wannabe director English; better brush up on your resume'.

Tuesday, 28 November:

At one point during the 2016 campaign then candidate Donald Trump joked about winning for a change. He said (we'll) 'start winning so much you will get sick of it and ask me to stop winning so much'.

It was considered as a typical Trumpism; both incendiary and self gratifying at the same time. But, like most things he says, he meant it. This is the single biggest distinction between him and other politicians, notably his predecessor.

They would routinely emit politically correct talking points swathed in mindless banter. 

Everything was 'for the advancement of peace in the region'. Or 'to help working families', while the most overused, and meaningless trope 'for the children' would always take the cake. They were almost all excuses for feckless governing covered up by reckless spending.

Peace not only never came, but situations worsened. The world is a veriatable powder keg after $6 trillion was spent in the Middle East. Money for families and children instead went to bureaucracies manned by unelected and unaccountable staff.

Much went to pet causes like Planned Parenthood and academia. The progressives in charge, unhappy that they couldn't steal other people's assets fast enough came up with a really bright idea. Or at least THEY thought so.

Create a monolithic entity that can arbitrarily seize lawful assets and redistribute them to your movement 'friends'. Make it unaccountable to government oversight; have it's budget come -not from congress, but the Federal Reserve- where it is secret, and make the director fire-proof.

This abomination, which is unconstitutional from top to bottom, is called the 'Consumer Finance Protection Bureau'. In true progressive fashion, it is a classic misnomer. It may be a 'bureau' but it does NOT 'protect consumer finance'.

Indeed, it harms it as it was meant to do.

Basically it works like this: They target a corporation. Charge it with some sort of bad conduct, and assess a fine. The money is then collected, and like the secret funding for the agency it goes straight to the Fed.

From there? It gets laundered in payments to progressive organizations. It is a (barely) legalized form of theft; certainly taxation without representation in the guise of a 'penalty'. This was, of course, crafted under the Previous Occupant's people back in 2010.

They appointed the famous Cherokee of the Senate, Elizabeth ('Pocohantas') Warren as the first director. Warren, long a champion of the hard progressive left, oversaw the first couple of years until their party saw a chance to seize back a senate seat.

Did they divert some of these funds to aid her quest? We'll never know, because the penalty payments were never divulged to congress. So one can guess 'yes', and would probably be correct.

It is their M.O.

She took on Scott Brown and got 'Ted Kennedy's seat' -they do have an overriding sense of entitlement, you know- back. Warren then became on the short list of replacements for the last one.

Unfortunately for her, the other female in the race took the prize, and the concurrent loss. So, she is now one of the more or less permanent back benchers. On Monday, Trump had the Navajo Code Talkers in the White House, and as his wont couldn't help himself.

He essentially told these heroes, all men in their 90's who helped defeat Japan by using their native tongue as Marine Corps code island hopping across the Pacific, that these were native Americans he liked.

As opposed to the fake one in the senate. It was classic Trump; using every advantage to bait the opposition knowing full well the media would bite on it.

Did they ever. The opposition media ran with it all day; it was Trump as a racist yet one more time, and just as incorrect as the last several dozen. Yet what else was really going on? It was the beginning of the evisceration of the CFPB.

Trump, in the bold fashion that has distinguished his first year in office, didn't just send anyone to replace Richard Cordray, who had just resigned. You all know just why he resigned, don't you?

He wants to run for governor of Ohio. This bureau is a launching pad for progressive politicians.

They were so clever when they designed this agency. They made it mighty yet invisible. It ran without any oversight whatsoever. And, just coincidentally, the leaders leave when important political plums become available.

How convenient.

But something went haywire on the way to the forum. Cordray resigned, eager to get his campaign against the 'progressive lite' governor John Kasich in gear. On his way out he evoked a clause that in the case of vacancy only the director could appoint the temporary replacement.

So, now you have an unconstitutional agency even directing how to control it to keep it from a president they don't approve of.

Unfortunately for them the REAL law intervened. In spite of their congressional hijinks approving the succession rule, there is a standing law in effect. In essence, it gives the President, who is the elected official of the people, ultimate power over all cabinet vacancies.

So Trump did just that. Cordray, on his way out appointed his lieutenant Leandra English as the acting director until congress approves the president's choice. Trump didn't send some low level bureaucrat.

He sent OMB director Mick Mulvaney there. It's like sending George S. Patton to Moscow in 1945 to broker the soviet occupation.

English was not to be sidelined so easily. She filed suit Sunday night in Federal court to stop Mulvaney. She sent out e-mails to the staff asserting she was in charge. Mulvaney didn't miss a step. He not only showed up to work Monday morning after e-mailing staff to ignore English's commands, he came bearing gifts.

Several dozen donuts. The after effect pictures showed just crumbs left.

The progressive movement was first shocked, then enraged. They even had a few dozen protesters out front chanting the 'hey, hey, ho, ho, Mulvaney's got to go' chant which they know by heart; just insert new name when appropriate.

But it was all for naught. The DoJ filed suit against English, who had taken this upon herself; NOT the agency. The counsel for the CFPB said that Trump was in legal standing late Monday afternoon.

Tuesday, District Court judge Timothy Kelly upheld the President. Whether English and her fellow progressives press this any further is now up in the air. For you see, they knew she was going to be there just a short time.

It was what she was going to do in that 'short time' that is key. Like the 90 days before Trump was inaugurated, they were going to use that time to establish as many regulations as they could to keep the agency from being 'compromised' by budget hawk Mulvaney.

Which, of course, he will waste absolutely no time getting around to. As he told the press yesterday in his conference, (you) would 'be surprised, even afraid, of the power I now have'.

Power the President, and Mulvaney, will severely curtail.

While this was going on they instead fixated on 'Pocohantas' as a racial slur; blissfully unaware that defending Warren, a known liar who appropriated Indian ancestry to aid her academic career, is a laughing stock among the people.

Trump, who knows how to brand people, laid it on her again and she, and her defenders, bit.

The CFPB is now under a 30 day hiring freeze, a review on all activites for the same period, and a freeze on $50 million they were about to pay out.

They can no longer protect this abomination from public oversight. 

It's called winning, and it's exactly as promised. The only issue this site has with the president's admontions is that nobody is sick of winning. Not now.

Not anytime soon, either...


LaVar Ball and son who COULD have done 10 years in a Red Prison


Linda Sarsour, Glamour Magazine woman of the year. You bet...

Monday, 20 November:

One of the issues this site knew was to happen was that at some point the 24 hour circus that has been the Trump presidency so far might hit a rut. 

Not boring, or lacking in merit. Just a sort of sameness to it. This was bound to happen as both sides are more or less intractable; the opposition is determined to wage a minute by minute battle to drive their mortal enemy out of the political arena.

Seeing there is no lack of money on either side this won't change much. At one point the comparison was made between the Korean War and this political cycle. The war started hot in 1950, with both sides making dramatic, and reversed, gains and losses.

Then it settled into a protracted trench warfare with static lines and little in the way of progress. To this day it hasn't ended, just a cease fire armistice. The fanatacism of the North Koreans is mirrored by the progressive left.

Outside of the really bad uniforms there isn't that much that separates them. One can hear them speak respectively of the tiny tyrant while mocking the president that keeps them free.

Make no mistake about any of this. It is truly 'us versus them', a to the death match of global statism as opposed to a constitutional republic. All of the tropes one hears, whether it is climate change, or social justice, or the curbing of free speech all have the same net goal.

All roads lead to Rome, as the saying goes.

The only real difference is that publications that were at least nominally pro Western, like the major newspapers and news magazines, now openly support communist insurgent groups like AntiFa or BLM, are for more government, and to take away freedoms that make the United States unique.

They don't want gun control. They want confiscation. They don't want 'net neutrality; they want political speech censored. They don't want a border wall, they want open borders.

They don't want a tax cut. They want confiscatory tax policies and massive wealth re-distribution. What they really want is to make everyone poor. That leaves them dependent on the government and the unelected bureaucrats that run it.

The only real surprise is that they aren't really shy about it anymore. You can thank Donald Trump for that, as well. He's called them out.

So, here we are.

The lines are pretty clearly drawn. Trump goes to Asia, has a successful trip and what are people talking about? The three college athletes who were stupid enough to try to shoplift in a communist country.

That they were unappreciative of the effort the president put forth. One of the parents came forth and said what Trump did was 'no big deal'. After all, his 3rd grade mind reasoned, 'it''s only shoplifting' and that his son's future wouldn't be defined by that.

The simple fact is that this low grade moron cannot grasp that his boy was facing 10 years in a Chinese prison. His stupidity is at least believable. What is breathtaking about the story is that the media carries the water for him.

In their eagerness to attack the president, they make it personal. It's all about Trump's ego, you know. The fact that he had to petition the Chinese Premier personally, had to use valuable US clout to free them, is never mentioned.

Can you imagine if the situation were reversed? If this happened to the Previous Occupant?

Oh. That's right. It DID happen to him. It was a kid named Otto Warmbier, and all he did was try to take a poster of the N Korean leader off the wall of the hotel he was staying at. He went to prison.

He was tortured, and the Previous Occupant did two things: One was 'jack', and the other was 'shit'.

It took Trump to get him freed, and he came home a vegetable who died days later. His parents struck a very different tone. They thanked the 45th president tearfully, just so they could see him for a few hours before he perished.

The difference is stark.

Right now the dialogue is all about tax reform, which will happen (the GOP is stupid, not suicidal) and sexual aggression of women. The side that is making the biggest deal of all this also supports Islam and Sharia law.

Last checked they abused women fairly regularly, what with female circumcision, forced rape and multiple wives. Can't bring that up, though. Makes one 'Islamaphobic', you know.

Glamour magazine denotes Linda Sarsour as one of their 'women of the year'. The descriptions of her, laundered to almost parody level, try to paint her as some sort of 'answer' to the horror of the Trump presidency.

Her hatred of the US, Israel and the capitalistic system somehow disappear in the article. Instead, you have to listen to her speeches. They are classic '2 minutes of hate' screeds.

Yet she makes Glamour magazine. Islam would behead everyone involved with this publication if they could. Indeed, the utter dishonesty of the whole movement is just mindblowing.

Indeed, Trump soldiers on. The LA Times just had to reluctantly admit that he is getting good marks about the economy even from his detractors. The article diminishes his accomplishments at every chance. However, the optimism he has engendered is paying off.

Like everything else, you'll have to dig to find, it though.

This site wants to keep the conversation fresh, and interesting. There is more than a bit of 'sameness' to the current dialectic. That's why the posts have been more of a couple times a week than daily items.

Nobody wants to get pounded over the head daily. As said, the lines are drawn. Now it's all about keeping the faith, and not losing sight of the end game. This whole affair is still in it's infancy; we've had the end of the beginning already.

Now it's the beginning of the real end. That's to take the country back from the forces that have been planning it's demise for over 100 years. Like Steve Bannon said, 'this won't be easy. They won't give it up without a fight'.

Gird yourselves. The next big fight is the 2018 midterms, and there are a bunch of RINO's and progressive Dems who need to be voted out of office. That effort is now just beginning...

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Steve Bannon: Undercover General is very busy indeed,

Tuesday, 14 November:

There is now a 'cold war', and it's happening here in the United States.

Like the famous one of yesteryear, where the US and the Soviets avoided actual conflict by engaging in all sorts of underground activities; everything from proxy wars to infiltrating various groups and agencies.

The only difference is now it's internal, and involving the most basic of all oaths taken by US officials: To defend the United States from all foes both foreign and domestic.

There is little doubt that the country is at war. The forces that were voted out of power one year ago refuse to cede it, and not only that they are using every means possible to both hinder, and remove, the duly and lawfully elected President.

This is treason, pure and simple. But then again, the very nature of progressive politics is treasonous, it is a long term 'death of 10,000 cuts' to the freedom and sovereign nature of the constitutional republic.

Even the language has changed.

The progressives, once called 'liberals', now fully admit that they advance socialist economics, racial division, and libertine sexual practices. They also freely admit that global governance is a preferable form to nationalism, and that unelected foreign bureaucrats should have preference over US citizens.

None of this can be refuted.

This is an attack on the American body politic. Today's House interview of AG Jeff Sessions shows that the opposition party has but one goal. That is to use any means to disgrace those in the President's cabinet and inner circle.

No matter what. The basic charge, which has been the mantra for a year, is about 'collusion with Russia', which is a policy decision, NOT a crime. The evidence discovered so far has only implicated the accusers.

To wit: They have been exposed as a government packed with political activists from the last administration. They were given details, acquired illegally by 'unmasking' citizens caught up in FISA warrants as talking points to be leaked at pre-determined intervals.

They refuse to obey orders from the newly installed department heads; indeed they conspire to stall, or derail any changes that conflict with their agenda. Meanwhile, in a carefully coordinated campaign, they work with a media that shares their political agenda to advance it through disinformation.

The entire campaign against the President over Russia is a progressive/deep state cooperation that is based on 'disinfo, going all the way back to the now infamous Global GPS 'Trump Dossier'.

Again, none of this can be honestly disputed. Lacking both evidence and the law, this effort instead concentrates on inflaming an easily led section of the populace. The progressive left has long inculcated a significant portion of the country to accept whatever is told to them without question.

They have been taught to reject individual thought and spiritual beliefs, and accept groupthink as absolute doctrine. Like the whole 'global climate change' issue. it simply must be accepted as an 'article of faith'.

To speak out against it, even if you have scientific evidence to back you up, is heresy.

This is war, without question. It doesn't involve guns and bombs, at least not yet. But there is no turning back from this; the opposition will only accept full, unconditional surrender. No treaties can be forged.

So, the operative question is this: knowing these facts to be true, what is the administration prepared to do about it? How much do they actually know? 

This is where the whole thing gets a little cloudier. While the agenda of the opposition does not lack clarity -they are  nothing if not obvious- the response has been muddled. Much of this is because so much of the media is hostile.

You can criticize Breitbart 24/7, but to go after CNN is an 'attack on freedom of the press'.

Therefore this war has to fought on other fronts. One is the Steve Bannon/'drain the swamp' reject the RINO element. This is the Roy Moore battle being waged.

They hate Moore for a lot of reasons. But the uniting reason is that the establishment GOP does NOT want Bannon to succeed in driving out the 'progressive lite' faction outof the party. This includes John McCain, Jeff Flake, Susan Colllins, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse and others.

They are all going to be 'primaried'. If Moore is seated in the senate, the steamroller will occur as freedom activists will come out of the woodwork to remove the obstacles the Republicans have in blocking the nationalist agenda.

The hearings in the House were heated on both sides Tuesday.

The progressives, all complete with the same talking point questions tried to nail down Sessions on discrepancies of his recollection of speaking to the Russians. Which, of course, is only a crime in their fevered minds.

The GOP side pressed the Uranium One/Clinton Foundation investigations. The AG cannot comment on current investigations.

The actual result? Both sides will take selectively, what they want out of this and put it on their social media sites to advance their position regardless of it's merit.

The Black Caucus members want 'white right wing terrorist groups' investigated as well as Black Lives Matter and AntiFa. They quote the incident in Charlottesville Va. as evidence.

This is sophistry at it's peak. There is simply no comparison; the socialist/communist movements are infintely more of a threat than the few thousand skinhead/supremacists that are dispersed all over the country.

To the informed citizen this is all relatively simple stuff. Just keeping one ear open allows this reality to sink in. It's just a matter of whether one is interested or not.

To those who visit this site that answer is even easier. There's a LOT of them, and they know the war is on...

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Veteran's Day 2017.


Saturday, 11 November:

First of all, Happy Veterans Day and a shout out to the Marine Corps as well, who turned 242 years old this week. May the thoughts and prayers be with those who serve, and to those who never returned.

As the saying goes, 'all gave some, some gave all'.

Donald Trump just celebrated an anniversary as well, and it was the first year of his presidency. Now, that's kind of a misnomer, his administration really started midnight 20 January. That delay weighed heavily on the newcomers, as will be pointed out here.

It's been a mixed bag so far, but that isn't necessarily all his fault, nor the fault of those he brought with. He ran into a buzzsaw, one that hasn't yet quit.

First thing to remember: The 70 days after the win and before the inauguration. Those facts are simple. Trump won an election very few thought he'd win. Now, this site knew instinctively he was going to win as soon as the conviction that he was serious was established.

That would be September of 2015. Up till then he could have been wrestling NBC for a better deal for Celebrity Apprentice. Why he would leave a very successful and lucrative career to take on the presidency was the question.

Once again, the answer is simple. Trump has been toying with this for over 30 years, and his issues have been consistent: The United States has been taken advantage of in international trade, the working class is being left behind, and we are involved in unnecessary foreign conflicts.

There are interviews with him over that period. He was remarkably consistent.

The conventional wisdom was how could a novice, a 'carnival barker' as the Previous Occupant referred to him, beat 16 other GOP candidates in a supposed 'deep field' and then knock off the Smartest Woman on Earth with billions behind her.

Instead, others saw the obvious. That 16 feckless bureaucrats and the worst candidate in presidential history would be fairly easy pickings for a street wise, self made billionaire developer with world wide business dealings.

These few voices, this one among them, intuitively knew. If it was even remotely fair, Trump would win. Namely, his opponent was, and always will be, unelectable. And he was smart. He went out and met with the movers and shakers of the new media, and the newly formed 'alt right'.

This would be Steve Bannon, and would lead to underground radio star Alex Jones. He was both fearless, and brutally honest. No other presidential candidate would do an hour with Jones, but he did. Gladly.

This got the nascent nationalist movement stirred, and they thought they saw hope. Trump represented someone unbeholding to government and immune to bribery. Someone who, while a little rough around the edges, as is most inner city New York types, direct and honest.

Trump travelled the country and met the people. The one's his opponent unwisely referred to as 'the deplorables', probably the single dumbest statement ever made by a national candidate.

They knew, immediately, they had the tip of their spear.

You know the rest. He cruised to a relatively easy victory; the nomination was a closer than the election but as long as you had John Kasich on the stage one sort of knew the textbook RINO, who's only difference from the other side is an elephant logo instead of a donkey.

Or jackass, if you will.

The election night was called at 2 AM,, but it was really over about 10 eastern, when Pennsylvania went for him. He already had Florida and Ohio. The rout was on.

This dramatic change in events was unforeseen to many; blinded by their arrogance which bred a stupidity of epic proportions. Dumbfounded, they had to think quick.

Not only 8 years, but really 103 years of careful planning was about to be taken apart. From the creation of the Federal Reserve at Jekyll Island to the IRS, a couple of world wars, abandoning the gold standard, putting half the nation on welfare of some sort, and opening the borders to water down the vote was now at stake.

Not to mention a LOT of criminal conduct. Keep in mind that progressives want to 'progress past' the current system, which they see as corrupt and unfair. Therefore, committing crimes are acceptable as long as it's 'for the cause'.

Like William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, convicted domestic terrorists who advocated re-education camps for those who could be rehabbed, and death camps for those who couldn't.

Now tenured professors in Chicago academia. 'BFF' of the Previous Occupant.

This criminal  behavior was widespread, so much so that the loser famously texted her campaign manager in an expletive loaded message that boiled down to 'we're all going to jail' if she were to lose.

Therefore the plots got hatched. A probe into Trump's associates, which had been illegally done by the previous administration by 'unmasking' US citizens in violation of their rights and seeing that his desire to improve relations with Russia gave them an opening.

They could accuse HIM of what THEY did. Classic.

So, hours after the loss the plot was hatched, basically the brainchilld of Robbie Mook and Ben Rhodes, and they went to work. First target: General Mike Flynn.

They had 70 days to set up everything, right down to the timing of the leaks. The media was 100% complicit.

But something went awry. They underestimated Trump, which is the typical handprint of their movement. They are so positive about being right, and controlling every aspect of information, that when they lose control they have no idea how to correct it.

So, they double down. This makes them eminently predictable, and the current rage of race nad sex baiting are the shiny bits they can't resist, and when the Trump inner circle baits them with it they can't help themselves.

As Steve Bannon said, 'let them talk about race 24/7. It will be their demise'.

He's right. People don't give a rat's rear end about it. They want better pay, more freedom. Trump spends 100% of his time addressing this. But they won't go there.

If the argument is on the issues, they lose hands down. Preaching income redistribution only goes so far, and emphasizing victimization is tiresome.

When only hours after the inauguration ceremony, activists funded by various left wing causes assembled just outside the White House and started what would be the 'resist' movement and an around the clock effort to unseat Trump began.

One year later one thing is clear. Their attempts have been largely futile, and what has worked is both short term and counterproductive. Russia is turning around to bite them now.

They should have thought of that up front. They had until Labor Day to make their case, and have the man impeached. But the trap only got a few small fish, and to this point there is still not any evidence that Trump is even under investigation.

The impeachment and removal of Donald Trump was, and is, a fantasy. It isn't going to happen.

The fallback option has taken place. Now, working with the never Trump GOP denizens, they will will sabotage any real legislation -like McCain did with the health care act- through parliamentary moves.

There are 'Republicans' who  would gladly see Democrat progressives seize power back to get rid of Trump, and his new party of deplorables. They want their globalist macro capitalism back.

The hell with the wage earner. They'll do what they're told.

Now, has Trump made any mistakes? Sure he has.

However, most of them are rookie errors, they had to create a cabinet on the fly and with the full opposition of the other side united to stop him. This is how Mike Flynn, a good man with a few dodgy decisions on his part, made a cut he shouldn't have.

Of allowing his son Don Jr to be a campaign aide. He got in over his head in what now is proving to be a DNC/Global GPS trap. However, that trap is now coming back to get them, as the facts now point to a dirty scheme with FBI complicity.

The New Front will be waged in congress, where you now see the charges levelled at Roy Moore of Alabama. Moore, who is four weeks away from becoming a Senator, is someone the swamp doesn't want.

They've been pretty clear about that, no secret there. But all of a sudden  a man with four decades of public service gets hit with sexual impropriety claims from 1979. There has been plenty of time for these charges to have derailed his career.

But no. All of a sudden, there are multiple charges against him. Now, this site isn't a fan of Moore, who is a relic of a different age. He's a fire and brimstone type lacking in the type of tolerance this era requires.

Mo Brooks was the choice here. But the people of Alabama spoke; they didn't want Luther Strange, a reliable McConnell/swamp puppet. The deep state is counting on the senate to keep Trump in check, and Moore is a wild card they don't want.

So, the Washington Post sends a reporter -she is a career criminal with multiple interstate charges of check fraud against her- to find women who will cry 'rape'. There are reports that one was Clinton employee, another offered over $1,000 to tell her story, and so on.

The predictable 'never Trump' crowd came out instantly; McCain, followed by Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney all said he's guilty and needs to go. The charges are enough, they said.

This is the New Front on display. As the Russia investigation winds down and Trump isn't implicated, the progressive left, the RINO's and the media will try to block every piece of legislation that would give the adminstation a victory.

They want to flip the House, and keep the establishment GOP in charge of the Senate. They, the so-called Republicans, will happily have a failed four year presidency and a Democrat victory in 2020 as long as THEIR positions are protected.

That's why the tea party, or the alt right, or whatever the movement is called, can't lose sight of the ball. The 2018 midterms will be hugely important, and the purge of the GOP must continue.

Like Steve Bannon said, 'this isn't going to be easy. They won't give up power willingly; we'll have to fight them every day'.

This first year is, as Churchill once said, not the beginning, nor the end. It is the end of the beginning...

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The person who deleted his Twitter account. 'It's Pat'!

Wednesday, 8 November:

If it isn't Trump 24/7 then there seems to be no news cycle.

Even when the 45th president has little, or nothing to do with the news at hand. Most topically is the spate of elections held Tuesday, and what the spin -aka 'fake news'- will be. Already the reliable media water carriers are claiming massive victories and a 'rejection of Trumpism' as one site claimed.

Of course, there is no such thing occurring; indeed it is exactly the opposite. What did happen is 'blue' Democrat strongholds held on to their own territory, and other than Chris Christie's term limited exit from New Jersey nothing has changed.

Repeat: Nothing has changed. Now, how the media can spin this into some sort of rejection of the President or his policies is a stretch, but there you have it. Ed Gillespie, a weak establishment RINO had the best chance of the lot to gain the governor's seat in Virginia.

He ran a so-so campaign; caught in the no man's land of embracing the 'Bush-ism' he supported for years as head of the GOP, and reflecting the anti-establishment views of Trump. He straddled the fence for awhile until some weeks ago when he decided to seize some of the Trump agenda.

He was double digits behind Ralph Northam, a former army doctor who was the lieutenant governor in a state flush with both jobs and cash.

The areas in North eastern Virgina surrounding the Capitol are among the most upscale and affluent in the country, all  thanks to the last 8 years of Democratic rule. They turned out in record numbers, as Trump represents the End of Life as They Know it.

If Rex Tillerson is successful at State, he will put several thousand bureaucrats out to pasture; these are GS-21 jobs and higher, with $150k salaries and big pensions at stake. This is all one needs to know about the Northam win.

'Trumpism', as they call it, is an existential threat to THEM, not the people. This was all about keeping the status quo. That said, Gillespie did rally over the last couple of weeks and had the race as a dead heat as late as yesterday.

How did he close the gap?

He decided to  embrace, not run away from, the President. Only a massive turnout by the beltway crowd had this break late for Northam. They saved themselves.

In New York, voters went for the Sandanista, Warren Wilhelm (DeBlasio) will easily beat the GOP candidate who will have had a tiny fraction of the resources he had at his disposal, and the Dems will reclaim New Jersey.

This is particularly important for them as they will be able to replace Bob Menendez with a Democrat if he's convicted of his bribery charges. This would keep the senate the same.

So, the long and the short of this is nothing happened other than a few faces have changed.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are in far worse shape than they, or their apologists, will let on. The Donna Brazile bombshells of Clinton/DNC hijinks has roiled the party and has the boss of CNN telling his staff to 'accuse her of lies', while she gets scolded by 'The View' hosts for 'helping Donald Trump out'.

The Democrats are hard wired to present themselves as a monolith; unshakable and resolute. It is no longer the case. 

When they had the polished oratory of the Previous Occupant being read from the teleprompter, they had a cloak of faux respectability that wallpapered their differences. That all ended last November.

Since then they have been a party in free fall; their policies discredited and dismantled. Their furious opposition has stanched some of the bleeding but they are still in the same shape they were just 24 hours ago.

Holding on to the big cities. That's not going to change anytime soon, until the people wake up and realize they are being replaced by the 'sanctuary city crowd' who will just redistribute wealth while building their personal power bases.

While all this goes on the President is making a difference in Asia, as he builds bridges with Japan while extracting more favorable trade deals. He's also rallying the South Koreans to unite against the North.

China will be next, and it will be both blunt, and productive. Muscular US foreign policy based on what''s best for the United States, NOT international banking interests, is back.

It's really good to see, and Trump will be rewarded by the people as his coalitions will grow...

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Recognize the mask? Just a coincidence, sure.

Sunday, 5 November:

This is also known as 'Guy Fawkes Day'.

5 November, 1605. The day of the infamous 'Gunpowder Plot' to destroy the Houses of Parliament and King James I. Now, this might not mean much to most people in the abstract, so a proper visual cue is needed.

The mask of Guy Fawkes, also the face of Anonymous and the first major leftist movement of the new century, 'Occupy Wall Street'. They have since morphed into the so-called 'alt left', which begat 'AntiFa'.

Then there is a mass shooting at a church in rural Texas. The shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley is a former US Air Force member, who was given a general Courts Martial and dishonorably discharged from the service.

It takes a LOT to get that treatment from the Air Force, the most forgiving of all branches. The reasons for his discharge have not yet been revealed, but he was obviously a problem for some time.

Early reports have stated he is an AntiFa supporter; others have his Facebook page and his interests as the following: Human Rights, Environment, and the kicker:

'Civil Rights and Social Action'. One source says he's an 'atheist' who 'likes CNN'. The bio out on him by the media has him as a Sunday school teacher, which hardly jibes with atheism.

The dust is still settling, and over 25 people are dead because they attended Sunday Services. The first things that prompted this site to post on it was 1) It's the Day after the the 'big' AntiFa demonstrations that fizzled, 2) the church is yet another 'soft target', just like the last half dozen major shootings in this country, 3) It's 'Guy Fawkes Day', 4) Las Vegas failed to get the gun control hysteria desired, and 5) too many coincidences.

Coincidence is for civilians, as the saying goes.

Undoubtedly there will be more information coming out; the media is content to run with the 'white guy' 'former military' and 'AR-15 rifle' memes so far. The push to politicize this has already begun, and you will hear a lot of bleating from the disarm the public movement.

Don't call it 'gun control'. Call it what it is, which is to seize firearms. They aren't exactly shy about it, either.

But the preponderence of the evidence so far points to a someone who is both disturbed, and a timing that seems awfully convenient for the militant 'resist' movement.

This site will dig deeper into this and have a more substantial report once all of our sources are tapped...

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Update Monday, 6 November: Leave it up to our friends with the UK Daily Mail to give a full profile on this piece of human excrement who is finding out that atheism is dead wrong right now. To wit:







Snopes says they don't even really exist.

Friday, 3 November:

So, our friends on the progressive left want to unleash their new, improved version of 'The Days of Rage' Saturday at a city near you. Now, the schizophrenia that normally affects the progressives is on complete display here.

If one reads, say 'The Guardian', the left wing UK rag, or check with Snopes you'd think this is a fantasy dreamed up by the 'alt right'. To wit:

But if you look a little further this comes up:

This is classic leftist operation; advance something which the public will find onerous while denying it at the same time. For something that is a 'fantasy' of the right the NY Times printed a full page ad for the group seeking to 'reject fascism' and rid the world of the Trump administration.

It's the climate, you know. Only good communist apparatchiks can give you a clean planet. You know,  like Chernobyl in the old Soviet Union and the decaying nuclear fleet on the Barents sea:  

Them commies were such good stewards of the environment.  Comrade Kim collapsing mountains with nuclear testing. Air pollution in Beijing so thick you can walk on it. But facts mean little to these people, because they don't even know who the hell THEY are.

First of all, they are  what they accuse Trump and his voters of being. It is THEY who are 'fascist'. When one thinks in lockstep, adopts Marxist slogans and preaches totalitarianism, well, that's what fascism means.

Communists make the mistake of thinking fascism is somehow 'right wing'. It isn't. It's just communism made pragmatic; it allows some private ownership of property and select businesses to prosper. The former Marxists (like the Previous Occupant) have discovered fascism and embraced it.

Communist countries are pretty bleak. The leaders like nice stuff and a soft life, so fascist ideology fits nicely. FDR thought it superb and invited Mussolini to the White House. They don't like to admit that now, though.

Calling Trump and his 'deplorables' fascist is classic projection, and this is their calling card. Like accusing Trump of collusion, something they honed to a fine art.

You call your enemy what YOU are. It is a conscience salve, and allows them to prattle on without a scintilla of self reflection.

There is nothing further from fascism than the Trump team, which is dismantling the regulation state piece by piece, and by bringing wealth back to the country will advance personal freedoms.

But you can't say 'get rid of those who seek freedom and personal wealth'. It wouldn't play very well, so may as well lie and call people something they are demonstrably NOT.

This movement is desperately trying to have it both ways. 

They would love to have tens of thousands turn out and cause some trouble which they then can blame on the right, like the (obvious) false flag in Charlottesville, Va. They got a lot of mileage out of that, even if Trump called them out on it.

If it turns ugly, well they have the excuse that 'it wasn't our idea' already floated by their media apologists.

If nothing happens at all, it was the 'alt right' crying wolf. But if one opens the links contained in this article it becomes crystal clear what these people want to achieve; just a matter of how committed -and how desperate- they become...

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Trump: Resolute under fire.

Monday, 30 October:

The eventual has finally happened.

Paul Manafort, the former -and short lived- campaign manager of Donald Trump was indicted for money laundering charges, something literally every analyst including this site predicted months ago.

The timeline on this predates the Trump involvement in politics by years. The 31 page indictment never mentions the President's name once. Trump, as is his usual wont, did weigh in on this with several tweets Monday morning.

Basically he pointed out this was years before he knew the man, why aren't you focusing on the REAL criminals (Clinton, DNC) and there is, of course, 'no collusion'.

The media will seize on this to prove that Robert Mueller is on to something, that this is an attempt to 'flip' Manafort and also the nugget that some former campaign aide did lie to the FBI so there must be other criminal activity.

Once again, as law scholars like Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley have pointed out,'collusion' is not a crime. Maybe it should be, but it isn't. And saying behavior by the previous administration is fine yet by the Trump people it isn't just won't work.

The media will be tasked with the Herculean effort of making this some sort of referendum on the President so that his agenda can be slowed, even stopped. Do not think for one second this is not the goal of all this.

They could have gone after Paul Manafort years ago. These type of financial crimes happen every day; if they dove into how the Previous Occupant and his state department funded their toppling of the Middle East you would find similar actions.

Much of this money, a lot of it unaccounted black budget funds, found it's way into the hands of ISIS. The so-called 'moderates' John McCain championed.

The goal was always to end up destabilizing Russia, removing Vladimir Putin in a coup and putting in a puppet government that would allow western banking interests to seize it's resources.

In lieu of that, keeping Russia as a boogeyman to allow increased defense funding will do. What they DON'T want, and what everyone has seen since the inauguration, is to normalize relations with them.

Just the mere mention of it causes instant hysteria. So, there you have it; nothing has changed and a rogue investigation is being used to thwart the will of the people.

Paul Manafort is no more of a criminal than dozens of others who ply this trade. The Podesta brothers, Sidney Blumenthal, and others have really dicey financial ties. However, they are being given cover by the CIA, who's bidding they do and as such are allowed to keep the ill gotten gains.

Remember Blumenthal whining to Clinton in a leaked e-mail about 'wanting his taste' of the contractor business in Libya after Khadaffi was toppled. If they had anything even remotely as bad against the president they would have moved on it already.

They have nothing, zero. That much is obvious.

But anything, no matter how thin, that will propel The Narrative is welcome, and this non-story will do that for at least a few days. Paul Manafort is in trouble, without doubt.

However, everyone in DC knew this was coming; indeed the Trump adminstration was expecting this. There is a backside to this, though.

Why, if the FBI knew that Manafort was under suspicion for this, then why didn't they warn Trump, or campaign manager Corey Lewandowski about it? They knew this long before Trump hired him.

But they allowed the Trump people to involve themselves with him. One might ask 'why'.

The obvious conclusion, that the deep state was deprived the candidate they wanted, and are decidedly unhappy about it...

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03.12.2017 15:49

Chrissy Barron

I'm very interested in hearing your take on the net neutrality issue. There is a lot of misinformation out there on the net and even conservative friends are backing Obama's plan.

04.12.2017 16:11


in simple terms it's this: Government control as opposed to free market. Hidden in this is the desire to bring the Fairness Doctrine back, which would require FREE access to a site for opposing views.

30.11.2017 15:23


I am of the understanding there are over 4,480 sealed indictments to date being produced as we speak and all of this within a span of just a couple months. The tension in the air is exciting.

29.11.2017 14:57


Thank you for putting this confusing issue into clear and understandable terms.

29.11.2017 15:35


glad to be of service...

20.11.2017 14:48

Brandon Jensen

Another outstanding assessment of what is truly happening. Love this site and your insight.

21.11.2017 01:19


thanks for the kind words; pass it around...

06.11.2017 14:53


If it were one instance of convenient events for the left, I'd be skeptical, but after about 10 of these events, it is clear. Our government still has those black ops going to further the agenda.

06.11.2017 15:33


this stinks almost as much as Las Vegas did; as you point out the events are quite convenient in timing...