Trump team: Different venues but one voice.

Friday 5 May (Weekend Edition):

The Trump administration has a smashing victory. 

No matter how you slice the pie, it still comes out roses for the President and his allies on Capitol Hill. It is more of a triumph for the American citizens; that will be addressed in a moment. To better grasp the totality of this change, it's important to know the opposition.

This site has made much mention of the Progressive Movement.

It's lineage goes back a long way, and without getting too deeply in the weeds, it has it's roots in the Illuminist movement of the 1700's. Basically it's a group of people who think themselves brighter, more aware, thus 'illuminated' than the rest of humanity.

It ensnared Thomas Paine, among other early luminaries. Thomas Jefferson studied it while in France and rejected it; he took on Robespierre, a famous French advocate who spoke of the 'freedom of man'.

Jefferson, on the other hand, saw the contradiction in that statement. He, instead, spoke of the 'freedom of MEN'. The triumph of the individual over the collective. This motivated the freemasons who created this country to turn on their collectivist brethren in Europe.

They instead saw the strength of the individual, and the rights deferred to them by The Creator. The first break in the Reformist movement came because of this, and all social issues have been framed as the struggle of the individual ever since.

Until the early 1900's. The Wilson administration established the US version of the early socialist state. They brought the IRS, The Federal Reserve and other agencies that isolated the individual.

They re-segregated the armed forces. Having victim groups was essential to a movement that had so few adherents, so they had to create them. The suffragette movement was co-opted, as was the resistance to the industrial society.

This little history lesson is meant to give context; NOT to bore, so let's make this short. You can learn on your own about this, about John Muir and William Jennings Bryant and the early, religious progressives.

Taking the self righteous to the extreme. Then they were taken over by the godless advocates of Marxism/Leninism. A straight line to the present is apparent.

Everything the US government has advocated since 2008 is towards a goal of a worldwide collective with an unelected elite FULLY in charge. It was mistakenly painted as 'Marxist' by the freedom movement, but it's not.

It was, and is fascist. The protests you see on the street are fascist, the policies of the Previous Occupant were fascist, the EU is fascist. They are all in the same ideological bucket. But the Trump administration, a happy accident of fate, is decidedly NOT.

The Health Care bill passed Thursday was epochal.

The ability to control your health from cradle to grave has long been a progressive ideal, as is the climate change movement. It aims to control what, and how, you breathe. A carbon tax gives them effective control of the human organism.

They just LOST the health care issue, and as soon as Trump sorts out the abomination of the Paris Climate Accord they will lose that, as well. Before it was a fait accompli' that the US would cripple it's economy to reach carbon levels while giving a pass to China and India.

It was a massive wealth redistribution scheme disguised as a scientific climate document,all based on politicized science. See 'Al Gore' and the 'hockey stick' for details.

Donald Trump and his inner circle is an existential threat to this worldwide consortium, make no mistake about it. And you are seeing the extent by the howls of the opposition.

They won in the apsect that health care has been established as a 'right'. But that was never their intent. They wanted government control.

By changing this from a 'right to health care' to a subtle but much different 'right to ACCESS of health care' to be monitored by the states, not the Federal government, is HUGE.

It's a game changer. 

They say Trump has 'done little'. In a 108 days he's changed the course of more than 100 years of planning...


18.05.2017 14:50


Excellent summation of esoteric historical fact!

07.05.2017 15:33

Samuel Comps

If only the Republicans could frame the argument so eloquently...

06.05.2017 13:04

Puma Punku

Outstanding writing and insight. This is why I start each day on this website. Thank you!