his campaign in a nutshell...


Donald Trump loved everything about what he did.

The glamor and attention from not only designing Trump Tower but the adulation he received from a New York audience desperate to regain it's lost glory. Trump intuitively knew this when he foisted tens of millions on the lobby space alone.

They used this gorgeous pink marble everywhere. It's hideously expensive but it made the right statement. By this time the playboy had been tamed by his first wife Ivana.

She was every bit his equal; he has -contrary to the spin- has always admired strong and resolute women, his mother's tough Scottish background taught him well. Ivana and he were the toast of the town.

All was good.

But Trump is an obsessive. This is something both his fans and detractors point to with differing perspectives.

His work schedule -at 70- would still bury people half his age. But it's who he is. His zest for life is what differentiates him from the pack, and unless you understand that he loves the arena, the fight, the resolution and, of course, the victory.

When he talks about 'winning' take him seriously. Because those aren't just words, they are a way of life.

The 3500 legal cases against him are offered up as 'unusual' for a presidential candidate, but not for a billionaire developer. Anyone in that field of endeavor know there are promises made but not kept, and lawsuits are the legal redress.

There is not much to criticize there, unless you just don't like the ins and outs of the business world. He tried to get as much for his dollar as he could, and had contractors that did not deliver satisfactory work.

But there is almost no instance of not paying as a tactic, or trying to hurt or belittle in his dealings. There are bound to be a few people who had their noses out of joint. But his dealings- at least so far- are nothing to be ashamed of.

He, as he said, 'took full advatage of the laws that were offered to me', as he should.

Of all the lawsuits he was involved in, many of course were settled out of court. But when there was a decision?

He won 451 and lost 38.

He may have been litigious, but he did prevail 90 percent of the time...




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