Not a winning scenario for progressives OR the NFL.

Saturday, 23 September (Weekend Edition):

The major difference in Donald Trump's presidency so far is the shift from outright warfare from the opposition to a series of never ending skirmishes. Since Korea is on everyone's minds, take the 1950-53 war as a comparison.

It started with a furious series of attacks and counter attacks, both sides were on the ropes at one time or another and then it became a static affair with snipers and the occasional artillery attack.

Such is the case here. 

Trump has, at least for the forseeable future, stanched the bleeding and is in no danger of being removed from office, although he most likely never really was. The constant leaks of Russian collusion and the breathless anticipation of his opposition of an incipient demise is now history.

The investigation seems to want Paul Manafort's scalp; not for colluding with a foreign power but for some shady financial dealings. Just how this is worth tens of millions in taxpayer money for Robert Mueller to prosecute is questionable.

Then again, Kenneth Starr spent a lot and ended up with Monica, a cigar and a blue dress.

Trump, surrounded by military and intelligence types who are in a state of bliss with his new embrace of neocon foreign policy, has adapted to what the situation is. His basic agenda hasn't changed, but the peripherals most certainly have.

He is trying to save the GOP from itself, which has been his biggest failure. Not that he hasn't tried; they don't WANT to be 'saved' by the brigand Trump. They want him to cooperate with their agenda.

Which, coincidentally, doesn't stray  much from the progressive one.

So, what the tactics have boiled down to is the media and Hollywood snark, the betrayal of so-called 'Republicans' like McCain, Collins and Murkowski, and the freefall of the NFL. This is a real example of one side's stupidity being seized on to good effect.

First of all, the progressives absolutely loathe football and the NFL.  It is a very hyper masculine, type A world full of violence that doesn't advance a political agenda they like. So, this return to the 1968 Olympics and 'black power' salutes on the podium is being heralded as if it is some sort of desired outcome.

They really seem to think pushing Colin Kaepernick was a solid idea. The fact he's a washed up grub finally seemed to sink in, and now it's moved on to other players 'taking the knee'. Hell, they even got some Pop Warner kids to do this last week; as if any of these kids understood.

Trump, seeing an easy score, jumped all over the issue.

He excoriated the pampered millionaires who decided to join in on this, and the left, now settling for civil conflict instead of impeachment, are defending this behavior almost hysterically.

Trump fed them the bait, and they bit. Even Roger Goodell, the embattled NFL commissioner, has called Trump's words 'divisive'. The Buffalo Bills plan on having a mass 'kneel in' on Sunday's game.

Basketball star Stephen Curry has refused the invitation to come to the White House, and LeBron James has supported this. Trump cleverly 'retracted' the invite to Curry. The progressives are 'all in' on racial strife, and desperately want Black Lives Matter and AntiFa to be 'mainstreamed'.

This all plays into Steve Bannon's admonition 'please, talk about race 24/7' to the opposition. He knows what a historic loser it is. but we'll get to that later. Desperate to gain traction on something, anything, they are pumping up these multi millionaire athletes as somehow moral exemplars of the black liberation movement.

Not to mention preferring the natterings of a Stalinist dictator who killed his own uncle with an anti aircraft cannon to that of a legally elected President. Trump, who knows how to bait an opponent like no one else in the political arena, has them all biting on the hook.

If Chelsea Handler thinks praising Fatboy Kim over Trump is a winning scenario for their movement, all one can say is 'please, keep it up'.

Trump's speech in Alabama for Luther Strange Friday night was an amazing stream of consciousness rant. Alternately revelatory and hilarious, he held court for an hour and twenty minutes to a rapt audience.

He fearlessly tackled every issue, from the overpaid athletes taking the knee ('fire the son of a bitch' he said as the audience roared) to John McCain's treachery. He even worked in Rand Paul's opposition to the new health care bill, and then added just how much he and McCain dislike each other.

He threw all of the recalcitrant GOP senators under the bus. Given a list to call, he dutifully did and then said how every one of them wanted to have 'dinner with him and bring their family' and the families wanted to 'do lunch and breakfast' as well.

Then they would sit down and talk. It was a stunning indictment of their hypocrisy, and he delighted in shedding light on it. He also admitted how disgusted he was with it.

It was a classic Trumpian performance, guaranteed to delight his followers and drive his foes nuts. He even made a decent case for Luther Strange, too. Entertaining suff. Here it is:

So, the president has turned the tables on his opposition -for now- and can sit back and choose what idiocy is being offered up as response. He has a LOT to choose from.

Progressive small arms fire. Annoying, maybe. Ineffective probably, and counterproductive absolutely...

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Pelosi not a happy campesino.

Thursday, 21 September:

The action packed presidency of Donald J Trump continued unabated this week.

He has had more on his plate in the last seven days than the Previous Occupant had to deal with in seven months. Three devastating hurricanes; the most recent in the US protectorate Puerto Rico.

It, like the Florida Keys, has been put back in the pre industrial age. No power at all, this means everything from no ice for your drinks or air conditioning to no effective hospices, no medicines and no relief from heat, and raw sewage.

The Fed has announced another 'attack' on economic growth; they floated the last 8 years on quantitative easing and zero interest. Now that there are signs of recovery they will start selling off, rather than buy, municipal bonds.

They will also raise interest rates. They want every penny of the recovery not going to disaster relief to go to the banks. Meanwhile, congress is readying a tax reform package, the AHCA is about to come under another repeal vote, and the president just addressed the United Nations.

Add to this the situation with N Korea, going eyeball to eyeball with Russia over the Ukraine (again) and the Afghan conflict heating up.

This all has pretty much transpired over the last SEVEN DAYS.

This doesn't even count the Mueller investigation, the revelation that Trump associates -and perhaps Trump himself- were actually surveilled by the former administration.

That's right. Trump tower was wiretapped. The media caught in yet another lie, has been dissembling over it for the last several days. Their spin varies from the 'there is no proof' lie to the 'this has been going on (the Manafort spying) for 10 years'.

The electronic media is now as unhinged as the snowflake element they cater to; the Emmy awards was a 3 hour anti Trump diatribe, and TV hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert have decided that they only want to appeal to the 'resist' movement.

Finally, the so-called 'rolling' of the president by 'Chuck and Nancy' (Schumer and Pelosi) has turned out to be a disaster for them; NOT for the president. He exposed their flanks to the resist/snowflake/AntiFa movement by getting an agreement with them.

A meeting they thought to be a home run ball for them. Most of you saw how Pelosi was treated when she went back to San Fransico triumphantly to tell all how she worked over the president on DACA.

Instead, the Marxist rabble that surrounded her shouted her down; they don't want a deal, they want surrender. Demanding all 11 million be given instant citizenship, she was driven off the stage in humiliation.

Surely not the reception she expected. But this is the progressive chickens coming home to roost. The Democrats, led by the bitter losers of the failed Clinton campaign, have fed their people so much fiction for so long that they won't accept the truth.

The truth is that the Russians did not hack John Podesta's e-mails, it was an internal leak. The truth that the DNC server was never turned over to the FBI. The truth that it was the previous administration that colluded with Russia.

That they then, in turn, created a fiction that Trump did it, and then attempted to criminalize politics.

It has been that big a week. 

One wonders what the next one will bring...

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Chuck and Nancy: It may not be as it seems.

Saturday, 16 September

The best thing of the nascent Trump presidency -keep in mind that it may seem like years but it's only been 9 months- is that the truth is busting out everywhere. That is in spite of determined efforts to keep the fictions going.

Since his inauguration the opposing forces have been in a 24/7 battle with him for message dominance. The media no longer has control of 'The Narrative', which they had a monopoly on for decades.

By now you all know what this narrative contained; it was a litany of progressive projections; freedom is fascism, white men are inherently evil. etc. No need to go over all this again. But the explosion of the new media changed all that.

In other words, why you are here reading this. The truth has escaped, like the proverbial genie it cannot be put back in the bottle, so to speak. If one does their proper homework, they can find the information they need to make proper assessments.

This recent development, while a good thing, can cut both ways.

Some of our brilliant and informed readers have commented on the recent attacks on Trump by the purveyors of the new media. Ones who have been Trump supporters, namely Breitbart News, the bomb throwing Ann Coulter and former congressman Joe Walsh.

They are decidedly unhappy with the Trump decision on the DACA, or 'Dreamers' act. But is there a real concrete reason for this? 

Not really. It is always good to have concerns. After Trump dined with Schumer and Pelosi they, as usual, beat a hasty path to their mainstream media pals to shape the evening's discussions. By painting it as a Trump concession, they hoped to force him into a box, and also to sow discontent in his base.

This was as predictable as the day is long.

Now it may be safe to say the president was blindsided by this, but that might not be the case. Just as unlikely is Breitbart, now under the supervision of Steve Bannon, is now turning on his ideological soul mate.

No, this just isn't the case. Once again, one must look at the edges to see the actual truths. Fully aware that the media is the progressive accomplices, Trump had the meeting with the so-called 'moderate' wing of congress.

He knew damn well how this would be perceived. In order to break the hold the GOP 'never Trump' wing had on his agenda, he made a calculated move with this meeting. The discussion on the Dreamer issue was general, never specific.

Polls show about 75% of the populace believe these people should be allowed to stay in the United States. It doesn't take a politcal genius to see some accommodation is going to be made, and Trump acquiesced to this.

Then the spin began. Keep in mind that he is surrounded by an apparatus that wants him gone, he represents a sea change that threatens their hold on power. Therefore, every aspect of his game will be spun to advantage that partisan outlook.

When he mentions better relations with Russia the Deep State jumps all over him; when he talks tough on Korea they laud his leadership.

He ran, and won, on curbing illegal immigration. He believes still that without secure borders you DON'T HAVE A COUNTRY. This has not changed, nor will it ever. The question is how do we get there?

The Democrats, now a wholly owned subsidiary of George Soros' 'Open Society' want a borderless country. They haven't been exactly shy about it, either. Hillary Clinton said as much during her campaign.

The GOP isn't much better. Led by the Chamber of Commerce, they want the cheap labor a flood of unskilled immigrants bring. Paying an American citizen $20 an hour to do something you can get an illegal to do for half as much isn't good business sense.

Maybe it isn't. But we are still a sovereign nation, and business should work FOR the US citizen, not against him. Profit is good. 

But not when it runs in contradiction to the people the business is supposed to serve. The disaffected, those who voted for Trump because they were sick of being put out of work for $5 a day slave labor overseas, spoke loudly.

This is a sizeable portion of Trump's support, and they are now being played by both sides. The real facts of the night is that there was a general agreement that DACA, while now disbanded, should have some accomodation for the people who are already here.

With the majority of the country behind this, Trump agreed to the general outline. He also agreed that the wall funding needn't be a part of this. This set off the chain reaction you now see. The left celebrated what they see as the 'camel's nose under the tent'.

The whole reason DACA was put in motion -illegally by the Previous Occupant- was to break the borders open. DACA would be followed by DAPA -which was to allow the parents- and then 'chain migration' would finish the job.

The 800,000 or so 'dreamers' expands to tens of millions, and the citizen voter in this country is overwhelmed, the country is now lost.

That was the plan. Now, you have Ann Coulter, Breitbart, Joe Walsh and others screaming 'foul'. What's a little curious about all this is the rest of Trump's comments on this are being ignored.

He has said he want's 'extreme vetting', there will be 'no amnesty', nor 'chain migration' allowed. He favors some sort of worker visa program, which does make sense. But no 'path to citizenship'.

And if there is no funding for the wall -it can be a separate bill, but it must be approved- he will 'revisit' his approval. He only waded into this because of the pending lawsuits challenging it's constitutionality.

It isn't. Both sides know it, and it's up to congress to craft the legislation. But they don't want to be held accountable for their vote, so this also adds to the heat on Trump to 'take the hit'.

To the visitors of this site, patience is urged. There is a 24/7 cage match virtue to his presidency, but the wheels of legislation moves much slower. Trump is no fool.

This situation can be solved. The progressives don't particularly care about those already here; they want them to be a vanguard. Trump is diametrically opposed to that.

This should play out in a logical fashion. Those on the right criticizing the president for something that hasn't happened, nor is it likely to, have their own agendas. For Ann Coulter it gets her on TV.

Joe Walsh, while right on the issues, doesn't see either the big picture nor the strategy. Breitbart is is ginning up the base to keep those around the president honest. Trump still speaks to Steve Bannon just about every day.

This is not to say this issue isn't one of concern. It is. Just not panic...


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Trump: Deals are what I do.

Thursday, 14 September:

The newsrooms all over the country have been abuzz with the newfound cooperation between the president and the top Democrats, and as usual Trump is ahead of the curve on this.

Much is being made of it but it really shouldn't surprise anyone.

The president ran on a platform of populist ideals and a return to US sovereignty. He is not a lifelong GOP operative who's only real goal is the retention of power. He 's a businessman who wants to get things done.

Once again, no surprise there, either. So, if the GOP, who to no one's real surprise, deliberately blocked his agenda for their own selfish reasons, is now being bypassed is only natural. As a professional dealmaker, the man does what he does best.

Broker deals. He showed that last week with the debt limit negotiation. Trump knows one essential truth here, and that's the people want responsible governance and they want it NOW. This is a lever he can use effectively.

The now famous 'Dining with Democrats' Wednesday night a case in point. As both sides spin madly, and opportunists see ways to advance their own personal cause as well, the elemental fact remains.

He's getting things done. They may not be exactly what some want to see, but from a sports metaphor standpoint he is advancing the ball downfield. Maybe not a long touchdown, but a couple yards here and there can add up.

First, let's look at the substance of what occurred.

He met with so-called 'moderates' and discussed tax reform and the pet issue of the day, which is the 'Dreamers' and the now cancelled DACA program. This set the table for many things to happen.

One, tax policy, which can still be done by reconciliation -meaning 51 votes- now no longer counts on the treacherous John McCain group. The same people who saved the health care act have now been sidelined.

This fact cannot be emphasized enough. By attempting a more bi-partisan bill, not depending on Republican orthodoxy to craft it, and their thin 52-48 margin to pass it, he has taken the power from these progressives in disguise.

Now, McCain, Susan Collins, Ben Sasse and company can sit and watch from the sidelines as he works with Schumer and Pelosi instead. This is a very smart move. The pressure on them from the actual voters, not the 'snowflake' base, to get something done is huge.

Rank and file Democrats polling shows 65% of them want cooperation with Trump. The actual 'resist' movement is quite small; just well funded and loud.

 No matter what you think about Schumer and his counterpart in the House, Nancy Pelosi, they are garden variety liberals, NOT quasi Marxists bent on overthrow of the system. They may be their enablers, and this is not to excuse them.

But they are on the other divide of the Democrats. And the gap is enormous.

By doing this, Trump not only sidelines McCain, who is a true malignant presence, it lets both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell know just who the boss is. In other words, classic Trump.

He let them run with the ball for eight months. The results were not just pathetic, but McCain's treachery was the defining moment. Trump seized their mantra of the last 8 years of 'repeal and replace' and beat them over the head with it.

He then deftly moved towards this new reapproachment with the other side. Now, the pundits are having a field day with all this. Don't make the mistake of taking it too seriously; much, if not all of it is self serving.

The Trump technique, which is to ask for a lot, more than you know you will get, dig in and then compromise for less, but more than you might have gotten, is once again on display.

Read 'The Art of the Deal'. It's all right there.

Wednesday's little soiree' is a classic example of 'Trumpism'. He sidelined McCain on the one side, and Sanders on the other. The 'moderates' got a day in the sun, which is good for their re-election plans.

He made concessions while letting them all know what his policy preferences are. The DACA, or 'Dreamers' issue was tackled. Trump carefully laid out his desire to secure the borders, which in spite of what you may hear from Ann Coulter, will never change.

Once the bottom line was established, he agreed to break it down into steps. Anyone who really believed that 800,000 productive citizens were going to be deported has been given a wakeup call.

They will be allowed to stay. However, the program will end. There will be no more entries. The pathway to legalization will be stringent, and citizenship will most likely not be offered. In return, Trump will get monies for enhanced border security, and has the platform to advance just how the wall will be built.

He's just given the other side a fig leaf as cover. This explains the triumphant proclamations of Pelosi and Schumer that they would get DACA approved but with no funding for the wall. They simply could not sell this to their contituency any other way.

However, those present have admitted that they don't have a deal, yet and there is no  'quid pro quo'. It's simply a statement of policy going forward.

Does Trump get what he wants out of it? You bet he does, and he also has served notice that the border will be secured. On taxes, the Democrats want 'revenue neutral', meaning not adding to the deficit. From them, that is a hoot.

They didn't say a peep as the Previous Occupant added 10 trillion to the debt.

They also don't want reductions for the top tier. This is predictable, and Trump knew it going in. But this is just the opening shot on the negotiations.

More important than lowering the top rate is dropping taxes on corporations; the 15% figure would bring back trillions in cash sitting overseas. Equally important is dropping the tax on 'S' corps tax rates, which in small businesses is tied to the personal rate.

Trump -and the wealthy- can handle no reduction in personal taxes for the upper tier for now as long as they can park the money where it needs to be, which is in the business.

This is all good.

Keep in mind that while all this is going on, he is handling two natural disasters, the situation in North Korea, and the nagging Mueller investigation which seems intent on nabbing someone close to the president; this is the deep state saying we still have clout over you.

The media is 91% negative in it's coverage. He's polling at 44%, now. Not lights out, but considering the bricks constantly thrown, isn't too bad at all.

With Trump down in Florida, overseeing the so-far almost flawless recovery effort, he has a platform for advancing these new agreements, and was getting respectful questions from a media surprised, and obviously pleased, by his accomodations on the 'Dreamers'.

Once again, a sow's ear turning into, if not a silk purse at least a vinyl handbag. Pragmatic approaches to pragmatic solutions.

To those who make up his hard core base, consider this:

What alternatives do YOU see? Is it not better to get what you need when you can? Isn't the sidelining of John McCain better than a so-so deal with Chuck and Nancy?

He's only been in office 9 months. Rachel Maddow thought he'd be in irons by now.

Patience can be a virtue, you know... 

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Irma damage: Trump's challenge; he's up to it.

Tuesday, 12 September:

(Note: Due to the hurricane disasters, this site was offline for a few days; our humble apologies)

There are many aspects to the making of a President.

Simply being elected isn't enough; it merely starts the process. For the Previous Occupant, it was a high water mark, the over the top hype (he would 'lower the oceans') impossible to live up to, and a Nobel Peace prize betrayed by the endless wars in the Middle East.

His first real taste of where he really stood was the bitch slap from the Olympic committee, who wanted to keep the billions in graft as opposed to allowing Chicago hoodlums to get it.

And poor Valerie Jarrett, who bought up slum property around the proposed Olympic village to reap a financial windfall, was left with, well, slums. So, the patina of that administration was exposed early as the empty shell it was.

For George W Bush, it was his moment on the rubble in 9/11. No matter what one thinks of that day, or the actions of his administration beforehand, it was a defining moment of true leadership.

Clinton never really had one. He had a 'gotcha' moment over the Oklahoma City bombing, but his defining moment will always be 'I did not have sex with that woman', followed by the bizarre 'it depends on what the meaning of 'is', is'.

Bush 41 had Saddam and the unfortunate 'read my lips'. Reagan, who's rhetorical skills outstripped all of them, had 'Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall'.

For Donald J Trump, it's a different scenario.

Never given a break, even for a moment, his defining moment is not just one, but a series of smaller but more honest moments. The man has had to grab what little he can in between being accused of every type of bad conduct.

He is the only president to be continuously called a 'racist'. And that's just the beginning. This constant din of criticism has turned into a hollow, and distant echo now. The actual man, as leader of the free world, is now having some honest moments revealed.

The actions of the Federal Government, namely Trump and his handling of FEMA dealing with not one, but two storms of historic proportions, have been simply stellar. One only has to take a look at the British and French response to the Virgin Islands to see the contrast.

With Katrina not all that far in the national taillights, the comparison is even more stark. While the media, careful not to give him any credit insists that the creation of social media is what saved the day, the fact remains.

He was hands on, involved in every aspect, the damage was enormous but the death count so small as to be astounding. 1,883 died in Louisiana in 2005. So far, and believe it that the media is desperately trying to find more, 77 have died between these two monster storms.

The truth has been allowed to escape, if only momentarily. Donald Trump, under duress, has been quite good as a commander in chief and leader of the relief efforts. The myths spread by the media opposition look, well, pathetic.

This is the problem with the Big Lie.

While it's true that if repeated enough it becomes fact, the big problem with it is in this case it isn't the leader who is perpetuating it, and therefore he has some say in it's efficacy.

The aftermath of the disasters are revelatory as well. Instead of coming together to craft the right legislation to help people, American citizens in true need, became a partisan political affair torn between the GOP 'never Trump' wing and the progressive 'snowflake' constituency who wants him to disappear.

He had to throw the RINO's under the bus to get a deal. It's come to that. The so-called 'conservatives' bitterly accused Trump of 'getting rolled' by Schumer and Pelosi, now called 'Chuck and Nancy' by Trump.

But did he?

Maybe not. What he has done, is thrown the two party system into a maelstrom. If they want to simply play politics to the status quo he will change the status quo.

Schumer and Pelosi are now in trouble with their 'base', because of this. Having sold the fiction of 'resistance' to a legally elected president -and one who's win wasn't really close- they now have to pay the piper.

Dianne Feinstein got a taste of this when she said he 'might even become a good president'. They are decidedly unhappy about this turn of events. As this site has pointed out before on several occasions, just how you turn back from 'Russian traitor' to 'pretty good President' is hard to see.

That is their problem. The Democrat party is in far worse shape than the GOP, which is simply sad and pathetic. They are in the throes of a civil war, and Bernie Sanders is their most popular figure.

Last we checked he isn't even a Democrat.

As the dust settles on the twin disasters, the predictable politicization of everything continues; predicting the climate change movement would try to use this was a no-brainer. The media whores, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post and other outlets all went with the 'will Trump learn his lesson' meme on the storms and embrace their position.

This position, as you all well know, combines the climate with wealth redistribution, denial of resources, and global governance. Just surrender your sovereignty, turn from a citizen to a subject, give up your guns, property and wealth and the climate will heal.

Like magic. This is the pile of crap they are selling. The blind and the stupid may buy into it.

Having the leader of the Catholic church wade into it and demand socialism as a cure for the climate simply shows that the Jesuits, who created 'liberation theology' are now in charge of the church.

Instead of cleaning up the corruption and sexual depravity the Vatican is rife with, or spending some of THEIR assets to help others, they now demand that the US open it's treasury to be further raided by the EU.

Our own congress just overruled Trump and paid the $10 billion in graft money to EU bureuacrats for 'climate change'. They may not be able to replace the health care debacle, but they can sure send your money overseas.

John McCain almost had a heart attack when Trump stopped the CIA sending unaccountable monies to the 'moderates' in Syria.

But through all this, Trump has been resolute. His current approval rating is 44%, he was at 46% a couple days ago. But it is clear to see he's turned the corner.

The Steve Bannon interview showed just where they go next; a good hint is one wouldn't want to be a GOP obstructionist come next year. It won't just be Jeff Flake who gets tossed out.

The progressives seized the Democrat party about 15 years ago. The Trump movement, aka 'the deplorables' are doing the same to the GOP.

They are not only not done yet. They are just beginning...

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Ignore these images at your own peril, progressives.

Wednesday, 6 September:

In a decision long expected, President Trump ended the program known as 'DACA', or 'Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals' Tuesday morning. Announced, correctly, by AG Jeff Sessions, the explanation was simple, factual and therefore easy to comprehend.

The reaction was both swift, and predictable.

The America First crowd, applauded the decision, as did constitutional scholars. Sessions quoted the formidable Jonathan Turley in his statement. Meanwhile, progressive forces screamed bloody murder.

Conveniently forgetting the 'deferred action' language of the executive order issued by the Previous Occupant, they railed against the president for being 'cruel' and 'heartless'. You'll notice no one said it was 'incorrect'.

The biggest question one could ask is why the fuss? He gave a six month window for congress to act on it. He very well could have done what the conservatives wanted and ended it outright. However, his decision was not only correct, but politically brilliant.

The reason the screaming from the opposition was so loud is the box it put them in. This includes open border advocates in the GOP like Paul Ryan. Trump, who understands deal making from an almost cellular level, turned the tables on the Soros funded open borders movement.

When this was first announced in 2012, the previous administration was convinced that either they, or a quisling from the GOP, would be in charge come 2016. Therefore the reversal on DACA started.

For some time, the individual who inhabited 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue insisted he 'wasn't a king' and  couldn't unilatlerally pose this on the country. Until he backtracked and did it.

This was not only a back door attempt to establish the open borders demands of George Soros, it was a clever first step. The story of these children of illegals is admittedly an emotionally charged issue.

The conventional wisdom is that these are all kids who came here at 4 years old and became pillars of the community. The truth is somewhat different; many were considerably older and are nowhere near the exemplars held up for public view.

That said, the fact that they are here not by their own actions is a powerful message. Most Americans polled feel they deserve a chance to stay. This was the plan all along. Then they screwed up royally.

They tried to push DAPA.

This blatant attempt to push open the barn door was met with targeted lawsuits by state AG's who used the progressive's own tactics against them, which was 'judge shopping' to get a restraining order.

Predictably, DAPA, or 'Deferred Action on PARENTS of Americans' was blocked. This overreach put the first executive order in the constitutional spotlight. If you allow the kids to stay, and then they can bring their parents (and close relatives) in as well you have a de facto open border.

It was a simple plan, devious as is their wont, and horribly executed as usual. But they didn't particularly care; they felt control was theirs. Progressive arrogance on display once again.

Enter their worst nightmare- the 45th President- Donald J. Trump.

Seeing that this was an executive order, and the abuse of them by the other guy, unwinding it was going to be easy. Then when you add the lawsuits a dozen state AG's were planning to announce today, it also became a zero sum affair.

This was just a perfect gift to Trump.

His position on border security is not only no secret, it was one of the major reasons he was elected. The pending lawsuits made a decision on this a reality. By ending it, and then giving a six month window to congress, he not only gave them a fig leaf but put them in the spotlight as well.

Congress does NOT want to have a vote on this. This includes the progressives in Red States, and the RINO's in blue states as well. They will have to be accountable for the vote, which is something they avoid like the plague.

This means they have to craft legislation, i.e., do their damn job. This is what they get paid to do. Now, they could just draft a bill codifying the 'Dreamers' as incipient US citizens and send it to the president's desk.

That dog won't hunt.

Trump has them in a corner. He wants to see just HOW badly they want to press the open border dictat Soros has paid them for years to advance. For if they want to protect these kids, they will have to accept some laws Mr Soros will NOT like one bit.

Funding for the wall. Establishing the RAISE act, which puts severe limitations on immigration. The end of so called 'sanctuary cities'.

This action has put all of the open borders crowd in a box they simply cannot escape from. A clean bill will be vetoed by Trump, and an attempt to override will cause a massacre in congress.

Those who oppose a secure US will be voted out of office. If you think they don't know this, think again. It's why this was an executive order all along; designed to protect members of congress from the consequences of their vote.

No longer.

This was a brilliant coup by the Trump administration, but it was only made possible by the sheer arrogance and stupidity of the previous administration. They never thought the people would be able to throw them out.

The people aren't done yet, either...

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Trump still speaks to Bannon every day.

Monday, 4 September (Labor Day Edition):

It does seem that President Trump has more or less vanquished his foes.

The usual retinue of detractors has shrunken dramatically; what with Diane Feinstein saying nice things about him and even Russiagate trumpeters like congressman Brad Sherman admits there is 'Trump derangement syndrome' and his constituents suffer from it.

His quote 'if Trump were to create Mother's Day I would have to be against it' is priceless; it says so much. The opposition, largely fueled by the losers in the Democrat party, wanted to close their eyes and pretend this election outcome never happened.

This includes both the defeated candidate and the administration of the Previous Occupant.

The trouble with all this is that they LOST. And having the losers determine the course of their party was fraught with peril; ergo the self destruction they have committed over their attempts to reverse the will of the people.

No matter what they say, or claim to be the truth, they didn't just lose, they got shellacked. This is not a democracy; popular vote is only part of the equation.

In spite of outspending Trump 4, or 5 to 1 (it might have been even more) they had their asses handed to them in a fairly lopsided electoral loss. So they cannot even claim a close election. Bush in 2000 was close.

This was over by 11 PM Eastern.

The United States, and the world, got to see the emotional unbalance of a movement as they became unhinged; ceasing any form of governance so as to propagate a fantasy of removing a legally elected president from office.

All it has done for them is expose the fraud this effort was based on, display the malfeasance of government agencies like the FBI, and also show the GOP isn't much better than the Democrats; the Menshevik to the Democrat Bolshevik.

The opposition, or most of it anyway, has thrown in the towel.

This doesn't mean they have given up the fight. It means they have to move out of the realm of wishful thinking fiction and enter the realm of reality. The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump has committed no 'high crime or misdemeanor' worthy of impeachment.

He also is the most popular politician on the national scene; at 43% approval it's not a world beater but no one else is close. People basically cannot stand the congress (8% approval is almost a statistical anomaly; it's just friends, relatives and lobbyists), the media has earned the sobriquet 'fake news', and the kneejerk reactions to Trump's every word or action has earned them nothing but ridicule.

Face it. Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America. As this site has asserted since the first posting, he isn't going away. The opposition has finally accepted this. More or less, of course.

Their snowflake element, who have been led down a primrose path of fancy rather than fact, will have to be let down gently. The internal polling shows that the 2018 midterms will be a disaster -not for Trump, or his backers- but for Red State senators and RINO's like Jeff Flake.

In other words, things are going to get worse for them; not better.

This is exactly why you're seeing the new accomidation for Trump. That, and the concessions made to The Swamp. He accepted their squeals about Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka and had them leave the West Wing.

He's keeping forces in Afghanistan, and didn't mention the phrase 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' during the speech, much to the approval of General McMasters.

Even the rising from his deathbed John McCain admitted it's 'time to return to governing', a tacit admission that the neocons will stop trying to sabotage the president of their own party.

This is called 'selfish self interest', and it motivates unlike any other factor. They are admitting that Trump is the president, and his base is a ferocious enemy to have. Jeff Flake and maybe even Paul Ryan are finding this out.

The critical mistake of trying to leverage the incident in Charlottesville, Va into a 'white nationalist/Nazi' acceptance turned out even worse for them than smart analysts thought. The sheer spectacle of black clad thugs beating up people wanting to have 'free speech' marches tipped the scale; you saw the same Paul Ryans of the world flipflop within one week about the 'equivalence' issue of the two sides to jumping on the 'hate Anti Fa' bandwagon.

Once again, their bad poliitical instincts were proven by internal polls showing just how wrong they were.

Now, the question is what does the president do going forward? The IC will keep the investigations going because it's the only power they have. The media will soften somewhat, but no love affair will bloom.

Trump has to prove he can govern an entire country, not just rural America and flyover country. He has to be brought to the table on progressive goals so they can at least save a portion of some of them.

The DACA argument a case in point. 

He will end it -it was an unconstitutional overreach by the Previous Occupant- but allow six months for congress to do it's job, which is make this into law. Cowards that they are, they want Trump to keep it afloat so they don't have to have a vote on it.

None of these profiles in courage want to be held accountable for their vote. Typical.

Trump will have none of it, and dump in into their laps. DACA is the proverbial camel's nose under the tent for open borders, and how it is handled will be very important. If it's a one time only amnesty that's one thing.

If it is used by leftist lawyers to open the floodgates, something else altogether...

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Not Russia. A real crisis, and real leadership needed.

Thursday, 31 August:

There have been some dramatic events over the past week. Considering the amount of coverage over hurricane Harvey, justifiably so, other things have occurred of true note.

First of all, the attempt by the progressives and their media enablers to crash his administration have been an abject failure. Fueled by the fraudulent Russia affair, and pushed along with unprecedented hatred and vitriol, all it's done is keep his polls below 50%.

For that they have received crippling blowbacks.

The progressive movement; exposed as the emotional basket case it is, has been reduced to defending the indefensible. The 'Anti Fa' thuggery in Berkely, Ca was a final straw. This event caught the media lapdogs in the same trap.

No matter how onerous white supremacists are, trying to elevate masked, black clad hooligans to 'peace protestors' was ridiculous on it's face, even more so when the opposition attempted to explain themselves.

Equivocation is NOT an 'explanation', and soon both Democrat politicians and the media had to distance themselves from this mob. Now, keep in mind they are part of their overall plan, and to deny them now means they LOST.

The internal polling must be just disastrous. You see, beating on Trump 24/7 has taken it's toll on them, and despite the media assertions the opposition has an edge up on the 2018 midterms don't believe them for a second.

The slaughter in the Senate will be complete and total. Not just Dems but the RINO 'never Trump' contingent is in serious peril as well. Arizona's Jeff Flake is currently 25 points below his challenger.

That's almost impossible for a senator unless under indictment. The House is no easier; the Dems may flip a seat or two but they could also lose some. The real surge in votes is far more likely to come from voters frustrated by the 'resist' movement than snowflakes mad about TG bathrooms.

Then there's the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz scandal. It is being treated like a case of eggs with radioactive yolks. This lay at the heart of the Wiki dump and the so-called 'hacked' e-mails that have been blamed on Trump and the Russians.

The real problem with that? It was a lie cooked up right after the election loss, ostensibly Clinton aide Robbie Mook and White House adviser Ben Rhodes were at the bottom of this. Schultz refused to give the DNC server to the FBI when asked.

She lawyered up on it right away. Now, this never really fooled anybody, but the media pushed it relentlessly, to the point it made MSNBC a ratings giant as it spun elaborate webs of non existent conspiracy.

The sad fact that this wasn't a 'hack' done by the Russians but a download done by internal DNC operatives (Seth Rich?) is now a matter of establlished fact. You may have to search to find it, but the assertion was made last week that this was a download.

That blows Russia out of the water.  Congresswoman Schultz is in serious trouble over the fate of the Pakistani tech she employed, and kept on payroll in spite of him being indicted for fraud. It's an ugly affair that not only ties the leak to the DNC but implicates dozens of other Democrats who also employed the accused techie.

He was arrested trying to flee the country with hundreds of thousands in cash.

It has also been announced that Senator Bob Menendez is also in serious trouble. He was apparently involved in both a huge money laundering scheme, and to add to the troubles charges of pedophelia have come up yet again.

He had navigated that swamp once before and escaped. Maybe not this time; he was caught arranging under age prostitutes for he and his retinue. As this site has asserted before, pedophelia is rampant in Washington. 

The hysterical reaction to Comet Pizza and 'pizzagate' from both the politicians and the media was the first warning; they were FAR too quick to dismiss the notion out of hand. A true reaction would be to allow some light to be shed.

There was no interest in that. The swing player in all this is the so-called 'deep state' which includes the various intelligence agencies. They don't particularly care just WHO is in office, as long as they don't interfere with their 'shadow government'.

Hillary Clinton was a preferred choice because she, and her husband, are wholly owned subsidiaries of the CIA, going back to their days in Mena, Arkansas. They will do as they're told as long as they can personally enrich themselves.

Trump, on the other hand, called them out as liars. Which,of course, they are. Spies lie.

It's their business. In fear for their existence, they threw in on the Russia/collusion story, no doubt engineered by insiders from the previous adminstration John Brennan and Susan Rice, along with Ben Rhodes.

They set up the trap for General Michael Flynn, whom they correctly saw as an existential threat. Ruining his life was a key, although it looks like pyrrhic victory for them. Flynn was going to out the criminal Iran deal.

This is all coming unwound now. The intelligence agencies have nowhere to go; depending on John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins will get them nowhere; they needed to be the GOP 'hallelujah chorus' to progressive demands for a Trump resignation.

It certainly appears a grand bargain of sorts has been struck.

Trump engineered the exits of both Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, who just drove the opposition crazy with their blunt assessments. The insertion of General John Kelly as white house chief of staff mollified many Trump critics.

The continuation of the Afghan policy, which ran contrary to Trump's platform a key ingredient. The take here is that this was a smart compromise; Trump is allowing the generals to run the war (finally) while demanding resullts and holding the Pakistani feet to the fire.

A complete withdrawal would invite disaster.

Finally, this just occurred.

Diane Feinstein, who is just as big a gator in the deepest deep state part of the swamp can be, told a shocked audience in California that Trump is 'going to be President for at LEAST the next four years'.

She also added 'if he learns a few lessons he could be a GOOD PRESIDENT'. This was greeted by gasps and shouts, and she was forced to backtrack a bit on Thursday. But it was a gentle backing down, simply saying if he plays ball everything can work out.

A couple of months ago Feinstein said the exact opposite; basically Trump was 'finished' by early fall. The date to remove him was always somewhere in mid September.

To wit:

Yet here we are, on Labor Day weekend, and you have Trump giving a speech in Texas and another in Missouri that were well received by GOP'ers and Dems alike. His handling of the disaster has been exemplary.

While his polls are not high -41% by latest Rasmussen- he is still more popular than any other poltician or congress as a whole, and it isn't even close. 

What appears to have happened is Trump and his inner circle cut a deal, and this probably includes not only Afghanistan but perhaps a confromtation with N Korea, allowing the investigations on Democratic crimes to 'disappear' along with Mueller's Russia investigation.

In return, he'll get his wall, tax reform and a massive infrastructure bill that will include Texas.

He will probably have to give in on Obamacare and a couple other progressive programs, but keep in mind Tom Price is changing the AHCA by executive decisions as we speak. This is all guesswork, but it does seem to fit the rapidly evolving template.

It is true Trump ran on change, and the other half of the country doesn't want it. A president does have to serve ALL of his constituents. Trump, ever the wheeler dealer, asked for the sun, moon and stars and might have to settle for a little less.

This seems to be exactly what's happening, and everyone will know just where this all goes fairly soon...

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Lenin would be proud.

Tuesday, 29 August:

Back in the early days of communism, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, a wealthy upper middle class Russian better known by the alias 'Vladimir Lenin', was known as both an ideological founder of the revoution, as well as the 'head thug' enforcer who thought the death of millions worth it for the ideological struggle.

In other words, a megalomaniacal murderer.

His Top Ten Quotes. See if you find relevance with today's issues:

The goal of socialism is communism.
A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
Fascism is capitalism in decay.
One man with a gun can control 100 without one.
Without a revolutionary theory there cannot be a revolutionary movement.
The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.
Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.
When there is state there can be no freedom, but when there is freedom there will be no state.
Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.

Now,  #10 didn't work too well for him; the Soviet model is pretty much discredited by most everyone. But hey, 9 out of 10 ain't bad, and one can easily see the progressive movement has taken most of his admonitions to heart.
That bring us to today's topic, which is the modern so-called 'progressive'. Lenin had a better term for them- 'useful idiots, he called them. The description, thanks to Wiki:
In political jargon, a useful idiot (also useful fool[1]) is a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause the goals of which they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.[1] According to the Oxford Dictionary of Euphemisms, the phrase stems from useful fool to refer to "a dupe of the Communists" and was used by Vladimir Lenin to refer to those his country had successfully manipulated.[1]
It doesn't take a genius to see this isn't just a prediction, it is a FACT.
One thing the communists knew is they could feed off of the guilt of those who had possessions to seize and re-distribute to those who were poor. This gave them political capital with the downtrodden, and therefore a base of power.
The only real problem with any of this is the wealth was never distributed to the poor. Instead, it was seized by the state. This concentrated power at the top, and everyone was left destitute as a result.
But this was not achievable without the willing participation of those who would find themselves stripped of their wealth as well. This seeming contradiction was referred to derisively as 'useful idiocy'.
This is exactly where the United States finds itself today.
Whether it be city councils who vote in sanctuary cities, or politicians demanding 'equality' when natural selection demands otherwise, or no amount of debt is too much, useful idiots abound.
They are literally everywhere. School districts are loaded with them, but it isn't exclusive. City and county planning commissions, and the judiciary is loaded as well. Given fat salaries and little accountability, they are owned, lock, stock and barrel.
What's changed is the arrival of the Trump train and it's 'basket of deplorables'. Their happy little circle jerk now in peril, and they are seeing the fruits of their own labor. To their mutual horror.
The 'Anti Fa' network unleashed. The whole world saw the conflict in Charlottesville, Va. The media, which is the enablers for useful idiots nationwide, made much of their 'nobility' in taking on the Nazi/white separatist movement.
This site has weighed in on this before. Nazis are evil, no race is inherently superior to another, and BOTH fascism and communism are wicked ideologies that deserve to be beaten into submission.
When President Trump said blame lay with both groups he was criticized widely for it. The progressives did not like being 'outed', and the useful idiot crowd, wanting to be 'liked' by the establishment, chimed in.
This included many GOP types in congress, although nobody was really surprised it was the Usual Suspects who criticized Trump for his honesty. You know who they are; no need to repeat their names.
Ultimately, they are tools of the opposition. And now, the same thugs they praised and made excuses for are now beating up innocent people who want to stage 'free speech' meetings. The media is now horrified by what happened in Berkely, Ca.
The local government -more useful idiots- are making the absurd claim that the free speech advocates actually wanted to get beat up by the black masked thugs. This alternate universe take is falling on deaf ears as the other idiots out there now are starting to realize that this development is NOT what they signed up for.
They want all things gay, unicorns, hot and cold running Starbucks, and a living wage for everyone else, themselves excluded.
Ooops. Yes, as ridiculous as this may sound, they actually believed all this. Decades of really bad education has paid off.
Now the hard core globalist/statist movement is calling in their chits. And the useful idiots are now feeling the pinch. The only ones who can save them?
You and your hard working, patriotic neighbors. If not, well as Lenin said:
'Once we have achieved success they will be the first ones we will get rid of'...



Sheriff Joe: A free man, to the chagrin of the progressives.

Saturday, 26 August (Weekend Edition):

A most inconvenient occurance has happened.

A major storm, one of almost historic proportions, has arrived on the Gulf Coast drenching the local populace in 3 feet of rain. Being an actual news story, as opposed to manufactured anti-Trump fake news, this is causing chagrin with those pushing an agenda.

The fishwrap called the Washington Post grumbled that Trump is 'using the crisis' to put out news that would ordinarily be headlines. Let's take a look at this ridiculous assertion.

They are reluctantly -and that is the key word, 'reluctant'- covering Hurricane 'Harvey' instead of two horrible crimes committed by the president. One is the edict on transgendered serving in the military.

This trifle, and that's what it is, a trifle, turns the headwinds of the progressive push to remove natural differences between human beings into a gently wafting breeze. For them to control humanity they simply must be able to categorize as THEY see fit; not how 200,000 years of evolution and natural selection has shown.

It isn't up to the person to determine who is male, of female, or any of the supposed '58 genders' that exist. Using pseudoscience to make the case, advocates employ the typical Alinsky tactic of shaming to push 'normal' folk into accepting the preposterous.

Simply put, any peculiarity that would prove gender differences is a natural, normal state that needs to be categorized and taught as matter of fact. This includes all forms of sexual peccadilloes.

There is no 'bad', or 'immoral', or 'unnatural' acts. Only normally occuring differences.  What is conveniently ignored in all this is pedophelia, particularly homosexual, which is THE driving aspect behind this miasma of confusion posing as fact.

The dirty secret is that organizations like NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) are part and parcel of the progressive alliance. Deeply imbedded in academia, where the NEA, among others protect and cover for them, they see children as vassals of the state to be used by them at their pleasure.

Most consider this an aberrant, anti-social sickness. It denies the innocence of the child and replaces it with a convenient explanation of the children actually wanting this type of contact, and nosy parents a social crime.

The political equivalent of this is having children report their parents for crimes against humanity like climate change deniers and such.

You get the picture. This is the not-so-hidden undercurrents behind the TG policy Trump just handed down to the Pentagon. It is a brave, but honest, statement. The military has a job, and that is to fight wars.

Not to provide a series of social experimentation on the taxpayer's dime with dubious benefit to the military. If you are a CO of a firebase in Afghanistan, the LAST issue you want to deal with among a bunch of 19 and 20 year old males is a TG with identity issues.

The military hated this bomb laid on them by the previous administration, and Trump did them a HUGE favor by doing this, and taking all the heat for it. He is a gutsy fellow without doubt.

Then there's Big Event #2,which is the pardon of former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio. This, too, has the progressive knickers in a knot. He violated no law, but a restraining order from a local judge to stop using 'racial profiling' in pursuit of his duties.

Considering illegal Hispanic immigration was the number one source of crime there, the whole concept of the court order is both ridiculous, and political in nature. Make the routine a crime.

At 86 years old, why anyone would want to see a lifelong public servant spend six months in jail? Only the nasty lot that calls themselves 'progressives'. Revenge is a favorite treat, as are political show trials like the one that started this.

This brought shadow president #1 out of his chemotherapy as John McCain tweeted something about the rule of law as if this were a real crime. Any doubt that McCain is a deep state progressive is now removed completely, as he also saved socialized medicine.

It is too bad he won his election, riding Trump's coattails in Arizona. One can only hope he has to resign due to health reasons, but don't count on it. Motivated by his jealousy and hatred of the 45th president, he will linger until his last breath.

So, you have that to look forward to, as well.

Meanwhile, Trump deals with the hurricane, which will be a story for some days now. This most inconvenient of events -for the media- will push the anti Trump narrative to the back pages, and they are decidedly NOT happy about all this.




So, you want more Afghan intrigue? Up to Mattis, now.

Tuesday, 22 August:

President Trump gave his much anticipated speech on Afghanistan Monday evening.

It was classic Trump; he let everyone know this isn't a war he favors, thinks it has been prosecuted poorly, and wants actual results. Boxed in by the swamp denizens who want a continuation of the present course, he had little choice.

One was to withdraw. You all saw what happened when the Previous Occupant pulled forces out of Iraq after it had been secured. ISIS sprang out of nowhere to fill the vacuum, and soon Libya, and then Syria became destabilized.

There are those who think this -the destabilization from toppling governments- was part of the plan, but for now let's push past that. Afghanistan, the longest conflict the United States has ever been involved in, has reached a critical mass.

The other option was to draw down the military and replace them with a civilian contractor force. This was virulently opposed by the establishment; it's opposition blamed on the military but really it is congress and those who like a black hole that consumes both money and resources who favor this.

Although sources disagree on the amount spent -it's either $700 billion that the DoD says or the $2-3 trillion offered up by the Rand Pauls of the world- it's still a LOT of money for what is essentially a skirmish with Firebase outposts and a few bases in Kandahar.

Where does all that money go? Into the 'black budget' that is controlled by the intelligence community. Just try and defund them sometime and see what happens.

John McCain - no, not the destroyer that got rammed by a freighter but the namesake who crashed four planes- would arise from a coma to fight that tooth and nail. We may have a constituional republic but it hasn't been answerable to the people for a long time.

The other choice on the table was to double down on failure hoping it would turn into success. The civilian contractor option was a bluff; it would have worked just fine but the cost would be FAR less; and the 'slush fund' would disappear.

Therefore Trump was cornered. The deep state is intent on having it's way, as you may have noticed. The full court press to remove Steve Bannon culminated on his departure Friday and not coincidentally the Afghan speech on Monday.

Bannon was against this, as was Trump as was Rand Paul, and so, too was this site.

So, what to do? How do you turn a sow's ear into a silk purse? In classic Trumpian style, he praised a military that clearly likes the man, and then let the nation know just how much he disliked this whole affair.

He put his generals in charge, will give them the resources they request, and will hold them accountable for results. He put Pakistan on notice for their duplicity, and used the India wedge to scare them into compliance.

Many think N Korea is the most dangerous spot on earth. It isn't. That would be Kashmir, a narrow strip between India and Pakistan that is heavily disputed. Both countries have (thanks to AQ Khan) nuclear arsenals.

The US keeps a very close eye on Pakistan's, for fear it will fall into Taliban/ISIS hands. That will not be allowed to occur. So, this is a flashpoint that has been tossed on the griddle.

In all, Trump made the best of all this. In return, he received the predictable glowing praise from the swamp denizens; 'shadow president #2' Lindsey Graham loved it, as did the neocon pundits on FOX.

What does the 45th president get out of all this?

The GOP will rally behind him if he plays the game, something he has done with great reluctance so far. Trump needs to be true to his base support or else he's done; the never Trump wing would LOVE to have one of their own in charge, and that isn't going to change.

But if they think a lightweight weenie like Ben Sasse can take on Trump they're sadly mistaken, and there isn't much else out there. He did beat their entire field already.

So, a shotgun wedding was arranged Friday with Bannon's exit -and keep in mind he isn't going away- and this sop to the deep state in Afghanistan. Lacking any other bedfellows they will start falling in behind him.

Paul Ryan is already making the predictable murmurs of support.

Tax cuts are coming, if not the tax reform, and he may even get another vote on repeal and replace. The progressive alliances, frayed and torn, and now on the receiving end of their hysterical overreach over the race issue, are in extremely bad shape.

No one is contributing any money to the DNC, but Trump's support is across the board in the GOP, where the money keeps flowing in. From small contributors, too. A key stat?

Trump's approval rating in Charlottesville, Va is 70%. Seems the locals 'get it'. Outing the left, as he did during the press conference last Tuesday may really hack them off and their media enablers, but it was a net plus for the president.

Now he goes to Arizona to 'take it to the streets' one more time. The mayor of Phoenix, bleating out words clearly not his own, warned him to both 'stay away' and not to pardon controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio.

He was convicted for not obeying the last administration's orders to allow criminal illegal aliens safe passage; they threw a contempt charge at him. He faces jail time.

He's 86 years old. The left, which shows it's evil face from time to time, does so here; the man should never spend a moment behind bars. Trump will pardon him at some point.

Will it be tonight? Will he inflame the hostile crowd gathered to oppose while delighting the thousands who come to support?

Either way, it's going to be yet another very interesting day in a most interesting presidency...


16.09.2017 14:55

Scott K

Over on Breitbart, the Conservatives are slamming Trump on this DACA move and even talking impeachment. I fear he is losing his base.

16.09.2017 15:13


Nonsense. This is just fanning the flames to get attention; Trump hasn't agreed to anything yet. His recent comments indicate he expects much in return. Be patient on this...

14.09.2017 17:19

Steve Harrison. Arizona

Another outstanding assessment. I sincerely thank you for these insights.

16.09.2017 15:14


Appreciate your sentiments; you are too kind...

01.09.2017 13:40


About Wasserman: I think Pakistan has something really bad on her, something treasonous. She is sure fighting for someone who's obviously guilty.

01.09.2017 13:44


she is both corrupt and stupid. Bad combination, and only an inside deal will keep her out of prison...