His favorite TV show. Her culpability is obvious.

Saturday, 17 June (Weekend Edition):

The first dramatic, violent confrontation of the New Civil War was fired Thursday.

As the details come out on the event it turns out James Hodgkinson wasn't simply an enraged miscreant who had a nasty edge pushed over the top. He was a planned assassin.

He had been working on a slaughter of congressional Republicans since at least early March, and had come to Virginia with a plan. He had a list of a half dozen names in his pocket.

On the list were Jim Jordan, Mo Brooks, Trent Franks and three others.

While staying at the local YMCA Hodgkinson would be seen every morning working furiously on his laptop doing what he called 'research' to those who inquired. He was trying to find occassions when these politicians would be doing appearances, namely charity events.

He was a nasty man with deep psychological issues. But he wasn't suicidal; his plan was to find a soft target, take them out with his SKS rifle. Now, forget what the media has breathlessly told you about this cheap, ComBloc weapon.

It is not an 'AK variant', nor is it an assault weapon. Here's a briefing on what they are:


Frankly, they're pieces of crap; only a ten round stripper clip makes it somewhat dangerous. The 7.62x39 round is the real key. Small, light and fast, it tumbles when it penetrates the skin and then fragments.

This explains the terrible wounds Steve Scalise got. 

BUt it also explains how two police officers armed only with .40 caliber Glocks were able to take him down while he KILLED NOBODY. His plan, to herd the congressmen into a pen with one way in and out, was solid.

But he failed to learn that Scalia, who as Majority Whip and fourth in line of succession would have a security detail. He also had the SKS, which would just barely do the job. His escape plan was to ditch the rifle and escape on foot to his vehicle with his pistol as self defense.

It was the plan of an idiot. A dangerous and malignant one, but still an utter moron.

The progressive left, who's hardcore has been celebrating this should take note. He had months to plan this, had everything going for him and still screwed it up. To those who think him their vanguard, listen carefully:

He was a loser. He was an idiot. He had the brains of a low grade moron. He took what should have been a nice, cowardly slaughter of innocents and turned it into a 50 round shootout with pistols that he LOST.

Capitol Hill policeman David Bailey did fire and manuever drills with a pistol and killed this pathetic bastard. Only in movies does the guy with the  handgun take out the rifles.

What the point is here is that this man is not only to be despised, he is to be viewed as a member of the  All Time Loser Hall of Fame, just like Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson.

She tried to shoot Gerald Ford. Someone gave her the right weapon, a 1911A1 .45. However, they failed to point out the thumb safety was activated, and when she aimed at more or less point blank range the pistol would naturally not fire.


Somewhat the same thing here. If the hard left activists really think they can take on the freedom loving patriots that populate this country they had better think again. This nitwit did them all FAR more harm than they think.

His plan was FUBAR from the start. With no military training, plinking in your backyard until you piss off the neighbors (his next door neighbor weighed in that he was 'glad they shot him') is NOT real training exercise.

He was 66 years old, fat, out of shape and had no fire discipline.

He didn't know who was there, didn't know about the detail assigned to Scalise, had a cheap piece of shit in the SKS, and a useless 9mm backup. He was the type of adversary a real operator PRAYS for when they go tactical.

A loser, a chump, a fat little slob who thought the world owed HIM. 

In other words, a typical progressive activist...



David Bailey. His heroics kept this from being a massacre.

Wednesday, 14 June (late edition):

The first shots in any war are usually small.

For every sinking of the Maine, or flying 757's into skyscrapers, there is also the shooting of a mid level nobody called the Archduke of Ferdinand.

Or a second, and really foggy, attack in the Gulf of Tonkin. Civil disorders are similar in that regard. Usually bunched up around assassinations. Lincoln was killed because of civil strife, and so too, was Martin Luther King.

JFK? Sure, although he did lead the then known universe in enemies. McKinley was a fluke; his assassination begets Teddy Roosevelt and the first breath of the modern progressive movement.

They were a different lot back then, Teddy, and his admirers like John Muir and William Jennings Bryant were of the illuminist bent but were fairly devout Christians, as was Woodrow Wilson.

That strain of progressivism, which coupled environmental awareness, social responsibility but within the rubrick of full freedoms, is virtually extinct. It has been replaced with something intensely more focused.

It isn't the classic progressive thought of Rousseau and the French enlightenment; which of course turned into bloody civil war and the Left Bank. All of which had one inevitable target:

American Exceptionalism.

The New Progressives, if you will, are really a total contradiction to the term. They're actually a regressive movement; looking to enslave rather than liberate. Only in serfdom can the will of the Few be realized. You know who the 'few' are.

They're the ones who hate Donald Trump with the most zest and vigor. This movement, which is really crypto-fascism more than anything even remotely 'progressive', wants complete statism.

Under the guidance of a World Government'. It used to be called 'ZOG', as in "Zionist Organized Government' but that was before the Zionists and the secular Jews split. That's your Israel/Palestine issue now.

No, it's a techno empire based on consolidation of the world's assets and then aimed at life extension (literal immortality) space travel and the becoming of the human god.

That this will enslave, starve and ultimately cull a huge percentage of the world's population is, as they used to say 'tough titties'. They have no compassion about it.

None. It was the playwright George Bernard Shaw who thought people should be required to, on regular occasion, prove just WHY they should be allowed to live. Now, he wasn't totally without feeling.

He thought playing classical music as people were being gassed a 'splendid idea'. So, too did Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler, who thought having the very people being gassed play the instruments a particularly nice touch.

The lesson here? The only difference between the modern progressive (global/statist) enterprise and the Nazis is one of style. They want the same net result. 

Anyone who disagrees, as one of their more unhinged adherents, Elizabeth Warren, says, should just 'disappear'. Poof.


Make no mistake about just who these people are. They cannot be reasoned with; just surrendered to. Why do you think they find a kinship in radical Islam? Why not some peaceful Buddhists or Hindus?

Then there's today's event in Virginia.

If it weren't for a lucky break that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was there the 2 person Capital Police detail wouldn't have been present. And the shooter, a deranged left wing whack job with chronic case of little man's disease and a chip the size of Montana on his shoulder would have had the massacre he planned.

He had scoped out the ballpark. Fenced in, one way out and in, he was actually herding the congressmen into a killzone. Thanks to the two cops, armed with only their 9mm handguns took this no good, fllthy piece of pond scum out.

They're heroes. But the fact remains that this was a dedicated, and deliberate attack meant to kill people someone disagreed with politically.

Someone who watched Rachel Maddow every night.

As this site has been saying all along, this is a religion to these people and they'll never accept disbelievers in their midst. Never.

Reeducation camps the only other alternative, and they usually lie next to a gas chamber. Now, it's the distinct opinion of this site that these people are LOSERS. They always lose.

The Nazis lost, as did the communists and fascists last we checked. Freedom always triumphs. It just sometimes gets derailed, and now it's time to get it back on track...



Rand Paul: 'It could have been a massacre'.

Wednesday, 14 June:

In a rapidly developing event, Louisiana GOP Representative and Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot this morning by a gunman who, according to Ron DeSantis (R, Fl) strolled up to him and asked the following question:

'Who's out there? Republicans or Democrats?'

He then took out a rifle and opened fire, wounding Scalise in the hip and several others including a congressional aide and several officers. According to Senator Rand Paul, who was there for the baseball game they were to play later, 'it could have been a massacre'.

'Fortunately', the Kentucky Senator said, 'we had his (Scalise) security detail here and they were able to return fire'.

Ober 50 shots were heard. The gunman was wounded as well. The world will soon learn the details. But threats to the GOP and particularly the President have been through the roof, and it was just a matter of time until violence occurred.

The media is largely to blame here. Carrying the water for disaffected progressives, desperately unhappy with the loss of power, they have accused the current administration with literally every form of malfeasance possible.

They are killing the very young, the very old, the sick, LBGT's, Muslims, the environment, the planet. This drumbeat continues unabated every day, led largely by the loony conspiracies on MSNBC, or the 24/7 hate peddled by CNN.

They will not accept any blame for this, so don't expect it. 

This will be spun, instantaneously, to a gun violence issue with the undercurrent of 'they had this coming to them' as the hints will be that this is the GOP policies coming home to roost. They will never admit that gun control (confiscation) does nothing to prevent these attacks in countries where guns are impossible to get.

Bad guys will get guns. Period.

The spin on this will start immediately, and this event will be twisted until they can move past it and get back to the daily attacks on the president. They are hard wired to keep any good coverage of him to a minimum, and another leak will occur later today or tomorrow to put this off the radar.

It's time for the public to start their own boycotts.

All mainstream media, Hollywood product, and other progressive propaganda outlets should be shunned and the advertisers boycotted. Every progressive politician -in BOTH parties- should be voted out of office.

The people need to wake up. Foreign elements have infiltrated and bought out much of the ruling class. It's more than George Soros but he's a central figure. They are determined to undemine the United States and bring about a global slave state.

Mr Trump and his populist movement is all that stands between them and success.

They need your support now, and more than ever...




16.06.2017 05:09

Mesa Verde

Things are heating up. A man's truck was shot at because he had a "make America great" sticker. Liberalism isn't just dangerous, it is deadly.

14.06.2017 14:45


I will use my platform to encourage boycotting the MSM, who in my humble opinion is just as bad as the shooter this morning.