Priebus: Good guy in over his head?

Saturday, 29 July:

The breakneck pace of the Trump White House isn't slacking off any.

As the president was coming off of for what could be described a good week, the internal divisions in the West Wing came to a head with the resignation of Reince Priebus and the appointment of Homeland Security chief John Kelly as his replacement.

The smackdown Anthony Scaramucci delivered to those he felt may be putting their interests first was classic Trumpian tactics, and most of what was sold to the public as 'out of control chaos' was instead planned diversions.

Let's go back to Sun Tzu one more time:

1) Know your enemy. You can certainly make the argument that the opposition does not know the real Donald Trump; indeed they buy into their fiction that he is a corrupt, doltish opportunist. BIG mistake.

On the other hand, one could also advance the notion that he certainly knows them. Tossing the transgender ban on military service was a nugget he just couldn't resist. Like tossing a piece of raw tuna into a sea full of sharks, they went looney tunes on a position that 80% of people agree with Trump on.

2) War is deceit. Trump, ever the master showman, will display the shiny hand to the media, feeding them items that they will obsess over, freeing him to do things they won't cover. The Jeff Sessions affair a classic case in point.

He has been elevated to sainthood by the same progressive forces that tarred and feathered him just six months ago while he is busy driving illegals out of the country at a wholesale rate and going after sanctuary cities tooth and nail.

Hearing much about it? Not really. They hate it, but will bite on the LBGTQ stuff every time.

That community is actually pretty good with Trump; they aren't angling to join the military as much as wanting to be protected from some practitioner of a Medieval religion killing them in the name of their god.

As far as Priebus goes, there are two schools of thought. One has him being a plant of the establishment GOP who is the head leaker, and two is a good guy in over his head who while faithful just wasn't effective.

The truth is, as usual, somewhere in the middle. However, they do not win the presidency without Priebus, who was smart enough to see the lay of the land early on and help Trump navigate the 16 opponents he had in the primaries.

His interview with Sean Hannity Friday night was excellent. He laid bare his take on why Trump is popular and just HOW popular he really is, and the astonishment at how truth is twisted to fit The Narrative and then cast in stone.

No matter what the real truth reveals. Like in 'hands up/don't shoot'.

Here it is. Worth a listen.

Kelly is an inspired choice. He and Trump are very close, and Kelly loves what Trump is all about, which is advancing America's interests shamelessly. He did a fine job at DHS in six short months.

Now, the rumors- and they are just that- have Jeff Sessions, who Trump likes very much no matter what you hear, will leave the AG post and go to replace Kelly. Then Trump will install a new AG. He can pick anyone who has already cleared senate approval.

The rumors continue. He would then have his new AG fire Robert Mueller, and then the deep rumors start. Apparently the opposition is not planning an impeachment. As this site has pointed out before, they would lose, and badly, too.

They are planning a coup.

It would be an arrest, confinement and a martial law scenario with certain factions of the deep state apparatus as a paramilitary presence. Those pushing this meme say it would be similar to what Turkey tried to do to Erdogan last year. sees some evidence that this might be true, and the operative word is 'might'. The criminality of the previous adminsitration cannot be hidden much longer. The NYPD is sitting on 650,000 e-mails off of sexting pervert Anthony Weiner's computer.

Department sources say the stuff on there is mindblowing. Tons of bad behavior by high ranking politicians; sexual esacapdes and money laundering and so on. Erik Prince, the former head of Blackwater, is heavily involved in this investigation.

He is the brother of Betsy DeVos, the education secretary, and been the target of much interest of Rachel Maddow's daily conspiracy show. Then there's the deep state criminality against Trump.

Sources,including the people at Circa claim chief FBI lawyer James A. Baker as under investigation for criminal leaking. Congressman Devin Nunes says that 'dozens' of unauthorized employees of the previous administration have unmasked hundreds of people, all for political motives.

Circa's Sara Carter has also said the DoJ is going to announce a major investigation, with names familiar to all in a 'week or so'. Her latest article:

Then there's the 'where's Waldo?' situation with the Previous Occupant. Last we checked he was still in Indonesia, where the US doesn't have extradition treaties.

In the military there is a chronic distrust of 'coincidence'. If something LOOKS like something, then it generally is. With Al Gore hinting on TV about possible 'bad times ahead', and this evangelist claiming a top GOP figure said Trump is about to be 'taken out' it seems there might be a confluence of events starting to form.

To wit:

The media is pursuing a one way road on the president; he's horrible and must be removed from office, and McCain making sure the GOP effort to kill off the AHCA fails all dovetailed nicely.

Perhaps Kelly coming on right now is the beginning of a series of countermoves. For be assured one thing: if WE know anything they certainly do.

This could all be empty speculation. But the intensity of the opposition, and just how distressed the global elite are cannot be underestimated. So, stay tuned.

It's just going to get more interesting, and soon... 




Betrayed by the GOP, as expected.

Friday, 28 July(Late Breaking):

In a stunning reversal from his statements earlier in the day, Senator John McCain joined the two dolts Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to push the country on the path to single payer, socialized medicine.

The vote, held early Friday morning, was 51-49 to kill the so called 'skinny repeal'. This will set the stage for an $8 billion bailout to the insurance companies, which will have to come back for more.

And that, of course, will mean that the socialist dream of conquering the United States is one giant step closer. This act, like other progressive schemes, are meant to make people dependent on government for their VERY LIVES.

All they have to do now is get the climate change agreement, where the very breath you exhale can be controlled by a vast, unelected bureaucracy. The outcome of this vote, which has the hands of George Soros all over it, can only be met one way.

Every progressive, every RINO, must be voted out of office. The president must veto any attempt at funding the insurance company payouts; the Freedom Caucus must attach the border wall funding, defunding Planned Parenthood, and any other 'poison pill' that can be attached to the bill.

Every America First patriot must realize the government is a malignant entity. 

Those who voted for Donald Trump to change Washington are getting a schooling in just how badly the 'swamp' does NOT want to be drained.

The simple fact that John McCain, who is one of the biggest frauds in GOP history, was able to throw a monkey wrench into this proves once and for all what everyone knew. He is no good, never has been and could even be considered a traitor.

Perhaps those tales of him in 'Hanoi Hilton' are true after all. Men who were there with him at the time called him 'Songbird'. This isn't about being broken by a brutal captivity; that is something most men couldn't bear.

But it is evidence that he is capable of treachery. Earlier in the day he said he would vote for the 'skinny repeal' bill; just a vehicle to keep this in legislation. But just before the vote was taken he conferred with the Democrats, and then was seen sitting alone at his seat.

No one was even close to him.

Add all this to the deep state owning the senate. The bill to ratchet up sanctions on Russia for something that was most likely a leak from a DNC staffer will push the country closer to war.

They are adding language to the bill to make it difficult for the president to make any changes; essentially hijacking foreign policy from the executive branch and giving it to the legislative. Of course you have the Mueller probe, and the concerted effort to remove Trump from office.

He won't be impeached. That wouldn't fly. But they are up to no good, and exactly what Al Gore hinted at the other night on TV about a 'challenging time' coming up now sounds all that more suspicious now.

This is not a shining moment in the history of the Constitutional Republic...


There will be updates on this later in the day.



Sessions: Is he REALLY in trouble? Don't be so sure.

Thursday, 27 July:

Guess what?

Despite all the tumult, the noise and more or less public character assassinations the public has witnessed, the Trump presidency had what was arguably his best week since the inauguration.

Now that you've picked yourself off the floor, an explanation is due. 

Since the day the man was sworn in, the 'resist' movement, armed with a textbook full of leaks based on conversations with foreign nationals, made sure that Trump never had more than a few good days in a row.

Anytime a positive development happpened, mysteriously another leak would happen. For about 20 weeks or so, this tabula rasa occurred as information, selectively edited to appear as ominous as possible, was leaked to the public.

Via the NY Times, Washington Post, and CNN, of course.

This started to become rote. Analysts like Chris Wallace of FOX even pointed out the 'curious timing' of the leaks. A much more serious interpretation showed the obvious: the oppositon is terrified that Trump's policies, which they know through focus group testing, would be widely accepted.

It would be the death of their movement. This explains the sheer anxiety they have shown; hysteria is always a sign of incipient panic. However, there was always a flaw in this plan. The Russia issue was a canard.

It was never going to go anywhere. Wholly invented as a means to somehow lure the president into some sort of process trap -obstruction of justice, perjury- it failed miserably. The Mueller investigation, which is feared far more than it should be, will prove this soon enough.

If there is no crime, there can be no obstruction of justice. Mueller will poke into the possible finances with Russia, but remember Trump is on record as being OK with that. He really has nothing to hide.

The leaks have become increasingly weak as a result. Their best bit, the trap Russian intelligence and Fusion GPS set for Donald Trump Jr., is just an example of amateurs in over their heads; certainly nothing of treacherous intent.

These leaks are now falling on deaf ears. Even progressive forces, seeing their agenda being derailed daily, have said 'either land a punch or stop the fight'.

As a result, Trump has ruled the airwaves for an entire week. Let's take a look at how someone who really understands media IS the message ala Marshall McLuhan, and how Trump has triumphed over incredible odds.

Jeff Sessions. Pundits of both sides are shaking their heads over this; they truly don't get it. But think about it: Trump's public excoriation of Session's recusal allows him to seize the Narrative away from the media and Bob Mueller.

He is speaking to his base. I have been surrounded by hostile forces, all intent on hurting YOU.

Trump is telling Sessions, publically, that his flanks are exposed and it also points out the previous administration's circling of the wagons around themselves whenever threatened. Just in case anyone forgot.

Now, what was the media/Democrat narrative of Jeff Sessions? 

It was of a man branded 'racist' and a 'liar' (sure, it was Stuart Smallley and phony Vietnam vet Blumenthal, but that's besides the point). Now, all of a sudden a 'leak' from the White House has Trump mulling a recess appointment of Sessions.

The Democrats bit on this bait wholesale. They want to pass legislation banning him from doing this. Keep in mind that the 'wholesale staff shakeup' the media has been selling for months has only served up Sean Spicer's resignation.

Following this line of logic, it makes sense that the controversy over the attorney general is totally manufactured. It gets Trump's point that the recusal was wrong out in public eye.

Sessions is now, because he is the supposed object of Trump's ire, a cause celebre with the media and the same Democrats who hated the man just a few short weeks ago. Meanwhile, the man is STILL on the job.

He's making all sorts of headways on illegal immigration, a pet peeve of the same progressives who now extol his virtues and want him to remain. The same trap they fell into with James Comey, who Hillary STILL blames for her loss, when Trump deep sixed him.

This site wouldn't even be surprised if Sessions was in on this. If anyone out there see a pattern to all this, welcome to the club.

And what else is Mr Sessions up to? He's instituted a full invesigation into deep state leaks just as Anthony Scaramucci is dong the same in the West Wing.

Can the Democrats turn on a dime and call him a racist bigot again? Get the point?

Finally, there is the transgender ban on military service offered up by Trump via tweet. Nobody got THAT either, and it's the biggest 'gimmee' of the week.

It seized the narrative, and let Sessions and Russia, along with health care, to fade into the background. The progressives, who simply can't help themselves diving into an issue of sex no matter how counterproductive, bit on this piece of dangling bait with relish.

Once again, think about it. The military cannot keep F-18's in the air, the soldiers are restricted on live ammo training because of cost, and the media and the deep state is pushing the country towards a WAR.

Then all of a sudden, the idea of making gender issuses- like the Almond Joy commercial, 'sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't'- a major issue for military consideration becomes front and center.

The progessives, who ran -and last we checked LOST- on these issues, is back on them like a junkyard dog on a rancid bone. To wit:

To call this issue a 'loser' is a massive understatement. Basically about 8 out of 10 people will agree that this issue, transgendered people serving in the military is not important, and most would say wrong, as well.


Best week of the Trump administration so far...



McCain: Trump gets his vote, he gets his moment.

Wednesday, 26 July:

The action packed presidency of Donald J Trump continues unabated.

The one -and only- saving grace of the 'resistance' movement is that it is honing, like a high grade katana, the administration into an effective fighting machine. One that fights FOR the people for a change.

Not against, like previous occupants.

The thing about a high end Japanese battle blade like a katana is everyone must stand clear lest they get knicked by accident. The latest kerfluffle with AG Jeff Sessions is a prime example. As our brilliant and informed readers are no doubt aware, there is friction between the two.

The media, eager to advance any issue that might sideline, or better yet derail his agenda, seized on this as just a horrible turn of events. Even analysts with insight like Tucker Carlson misread this affair.

If Trump wanted Sessions gone, he would have sat him down and asked for his resignation.

What he's doing is getting control of The Narrative.  He is the first president in modern times to wrest control of the 'narrative' from the major news outlets. This fact has them in such a tizzy as to put them in a near fatal tailspin.

Trump has more followers on social media than the networks do viewers. Think CNN despises the man for no reason? Adding all the networks together, they have a little more than 3 million viewers per day, with FOX leading the pack.

On the other hand, Trump's personal Twitter account @realDonaldJ.Trump has, currently 35.4 million followers. Then he has the other platforms, Facebook and such. This doesn't count #Potus, the official twitter of the presidency.

So, when Trump wants the folks to know the truth, he bypasses the media filters and goes right to the people. With Sessions, it's both using him AND motivating him at the same time. There is little doubt that Sessions should have warned Trump that a possible recusal could come.

Jeff Sessions is a good man, and could be a terrific AG.

But it's also obvious he really wanted this job, and might not have served his president well by taking it. This left Trump's flank wide open; he saw the ploy Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) used to force the recusal as the transparent joke it was.

But Sessions felt his honor, a notion someone like Franken has no idea of, was at stake. So he disarmed the presidency. Imagine Eric Holder or Janet Lynch doing this for the Previous Occupant.

It wouldn't happen. Ever. Lynch not only interfered with an election -the famous tarmac meeting with Bubba- but she also never recused herself; indeed the stooge Boy Scout Jim Comey gave them all cover.

So, Trump excoriates Sessions in public. Why?

Simple. He's busy in his Santa workshop going after his agenda; immigration and drugs. Trump sees Bob Mueller in the shark tank with his Clinton supporting law staff, circling, smelling blood and looking for a kill.

It's all bogus nonsense. The Russia thing cooked up by the DNC and the Brennan led so-called 'intelligence community'. What a joke. They have been SO highly politicized that they now would rather hurt national security than help the legitimately elected president.

Sessions wants to stop the proliferation of medical marijuana into a consumer good. This sort of thing is behind the understandable friction between an embattled president and a career politician in his dream job.

Trump is simply adminstering his CEO style. Sessions is getting a message: 'Do the job I hired you to do as well as your pet agenda'. This includes going after the leakers.

Guess what? Sessions just announced major investigations into the leaks. Coincidence?

Not for one second. Sessions is the AG, and will be for some time. He isn't going to resign, his love for the job too deep. Trump most likely won't fire him, either. Too much nonsense getting another person confirmed.

Trump is just letting a hire know just who in the hell he works for. The media is in a self righteous huff about all this, but said squat when Holder ran interference for the gun running operation known as 'Fast and Furious'.

The man was held in contempt of congress over it, and the media just hinted darkly that it had 'racial overtones'. 

This is why people have lost credibility in them, and they can see why Trump speaks the way he does. Jeff Sessions stands a better than even chance of staying in the job. But now the public knows the why's and wherefore's of the whole story.

Trump seized the Narrative. He wants to surround the people who are surrounding him.

Then what does he do? Goes to Ohio on a barn burner rally where 40,000 enthusiastic supporters awaited him for hours. The media says he needs to stop doing this and 'broaden' his base. That is a recipe for disaster and he knows it.

Right now, Trump has to hold onto his solid base. No other politician in the country has anything close to it, and the media knows it. That's why you hear the constant 'stop tweeting', 'act more 'presidential', and broaden the base.

This mantra is meant to have the man lose, plain and simple. Any and all advice from the media is meant to harm.

Trump got a major victory with a small step Tuesday. The senate vote to continue debate was enormous, a victory that the progressives absolutely hate. The demise of the AHCA is now a virtual certainty, it was never about health care.

It was, like all progressive programs, a way to control the populace, to give them more power.

Now the debate has changed. It's back to affordable health care where it should be. John McCain got to have his moment in the sun, pontificating about how important the senate (and he) is, and how they can solve everything if they could only get along.

It was patent nonsense, but the media and the left lauded it. He's always been the left's favorite GOP member, as long as he isn't running for president. But he came back and made the vote that gave Trump his deserved victory.

Now it probably came as a result of Trump not fighting the sanctions on Russia. The deep state will never back off on the Russia thing.

But that's a battle for later. For now, Trump is grabbing the reins and leading his party. No matter WHAT you hear from anyone else...



Kushner: 'Hey, I got nothing here'.

Monday, 24 July: took a few days off.

Their was a sameness to the issues; the assault of the Fake News and Russiagate, namely. Even though the rest of the world has moved on from this idiocy of Trump conspiring to deny Hillary Clinton her righteous role as leader of the Free World, the machine responsible for it won't.

They have created a blast furnace. There was never any coal to fuel it, but early on there was at least some flammable nuggets. Now they shovel anything to keep the fire burning. It doesn't even have to burn.

The fire is dying out, but no matter. They are invested in this, to turn back would be to admit both error and defeat, and that would involve accepting responsibility. This is not in their collective DNA.

So, while Jared Kushner testifies today in front of the Senate, he will simply state that he did nothing wrong, there is no evidence and that's that. It won't matter.

Somebody will leak unmasked tales that sound suspicious, and Rachel Maddow will add to her Little Orphan Annie radio broadcast narrative; her audience of utter morons in rapt attention.

The progressives have made up their minds. Trump is guilty of a non crime that against all evidence caused them to lose an election rightfully theirs. The public's desire be damned.

They have never accepted a loss. Their excuse has always been that the voters are too stupid to understand how wonderful their message is. This message includes:

1) Higher taxes 2) Less personal freedom 3) More government surveillance 4) The rejection of Christianity in all forms 5) the advancement of Islam as a replacement 6) Higher energy costs 7) government control of healthcare including rationing 8) Endless wars in the ME 9) The transfer of wealth to the third world 10) the disappearance of the manufacturing sector.

That's just for starters. There's the assault on the police, rigging elections through illegal voting, the advancement of all forms of perversion as acceptible, and so on.

Now, somehow they think people don't 'get it'.

This is where their arrogance breeds stupidity. The people most certainly do. It is tempting to just move on from this narrative of lies, and address other issues.

The fact that the Democrat obstruction to the Trump administration -requiring all 30 hours of debate per nomination- means it will take ELEVEN years to staff his government. That the congress is showing through the Russia sanction vote that they, too are owned and controlled by the deep state.

The vote, an unconstitutional power grab, is meant to force Trump into a deeper adversarial relation with Russia. They are even voting to strip him of veto power.

Foreign policy now the purview of 535 bureaucrats instead of the Executive. Imagine World War II being managed in that fashion.

It is blatantly unconstitutional. But they don't care; controlling Trump is all that matters, and he will not be allowed to break bread with someone the deep state craves as an enemy.

He won't be allowed to get rid of Obamacare. He won't be allowed to cut taxes. He won't be allowed to build that wall.

Both sides will work to stall any attempts on these issues, the gutless (and for the most part equally corrupt) GOP will throw in with the progressives on this.

They had a nice thing going until Trump started upsetting the applecart. The ones that don't want to get rid of the AHCA took the Medicare bribes, and they have health care YOU cannot obtain.

They have survival capabilities the public doesn't. Across the board. 

Those in the GOP who are nominally 'friends' of the president are just looking how to use this association to further their own power as well. The sad truth is outside of the 63 million people who voted for him, representing the heart and soul of this country, he has few allies.

This is the truth. Now, it isn't the end, nor the beginning of the end. It is, as Churchill once said, the 'end of the beginning'.

The establishment is coming to the conclusion that they will not be able to just get rid of the man. They are grudgingly admitting that he is far smarter, more capable, and resilient than they thought.

So, the New Front is being established. The Democrats, aware that the polls are killing them right now, are moving on to, if not a real governance plan, a slogan. 'A Better Deal', they call it.

For what it's worth, the details:

Now, the first reaction is that Papa John Schlatter should sue; it does sound like 'A better pizza', but what do you expect from people as intellectually bankrupt?

They will still maintain the obstruction; like Russia it is their policy and that won't change. In the world of wishful thinking they believe somehow the public will buy this, forget everything else, and sweep them into power in 2018.

And will finish the deal in 2020.

Keep in mind that the nominal front runners for them are 1) Bernie Sanders, 75, 2) Joe Biden, 74, 3) Jerry Brown, 79.

Now that's 'fresh blood' you can believe in. If you add Hillary -and never, never count out a Clinton as long as their chest moves in and out- she's 69.

Nancy Pelosi, 77, is determined to stay head of the party. Of course, if they do some sort of 'youth movement' a Muslim convert who sees a place for Sharia in the US is on the short list.

Keith Ellison. He's the 'new face'. They're good with this.

This is a recipe for disaster for them, but as said boundless arrogance creates fatal decisions.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump brought in his doppleganger as head of communications. Anthony Scaramucci, another self made New York multi-millionaire is taking over for Sean Spicer, who was the wrong man at the wrong time in the wrong position.

He's a good guy. But Trump needed a deft hand, not a belligerent bulldog. Spicer just made things worse, and then SNL made him a laughingstock by having a female play him in sketches.

He never could really defend his boss. He just attacked the media, which is pretty easy to do.

The promotion of Scaramucci means that a higher level of sophistication will show it's face. They will allow cameras in the briefing room again; making the likes of Jonathan Karl and Jim Acosta happy.

They want their 'youtube' moments.

However, instead of just battling them as a bunch of lying goons they will be treated far more kindly, yet the real truths will be offered up. It is the 'taste of honey' approach as opposed to the vinegar soda that's been offered.

The Trump people need to tone back the fighting on every level. They do need to show the ability to engage in discourse, and that translates to governance. The New York hedge fund manager is an excellent choice for many reasons.

But number one is he 'gets' Trump. So few do, although his masses of voters are not among the doubters. They know he's the tip of their spear.

The president will hit the road soon, back to Ohio next week to keep his his base motivated. The one thing the opposition has not been able to crack in spite of all their efforts. He still retains over 90% of his base support.

And as long as the other party pushes gender/identity politics, income redistribution and hiding illegals from the law that ain't changing anytime soon... 




It's time; the man needs your support.

Thursday, 20 July:

There is no limit to what the swamp will do to keep from being drained.

As this site has maintained since it's inception, the war against Donald Trump's presidency is 1) a war against those who voted for him as the tip of their spear, and 2) a conflict waged on two fronts.

It is the 'deplorables' that the establishment both hates, and fears. The same people they have been setting up for a fall for decades now. Your job was to prostrate yourselves on the altar of political correctness, apologize for your sins as white (male) heterosexuals, give up your personal wealth and property, and cede power to 'them'.

'Them' being the globalist state. Then they will determine just WHO gets what. Just because it's always their so-called 'elite' who end up with everything shouldn't make any difference. The progressive left believes they will be taken care of, and that's all that matters.

Will they be 'taken care of'? You bet.

Only it will be a repeat of what has visited them every time they buy into their utopian fictions. Meaning joblessness, despair, hunger, disease and death.

Know your history. It invariably repeats itself, and the global elite will turn on the hordes who helped them without hesitation. Like Stalin, Mao, Hitler and every other 'progressive' who thinks they know the answers.

The United States has slowly devolved into a nascent globalist entity. The evidence is everywhere; the military being overdeployed, supporting NATO countries who pay nothing and live like kings, the returning veterans betrayed because they represent a threat, abominations like the Paris Accords, and on.

The list is literally endless. Your vote is watered down through illegal voting, sanctuary cities, and the refusal to enforce the borders of a sovereign state. The police are sued for doing their jobs.

Violence by minorities is not only tolerated but held up as an exemplar; something to aspire to.

Allowing adversaries to steal our intellectual properties, and raid the defense agencies for secrets. The media pushing lies that advance all this, Hollywood preaching nihilism, perversion and blind obedience.

Those who question are attacked.

But last November the sleeping giant awoke. They finished the job of taking back the country by electing a businessman who wants to give something back, someone not interested in the trappings of power, somebody wealthy enough not to be corruptible.

The tidal wave unleashed against the globalist movement was unexpected, and they have been swimming upstream ever since. They are basically out of business.

But when you hold control of the media, and most of the levers of governence, a spirited fight can still  be fought. This is exactly where we are right now. The Russiagate fiction is falling apart; it dissolves a little more each day.

But the fact that the Trump administration has done nothing illegal isn't the issue here; the previous lot was criminal up to their earlobes and no one said peep. The Clinton e-mail scandal arose because she deliberately set up a private server so the criminal activity could not be accessed by FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) lawsuits.

She -they- didn't care one bit if they were 'hacked' or 'monitored'. The foreign powers won't do anything about it. They still maintain the Russians 'hacked' the DNC

This is utrue. The Podesta e-mails were leaked, not 'hacked', and very possiblly by the late Seth Rich, a Sanders supporter who saw that he was a stooge for the Clinton machine. Just try bringing up Rich's suspicious death in D.C.

See what kind of reaction you get. FOX news was almost put out of business for going there, and Sean Hannity no longer brings it up. Why is it so off limits?

You want criminals? Look no further than the last administration, which was so crooked the few honest people stand out like sore thumbs. Leon Panetta, Chuck Hagel, Arne Duncan.

The rest? Eric Holder? Janet Napolitano?


So, in this topsy turvey, upside down world a hardworking and determined businessman is painted as a criminal, while the real ones sip chilled coconut milk on tropical islands.

The latest developments underline all this. The GOP failure to pass any meaningful legislation, the battle between the president, the senate and house leaders, and the entrenched RINO members is now out in the open.

Every vote that was 'guaranteed' has come up short. Even the House health care agreement was labored and poorly received. Jeff Sessions' recusal left Trump's flank open to the Mueller appointment, and in what comes as no surprise to anyone, has expanded his investigation into the president's business dealings.

It's a win/win for his opposition; Trump either seethes under an invasive investigation for 4 years or falls into the real trap, which is to fire Mueller.

This would play right into their hands. But if he doesn't, well keep in mind that 20 lawyers with unlimited funds will find a crime, even if it's an overdue parking ticket. Kenneth Starr was looking for Whitewater fraud and found Monica and the cigar.

Clinton, who was, and still is, a bad human being, was unjustly impeached and it backfired.

If you think for ONE MOMENT that the Dems aren't itching for revenge, let set one thing straight. They are angry, unhappy people with LONG memories. After Richard Nixon beat Helen Gahagan Douglas in 1950 by outing her communist ties, they got their revenge 22 years later with the fraud of Watergate.

No Democrat would have been prosecuted for something as routine as the Watergate affair.

John McCain, now diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer, becomes a real issue going forward. He hates Trump with naked fury, and will he resign his position to fight for his health, or go down as the most important person in his universe, a position he has long held?

If he doesn't resign, and is replaced by the governor of Arizona (Doug Ducey, R.) the lack of his vote will table every agenda item Trump needs to cement any legacy.

Health care is dead. Tax reform on life support. The RINO 'never Trump' element is now the most powerful force in Washington.

Meanwhile, Trump gave an interview with the NY Times that savages just about everyone. Sessions' recusal, Bob Mueller sniffing for the FBI job the doesn't get and then selcted as his chief prosecutor.

The ridiculousness of the Russia investigation. The double standards. All honest, but it won't be portrayed that way. They are now trying to show him not only a criminal who obstructed justice, but a disturbed individual unfit for office.

His family is under attack and they want to strip them away from him so he can be surrounded by more 'gators' to keep him monitored; controlled. And desperately want to bring the conversation with the public through Twitter to an end.

Right now the President is in more danger than he has ever been. Just as he was pulling out of the manufactured Russia spy story the avalanche of final leaks occurred. The Trump Jr story has been adorned from a simple opposition research issue to an all involving crisis.

It's all a load of crap. But it is being prosecuted with a fury that belies the thinness of it's origins. Facts and truth mean absolutley nothing.

The President needs more than prayers right now. He is being isolated, and their hope is that he will melt down. What he needs is for the legions who are counting on him to stand up and be counted.

To write, or call the local RINO you have supported and tell them NOT ANOTHER PENNY unless you come out in active support of the President that YOU elected and saved THEIR asses from oblivion.

Can't wait for the 2018 midterms. Have to get involved now...





007 knew. So, too, does Trump.

Wednesday, 19 July:

If there was any doubt whether the gators in the swamp don't want to leave, that has been put to rest.

In an absolutely stunning display of feckless, anti-democratic behavior, the GOP majority in the Senate caved on what they got elected on. There were two main issues that drove the electorate to vote for the 45th president.

One was immigration. They have tried to block it, but fortunately Trump had weapons in his arsenal, mainly laws already on the books, that he could use. The success so far on border enforcement has been in spite of the GOP hierarchy.

At the very best they didn't obstruct DHS secretary John Kelly. He's been a marvel so far.

Two was repeal, and replacement of the AHCA, otherwise known for the hard sale approach of the Previous Occupant. This was voted on in 2015 and it passed the Senate.

However, now people who voted to repeal it, when it was a 'show' vote, want to keep the act intact. When it was just to establish 'street cred' with conservative voters, they were all against it.

Now that it's time to turn away from windfall money coming to THEIR state by taking it away from OTHER states they have had second thoughts. First of all, a clarification.

Ted Cruz (R, Tx) said years ago, that once the AHCA was passed it would be almost impossible to get rid of. The government is set up to grow. From how they staff to how they fund, every department is established to become bigger the next year.

If you spend ONE DOLLAR less than your budget, it will be cut.

Seeing no one wants to see their department shrink, they make sure they spend. This goes on every day, in every department. It is a sickness that was established in the early 1900's and continues to this day.

It's express goal was to make the government all powerful.

This toxic atmosphere permeates all of Washington, and the Senate, which also thanks to progressive tinkering of the Wilson administration (naturally) the 17 amendment was passed.

It made senator an elected, rather than an appointed, position. This screwed up the balance the founders established. The 6 year term of a senator, and being appointed by the governor of each state, was meant to temper the emotions of the House.

They were elected to a 2 year term so as to keep fresh blood coming from the people. You all know just HOW difficult it is to get rid of a sitting senator. They spend 6 years getting influence and raising dough.

The House seat the Democrats just lost in Georgia saw $30 million spent on it. A House seat!

Think 5 times that at least, now for a senate run. This is, again, all by plan. Literally every moment of Woodrow Wilson's time in office was a raiding party for the progressive movement. Most know about the IRS, the Federal Reserve, the lies to get the US in WWI, the re-segregation of the military and civil service, and on.

It isn't taught in school but the enlightened readers who come here know.

So, when Senators Rob Portman(RINO, Oh), Lisa Murkowski(RINO, Ak), Shelly Moore Capito(RINO, W Va) and the why is she a Republican at all Susan Collins of Maine all voted to keep the AHCA the true colors were shown.

Portman, Murkowski, and Capito all voted against it in 2015. Now they don't want to give up the bribes they took to fatten Medicare. The 'bribe' was to expand Medicare to cover people who weren't indigent; to 'buy' votes by giving free services.

The ugly side of democracy exposed. These are the 'gators in the swamp'. This is what people sent Trump to Washington to get rid of, and they are not happy about it one bit. The other thing these politicians have in common is they were ALL 'never Trumpers'.

They wanted a nice, reasonable GOP lite president who would talk conservative but govern liberal. They want the wealth of others redistributed to their constituents NOT because it's the right thing to do, it's because it keeps THEM in power.

That is ALL they care about. It's all any of these two bit bureaucrats care about.

The Swamp. It not only does exist, but it needs to be drained, badly. If there is a constitutional convention to come, repeal of the 17th amendment should be on top of the agenda. Rather have the elected governor of a state be responsible for a senator than vote in more Diane Feinsteins, Dick Durbins, or even Mitch McConnells.

To McConnell's credit he is going to call a procedural vote to bring repeal up 'in short order'. He does want to get every senator on record as to whether they support the socialization of one third of the country's economy or not.

His goal will be to get the Dems who's states were won by Trump on record. That's fine, they all need to be challenged. However, even more so, the RINO factor must also be exposed.

They need to be taken behind closed doors and told that their votes to expand progressive control will result in a very well funded challenge to them come next cycle. That they will have to spend EVERY penny in their war chest to fight them off.

And even if they prevail they will be put on the committee that studies skin lesions on river rats.

Murkowski, who is as crooked as any RINO ever, is target #1. She cheated to win in the first place, and is as much a Republican as Chuckie Schumer is. Only her Alaskan constituents keep her on the conservative side of any issues.

The rest? Listen, the Democrats are wholly owned by the progressive left movement. The GOP has given them a toehold, and anyone who voted for Trump to change things need to know just who they are, and why they need to go away.

There are a bunch of mean, nasty gators in the swamp called Foggy Bottom.

Draining it, and getting rid of them will be a massive undertaking. But no real change will happen without it...



Out with the old sheriff, Nottingham style.

Monday, 17 July:

For the last six months this site has pointed out how the Trump administration is not just opposed by a party out of power, but in a state of war with them. The constant referrences to Sun Tzu's treatise 'The Art of War' weren't made out of convenience.

They are serious benchmarks; always have been and those who ignore them lose.

You also know that the President likes to win. In Zen, 'winning' is about understanding loss, and taking your lessons. You win by NOT losing, which comes from ignoring the inherent truths to human conduct.

Like in 'know your enemy'. The United States defeated North Vietnam militarily but lost politically because they didn't know their enemy. They just assumed the tactics of the last war were good enough, and flooded a jungle with artillery pieces against ghosts who disappeared into the night.

Arrogance did them in, and the North, who were prepared to accept any casualty count to achieve the political outcome they desired ultimately triumphed. We waged a war based on body counts, which meant nothing to them, and rolled with it.

The same thing holds true in civilian life; conflict through competition has many of the same similarities. Politics is no different.

Donald Trump won the election because the DNC and the Clinton machine, arrogant beyond belief, ran from accountability of the mistakes of their leaders. Indeed, they doubled down on them.

To prevail in any conflict you have to know your adversary, and also know yourself. They thought themselves above recrimination, and refused to make necessary changes. Think 'Debbie Wasserman/Schultz' for example.

Anyone that stupid, that clueless and that personally corrupt should never have held such an important position. They thought -incorrectly- that they would somehow never lose power, never have to answer a question.

That every little plan carefully hatched would turn out just perfect. Now, even the less enlightened out there sort of know things just don't work out that way. Thinking that somehow if you acquire enough power, you are free of consequences from your own actions.

This is a massive mistake. And the Dems, and their progressive masters, made them wholesale.

They ran a bad candidate, ran her badly, had no message, and more important discounted the opposition and ignored a large section of the country. Having the public witness her being dragged out of a fundraiser half dead didn't help much.

Mocking their opposition and thinking that a splendid tactic was a disaster.

Finally, the sheer arrogance coming from those who believe they simply have to 'be' in order to keep power made their Karma so damn bad the impossible occurred. Trump caught every break, every arrow directed to him turned backwards and hit the attacker.

That included the Pope among others. Trump was bulletproof because the bullets fired at him were blanks fired by fools. 

Everything stated above is TRUE. It may not be kind, it is from an admittedly partisan perspective. But it's true. Knowing the truth sets you free, ignoring it is a path to oblivion. 

So now, after six months of this most improbable of presidencies, what is 'true' is now a matter of concern for the first time in a while. The media narrative has been, if not completely destroyed, sidetracked.

The voices of the political elite of the world are being roundly ignored.

The reaction to our Sunday post that urged Trump supporters to 'relax' was huge, our most viewed article and given some lovely comments, our thanks to all. While (half) in jest, the overall point still stands.

It's OK to ignore the media when they knowingly lie to you. It's also just fine to make fun of them, to spear them with the sanctimony they display even when caught red handed.

They're reactions are so damn juvenile that it is sort of tough NOT to give them a hard time. Maybe when the Time Warner acquisition of CNN happens, and they fire that officious goon Jeff Zucker, they can return to being the sin qua non of world event coverage.

They were, once.

The final salvo, as this site called, it, has pretty much run out of gas. The stockpile  of 'leakable' material is getting thin; that explains the big push on the Trump Jr tale. It is a weak story anyway, and finding out that the same people Junior met with were all over Capitol Hill that week sort of takes the 'spy' out of spy story.

There will be more, but it's not going to amount to much. You will hear about the 25th Amendment nonsense, but that's all that is, nonsense. The 'Emoluments Clause' will have some traction.

Many lawsuits will be filed. But believing that Trump would shape government policy because somebody paid $800 a night to stay at his hotel is pretty silly. No, this won't go anywhere either.

Instead, Trump will start to get his house in order. The Democrats will continue the glacial pace of confirmations, and are just stupid enough to commit political suicide with the 'resistance' movement.

To think they can win congress back by refusing to do their jobs because they didn't like the election results borders on the ridiculous. They have to at least appear to govern.

No, the president will start getting his revenge. Revenge, as the saying goes, can come in many ways. It is a dish best served cold, the French are right.

Immigration has been a very successful policy for Trump. It's across the board popular, and tying that to the sanctuary cities, and to stripping funds from them is on the table.

Want to get back at any progressive? Take their funding away. They don't know how to really earn anything, have no back up street skills, so this makes them panic. Guess what?

That's all coming, folks. Just be patient.

For you see, the Trump offensive is about to begin. The deep state leaks to the media have pretty much run their course, unless they have the photos of the hookers in the Russian hotel courtesy Christopher Steele.

Wouldn't count on it, though. And deep in the polling one overarching fact was gleaned: Of all those who voted for Trump, from committed to casual, he's holding on to them with iron grip tenacity.

Sure it's only in the mid 40's. But rather be there than at 20% like everyone else is. He's is in surprisingly good shape.

Now, let loose the Dogs of War. Get the opposition in front of investigative commitees. Deport every foreign national who commits crimes, no matter who or where they come from.

Keep the cease fire in Syria, which you NEVER hear about (wonder why) and have it become a basis for regional talks. Use Russia to triangulate Iran, which they would do in a heartbeat.

Get the GOP nitwits to do their damn jobs. Reform health care, cut taxes, and strip regulations. Get Macron to commit to a real attempt to redo the Paris Accords and come up with a world agreement on fossil fuel reduction which isn't patent left wing nonsense.

Clean planet is good; without doubt. But be on the right side of it for a change; not a backdoor excuse to install world socialist rule. Then start taking down the Jeff Bezos types.

Too many mega billionaires. This isn't what capitalism was meant to be. Enforce anti trust laws. Govern with respect to those with the least power, but ignore the whores who feed off of their miseries.

Be strong, resolute and fair. There is a new sheriff in town. And for the first time in a long while, it's Matt Dillon of 'Gunsmoke'. Not the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Nor the corrupt drunk with a badge ready to 'blow Dodge' if any adversity arises. We've had too many of those. The time to make the move is NOW...




28.07.2017 00:58

Carl Sweeney

Again, perfectly executed analysis of the facts, clearly disseminated and spot on. I just wish the comments were below each post. Best site on the net!

25.07.2017 13:11


Even while battling a huge fire here near Yosemite CA, we've taken the time to read this website everyday. Remarkable insights and analysis. Thank you sir.