Jeff Zucker, CNN head not happy. Too bad, so sad.

Monday, 3 July:

The most ridiculous comments of the political season so far have been the media's protestations of imminent harm.

Keep in mind this is the same bunch that feverishly protects any threats to the President of the United States. That find beheading videos and Trump as Julius Caesar fine and dandy. The same people who every day make terrible, disparaging comments about the man, his family and the members of his staff.

Criticism is fine. Freedom of the press is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment as part of the freedom of assembly, which is what the amendment really guarantees. Only the insane left see child pornography as a '1st Amendment right'.

The President is not above stinging critique. A trip back in time to the days of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson gives proof to that. So when the media claims the various elections cycles as 'the ugliest in history' are most surely wrong.

The big difference this time is that the President won't take it.

Donald J Trump is a New York street fighter. Just because he isn't taking someone on physically on the local playground doesn't mean it's any less of a fight. When the media, which is the megaphone of the progressive left, makes false and scurrilous charges they are met one for one.

Trump is determined not to repeat the mistake of the George W Bush era where they ignored the criticisms and let them pile up unanswered. Not this man.

Every single one will be answered, and even more ridicule -the favored tool of the Alinskyites- is used frequently. Simply put, he mocks them.

And it is making them batshit crazy. It is the desired effect, and they bite on it every single time. The most recent is the outing of the MSNBC lovebirds as the ass kissing mooches they are, and the latest a hilarious assault on CNN.

CNN doesn't like it one bit. One of their functionaries actually contacted Twitter to have his account suspended because he 'advocated violence towards reporters' and was turned down flat by the Twitter administrators.

The video, which has Trump body slamming Vince McMahon from years ago had McMahon's head replaced with a CNN logo. It's an obvious parody:

Their reaction, which takes self righteousness to a ridiculous extreme, tells all. They can dish it out.

But they can't take it, and it's going to keep coming... 



Words to live by; thanks Private Winger.

Saturday, 1 July

Holiday Weekend Edition:

With the 4th of July extended holiday break on hand some reflection is due.

President Trump has had, without doubt, the most rugged six months of any presidency since Harry Truman inherited WWII from FDR and learned about the A-bomb.

To that fact Truman probably had an easier set of decisions; dropping a couple of nasty bombs beat losing half a million men in an invasion of mainland Japan. On the other hand, Trump inherited an anti-American policy machine 8 years into it's work.

And the most hostile media since Jefferson and Adams took each other on as well.

But the dust seems to be settling a bit. The opposition party is hopelessly divided; it makes the GOP infighting look like a lover's spat in comparison. Their only real passion is for state socialism, and only 2 in 10 people will ever vote for that.

They're basically screwed, and have almost no electoral chances at the present juncture. Trump would beat anyone they ran now and the GOP will hold onto the House and Senate.

Forget what the pundits say. They have been wrong on an almost historic scale.

Their lapdog media is having their demons visit them; they unleashed so many lies and false charges against the president in a futile attempt to drive him from office that they are now coming back at them.

Has anyone seen so many retractions by the media in so short a time? The big CNN scandal of last week was precipitated by a threatened $100 million lawsuit they most certainly would have lost.

The MSNBC couple in the middle of the tweetstorm now have the Enquirer after them for their own moral decay, and will not fare well either.

In short, just about everything you've been told is wrong, and now the crow eating begins. Incapable of admitting error, the opposition instead will eat it's own as scapegoats will be found and fired.

Meanwhile, Trump is getting most, if not all of his policies enacted. McConnell will eke out some sort of healthcare compromise, and the House gets votes on Sanctuary cities and Kate's Law.

It will be quite revealing to see which Dems vote against either bill. They will both pass, you just watch. The progressive death grip on the party will start to loosen as the members start to think of their OWN survival.

As far as the president's tweets, they will not only never stop but the more egregious ones will fade into background as his policies start to prove successful. Look at your gas prices ths week.

They usually go up on holidays. It's a little over $2 a gallon now. That put's billions in the public's pockets just when they need it most.

Oh, and if you are a tinpot dictator in the Korean peninsula you might just want to double up on the life insurance, too.

It's all good, and from to the rest of the Free World, happy Independence Day weekend!



CNN 'nothingburger'. No nutrition but less filling.

Thursday, 29 June:

The big story today is about yet another Donald Trump tweet.

It's another attack, although devestatingly truthful and revealing, on the media. Keep in mind they are their own best audience; they care far more about their immediate bubble than the country they speak to.

They also think themselves moral exemplars and purveyors of the truth, or at least the selective truth they find important. The biggest deal for them is their sense of sanctimony. They really do feel that somehow they do something SO important, SO relevant that they are above any form of criticism.

Add to this the progressive's sense of entitlement and you have a potent mix for the Fourth Estate. For the last eight years they were in complete obeisance to The One, the self styled savior of the New Order.

They thought him nifty, cool and peachy keen. Never even a tough question was thrown his way; indeed they were more than happy to paper over his sketchy past. No interest was shown in the Rezko real estate scandal, the lockdown of college records and associates, the gay affairs and his communist mentor.

Not a peep. In fact, inquiring as to whether the man who would be president was actually a legal citizen was considered not to be cautionary but 'racist'.

Now, even if one isn't an afficianado of the 45th president you would still have to admit that he is treated FAR differently. This isn't an argument. One network was evaluated by a Harvard study to run 93% of it's content as opposing Trump.

That would be CNN, of course. The one that just had the worst two weeks of it's existence.

This time the target of the President's ire is the network dedicated to the tinfoil hat segment of the progressive left movement, MSNBC. Their names are irrelevant unless you keep track of such things; suffice to say their audience is both miniscule and almost solely NY based.

Was his tweet intemperate? You bet. Was it accurate?

It was spot on, brutally honest and showed them to be the two faced hypocrites they are. Once again, the style instead of the substance was addressed, and with all the hysteria they could muster. Some Democrats called for his resignation.

Then again they have been asking for his removal since Inauguration Day, so nothing new there. If all of you are seeing a pattern, guess what? You're right.

The one thing that literally everyone gets wrong is the tweets. Now, most of the cries of the media to stop is because they cannot control the message as he bypasses them via social media. That's part of it.

But even his supporters buy into the supposed random and even counterproductive statements.

What if they aren't? 

Have you ever considered the best way to beat your foe is through deceit, or a 'feint'? Let's go back to Trump and Patton. In the buildup to the Normandy invasion Eisenhower had Patton create an army out of thin air to fool the Nazis into thinking the invasion would be at Pas De Calais.

They had phony vehicles and planes, all dummies, planted in plain sight. Patton was on location, making sure informants would see him and report back to Berlin. It's called 'deception', and it's one of Sun Tzu's first orders of war.

With Trump, the tweets are the 'shiny object'. It's what you flash to gain attention. He takes advantage of the simple fact he doesn't give a damn what the media thinks about him. So, baiting them in the most personal of terms gets their attention.

All of it, too. Then they say this all somehow 'hurts his agenda'? But does it?

Look at what happened today. While the media masses went crazy over being called two faced mooches he got his travel ban installed, Kate's Law and the Sanctuary City laws through the House, was informed that economic growth was adjusted upward from .07 percent to 1.2.

Sec Def Jim Mattis has prepared a plan to take out the North Koreans. Homeland Security chief John Kelly chided lawmakers during his House appearance for putting the lives of his border officers in peril with their open border nonsense.

They have rounded up and deported almost a thousand MS-13 gang members.

The House approved health care and the Senate is close. The moment it is passed the tax reform can take place as budget reconciliation has opened up an avenue to cut taxes and stimulate the economy.

In spite of 'Russiagate' he will meet with Putin during the G-20 affair next week.

All of this in the first six months of the presidency. If you think the opposition feels he is accomplishing nothing think again. Their sheer panic stands as mute evidence.

It's called 'winning', and it is what the man promised. Sick of it yet?...



Supreme Court on his side as well.

Wednesday, 28 June:

Like Patton's Third Army charging up the Rhine after the German offensive commonly known as the 'Battle of the Bulge', President Donald J Trump has pulled off almost as amazing a manuever.

For Patton it was turning an entire army on it's heels, doing a 90 degree about face and in a stunning display relieved Bastogne within a few days. It is still considered one of the greatest feats in modern millitary history.

One could say Trump, like the Allies, after the counteroffensive of the Bulge, was reeling momentarily. Particularly after the concerted efforts of his enemies -and this is exactly what they are- in the media had painted he and his administration either toadies, or worse, traitors to a foreign power.

His tweets, just like Patton ordering his officers not to eat untlil the enlisted men had, or leading his troops by directing traffic with his pearl handled .45's on his hip, were considered gauche and unbecoming.

Then the worm turned, as they say.

All of a sudden the enemy made key mistakes. Having advanced a false narrative all along, they found themselves having misrepresentations coming back to haunt them. The NY Times, Washington Post, CNN and others had to retract stories; issue apologies, fire people.

One of CNN's top editors admitted that the Russia story was 'mostly bullshit'.

The obvious malfeasance of the previous administration is now out there, and REAL criminal activity is about to be exposed. Former AG Loretta Lynch could face prison.

Her deputy, the former supposed boy scout named James Comey has had his halo knocked sideways as he exposes himself as both an admitted coward and leaker of privileged information, someone far more interested in his reputation than the truth.

That he was 'punked' by Trump over the supposed taping of Oval Office conversations that made him testify truthfully and then try to walk it back by saying he 'felt' pressure was put on him is no longer in doubt.

He won unanimous decisions from the Supremes on both the travel ban and the offensive language bills; the Washington Redskins can breathe easy and the previous administration can consider themselves thoroughly bitch slapped.

And rightly so. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg turned on them; the very idea that a government can arbitrarily decide what trademarks are 'offensive' is blatantly unconstitutional on it's face. The travel ban, which was a partial victory was still unanimous.

They will hear arguments on the case in September. But the fact the president can keep non citizens out of the country was shouted loud and clear. Big blow to the political activists posing as judges in the 4th and 9th Circuits.

Big blow to open border criminal George Soros.

Oh, and by the way prototypes for the Border Wall are now being built. Trump will call for a shutdown of government if the Dems resist this. He has no fear.

It's called 'winning', and not sure about others but we're sure not tired of it...


29.06.2017 01:11


May George Soros face a lifetime of painful urination and bleeding hemorrhoids.