21 June:

It is now six months into the presidency of Donald J Trump.

In what has been a true whirlwind affair, his administration has gone from the '100 day death watch' to the now demonstrable fraud that the Russia collusion story is. Along the way he and his people have managed to do a few things.

He changed the direction of the Supreme Court, energized the Middle East, spanked his supposed bestest buddy Vlad Putin, called out the EU as a bunch of privileged freeloaders, seen the first coal plant open in decades, and lorded over a stock market rally of major proportions.

They have rolled back onerous regulatory statutes; the Previous Occupant learning much to his chagrin that he who lives by the executive order dies by one as well. The cruel joke that was the Paris Climate Accord a prime example.

It solved nothing; just transferred wealth. The whining of the EU and their newest oligarch Macron from France all the proof you need; he's already said they aren't going to pay any of these bills.

Follow the money. It really never does let you down.

Talking about following money, how about the $50 million dollar house race in Georgia? BTW, the Republican, a totally pedestrian candidate named Karen Handel easily beat her opponent, a documentary filmmaker named Jon Ossoff.

This is brought up in the case you get your news from mainstream sources. It's only a brief mention, now. Of course had she lost it would be a 24/7 story about the Repudiation of Trump.

Shouted from the rafters for all to hear. 

Instead, that, and the other race no one heard about -South Carolina's election to replace Mick Mulvaney- were safely in the GOP camp. Now it's true these races, now totalling five in number, have all been fairly close. No 20 point landslides.

But considering the amount of time, money and energy spent on them they still were all wins declared over early; no nailbiters. Progressive forces point to the energy of their base, which is not questioned by anybody.

They are a pissed off lot. That's obvious.

But close is 'no cigar' as the saying goes. And Mr Trump, who is savaged daily, can take solace from the fact he hasn't cost any seats. Indeed, his actions seem to have helped last munute voters get out.

Contrast that to the Previous Occupant, who was basically begged to stay home come election time. No, even with special investigations swirling around him he is having FAR more success than is being let on.

Even FOX  is quoting the CBS poll that has him at 36% approval. Rasmussen, who has been a LOT more accurate than CBS, has it different:

This shows, of course, that the media is desperately trying to get control of the Narrative back. They lost it on 9 November and haven't seen it since. Begging people to believe Trump is an unpopular president is their last gasp.

Not to mention the constant demand to stop tweeting. The admonition that it caused the special counsel and such. This would have you believe that Trump is a naive waif in the woods who is out of his element.

What if he knows a LOT more than they let on? That Comey is a deep state agent intent on protecting the criminalized IC against investigation? That Mueller is actually there with his Dem donor lawyer base to protect the Clintons?

That John McCain is a completely corrupt peddler of war for war's sake?

For if Trump somehow doesn't know this, he sure seems to be acting on it, and as these investigations now fall apart, ultimately clearing him of any misdeeds his strength only grows.

The retention of all these GOP seats just MIGHT give the spineless Republicans the hint that Trump is the man who saved the party and should be embraced. If that happens the country just might succeed after all...


This article on the Russiagate thing is all you need to know:





Not a good week for the Communists.

Monday, 19 June:

Lost in all the action of last week was the Trump policy on Cuba.

This needs to be examined much more closely. First of all, let's look at how it was rolled out. It was a perfect example of Trump (and Steve Bannon, who's fingerprints are all over this) playing 3D chess.

And the media biting on it. For those who watched closely, they got to see CNN analyze themselves into a corner. The President said that he was 'completely overturning' the Cuba policy of the Previous Occupant.

They were predictably adamant about this; the 'how dare you do this' subtext obvious for all to see. And Trump deliberately baited them with the 'complete overturn' meme.

So, they insisted, correctly, that everything wasn't changed. Their panel went into the why's and wherefores of what the deal meant. If one listened carefully they heard them sheepishly admit he kept the innocuous parts and got rid of direct financial aid to the Cuban military and intelligence service.

The stunned faces of the panel as they realized what they were REALLY admitting told all. 

Having an embassy there is fine. Only the North Koreans are on the 'no diplomatic contact' shitlist. Cuba is less dangerous, and close enough to have contact with. He also said travel is fine although no government owned hotels can be visited.

And it all has to be tour groups, and the Treasury department can audit you later.

Not to mention all US criminals there be returned to face justice, aid will only be issued to privately owned, small business startups. Oh, the Cuban pilots who shot down the unarmed civilian planes  years ago need to be turned over for prosecution.

His speech was simply awesome. A complete, and utter refutation of the criminal communist government of the Castro brothers. The same Castro brothers who were feted by the last administration.

Cut to Madison, Wisconsin.

Ground Zero of the progressive movement that installed the Previous Occupant. Headquarters of the Apollo Alliance, now morphing into the 'Blue Green Alliance'. These people change names often, as soon as any heat comes their way. 

A briefing:

You'll notice the 'Center on Wisconsin Strategy'. This is all UW/Madison stuff. Now, they want to name -more correctly RENAME- a building in downtown Madison for the former president. This is a description from a FAVORABLE article:

Sitting like a Soviet relic on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, the 1956 structure that would bear Obama’s name features a stark black marble one-story facade above which hovers a corrugated protrusion of stained concrete. Looming over that is a flat shoebox of more concrete and aluminum-clad windows. The interior is home to numerous indistinct bureaucratic offices, topped off by two floors of jail space so run-down that the sheriff himself calls it an abomination, and which county officials are at pains to do away with.

It looks like a building from the SOVIET era. How appropriate!

Defending communism is really, really HARD. Those who do have never experienced it. Those who see it as the enemy of mankind, on the other hand, have had close contact with it. President Trump has deftly used the media once more to expose their own feckless belief systems.

He laid out in chapter and verse that Cuba is an enemy. That he won't aid the corrupt regime. It was as big a slap in the face to the last lot as has been given so far. Keep in mind that they not only gave an ungrateful regime funds to keep it afloat.

They also tried to push 'intelligence sharing' with the DCI. That's Cuban Intelligence, and this site will tell you first hand that they are SWORN ENEMIES of the United States. Fortunately, the congress, perfectly horrified by this idea, shot it down.

You want treachery? You want to see aid to a real enemy, not named Putin? Look no further.

Trump pointed all this out, and the media unwittingly helped in their obsequious desire to protect their former hero, The One.

Steve Scalise is still in trouble, and his recovery will be slow. But this incident was not in vain, and the left''s feeble attempt to spin it in their behalf -the female Capitol City officer was a black lesbian, as if that made some sort of difference- is laughable.

The truth exploded like a ticking time bomb, and it's fallout is everywhere now...


22.06.2017 14:42


It's extremely gratifying to see the Progressives self-implode from their own self-righteousness. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch!

20.06.2017 12:49


The only conclusion a sane person can make about the Dems/Progressives/Liberals or whatever they call themselves on a Tuesday is they truly and sincerely have a mental condition.