DJT swinging away at NYMA; always could hit for power...

Tuesday 10 September:


This is the time of the year where America's Pastime -the glorious game of baseball- goes into what is called the 'stretch run'.

Teams have spent all of their efforts since February when pitchers and catchers report to get ready for this 20 game span. Those who with good teams and matching luck can sit back and watch others battle.

Others have to play each game like it's their last. Getting 'hot' right now is the key.

Politics, like baseball, has a season, and a zero sum affair. The election cycle being the World Series. And like the star baseball player the president was as a youth (he was scouted by pro teams) he is now getting ready for the stretch run.

Think of it like having a 15 game lead with 20 games to go.

He is obviously relaxed and comfortable. The president the media paints a distorted picture of would not stand on the South Lawn and do improptu press conferences with no notes. Like he does  now fairly regularly.

His grasp of the issues is so good that the media (opposition) knows they simply must ridicule  him because any cogent analysis would cause massive public support.

Face it. The guy is right on the issues, unless you buy into all that globalist/transhumanism movement. You know who. The one that wants to reduce four fifths of the population.

They support all of that infanticide/genocide product; selling baby parts for fun and profit -perhaps a Lamborghini could be involved- censorship, thought control, medicines that are not healthy, constant war.

You know who they are. And if you don't then someone has not been paying attention for oh, fifty years or so. These are the ones that 45 talked about as long ago as 35 years ago with Rona Barrett.

How America, or 'Fortress America' was being played for a sucker on a continuing basis.

This was something the future president simply could not abide. It ate at him. It was this fundamental disagreement with The Powers That Be that propelled him to the spot he currently resides.

When he was mocked mercilessly at the 2011 Correspondents Dinner you could see that the long term plan was now kicked into motion. It was time. Watch it again here. It is a seminal moment indeed, as it lay out the beginning of the narrative. 


The rest of the story you all know pretty well by now. He blows 16 GOP 'stars' off the stage and then, at about thirty five cents on the dollar beats her handily. The smartest woman in the world was not supposed to lose.

So, here we are.

Congress is now back in session, as POTUS has had them reeling on their heels since the recess. Their globalist owners quite unhappy they didn't see what DJT and his people did while they were blowing phony climate scare scams up people's pantlegs back home.

As he is sorting the world order -Brexit, the EU and Atlantic Council, Brazil, the Koreas, a deal with Abe and Japan all dealt with.

Ukraine and Russia dealing with each other. Nobody noticed that one.

The big news today is John Bolton's long awaited departure. He was hired to be fired. Anyone who knows anything gets that. While occasionally correct -he was a die hard patriot; just wired to a different age- he was there to let POTUS know pretty much what not to do.

Classic example was Venezuela.

Bolton really thought he could get the president to order a military strike on Maduro's air base. They were down to a time of attack. Only trouble is it didn't occur. Just like the strike against Iran for the drone, POTUS nixed the military response.

Gamed out, these incidents should have brought a different response.

Both sides know this. Iran was shocked when we didn't take out a city over the drone. No, a short while later POTUS allowed using the telemetry from their radars to be used to target an electronic 'response'.

It basically compromised their coastal missile batteries.

Bolton, and the other warhawk/neocon/DS element in the government do NOT like this one bit. There is supposed to be predictable responses. This is how the Game is played. 

This president is pulling a 'Kobayashi Maru' scenario. In the Star Trek film 'Wrath of Khan' a segment has a training exercise where all Starfleet officers must pass a test where you cannot possibly win.

Officers training here does the same. You cannot know how to lead troops unless you understand losing. That's how you really learn. But then cadet James T Kirk decided he didn't like the rules.

So he changed the game.

Made some programming changes to the system to allow 'death defying' safe conclusions. POTUS has done exactly the same thing here. He didn't think these rules were even remotely fair. Why did there have to be a loss?

Says who? 

So, the other side has yet to adjust to the fact that there is new rules. They are now based on fact, logic and a basic understanding of what promotes peace. 

That's an ugly word to most of them. To the current commander in chief it is a word to live by. Business and pleasure beats war all day long and the real world knows it. Bolton was a lighting rod that the president grabbed tightly.

He knew this would flesh out the entire globalist crowd. This way the public learned as well.

Voices on both the right and left are decrying the departure of Bolton. They felt their war was always possible with him around. Yes, both sides want this.

That's how bad it is. However, President Trump most assuredly does not. Now, going forward he has to expose the phony internal element obsessed with impeachment. The ugly political match remains.

The really amazing thing is how much he has accomplished internationally with essentially one hand tied behind his back and a set of leg chains on.

The former baseball star at New York Military Academy is ready for this 'stretch run' now. He has to roll the internal enemy, which is the most entrenched first. That will be the coming indictment (as many as four of them) to disgraced FBI official Andrew McCabe.

This will set a wild chapter of document dump met by serious spin. The opposition now will blatant lie -the CNN Russia spy/POTUS story that was just torn apart- knowing that within 48 hours it's ancient news.

The assault on the public's intelligence will be brutal. But it will 'awaken' many.

This should take the rest of this year. They should have this sorted pretty much by the New Year. It has to be around then, too.

Because next year comes an election cycle that will be FAIR. There will be voter ID and paper ballots, illegals will be off the rolls, and an honest election will be delivered. He and those who seek freedom will win in a landslide.

Just have to win the next few poliical 'playoff games' to do it. The future is never guaranteed.

That said, put ALL of your money on this particular president...


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45 and the 'Joe the Dolt' Walsh:


Monday, 26 August:

President Donald J Trump has faced down the entire planet at once.

The world blinked.

This was easy enough to see coming; indeed the last post here pretty much set up the underlying motivations propelling this moment. Knowing full well the G7 meetings in France were coming served POTUS a moment to strike.

And did he. After Monday's press conference it was clear. He came to a big chess board in Biarritz, and immediately started moving pieces. He knew what the G7 nations wanted, what their agendas (and as result their weaknesses) were, and what opportunities he could exploit.

The rest of the world was holding its collective breath.

The trade deal with Red China was by all accounts the 800 lb gorilla in the room, indeed it was painted flourescent pink as well. It, and the effect on the world economy, was on everyone's minds.

One prominent exception: The 45th president of the United States.

While everyone else was guessing, he knew. He had all the cards when he arrived. The Chinese government had screwed up royally when they withdrew from an agreement they signed onto months ago. If they were smart they would have seized that deal.

It would have backed POTUS into a corner they would then have some say over. A deal is a 'deal', you know. But when the Red generals saw that the Long March- Mao's dream of a world wide communist hegemony- was threatened by this they revolted against Premier Xi.

Xi hung himself with a full throated endorsement of this 'plan' back in 2017. To wit:


So, when he agreed to the deal that would have put China and the US on a legally enforced path to fair trade the communist apparatchiks in his country revolted. They know they cannot play 'fair' on an even playing field and still overtake the West.

They aren't creative, innovative, honest and ambitious enough. Decades of communism has driven that out of the body politic.

They are hard wired to steal our intellectual property, force our businesses to share technology, and make our companies build their product in their country. As POTUS loves to point out, they love this advantage and he doesn't blame them one bit.

He correctly blames the previous inhabitants at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Not just the last fellow, either- although he did have some ripe comments for him on another topic- he indicted 43, 42 and 41. All of them.

They allowed this to occur by letting a communist adversary to join the WTO in 2001. A 'sanitized' history on Wiki still worth the read to see just HOW they have taken advantage.


There was no way the Chinese would ever play along unless forced to. This just occurred. To those who insist that the Chinese are 'playing' the president, that they have a plan to 'stall' this whole thing until 'China Joe' Biden and the Dems save them in 2020 one can only say this:

You are dead wrong. 

You don't understand economics, China, and the determination of this president -and the people around him- to bring this issue to a head. DJT is, as he maintained several times, oblivious to the politics of this whole thing.

A political solution would be to make major concessions to them while getting some of the issues resolved. In other words, a less than satisfactory deal would be politically smart.

Maybe so. The Chinese have huge support from the left in this country, particularly the media. You might have noticed the same people who blame Russia for everything are the ones most quiet about China.

They admire the control communism has. They long for it.

It is in this framework that the president had to work. The G7 wants tariffs lifted, as does China, as does Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce. The late David Koch spent millions trying to stop the 'protectionism' of the populist Trump presidency.

One could say 45 had a huge uphill battle. He did.

But like the members of the 101st Airborne -the 'battling bastards of Bastogne- famously said to Patton's forces when they were relieved:

'We had 'em (the Germans) exactly where we wanted them- surrounding us'. Point being they always knew exactly where the enemy was. No surprises, then.

Same thing here. POTUS knew he had the whole world lined up against him and behind China, while still knowing they knew this was wrong. They all know China is a bad actor. But the corrupt nature of their positions -fat cats living off of people they fed with cheap Chinese products- had them in straightjackets.

Not President Trump.

He went to France, hammered out bilateral trade with Japan, got a framework with Boris Johnson over post Brexit deals, and told the EU they had better behave or else 25% tariffs would be slapped on BMW's and Mercedes.

Not to mention French wine.

French President Emmanuel Macron-with the approval of POTUS- made overtures to Iranian premiere Rouhani- to start talks with Tehran. This was the big news, although it was expected by many.

The media talking heads are having a field day analyzing every side of these deals. It has a lot of people on both sides scared. Good.

Change frightens a lot of people. However, this president is forcing changes while he holds the upper hand in every instance. He has power over China; their economy is in tatters, and contrary to some they can't just wait this out.

They will collapse unless they can feed the nascent capitalist giant they created. One look at Hong Kong tells all one needs to know.

Iran? They are also on the verge of failure. Inflation there is running at about 42 percent. They have sanctions on all of their leaders. The Revolutionary Guard has been sidelined with lack of funds.

The people there are turning on the government. They are sick of their terrorist ways.

Meanwhile the pro Israel crowd is wary of any overtures to their natural enemies in Tehran. This is perfect. If you want to get something really done, move against all the agendas at once.

This is the particular brilliance of President Trump and his policy initiatives. Based on economic populism they are almost impossible to argue against. He wants a planet with a free populace and successful businesses.

Pretty simple.

You see, POTUS knows how to play the 'long game' as well. He and his advisors know full well what the opposition wants, what it needs, and what it should get. This includes the politcal opposition in this country.

All of whom he has pretty much handcuffed brilliantly. So much so that they have to look to obscure former congressmen from Illinois for some pushback. That it is pathetic beyond belief just shows how much control 45 actually has.

Suffice to say, the G8 was what all of his foreign excursions are: A stunning success.

These events are usually gladhanding photo ops. Not when he goes there. He has remade the world yet again in the last 48 hours. It won't be the last time, either.

He got everything and gave nothing. Everyone is 'dying for a deal'. 

Now, if they are good boys and girls and behave themselves properly they just might. They know they can't derail POTUS politically. They also really suspect he will win re election handily in spite of what John Kerry and the Kenyan tell them in their 'shadow diplomacy'.

And as far as the 'challenge from Joe Walsh' he would be in far more danger if it were the Eagles/James Gang guitarist more well known for trashing hotel rooms; not the empty headed dolt from the tony Chicago suburb of Barrington.

Didn't the president warn you about getting sick of 'winning'? Perhaps his political foes do.

Not here...

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The late Epstein and Billy C. No place to run, no place to hide...

Tuesday, 13 August:

It's been a wild two weeks since the last post.

The layoff was deliberate. Too many people breaking down the moment to moment activities desperately looking for the big 'a ha' reveal. The cascade of evidence promised was instead a slow, but steady dribble.

This was, of course, always in The Plan.

By taking some time to see the rollout without dissecting every syllable -the so called '30,000 feet view- it's quite easy to see the Big Picture, and it is just fascinating. It is everything the freedom movement would want to see, and it is happening worldwide.

All at once.

There is one man fully in control of all this, and it is the 45th president currently in charge. Forget about the media cartoon vision of the man. Forget for a moment it is a billionaire real estate/reality show magnate well known for decades.

Instead, think of a determined Chief Executive. In politics it would be either Andrew Jackson or Theodore Roosevelt. In military terms Julius Caesar or Geroge Patton. They are human, they make mistakes. However, they had clear visions and were utterly relentless. 

By now most of you who read this know the government was completely compromised by foreign interests. The march to globalism was no accident.

It was the result of a long term plan cooked up by outsiders to first use, then derail, the United States of America. This is no real secret; most know of what terrible things that happened to the sovereignty of this country 100 years ago by the Wilson administration.

The IRS, the League of Nations and the forced entry of the US in WW I, the creation of the Federal Reserve, and the move to a government of professional bureaucrats, all anonymous and unaccountable.

This begat the Endless War, and the resulting bastardization of the country's currency.

This is why we are trillions of dollars in debt, and the futures of the children who live here are all mortgaged to the hilt. Why they are being sold the '$15 an hour living wage' lie in a land known for boundless opportunity.

It is also why this most unusual of presidents is in office.

You all also know the Russians had zero impact on the election, and any 'collusion' was between the other party as they sought to 'reset' relations and then sold them 20% of the uranium supplies of the US.

Not the phantom hotel that was never built in Moscow.

Everyone has seen the president try to protect the law abiding, and the taxpayer. He has sought to keep terrorist elements from entering the country, whether it be from the Middle East or coming across the southern border.

You have seen the aggressive pushback from politicians who's salary you pay.

This isn't to say our fine readers, who are all smarter than the average bear, are not hip to all this. Nothing so far said here is any great surprise. But when packaged together, in context, it makes the case you are aware of that much more powerful.

This does not end at our shores. The globalist movement towards world socialism run by a handful of coddled so called 'elites', has it's hydra tentacles everywhere.

The situations in Venezuela, Guatemala, Hong Kong and Paris are all connected, as is 'Brexit' in the UK.

The same malevolent forces behind all of it. However, so is the same voices of freedom ringing around the world. The yellowjackets' in France, the protestors in Hong Kong, and the British patriots who clamor for release from the EU all the same.

Without POTUS, and to a certain extent 'Q' and the 'Anons', they would be mute.

The media, which is owned and controlled by a few corporate entities all sworn to the globalist agenda (yes, that includes FOX and OAN) gives you either a skewed version of events or outright falsehoods.

The NY Times and the Washington Post love to list the 'lies' the Commander in Chief says daily.

Does he lie? The answer is simple. 

No. He spins, he sells, and puts the best foot forward, but as Geraldo Rivera pointed out some time ago, 'there is always some truth in everything he says'. On the contrary, the media DOES lie, and lies with a determined nature, every day.

They are not spin. They are not 'best foot forward'. They are outright fabrications meant to get rid of a president that scares the crap out of them. To an extent that is to be expected.

The media has made themselves a laughing stock. Better yet, they have been turned into almost a perfect 'reverse barometer'.

You can take almost anything they say, believe the complete opposite and you will be correct almost 90% of the time. They say the president colluded and was in league with foreign adversaries.

It was the other side. Not his.

All of the negative claims pressed against him are the mirror reflection of those who cast them.

Right now, the investigations into his background, his election, and conduct since have been exposed as frauds. Soon the Mueller hoax will be public knowledge. The fact that Red China owns many of our politicians and the media is now becoming public.

The #1 Democrat running against him secured a billion dollar payoff for his son from the Chinese, who don't throw that money around lightly- unless they are getting a nice return- for the investment.

They don't have any control on DJT. This is driving them batty.

His tariffs against them, and the voices of the freedom movement in Hong Kong have the communist overlords backed into a corner. The media is telling you they can confidently wait out the president, that their 'Long March' to world control is a fait accompli.

It's in the cards, they assert.

Nonsense. China is on the verge of collapse. Their economy in freefall, their plan to steal the world's secrets through Huawei's coming 5G tech dashed on the rocks, and the flight of world capital leaving them for other countries.

Vietnam. Thailand. The Phillipines. They are welcoming these factories, and will pay free people a better wage, too.

Mexico simply cannot wait to sign the USMCA. It treats them like equals for a change. However, the 'resist' movement in congress sits on it, knowing full well it is good for the country and the region but unwilling to allow the president any victory.

As the execrable HBO shill Bill Maher recently claimed: 'we need a recession to happen in 2020 so he will not be relected'. In his selfish bubble, a recession is preferable to his presidency.

Sure. He is worth an incredible $100 million. And he sure did love Epstein and his 'Lolita Express', too.

This is the face of the opposition. Smug, selfish, obsessed with craven desires and completely unaccountable. The Epstein iceberg is surrounded by the 'Titanics' of the likes of Maher, and others like him.

They all made multiple trips to 'Paradise Island' in the Carribean. Some also called it 'Pedophile Island' as well. His sudden, but eminently predictable demise, will change absolutely nothing. 

You see, all of this is connected somehow. The ultra rich are as corrupt as a human soul can be. And Epstein's little resort was 'wired for picture and sound' and run as a honeytrap by a now almost defunct foreign intelligence service.

They no longer have blackmail control over the world's leaders and celebrities.

The white hats have it all. Remember that infamous laptop of convicted pedophile Anthony Weiner? Yeah, it's like that. And the 33,000 scrubbed e-mails Julian Assange has full knowledge of.

Only a LOT more. This explains the near insane response to not only his arrest and death, but the retweet by 45 that a certain former First Family is implicated up to their necks in this.

The media's utter lack of interest in the discrepancy of his claims of '4 trips' when flight logs show 26 times. No, instead they say it's a 'conspiracy theory with no evidence'. Notice they will not say 'who' is in the conspiracy.

Oh, and there actually is plenty of evidence. Google has been busy trying to scub as much of it as they can. However, they are in huge trouble, too. POTUS has threatened executive action against their bias.

So here we are.

The world is on the verge of change. The 'Great Awakening' that Q and their adherents spoke of is blooming like a beautiful rose. Nothing sweeter than the scent of freedom to those who see it starting to disappear.

To those who fret about the way things play out, to those who think the rollout is too slow, and too late a simple word of advice. 

Patience. Undoing a systemic evil that has hidden behind dynasties for over 6,000 years will not disappear in a fortnight. As Q has said, we have 'one chance to get this right'. This is why slime like Comey was allowed to walk- for now.

The free world was frustrated by the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and others for decades. This president is moving with lightning speed in comparison.

Predicting when and how this will occur is all guesswork. That said, it is this analyst's conclusion that the next three weeks will be just huge. 

This is why this site has advocated to relax, enjoy your summer, family and friends. Watch some baseball or pre season football. Let this play out.

'Q' has said to load up on popcorn, because it is 'like a movie'. 'Enjoy the show', they say.

There is an excellent chance that the world will unite behind a plan of personal freedom and public service. A worldwide multi trillion dollar infrastructure plan instead of black budget weapon development looking for a war to be used in.

This is why there is no shooting war. The major players have agreed to not fight. This also explains the frustration of the 'black hats' of the Deep State who have tried, and failed, to start conflicts in the Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela and the foment of violence here and in France.

Yes, someone is in charge. Someone who sees world peace through successful business deals.

He is President Donald J Trump, and he is doing what he does best.



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Mueller: 'I will state the truth, or maybe most of the truth'...

Wednesday, 24 July:

A note to all the progressive leaning readers of this column, the very precious few of you:

It's over. Done, finished, collapsed completely. Whatever little credibility this fraud had going for it- and that wasn't much- is now gone, vanished in the thin air.

That was the nominal involvement of the Russian government in the 2016 election, an indictment of a so called 'troll farm' that is suspect, and evidence of ad buys at Facebook that totaled about $120k.

HRC spent over a billion. Chump change.

The stuff on POTUS was always a phony; the so called 'insurance policy' that FBI conspirators Strzok and Page talked so freely about. Frame the incoming president for conspiring with the Russians to defeat his opponent, and then obstructing the legitimate investigation.

It was anything but. 

He was spied on, lied about, and his staff set up and with direct media cooperation. They basically projected their crimes onto his new administration and then began to flip the switch.

General Flynn was arrested for lying to the FBI yet the agents who questioned him said 'he never lied'. One of the agents thought he might had a slip of memory but it was not intentional. What did he do?

He took the call of the Russian ambassador. Keep in mind Flynn was the incoming National Security Advisor. Speaking to foreign diplomats -and no matter what one thinks about Sergey Kislyak he is a diplomat- is part of your job.

But the media whores were fed their talking points and they went after the rookie staff, getting the good general in a box with VP Mike Pence which was purely engineered by them.

Flynn was fired for a lie that he was forced into. This was the first of many traps they had ready. They really though they were so smart, so slick. Like Al Franken setting up Jeff Sessions during his confirmation hearings with 'help' from CNN.

They had it all down. The brigand Trump and his pack of reformers were toast. Just a matter of time when public opinion could be turned against him and they could get the RINO 'neverTrumpers' to jump on an impeachment bandwagon.

Only problem is it never happened because it couldn't happen. The lie was just too big.

The weight of actual evidence was like 1,000 to 1 against them. This is why they have had to scrape for anything dirty on the man for 32 months now.

Today Robert Mueller let the last bit of air out of the balloon. His performance, which was just as bad as his nine minute press reading several months ago, only interminably longer. He was at time almost incoherent and confused.

Frankly, he looked like he would be more at home at Del Webb than in front of congress, although there were some other real sad sacks in there as well.

He did far worse than bumble the hearing away. He was forced to validate the lies Weissmann had in his 411 page report. That he was 'forced to' not consider indictment of POTUS because of DoJ policy.

He said that before and had to correct it afterward; he had to correct the record when DoJ admonished him for it. Today he said it under oath and had to correct it once more. There was NO such policy, and he once again had to admit they didn't have the goods to deliver the charge.

That's pretty key, don't you think?

The theater was predictably bad; but then again no one expected Hamlet. Muting the Democrats and watching with closed caption prevented massive brain damage. Anyone who thinks Mueller and the Dems survived the day is simply delusional.

DJT took a deserved victory turn as he left for a rally in W Virginia. The media, bruised and unhappy with the day's events tried the statements of hostility posed as 'questions'. He was having none of it.

'That's a very dishonest question' he shouted at one. It was the typical 'your aides lied to the SC and what will you do about it' sort of thing. He blasted them with facts.

'Weissmann and his aides are dishonest' That's why he lost the Andersen case 9-0 in front of the Supreme Court'. Meaning this guy is a known slime.

He upbraided them and the Mueller travesty for 'ruining the lives of good people like General Flynn". Not much of a code guy but 'they ruined' and 'General Flynn' in the same sentence from the chief law enforcement officer of the nation seems to mean his justice is coming soon. 

This was both a terrible day and a great day. Terrible because many -the so called 'normies'- will be forced into wake up mode and realize they have been lied to and misled for a long time. 

The good?

It's over. This was the Battle of the Bulge, Mueller the great Ardennes offensive of the Third Reich in 1944 that ended up an umitigated disaster. Now they are routed; don't buy into the funeral procession like the press briefing Pelosi and Schiff had.

They can squeal about their fantasy disappearing. Understandable.

But they can no longer sell this turkey, and the response of 45 and his allies will be as epic as it will be unrelenting. If DJT looked triumphant as he boarded Marine One, well guess what?

He was...


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The so called 'squad'. DJT has painted them as the face of the party. They are now toast...

Tuesday, 16 July:

How do you know Donald J Trump is winning?

By the vitriol level aimed at him by the resist crowd, which pretty much means most of the so-called 'traditional politicians' of the world. Once again, he knowingly waded into the 'Third Rail' of political discourse.

This time it wasn't just 'race'. In fact it had virtually nothing to do with that topic. No, this was about the toxic combination of socialism, globalism and faux feminism. The fact that he's right about this makes the media hounds bay all the more loudly.

Let's take a look at the so called 'Squad'.

You have four freshman female Democrats who have decided that the fig leaf Nancy Pelosi and her compatriots try to give them was not necessary. They arrived in DC 'ready to rumble' as they say in WWF lingo.

The progressives (read that international globalist government advocates) have taken over the Democrat party under the leadership of the Previous Occupant. The days of the party being pro Labor but pro American are now long gone.

It is a party of One World Government. Period.

No matter what they deny, the facts are there. They are also the party of open borders, and of every form of licentious behavior. They are for the wholesale slaughter of unborn innocents while opposing adoption.

This is just for starters. As the saying goes, 'just wait, there's more'.

These four congresswomen are the face of the REAL Democrat party. They are all advocates of the Muslim Brotherhood, which infests the government, once again thanks to the Last Lot that inhabited Foggy Bottom.

They are not only toxic, but all utterly unpopular. Their titular leader, AOC espouses quasi communist policies. They are actually crypto fascist; she wears 'Evita' gear and her handler Saikat Chakrabarti wears the T shirt of Nazi sympathizer Subhas Chandra Bose on it.

To wit:



Now, she's the leader. The brains of the outfit. That's how sad this is. You also have Ilhan Omar, a plant -once again a gift from the Previous Occupant- as he 'directed' 41,000 Somali's into 2 key districts in the Twin City area of Minnesota.

This peach married her brother to defeat US immigration laws. She is under investigation for this, and will almost asssuredly be removed from congress over it. However, while there she is an unrelenting voice of the Brotherhood and it's goals of a worldwide caliphate.

Her popularity rating stands at a whopping NINE PERCENT. Cortez comes in around 20% or so. These are who POTUS is making the Democrats (and media whores) defend. They will help him flip the House to the GOP next year.

Once again, to wit:


Then there's Rashida Talib from Michigan, who is the most vocal Brotherhood advocate; she is a radical Islamic nutjob who loathes the United States and is part of the worldwide jihad movement like Linda Sarsour.

There is ZERO difference between the two.

Finally another 'gift' from Massachusetts, Ayanna Presley. She is more of the garden variety leftist, she agrees with the 'all of the above' sentiments of the rest of the pack. None of them are particularly bright, although Cortez has the most presence.

They are all gifts to President Trump. From the National Review (no fans of POTUS):


Now, many out there might buy the fear mongering the media is pushing about the tweets of the president, but rest assured that they are once again spectacularly wrong. Is 45 being impolite? Sure he is.

This is not just another politcal campaign. This is a war for the soul of the country. Either we are a Constitutional Republic with limits on suffrage or we aren't. If not, if the constitution is a 'living document' than we are whatever the current mob in charge wants us to be.

This is the perils of Democracy, which is tyranny of the majority. Why Madison and Jefferson rejected it out of hand as a form of government. Why the electoral college exists. North Dakota is as important as New York.

As it should be.

This is the foundation of the argument President Trump is making. It may be uncomfortable to watch, but so is AntiFa and the 'reconquistas' attacking a Federal agency and raising the flag of a foreign country on it.

This isn't a parlor game anymore. It is a full out conflict, and things will most likely get worse before they get better. Cornered rats turn violent.

This is why POTUS jumped into this fray. The media gets it totally wrong, of course. They say he should have 'stayed out of the circular firing squad' the Dems were having. This would have been a huge mistake.

Pelosi was trying to show an electable center left coalition. The 'squad' wants no part of this. They are THE voice of the progressive movement; it's not Connor Lamb or the other 'moderates' they snuck in the last election.

Instead, DJT has pasted this rabble as the face of their party going forward. It's called 'winning, folks'.

Get used to it. More is coming really soon...


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Idiot tool Maher speaks. They don't know tweets are forever...

Thursday, 11 July:

What a week.

In a presidency not known as a sea of tranquility, this last week or so has been just epic in size and scope. The only thing missing is the big heads rolling, which is coming soon. Other than that the country (and watching world) has been treated to quite a spectacle.

Number one among this was the arrest and arraignment of Jeffery Epstein.

This has been widely anticipated for some time; particularly to those who follow the 'Q anon' universe. Even the so called mainstream media has made notice that the Epstein scandal has been a more or less routine item of discussion on the 8chan boards.

The implications of this arrest are huge. What has transpired at his private island over the past several decades was a source of much speculation. There is a lot of hard evidence, too. Seems these so called 'elite' are not ashamed of their unusual sexual proclivities.

They openly shared their experiences on social media. BIG mistake.

Many have downloaded the images and tweets these people made, and are now able to hang them directly around their necks. This includes Hollywood libertines and former presidents. Not to mention photos, flight logs, and other forms of evidence that tie these people to this person.

Epstein has been a fixture on the Palm Beach/NYC/Hollywood 'swinging' scene for quite some time. So long that even President Trump has a passing relationship with him. More on that later.

What was most notable about him was his easy money and his playground. Alternately called a 'multi millionaire' and a 'billionaire' -no one seems to know just how much he does have- he showed a cavalier disregard to making it as opposed to spending it.

How he made the money is equally mysterious. He somehow turned a routine trader position at Bear Stearns into his own management firm with over a billion in assets. Now, to those out there who are wise to the ways of the intelligence universe there is another aspect of his 'career'.

The one that really matters: he, and his island were part of an elaborate sting operation controlled by a foreign intelligence service. Their reason?

To be able to use blackmail to achieve their foreign policy goals. This bombshell has yet to be revealed publically; indeed when Labor Secretary Acosta was grilled by reporters during his response to charges he was 'easy' on Epstein in a previous trial he did a dance when this was brought up.

'Did he work for a foreign intelligence service?' the reporter queried.

Acosta did a shuffle on it, demurred and said 'there are a LOT of stories out there' and 'most of which are untrue' and 'this is a rabbit hole I don't want to go down'.

What was obvious is he didn't say 'no'.

Frankly, this has been more or less common knowledge within the intel community for a long time. Mostly because it made all sorts of sense. It explains his money, his lack of caring about how it was either made or spent, and the raw information that another nation could exploit for their own use.

It was a 'gimme', as the saying goes. All of these politicians and celebrities in compromising situations, all photographed. This is solid gold in the blackmail/extortion business.

This site does not indulge in deep rabbit hole explorations. We try to address that which is known, and that which just may be a step outside the known realm. Suffice to say that there is a lot of evidence that Epstein was a pawn in a very big game of 'gotcha'.

A criminal and a deviant to be certain, but a pawn no less.

Throughout his travails he has been given the gold bond treatment. Not just Acosta's prosecution in Florida, either. His treatment by Cyrus Vance Jr in the SDNY handling of the affair, his treatment from the NYPD, all very favorable.

The rumor persisted: 'he has intelligence' ties. Supposedly Acosta was told to 'back off' because of this. The old saying 'where there's smoke there is a fire' holds true here. His existence has been 'smoking' for decades.

What could he have that is worth so much?

Well, to start with there's everyone's favorite bad boy, former president and sexual predator Bill Clinton. Never one to pass a freebie, particularly when women were involved, he made multiple trips to 'Sex Island' on the 'Lolita Express' (Epstein's converted 727) and was more or less a regular.

Moments after the arrest was made the other night his office put out a statement:

"In 2002 and 2003, President Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane: one to Europe, one to Asia, and two to Africa, which included stops in connection with the work of the Clinton Foundation," the statement said. "Staff, supporters of the foundation, and his Secret Service detail traveled on every leg of every trip. He had one meeting with Epstein in his Harlem office in 2002, and around the same time made one brief visit to Epstein’s New York apartment with a staff member and his security detail. He’s not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and he has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida.”

This is utterly laughable. It was rebutted even by 'mainstream media' types within minutes of being issued.

This popped up right away:


Even for someone known with a penchant for lying, this was a joke. He has been to the island at least 26 times, both with -and without- his secret service detail. There are plenty of photos to prove this, too.

He figures the media will cover up his lies. That will be impossible on this. As leader of the free world for 8 years, how compromised could he be by whatever actions he did? Underage women is a certainty, but it could even be far worse.

Oh, and yes, the Smartest Woman in the World went there multiple times as well, although Google has done a very nice job of scrubbing her from this. You see, there was another aspect to the island.

There was a temple there as well.

What transpired there is still a mystery, but it was most certainly 'esoteric spiritualism' and most likely demonic. This was reportedly her bailiwick.

There is plenty of photgraphic evidence out there although you might have to work quick to get it as their faithful media minions are laundering this at a furious pace. Not that this will help them any.

For you see, the reason this whole story broke is because this foreign entity no longer has any control of this information. Instead of blackmail it is now evidence. Keep in mind when Secretary Acosta spoke yesterday he not only spoke of the criminal investigation on Epstein but the corruption one on him as well.

This would indicate the politicians and prosecutors who went light on him are being investigated for that, and that road would lead right back to the blackmailers. To say this is ugly is to not do this justice.

It's far worse than just 'ugly'. This may be the biggest scandal in modern history.

Now, how much of it gets exposed is another issue. There will be no 'deals', yet there are literally thousands implicated. It goes right to the heart of the sex slave trade, child trafficking, fetal tissue business.

His $77 million bail offer? Non starter. He not only is a flight risk but his existence is a mortal threat to some very powerful people. His life ain't worth a plug nickel, as the saying goes.

Forget the media's attempt to tie him to POTUS. They did know each other, and in a different time Epstein's friendly charms won him some quick friendships. However, he tried to hit on a teenage daughter of a Mar A Lago member years ago and DJT had him banned from the resort.

He has also never been to 'sex island'. Nor has he flown on the 'Lolita Express'.

This whole affair will precipitate the beginning of the end of the DS, as the Clinton Foundation will be found to be part of this; indeed Epstein was a 'bundler' for the pair and claims to have helped them create the Foundation in the first place.

The cross fertilization between the two entities will be illuminating. You will see the Richard Bransons of the world, as you will Soros and his children. Almost like the Foundation was a slush fund for these people's amusement.

The fact that the vast majority of the Foundation's expenses were 'personal use' is quite telling.

These people do not think themselves to be accountable to 'ordinary folk'. They think themselves as the true 'one percent' that is born to rule and no indulgence is to be denied.

Over time the public will see just how depraved this all was. Your imaginations will be tested to the extreme.

It is the Final Act of the diseased former world order, and this president has all of the evidence he needs, not to mention the cooperation of the major world players in his corner.

We haven't even discussed the DS efforts to start a war with Iran. They are now blackmailing the Iranians into doing really stupid things like trying to capture British tankers with motorboats.

The HMS Montrose could have sunk all of them in seconds had they so chose. But there is to be no war there. Period.

Game. Set. Match.

It's all over but the crying, which will be absolutely epic...




AntiFa in Portland: This enemy will be in DC and will be 'welcomed' accordingly...

Tuesday, 2 July:

There is a tremendous amount of frustration and angst in the American public.

This applies to all sides of the ideological spectrum albeit for different reasons. For the foes of the administration it is the failure to execute their long planned 'drastic change'; added to it the impotent attacks on the president.

They have always worked before. Not this time, though.

For the supporters, the apprehension is 180 degrees different. They see the restoration of the Republic as not only probable but 'any minute now'. This belief is responsible for supercharging the ardent 'deplorables', along with the cheerleading of the 'Q verse'.

The side effect is that there are different notions of what 'success' may look like. Many, if not most, have a highly romanticized notion of this. For them it is a series of indictments of the top people in the progressive movement. Much like the 'resist' crowd wanted to see the Bush 43's and the Dick Cheneys given the 'perp walk' so, too does the devoted followers of Q to the Comeys and Brennans out there.

It is a mirror reversal.

This is where the real problems lie. Not in what is really occurring, but in the public perception of it. One of our editors, who is an expert in communications (teaches it at a major university) maintains that POTUS and the patriots are playing it too safe.

His take dovetails what 'Q' has said about the 'resist' movement. 'They think this is a PR war' is a phrase used more than once. The public -their 'public'- is being fed provable lies daily. Think AOC hysteria about 'women forced to drink out of toilets' at the border.

It is a flat out lie. But like the other fictions, they get thrown out there and become part of the public discourse before they are proven to be false only hours later. This is happening in wholesale fashion.

The '45 faithful' have to sit there and hear the openly corrupt media seize on these lies and they seethe about it. This is why the Jim Acostas of the world are treated like B movie villains when they attend the rallies.

Fake News, indeed. And they are sick to death of it.

Meanwhile, Q was leading them in a fairly constant 'rah rah' type fashion. This allowed them to cool their jets a little while this messy affair played out. The same can be said about FOX cheerleader Sean Hannity, who along with his team (Sarah Carter, John Solomon, Gregg Jarrett, etc) have been assuring the public that these malefactors will be brought to justice 'any day now'.

This 'any day now' has been going on since March.

POTUS has referred to it; he has said 'declassification is coming' more than once. He has also put AG William Barr in charge of all this. Yet the only thing we are all seing for certain is the continuous 'Muh Russia' meme; the dragging out of the farcical Mueller investigation.

Robert Mueller is due to testify on 17 July. It is a ploy to advance the report by leaking the classified source material which is almost all either innuendo, rumor or twisted facts. Mueller will not say a word outside of what the report says.

He will be challenged by GOP members who will ask him just when did he know there was no collusion? He has given the notion that he will not answer these questions, only what is contained in the report.

Meanwhile, in closed session his hitman Andrew Weissmann will dish out all the redacted and confidential Grand Jury testimony, which will immediately be leaked. This will be seized upon as the 'proof' of obstruction of justice, and will allow them to move forward on the endless investigation.

This is pretty well known to all by now. It would certainly seem Mr Barr and the president are full aware of this tactic. Why continue to allow the 'drip drip drip' of lies and falsehoods when you are sitting on the truth?

This is where as Q said, 'use your logic'.

First of all what is the opposition doing? Are they governing responsibly? Did their new additions in 2018 help them improve their voters lot in life? Or are they running around like a bunch of snotty college kids demanding free money and no accountability?

Led by a 29 year old actress/bartender who won her congressional district with a NINE PERCENT TURNOUT. Think about it.

The clown college of 23 pretenders to the throne? An actual threat or a gift from heaven?

The opposition, now cornered, have revealed themselves for exactly what, and who, they are. So far they have promised infanticide, income redistribution, open borders, every form of sexual perversion, third world socialism, transhumanism, and restrictions on freedom and use of resources.

Miss anything? Oh, yeah, Satanism. Hail Baphomet and all that nonsense.

Almost forgot. Part of the plan of the 'Great Awakening' was for the enemy to reveal its real self. This analyst insists this is exactly what is occurring.

A proper historical comparison would be the 1968/72 national elections. In '68 you had the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers -the predecessors of AntiFa/BLM- and this helped push a personally unpopular Nixon over the finish line.

In '72 you had the goons lined up behind McGovern with the same silly notions as you hear now, only not as bad. All that happened was the personally unpopular Nixon won 49 states. Walter Mondale, who was not only more popular but a better man than Joe Biden got obliterated.

This is what is in store for 2020. If DJT has the 24% of black vote that the poll aggragates show, he will win in historic fashion.

This poll is from last year but the USA Today (not fans of POTUS) show 36% among blacks. It is almost certainly better now.


This explains why they want the southern border opened. They desperately need to import a new voting base. Plus allowing prisoners to vote from their cells. You all have heard they even registered the Parkland HS shooter while he was in jail.

You can't make this stuff up.

Meanwhile, POTUS is out remaking the world. How do we know this? Simple. The reaction from his opposition, as they are furious (and jealous) of how he is reorganizing the alliances. They cry about how he is 'meaner' to his 'allies' (the parasitic EU) as opposed to the 'enemies' (the same EU does business with all of them) yet they offer no real alternative.

Other than going back to the 'old ways' of doing business with a bunch of faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats involved in endless negotiations that only serves their career notions.

This week is the celebration of the Union. President Trump has made no  secret of his desire to have a 'knockout' 4th of July celebration replete with a speech from the Lincoln Memorial. There is nothing about this that the resist types like.

They hate every aspect of it as a matter of fact. DJT is fully aware of that.

They are also terrified. What will he do with the huge national -make that worldwide audience he will have? Will it just be a reassuring of American ideals? Or will it be even more?

The more violent aspects of their movement are gearing up for this. They are threatening to attack 'MAGA' supporters with acid attacks just like in Sadiq Khan's London. This site has assurances that certain 'operators' will be in the crowd wearing red hats.

Just in case some idiot has the temerity, and sheer stupidity of trying him on for size. They will rue the day, rest assured.

This event might just be the 'lancing of the boil' that will open the floodgates. It certainly appears this may be the case. Either way, the president still holds all the cards.

And knows how to play them...


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yes, Q never went away oh ye faint of heart.

Thursday, 27 June:

Donald Rumsfeld once said the United States would 'win in Iraq and Ahghanistan but it would be a long, hard slog'. This was 2003.

He has been proven prescient in his words. Iraq has been 'won', or at least as close to that as one gets nowaday. They are a nominally free country. The land of the Khyber Pass is a different animal; no one wins -ask Alexander the Great, the British and the Russians- but if you can escape more or less intact with a few policy upgrades you would have a qualified win.

It was a 'long, hard slog', too.

So, too, has the movement of Donald J Trump. This most unconventional of presidents has fought a relentless, 24/7 trench warfare battle against a determined foe, It was his 'long hard slog'.

It's just about over.

Having suffered every slight, insult, probe, lawsuit, political attack and even more than a dozen rumored attempts on his life and still unbowed, he now stands at the verge of a major triumph.

It might even be the triumph, the real big win expected for some time. Lord knows he is due. Forget what the media is saying; including FOX. They are all against POTUS to some extent. No matter, though.

As Q said some time ago: you are the News now.

For the Q adherents who were faint of heart and bailed after the month long silence (someone wasn't paying attention to their 'you are the news' admonition) the 'boys are back' and as little surprise to analysts.

The terse message:

 Be ready.

It was followed by this:



Sounds like throwdown time here.

The 4th is next week. You all know what DJT has said about it, and how much the 'resist' is dreading it. They have petitioned him not to make his address from the Lincoln Memorial. They are fully aware of the significance.

What happens first is of little real concern; suffice to say it will be followed by an avalanche. The current rumor is Samantha Powers, a very key player in the previous administration will be indicted.

She should be terrified now, even if she isn't the first strike. Her whole career has been dedicated to defeat of a sovereign United States. She was scouted and financed by none other than the Hungarian billionaire who hides under many other rocks.

Her downfall would directly implicate the Previous Occupant.

Unmasking innocent civilians for political reasons while you are the UN ambassador is as wrong as wrong gets. No doubt she has a weasel defense planned. Why not? The rest of them all do.

They think this is a PR war that they control through the media, and will never be tried for their actions. Think 'Jussie Smollett'. He just has to continue lying and he will be fine. Or so they think.

This guy had better enjoy his declining days of freedom. He is going to prison at some point.

So, too are many others. In what will prove absolutely fatal, they not only continued the criminal activiies of the past, they doubled down many of them. Think 'John Kerry', 'Iran', and 'The Logan Act'.

You know, the joke that Sally Yates (another real peach; she'd make Powers a nice cell mate) tried to go after General Flynn with? While he was legally speaking to the Russian ambassador Kislyak?

Yeah, that one. Well, guess what. If anyone has ever violated it, it is he. Not once or twice, either. Multiple times. That's the way it is with these people. They try to criminalize political differences.

Their ideology is their religion, after all. Therefore, the pursuit of it is completely justified in their minds; the law be damned. As the communists like to say, 'any means to an end is justified by the end itself'.

Considering the media complicity, this breathtaking double standard has stood for years. So long that the 'resist' movement has gotten very used to it and will not tolerate it's departure any time soon.

You all may know about the coming censorship of YouTube, mirroring the acts of Facebook and Twitter. They will now 'remove' content they designate as 'inappropriate'. It will, of course, only affect non progressive thought, though.

They will not quit until they are stopped. That's coming.

POTUS is meeting the G20 IN Osaka, Japan over the next few days. He will sit down with Xi, of China, and Russia's Putin among others.  The Chinese are hurting from the tariffs and want a deal badly.

Forget what you hear about 'preconditions'. These are resist lies pushed by the media to allow them to frame whatever happens as somehow a 'loss' for DJT. The Reds' economy is in free fall and 45 knows it.

Russia holds the key to Iran, and the way out of the Venezuela mess. The DS is utterly terrified of what Trump and Putin discusses. Either way, massive change is coming.

What transpires while he is gone will soon be aware for all to see. This is really 'hang on to your hat' time.

The wait will have been worth it all...




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'George, you're being a little wise guy. Which is typical of you'

Trump responding to a loaded question from Stephanopolous


FF? need to put the mines BELOW the waterline to sink a ship...

Friday, 14 June:

The long wait is just about over.

For the better part of the last three years, the bitter and partisan pitched battle fought on Capitol Hill has consumed both the forces involved and the airwaves as well. It is an all out war, not a skirmish, and is now at it's peak.

Think the US in 1944. The 75th anniversary of D-Day was a fitting moment as it highlighted the stakes then as it does now. The very freedoms we fought for then are now once again under dire threat.

After the Invasion, the Nazi Fortress Europe fought back with every thing they had. The same thing is occurring now, as the unholy alliance of the Deep State/progressive 'resist' movement is emptying their respective tool kits.

The DS is trying full on to thrust the US -and a president they loathe- into a shooting war; indeed several of them if possible. Most know about Venezuela and the failed coup. The DS really believed POTUS would back them with a military strike at Palo Negro Air Base.

He pulled the rug out from under them at the last minute. Now they want to go shoot up the Iranians. The news has shown the tankers in the Straits of Hormuz ablaze, and the neocon crowd has been all over the media decrying the blatant attacks.

However, are they the real deal?

First of all, you don't sink a ship by attaching mines above the water line. All of these incidents have had that anomaly; these are just small limpet mines that cause minor damage and a lot of smoke from controllable fires.

So they are not trying to sink anything. Then why do this? Attention, perhaps?

That might be more believable if Japanese premier Shinzo Abe wasn't in Tehran with a handwritten letter from the president asking for talks. As far as the Iranian response, they said for public consumption that 'they wouldn't even entertain' reading the letter.

However, Iranian Foreign Minister said THIS:

Reported attacks on Japan-related tankers occurred while PM @AbeShinzo was meeting with Ayatollah @khamenei_ir for extensive and friendly talks.

There is little doubt that the US initiative is a huge part of this discussion. The timing is so suspect as to make the cynics out there immediately go to 'false flag' territory to find the reason.

Even the released footage of a speedboat removing the mine from the side of a ship at night could just as well be a covert Op. Sure, it's possible Iran did something really stupid. They have done dumb things before.

This move, however, is so counterproductive for them -and opportunistic for the neocons- as to be almost breathtaking.

It didn't stop here. The Federalist had an article talking about Syria again, and once again it was their 'WMD's. One more time folks.

Haffez Assad is no Thomas Jefferson, and they fight a particularly brutal type of warfare in the Middle East. But the supposed chemical attacks attributed to them have been proven to be fakes.

The 'sarin' attack showed them washing children with water. Sarin is a neurotoxin, and all of the bathing in the world won't help. It was far more likely a blistering agent like mustard gas.

One administered by the 'white helmets' who were lauded for being 'saviors'. To wit:



This is just a part of the juggling act POTUS has on his hands.

The DS/neocon movement is pulling out all the stops; they are trying to get multiple shooting wars going. Meanwhile the 'resist' people here are going full speed on an impeachment based on no crime, lawsuits and subpoenas aimed at getting his close advisers in perjury traps, and a hostile media doubling down on the hatred they have peddled since he was elected.

Not to mention the social media giants aiming to censor all non progressive thought. We all may lose the media platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram and others. 

Yet the President is standing tall throughout all this. His poll ratings are even going up in spite of the 24'7 vitriol. It's kind of amazing to see, really.

You wouldn't know it if you just passively watch the news; even FOX is invested in lauding the clown college of Democrat poseurs running for president. They accentuate every negative and downplay any positive.

As far as the patriot movement goes; there is quite a bit of complaining, if not outright whining. Many people know what is really going on. They know that POTUS was set up by a cabal intent on having him removed from office.

They also know that the so called 'intelligence community' was compromised, and then weaponized, by the previous lot to snoop on opposing political parties. They know that policy differences are now criminalized.

They seethe quietly every day when CNN and other propaganda outlets push easily disprovable lies, only to ignore them when pointed out. 

These 'normies' also see the hatred towards Christianity, traditional morals, hard work, noble self sacrifice and duty to family and country. Drag queens reading books to pre schoolers.

They are forced to shrug their shoulders over an invasion of our country by the poor, sick, criminal and those inclined to terrorism. People from the Congo coming in through Mexico with possible Ebola virus.

Politicians happy with homeless defecating on sidewalks and shooting heroin on streetcorners but determined to remove 'God' from the classroom.

This is all by plan. They want you to feel helpless; this allows them to install their various implements of destruction without much pushback. Progressives love to usher a feeling of inevitability.

'Resistance is futile' as the Borg on Star Trek used to say. The mantra of the collective.

Right now all eyes are on Donald J Trump. He is the sole force in the universe of light right now, or so it seems. Sure, he has his inner circle of patriots who work feverishly to change 100 years of progressive designs on this country.

Something is going to break, and soon. You know why?

It simply has to. The dialectic has been established; the arguments prepared and presented. There is no turning back for either side. It is now, as it always has been, a zero sum affair. 'Game theory' as the Q verse likes to speak of.

Win or lose. Everything is on the table, and it is for all the marbles.

There was no doubt the Allies would win the war after the invasion of Normandy was a success. However, it was still a tough road that lay ahead. The same holds true now. It is the conclusion of this analyst that the forces of light will prevail in a classic showdown that will play out in front of the world.

There will be indictments, arrests, convictions and imprisonment for some of the highest office holders of the land. The country, and the whole world, is in for a major change. This is absolutely going to happen.

The president knows all of this. You can see the confidence in his eyes, his stride, and sense of command. 

To all of those who are tired of the discourse, sick of the wait and starting to believe none of this will ever happen, all one can say is this:

The die has been set. There is no turning back. It will happen; 100% guaranteed. Just be prepared for what really is coming. It will be positively epic in scope.

Hint: You don't want to trade places with these three people right now: James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper. 

And they are just the tip of the iceberg...




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Nothing has changed here. For DJT it's 'bring it on' time...

Wednesday, 25 May:

The Deep State played their hand today.

In what was an extremely uncomfortable eight minute press conference, a beleaguered looking Robert Mueller delivered in a quaking voice his take on the 448 pages he and his '18 angry Democrats' created.

It was an obvious ploy. Mueller contradicted himself on the key assertion he made today, which is that they didn't indict the President because of the OLC (office of legal counsel) rules saying a sitting president cannot be indicted.

He differs 180 degrees on this very important issue from AG William Barr, who is his superior. Yet shortly after he said he (Barr) had 'acted in good faith' with his handling of the report.

Sorry, pal. Can't have it both ways.

Barr said on several occasions that Mueller told him 'he didn't have the evidence' to indict; not the OLC rules blocking him. Somebody is lying here.

Yet he still is good with the AG's handling of the matter.

This whole incident can be looked at several ways. On the surface it most certainly is a lifeline to the 'muh Russia' crowd; he basically threw that country under the proverbial bus before he said 'they should have the presumption of innocence' that all people have.

It was noticed as 'unusual' he would say this about the Russian troll farms yet not about the president of the country. So, the first take is this is yet another deep state attempt to 'take down' a legally elected president by feeding falsehoods to the congress.

They can continue to use their endless loop of created fictions leaked to the media that became the 'facts' the case was based on. This is already in full display as the DS controlled media is having a rare field day convicting POTUS of all forms of imaginary crimes.

Then there is another, very intriguing possibility.

If this is indeed a 'witch hunt' based on data that was created out of whole cloth by an opposition political party then any impeachment inquiry would uncover all of this. The Dems have so far walked this tightrope. 

For example none of them have read the fully redacted Mueller report which is available in a secure location. This is because once they actually know what is in it they cannot knowingly misrepresent (lie) about it without risking criminal punishment.

Those who sit on the committees like Adam Schiff and Jackie Speier, both California Democrats, are already guilty of this and could be prosecuted. The rank and file see no upside in this risk.

Therefore, if they decide to go down the impeachment road this may be exactly what POTUS and his inner circle may want. By doing this they will allow all of the real facts to be revealed; the declassified documents now being released could be used as evidence against both the special counsel and the Democrat opposition.

In other words, this just may be the ultimate self destruction of the 'resist' movement. A gilded trap they waltz willingly into the middle of.

Did the Russians really 'hack' the Democrat servers, or were they aware of the 'gift' to Julian Assange of a thumb drive by a disturbed Sanders operative before his untimely death? That the server's password was 'password' and didn't need to be 'hacked'?

Still never said is what was on this, what the emails really said, and the actions by HRC and the campaign are still never questioned. 

Julian Assange is still in British custody awaiting an extradition the DS seems dead set on preventing.

In sum, all Mueller did today was the bidding of his establishment/DS masters, who will do whatever they can to keep from being exposed, and the destruction of the Democrat party is a small price to pay.

The ploy to demonize AG Barr is the old 'Kenneth Starr' trick. Nothing new there. However no matter how you slice this pie, POTUS still has the winning hand. Barr defended DJT so far because he has seen first hand, the utter criminal misconduct done by the opposition.

He has openly shown his horror over it to those in the inner circle.

Had Mueller come out and said what he should have, that there was no criminal case and I'm going home that would have been the end of it. But no. He left a big door open.

One that leads to a gilded cage of a trap where only self incrimination can be found...




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is the DS in trouble with the white hats? You bet...

Tuesday, 21 May:

The long wait is just about over.

For over two years, the combined forces of the previous administration, the current Democrat party and global interests they had long partnered with have unleashed a withering assault on our president.

It has been as savage as it is unprecedented.

Fortunately this whole sordid affair has pretty much run it's course. They have hit the proverbial wall. Their fervent supporters have been whipped to a frenzy, having been promised everything from socialized medicine, free college and a guaranteed income.

Not to mention ridding the known universe from 'Orange Man Bad'.

They have no intention of living up to the former, but sure would like to deliver on the last one. This is where they have stallled out. Donald J Trump is far more than they ever imagined as an opponent.

They are learning, much to their chagrin, that he was prepped and ready for this extended attack. As a matter of fact, he has gained strength as they have weakened. Much of this has been relatively simple.

All they had to do was let their fury bloom into unhinged insanity. They did all the hard work themselves.

Meanwhile, POTUS and his inner circle have done a pretty darn good job on governing the country. If you examine closely, you will see that is exactly why they are trying to have him removed.

He, and his followers, the so called 'deplorables' are busy rolling back 50 plus years of progressive/statist policy and has put the country on a path to self sustaining internal development.

This single fact is what really riles the globalists who call the shots in the 'resist' movement. They fear -correctly- that this president can undo in 4 years what it took them 50 to do, and if given another term would undo all progressive policies dating back to Jekyll Island.

That was 105 years ago, when the Federal Reserve was created. To wit:


You may have heard rumblings about it lately. POTUS just tried to appoint two men to the Federal Reserve board, Herman Cain and Stephen Moore. These appointments were met with an unprecedented degree of hostility.

They had to break out the Alinsky playbook one more time; both were accused of sexual improprieties. With Moore it was laughable. They went after him for advocating male referees in basketball some 20 years ago.

He, and Cain, both withdrew.

The point was made, though. They are now free to comment on the Fed going forward, and you can bet your bottom dollar the people chosen to replace them will have exactly the same beliefs.

The return to the gold standard. This would put the deep state/globalist alliance utterly out of business. They know it, too. Ergo this flare up.

This would happen in a second Trump term. This is why the opposition is so heavily invested in not only his defeat but removal from office. They have a fantasy, fanned by the corrupt media, that he would be removed in handcuffs, Pence would resign in disgrace, and Speaker Pelosi would become president.

She would then appoint The Smartest Woman in the World as VP, and resign. She would draft Tim Kaine as her vice president, and by executive order undo everything Trump has done.

Don't laugh. There are millions who believe this rubbish. They are the CNN/MSNBC crowd who have been brainwashed into accepting life in a slave state as some kind of upgrade to the unparalleled freedoms they now have.

This brings us to the here and now.

The resisters, and their lackeys in the Democrat party, will proceed down a scorched earth path. seeking any and all negative issues they can. In spite of what you may hear, they have almost as little interest in the coming election as they do governing.

It's 'all hands on deck' as they concentrate on one thing: Removal.

It is a fool's errand, but the plan -dream more like it- is that they will get the president's tax returns and find some connective tissue, no matter how thin, to the Russia matter. They know the real truth is about to break, and want to sideline it.

They have the media firmly on their side. They will spin, and lie, anything they can to brace the narrative. Some actually think this will work, and have been telling the Red Chinese and Iranians to 'wait it out'.

Think about that for a second. If there was ever a defintion of treason that would be it.

Many of you are chafing at the bit. You are aware of much of what has been said in this article. You are tired of talk, and want to see some action.

This is understood. POTUS is a little frustrated as well. He knows the real truth, and also knows who all the bad guys really are. He wanted to declassify the 'Five Buckets' some time ago but his people have resisted.

They want to get all of their ducks in a row, first.

It's easy to preach patience and more difficult to practice it. But be aware of this: There are multiple reports all ready to be released. By mid June you should have most of this in the public domain.

And there's this, too. The 4th of July extravaganza POTUS is planning. Seems he may have something special up his sleeve, and the Dems are already spooked by this. They just might have a very good reason to be, too.

The classic poem 'Invictus' by William Ernest Henley comes to mind...

Out of the night that covers me, 
      Black as the pit from pole to pole, 
I thank whatever gods may be 
      For my unconquerable soul. 
In the fell clutch of circumstance 
      I have not winced nor cried aloud. 
Under the bludgeonings of chance 
      My head is bloody, but unbowed. 
Beyond this place of wrath and tears 
      Looms but the Horror of the shade, 
And yet the menace of the years 
      Finds and shall find me unafraid. 
It matters not how strait the gate, 
      How charged with punishments the scroll, 
I am the master of my fate, 
      I am the captain of my soul. 



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19.09.2019 04:30

Fred Hill

I liked the baseball analogy, didn’t know he was a player. This column is interesting in retrospect of the Iranian drone attack lady weekend on the House of Saoud..

11.09.2019 01:45


Fair election for California? Hmmm, they allow people "representing" homeless to vote for them. I was hoping to see people in prison by now.

11.09.2019 01:48


that's why so much has to be sorted by the end of the year. He will have the judges in place...

14.08.2019 04:23

Fred Hill

I agree with Lisa, excellent! And yes, so much is happening and one must sit back and digest it all. You were wise and this article illustrates it.

31.05.2019 05:13

E. Mennes, Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you! Your opinion re Accessing FISC Disco?When Judiciary, thru FISC can illegally Spy, get caught, then deny Congress, or anyone access, as Collyers & Roberts have done, what’s the remedy?

31.05.2019 18:29


the remedy is to try those responsible. This is what Durham is investigating and should have results soon...

30.05.2019 03:49

Fred Hill

Totally agree it opens the resisters/Dems up to what they in fact have been up to. I do however want to see Mueller have to answer for how he operated this hoax!

30.05.2019 04:26


if they take up impeachment Mueller will be a very reluctant star witness...

22.05.2019 01:49

DJ Chauvin

Really enjoy and appreciate your writings, Don and I am doing my best to get the word out there. Thanks for all you do on our behalf!

22.05.2019 00:28

Carrie Wittrock

This is the best website out there. Share this with your friends like I do as I found it from a friend who shared. Take em' down Mr. President!

22.05.2019 00:33


thanks for the kind words...