endorsed by the Father of the Country? Trump campaign stop more likely...

Wednesday 8 February:

Understanding Donald J Trump isn't really all that difficult.

First of all, let's take a look at just WHO the man is, and how he got to this position in his life. He has been called, with a great degree of accuracy, a 'blue collar billionaire'.

His father Fred, was a builder of low cost housing who, while successful, never lost his humble beginnings. When Donald was just a lad the family would be taken to jobsites on Sunday afternoon, where the kids would be tasked to collect nails that hadn't been used.

This, and other such interactions as having young Donald learn how to drive a Catepillar bulldozer imbued the youngsters with a work ethic that by any standards is amazing. It explains why he works until 1-2 AM and arises at 5.

He is, simply, a driven man. This ethos, which is common in successful business people is much rarer in politics.

So, lesson number one is do NOT underestimate his desire to do as he says. It's what makes him tick. He has little interst in the trapping of office, which also separates him from other office holders.

To all those who come here with misgivings of the man, which are understandable, the whole idea here is to paint a complete portrait -a fair one- of someone the mainstream media basically despises.

That will be addressed in future posts.

For now, the deconstruction of his life, and what is truth and what isn't, is what will be addressed.

While Fred Trump built his low cost units, many of which was purchased by returning veterans under the GI Bill, Donald would look wistfully across the river to Manhattan, where he fancied himself not just a builder but someone who would alter the city's landscape and, well, sort of 'make New York great again.

It had deteriorated in the late 60's, and the urban blight was everywhere.

Meanwhile, he was kind of an incorrigible child, full of energy and somewhat of a discipline issue. This renegade within an achiever type will be the hallmark of his career. His father enrolled him in the NY Military Academy.

This was to be a seminal moment in his young life, and where much of who he is was developed.


What really happened there...