Here lies the truth, dead and buried.

Friday, 14 July (Weekend Edition):

What is the 'truth'?

To most it's a factual retelling of events that occurred; and the sooner they are disclosed the more accurate they are. Sometimes the event is somewhat convoluted, and it requires careful thought, and reconstruction of events to get the honest story out.

To others, and this applies to the power continuum, truth is something FAR different.

It already exists no matter what really occurs, and therefore all events are seen through a subjective prism. Let's take a recent example everyone knows about.

Ferguson, Missouri. Michael Brown. 'Hands up, don't shoot'.

Without going chapter and verse, most will recall this incident as it dominated the news for weeks. But most -and this includes the opposition- know the story is completely, diametrically different.

The evidence of eyewitnesses and a court battle exonerated the officer, proved that the perpetrator (Brown) did not put up his hands and surrender, was not shot in the back, and had indeed charged the police car and tried to wrestle the gun away from the officer.

Forensics backed up the case as well, and there is absolutely no question what the real truth was. A predatory hoodlum who had just committed a minor burglary was killed while attacking a law enforcement officer.

The secondary argument, that the police are not well trained at avoiding incident escalation, which was entirely valid, was lost in the shuffle. The point?

The truth of this incident has been roundly ignored. The media narrative didn't like it, it didn't fit their template of 'truth', and instead has blended into history as a blot on the record of race relations in this country.

The family of the criminal -and that's what he was, plain and simple- received a settlement of 'less than $3 million dollars'. And for weeks, even months after the incident the media made big shows out of professional athletes holding their hands up, entering the slogan 'Hands up, don't shoot' into the public record.

It's problem is that it NEVER HAPPENED.

This is a perfect example of the media and their 'subjective truth'. As this site has posited earlier, journalism in this country is largely practiced by devotees of Walter Lippmann, who is considered the dean of modern journalism.

This post illuminates the real reasons behind the media and their reportage:

Simply put, you- the people- are all dolts incapable of ascertaining truth from fiction so somebody much smarter must point it out to you, and if they have to change the facts to do so they will.

This is NOT the truth. This is lying to create propaganda.

Jumping to the present and President Donald J Trump. The media, which has a distinct political agenda and has for over a half century, does not like his agenda nor the people who voted for him. They are, if not the 'enemy' are at the very least an unsavory lot who want to lead the world astray.

That would include the 62.8 million people who voted for him. They do not like them one bit, either. They represent the white, middle class, armed land owner. Those who are not of white European descent are considered 'traitors to their race'.

The media outlets, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX all have varying degrees of honesty. Same too, with the print media. But do NOT think for one second that they do not knowingly, and with forethought and malice, LIE.

CNN has made a business decision to follow MSNBC in the 24/7 hate Trump movement. Now, that's their decision, and it isn't in itself a crime. They could easily oppose his policies and advance their own.

But that isn't what occurs. They are well aware of how popular he, and his policies, could become. So much so that it explains most of the hysteria they show from day to day. That every accomplishment he, and his administration has is immediately derailed by an illegal leak of a fictional offense.

'Collusion', something their side did with almost wild abandon, is now a crime simply because THEY don't like the policies of the man in charge.

So, they accuse the Trump administration of what? Lying, of course. It's both classic progressive 'projection', and also cover for their own lies. Anderson Cooper, the scion of the Vanderbilt family and the face of CNN, sternly lectured his audience about how much the president lies.

But does he?

If one looks at the record, you will find a lot of exaggeration, and a mistake here and there. But for the most part, Donald J Trump is the most honest man in the Oval Office since Dwight Eisenhower.

They say he lied about the crowds at his election. No, he was upset by a photoshopped image that was misrepresented deliberately by the media to diminish his victory crowds. That he 'didn't want to go to Iraq', and find a statement very early on where he, like most Americans, supported the effort.

He was among the first to express doubts soon after. Is this a lie? No, it's parsing a statement to prove a point based on fiction. Trump was, and is, against toppling dictators in the ME for fun and profit, this is just a 'gotcha' moment.

Something they would have never done to the previous occupant. Remember the health care act and reductions in cost and keeping your own doctor? They knew damn well those were lies.

Little things like saying he was on the cover of TIME '15 times'. It was 11. Trump, a real estate magnate and reality show star, is a salesman FIRST. He is prone to exaggeration, but to claim them 'lies' is dishonest on it's face.

They really had problems with his assertions of 'millions of illegal votes' and immediately branded it a lie. Yet they have shown very little interest in finding out if there is any truth to it.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at California, it's sanctuary city policies and granting illegals a driver's license while advocating 'motor voter' registration to see possible fraud.

But they insist is NEVER HAPPENS. Just who is lying here?

The list goes on, the anti Trump NY Times has a 'complete list' of the 'Trump lies'. If you are open minded, and understand the showmanship nature of the man, the list is laughably bad.

Obama bugging the Oval Office drove them through the moon. Once again, a lie? Or just a broad statement that is truthful in fact if not on it's face?

They don't 'bug' phones any more. But was he illegally surveilled by the Previous Occupant by his order? What do you think?

They have been leaking rumors and innuendo gotten through the dubious practice of 'unmasking' innocent people mentioned in intel intercepts. The DoJ is going to investigate these people,and you will hear the Anderson Coopers and Joe Scarboroughs scream in protest about 'witch hunts' and 'revenge'.

So, have they earned the sobriquet 'fake news'?

You bet they have...



Kaine and left wing activist son. Trump treasonous?

Thursday, 13 July

So you think the younger Trump is the one really in trouble, don't you?

The one Senator Tim Kaine, former running mate of Hillary Clinton, accused of 'treason'? The same Tim Kaine who's son has been arrested as a left wing protester, to wit:

If you want to really talk about 'treason', his associates are up to their scrawny necks in it. But Kaine, who is an utter moron, has no credibility nor real audience. It's going to be hard to go with the treason meme when the whole issue is being exposed as a scam.

Turns out the Russian lawyer in question, the one who came to the meeting arranged by a UK publicist who's only real accomplishment was promoting John Denver's (remember him?) tour in Australia 40 years ago.

Natalia Veselnitskaya. THAT one. Seems she's a whole lot more connected with the Previous Occupant and his administration than with the Russian government.  Got an emergency visa to come to the US just DAYS before the meeting with Trump.

Could it have been a trap? It was engineered by Fusion GPS, who also was behind Christopher Steele and the so-called 'Russian Dossier'. Just a coincidence, one is sure.

Then again, in the military there is a saying: 'Coincidences are for civilians'.

Things invariably happen for a reason; there is 'action/reaction', and if the DNC and the deep state had just created a fiction about Russian collusion and the Trump people it would make sense that they would also set up a trap or two.

One that Trump the junior might be naive enough to enter. Once again, to wit:

Seems this lady gets around really well. Just like Lee Harvey Oswald, who  also got a last minute visa to come to the US that was highly irregular. Not making an equivalence in actions.

Just saying, that's all.

But if one has a healthy skepticism about the IC and the deep state, which is smart- then seeing some sort of dirty dealing here is easy.

Now, Trump is busy making hay with his newest, bestest buddy Emmanuel Macron in France. He is smart enough to cozy up to both Russia and the US, and triangulate them against his natural rival which is Merkel in Germany.

You all know that Putin visited Macron even after the supposed 'meddling' in the French elections. Seems they can move on.

You also have Democrat congressman Brad Sherman enter articles of impeachment on Trump, but Tucker Carlson got him to admit on his show that it was 'going nowhere' and that it was basically meant to get him to STOP TWEETING and 'support our natural allies'.

The cry of the deep state, once again. Only getting weaker all the time...



Just trying to help out dear old dad.

Tuesday, 11 July:

First of all, this was NOT the column this site was going to post today.

The other, a treatise on honesty and why Trump has brought sunlight into the web of lies known as D.C. politics, will be published another time. This will deal exclusively with the final gasp of the deep state and their allies in the media and progressive movement.

Which is one in the same. In a use it or lose it manuever, they have coordinated what appears to any seasoned intel analyst a scheme to entrap the erstwhile but naive son of a presidential candidate.

This whole scheme was started by Fusion GPS, the purveyors of the easily dismissable 'Trump Dossier' which was commissioned by the Clinton campaign. So, for collusion hounds we have step one of a domestic political party engaging a foreign entity (the UK) in a plot to influence the upcoming election.

This dossier was of such dubious quality that the Dems gave up on it. However, the ever prominent John McCain rescued it from obliviion and sent an aide to London to acquire it. It also appears the FBI -James Comey's FBI- agreed to pay for it. 

This same FBI has stonewalled congressional inquiry into this matter, and has yet to admit whether they did pay for it. Keep in mind the DNC has refused efforts from the same agencies to turn over the supposed 'hacked' server.

The same one the Russians supposedly hacked and 'seventeen' agencies of the IC all agree was done. Of course you now know it was maybe four agencies and they gave it a 'high' degree of accuracy without being able to investigate the KEY piece of evidence, the server.

The same server with John Podesta's e-mails on it with the password of 'password'. Hacking this required little in ability. But The Narrartive doesn't care about 'inconvenient truths' (sorry, Algore), indeed it only cares in perpetuating the story.

The Trump campaign, surprised as anyone that they won the primaries, had to get up to speed in a hurry. Enter the Russian Lawyer, one Natalia Veselnitskaya. She proposed, through a UK goon by the name of Rob Goldstone, to give young Trump some killer info on just how bad the Clintons were.

One more thing to understand. Hillary Clinton and the state department actively 'meddled' in the Russian election of 2012. To wit:

Time out here.

You MUST understand that the real facts have been obscured and the American public is getting a selectively edited edition of what has occurred. It isn't just Clinton who was trying to topple Putin; she was but a functionary of the CIA.

She did what she was told. Just like hubby did when he was governor of Arkansas and all that blow was coming through Mena (see 'Barry Seal'for details) that Poppy Bush, then CIA director, knew all about.

As one cargomaster said to your humble correspondent, dripping with sarcasm, 'planes that go out loaded (arms) NEVER come back unloaded' (cocaine). The wars in Central America and Angola were financed on BOTH sides by drug profits.

Of course, the elder Bush and Bill Clinton are just the best of buddies now. Coincidence, of course. This is all brought up to bring the reader into the swamp. It isn't just a metaphor.

It's a reality. Washington is full of very fat gators who have been feeding off the public trough forever and feel no guilt; indeed they feel an entitlement, and don't want anyone denying them their birthright.

Back to Trump Jr., and this whole escapade. Fusion GPS set this up as a trap, Rob Goldstone lured this lawyer into it because of her desire to work on the Russian adoption ban, and (apparently) advised her to sell the 'I've got the goods on Hillary' meme to get access.

Donald Jr saw a chance to help the old man and become a player. Keep in mind that the Dems and McCain have ALREADY DONE THE SAME THING to Trump with the bogus dossier, again furnished by Fusion GPS.

Follow this all so far? Good.

The bottom line here is someone who did something a tad unsavory, and politics being a contact sport, unsavory is commonplace. The Podesta e-mail leaks included the Dems outing Bernie Sanders as a Jew when he travelled south.

Just add 'communist' to 'Jew'and you have end of career. The Clinton machine was NOT going to be denied. What young Trump has done here is the equivalent of parking in a handicap zone to run in for a pizza.

Or, like Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) said in 'Apocalypse Now'. When told to arrest Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando) for murder, he commented:

'Man, arresting someone for murder here (Vietnam) is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indianapolis 500'.

The younger Trump's only crime is one of naive stupidity, and this whole escapade will never amount to anything. But that belies the point.

It gives the media more ammo; his tete a tete with Putin about solving the differences between two nuclear powers forgotten, and the sanctimonious numbskulls in the GOP a chance to cluck their tongues and say 'I told you so' to the voter who rejected ALL of their sorry asses.

Think 'Ben Sasse', or 'Susan Collins'. There are plenty of others; feel free to add your own.

The silver lining?

This represents the last gasp of the deep state and their media whores. Terrified by the thought of peace with Russia- notice how nice they are to Trump when he bashes them?- they will burn every barn they can to make certain their 'deadly foe' remains.

But President Trump isn't going away. They know this, and are now content to try to control him by demagoging this issue until the cows come home. Soon, the public will expect governance, and the progressive nonsense of the previous lot is gone with the wind.

The buzz inside the inner circle now is revenge; getting even time. Roger Stone, ever the bomb thrower advocates arresting former CIA head John Brennan, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers and others for conspiracy to spread classified material.

That's not going to happen. But retribution will come, and it won't be pretty. Much of this activity is meant to protect them from criminal investigation by muddying the waters. If Trump tries to go after, say, Powers who is as guilty as sin, they will charge witch hunt/revenge.

Which of course will be true. But Trump will not 'bury the hatchet'; indeed he's far more likely to bury it in someone's back. However, they will take a step back and bide their time.

Junior will testify in front of anyone who wants to listen, not like Susan Rice who refused to do it in public. Will the DNC server ever be found?

Will Mueller give Comey immunity so he can continue 'his' version of the truth?

These weapons are ALL the opposition has left. They have no armies to commit false flags for them. The banks may try to crash the economy but that road burns them as well, so it will be a last resort.

It wouldn't work at all if Russia and the US were on the same page. Yet more evidence.

Just connect the dots. And consider the sheer hypocrisy of this all. Just a year ago Hillary Clinton was carving up Libya to cut in her pals like Sidney Blumenthal. They want to topple Hafez Assad because 'he's a bad guy'.

As bad as the Castro brothers? No. As bad as the little Korean fatass Kim? Nope.

They will never really tell you why, nor can McCain tell anyone just WHO the supposed 'good guys' he helped arm in Syria are. You'll just get crickets.

Donald Trump Jr. made a mistake. He thought he could play in the same circles the Big Boys (and girls) do. But they are infinitely more devious than he.

He not only walked into a trap but is honestly trying to wrest himself out of trouble by being 'transparent'. His foes are besides themselves in derision.

Neocon talking heads (Steve Hayes, Charles Krauthammer, Michael Medved, Chris Wallace) will chide viewers for being dumb enough to back Trump, and will admit they will support him as long as he 'gets with the program'.

That program is making a nuclear armed adversary into an enemy

The public be damned...


To a question from one of our esteemed readers, new FBI director candidate Chris Wray is highly thought of by the Heritage Foundation, which is about as good a reference as a Yale guy career lawyer will ever get.

By all acoounts he is hardworking, intelligent and honest to a fault, and Trump was impressed by him...