Stairway to Heaven; naturally with a Marine guard.

Tuesday, 30 May:

The picture is now becoming clear.

Actually, it's probably been clear since Day One, but like many out there, it's difficult to come to the conclusion that the country we all love is now irretrievably broken. The path to civil strife is now an almost certainty.

The opposition is intent on this. Having flown past their Fail Safe points some weeks ago, the limb they have put themselves on allows no retreat. The fact that the tree never existed doesn't help them any.

So, having manuevered themselves into a path they cannot escape their decision is to continue to use the existing tool set to flesh out the nonexistent tree. The latest branch being built is the Jared Kushner non story story.

It exists to indict, pure and simple. It has both no basis in fact, and the single most galling thing about it is even if true it is not only not a crime but an appropriate outreach to a country when one is in transition phase.

Which, of course, was occurring. The incoming President tabbed his son in law as a valued assistant to aid in the difficult 90 day period, and keep in mind they ran on both opposition to the policies of the previous administration AND better relations with Russia.

Not to beat the deadest of horses, but one more time: none of this is even remotely illegal, nor is it inappropriate, nor even out of character. 

What it is, is the rejection by a party dispossesed of power to recuse themselves and allow the people's right to the governance of their choice. Translated it means THEY WON'T LEAVE.

They have zero intention of allowing the changes the voters asked for. With the assistance of their media cohorts, who are equally zealous, they will do anything they can; lie, cheat, steal and misrepresent.

Willingly, gladly, and with wicked abandon.

Whatever works. Russiagate isn't working too well for them; even their own focus group testing tells them to 'get over it' and ot 'start getting along with Trump and govern'. They don't care about governance.

The Previous Occupant had an open disdain for it. This was to be left to the unelected bureaucrats they stuffed the various agencies with. The American people saw this, and rejected it the only way they know how.

At the ballot box. Now, you may ask why we're going over all this yet again. To the brilliant and informed readers that visit this site none of this is any real revelation.

What's different is the simple fact that the opposition is not just fellow citizens who disagree politically and will live and let live. This is not the case. They want anyone who disagrees with any aspect of their belief system to 'disappear'.

Elizabeth Warren said Donald Trump should disappear. Other progressives have used the same term; and it requires a little further explanation.

It means what is says. Disappear off the face of the earth. If you read their own comments in publications like Mother Earth and progressive websites you will see what goes far beyond a lack of tolerance.

They hate, with every fiber in their body anyone who questions their secular religious manifesto. If you don't believe you should DIE. As a matter of fact, they advocate anhilliating whole sections of the populace.

If you are not in a city or on the coast you are a racist inbred who consumes without contribution, and while not advocating execution camps (yet) they would be more than pleased if millions of their fellow citizens perished from the face of the earth.

Get any of them in a conversation of population control. They have no problem with a genocide against the unborn innocent and harvesting the body parts so they can live a little longer is just fine and dandy.

They will point out that 320 million people is too many. It isn't, but let's continue. When pressed for a number they seem to be ok with about 50 million. That's a 'sustainable' (a favorite term) number.

They will sip on a Starbucks or a Chardonnay as they say it, too. Now, you may think that if this herd culling were to occur, perhaps a lot of THEM would be included. And of course you would be right.

But they are blithely unconcerned with any suggestion of that; it's always someone else that pays the price. They act like this could all be done with the wave of a wand.

Warren wants Trump to disappear. Snap your fingers and he's gone. You can see all this now in the hysterical, almost insane obsession with the Russia story. They want it to be something it isn't, nor can it ever be.

The dream, or fantasy if you will, is that he will somehow step in a trap and they can use all this smoke to construct a crime. Good luck with that.

Colleges now are bastions of intolerance. Illegals demand rights not due them. Divisions of people by class, race, gender and sexual proclivities is in full steam. This can only go one of two ways:

One is a bitter, and complete defeat as Trump solidifies his support and the 2018 midterms are the real rejection you'll see; which is every progressive and GOP obstructionist will be turned out of office by the SAME people who did it in 2010 and 2014.

They aren't just going to fade into the woodwork, you know. Trump lost all the cities and still won. This isn't going to change.

So what we're left with is disobedience, disorder, and violence. It's coming.

The good news?

Trump has won the first real fight of this term, which will be an ongoing conflict. The Russia issue will not only not hurt him but it will consume them. They will be punished at the ballot box, and their movement is headed for disaster.

Better still, is that the administration has the military, first responders and the power of the constitution firmly behind them. The opposition has limited weapons.

The holdovers in the intelligence community is one. The EU and internatonal banking interests are the other. But what good is that if you don't have the means to enforce your will?

They don't. They can huff and puff, but cannot blow any houses down. Trump knows this.

He has assembled a 'war room' that will now take the fight to the (media) enemy; they will rebut these leaks and will identify and prosecute the leakers. They will break the backs of the holdovers, and will root them out little by little until only professionals still remain.

Donald Trump isn't out of the woods yet. The sheer animosity the media aimed at Sean Spicer Tuesday afternoon was embelmatic as they unquestioningly carry The Narrative. The hatred of Trump, his populist appeal, and how he relates to the average person will continue.

Maybe this will change. 9/11 changed a lot of people; a crisis will do this. That seems unlikely now. Any crisis will come with immediate blame and engineered outrage and phony 'facts' will fill the airwaves.

They are THAT terrified of what this presidency can do...



What we fought for all along now prevails.

Monday, 29 May(Memorial Day):

'That which does not kill us makes us stronger'.

-Friedrich Nietzsche

It is somehow, in a cosmic sense fitting that the 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump should find solace on Memorial Day. To the uninitiated, this day is to honor the fallen; those who gave their lives so the rest of us could eat hamburgers and drink beer.

Oh, and be free, too.

You see, this president has been in his own war. It doesn't have artillery or fighter planes. It's fought in the halls of power, not the fields of the Afghan plains or Syrian high desert mesas.

It is, however every bit as brutal, and just as deadly. It has devoured some pretty tough fellows. John F Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon to name a few. That said, nobody, not a single soul, has had the reception Donald Trump has gotten.

From the second he pulled off his amazing victory- and it was exactly that, not a massive defeat for Hillary Clinton. She got 65.8 million votes to Trump's 62.9. Yes, the media has pointed that out endlessly.

And yes, he won the electoral vote handily, which is the ONLY vote that counts. You know that as well. 

This brings our tale to it's obvious conclusion. Donald Trump was elected, fairly and legally, it wasn't particularly close and more important the damn Russians had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

Not criticizing them, mind you. The Russians are always trying to advance their own interests; only now it's some sort of crime. Or so the media would have you believe.

When Trump, at the behest of Steve Bannon, referred to them as the 'opposition', and even worse as the 'enemy of free people' it was HE who was speaking the truth. They are the enemy.

Their actions prove it, and their cries of persecution ring hollow. They can accuse Trump of starting this but nobody is buying it. They have been lying to the public, pushing a political agenda, for years.

Decades, even.

It's just now that things have come to a head. Once again, thank this President. It is he who decided enough is enough, and that people deserve to know the truth. That truth is the government that represents us is a malignant, repressive tumor that can no longer be ignored.

The Previous Occupant and his minions worked on 'fundamental change' for 8 long years. They all thought they had it in the bag; that a feckless, leaderless GOP had been effectively eviscerated and posed little threat.

The unholy alliance of the deep state intelligence apparatus and progressive statism was created and sealed in a death kiss as all the rules protecting innocent citizens from illegal surveillance were changed in the last days of the regime.

They were literally thisclose.

But something happened on the way to the Forum. The people spoke. You see, it isn't Donald Trump. It's YOU.

He represents the tip of the spear, the head of a real movement that is most certainly NOT 'astroturf'. He surrounded himself with like minded patriots. Not just Bannon, and Steve Miller, or KellyAnne Conway.

He hired generals fired by the pevious lot. Jim Mattis and John Kelly had both been fired by them. Reason?

Iran, of course. You want collusion? How about Iranian born Valerie Jarrett and that wonderful deal? The half a billion in unmarked bills was a nice touch, don't you think?

Mattis, Kelly and Mike Flynn all knew what a screwed up deal this was. They know that backing a Shia government was going to divide the rest of the middle east; that it would make peace in the region impossible.

The Sunnis would arm, and arm with nukes if necessary.

This put the Russians in a bind as well. They have bigger problems with Islamic fundamentalism than the US does. So, Trump's team made overtures to them.

This brings us to today. As the Russia/spygate thing unravels, it is now apparent that Trump was right all along, that his foes have lied, obstructed, prevaricated and generally acted like a bunch of asshats.

That it would come to a reasonable conclusion on Memorial Day is unusually fitting.

Not only is the man not going to be impeached over this, he is succeeding in SPITE of it. The alliances he's been able to forge while under intense scrutiny has been impressive.

Maybe it's because the rest of the world- just like you- finally 'gets it'...