Rod Serling would approve.

Friday, 19 May (Weekend Edition):

There is no doubt that the late, great Rod Serling would have a field day.

If you are a lover of irony, of the great dramatic kind, the show was classic. The twist, or irony would always be revealed in the last few minutes. There were many moral imperatives.

But always the irony, and it could exist for it's own devious reason.

The thing about this amazing trip with Donald Trump and his movement for the 119 days and 10 hours (as of this writing) of his presidency is that it literally drips with irony. His victory, his 9th of November is two whole episodes of Twilight Zone.

One the bitter lesson of a calculating, cold blooded female who stabbed her way to the top only to be denied by a carnival barker who resonated; she was that arrogant in her entitlement.

Or the fish out of water tale of a selfish playboy billionaire who discovers humility and wants to make amends to those who made him wealthy.

Those are the Big Ironies.

There are tons of little ones. Let's look at today.

The -hold on to your hat- really big stories by the usual suspect NY Times and Washington Post are sexy sounding nothings; Trump telling the Russians Comey was a pain in the ass and a 'person of interest' close to the President.

On the first, who cares (other than whoever leaked it should do time) and on the second it's Jared Kushner. He was a key part of the transition team and met with Russian officials and some banking interests as well.

None of this was secret. None of it is illegal, nor even politically wrong. But it sounds conspiratorial, and that's all they care about. So it's just more crap.

Nobody cares except the wind up dolls at CNN or even FOX do. They live for their leaks from these papers so they can have the breathless 'breaking news' out of the commercial.

You know, of course, they charge advertisers more for a 'breaking news' lead in.

Just checking.

So there's that. Oh, you want to know the irony, the new one?

As the beltway media obsesses over the fantasy of impeachment, Trump is off to the Middle East, where he will be treated to fawning heads of state and ecstatic crowds. His picture is on every street corner in Riyahd.

These potentates and other assorted tribal leaders see him as the real deal; NOT a phony like the Previous Occupant, whom they loathed. He might just cut a deal.

These people understand one thing: The Art of the Deal. It's a natural fit. So, the agonizing is strictly the pundit class, the nattering opposition and assorted bureaucrats. They see the end of their world.

Jim Mattis went to the carpet to defend Trump fiercely, too. Like he was the Commander in Chief. 

Trump will speak to 60 Muslim leaders from Massada. They are jostling for front seats.

Washington wanted to hurt him as much as they could. Instead, it just makes him have that much more street cred when he gets off the plane. He's a Big Medicine guy now.

And Islam is welcoming someone who wants to eradicate ISIS with open arms. You don't see ironies everywhere, well you aren't looking...



the next FBI director?

Thursday, 18 May:

The dust is starting to settle once again.

It may not last very long; keep in mind the now conveniently forgotten Evelyn Farkas said they 'pushed as much (rumor and innuendo) out there as they could before the new crowd could come in'.

This was the Previous Occupant's changing of the rules so intelligence -in this case illegally accumulated and distributed- could be dispersed widely throughout the 17 intelligence agencies so it could be endlessly leaked.

They know damn well there were no crimes committed. This is death through the 10,000 cut method, and it will not stop anytime soon. They want him removed from office, no shock there. But he will not be impeached.

It would destroy both parties and cause a civil war, one that many snowflake types might find life threatening. This is not difficult to project.

No, they will try another tack, which is the daily assault. Led by the two organs of progressive thought control, the NY Times and Washington Post, two or three times a week you'll hear another 'anonymous source' , now which includes former officials of the previous regime.

Just why the Susan Rices of the world should be given anonymity is a head scratcher. They can't be fired. So, why the shadows?

It's because they want to attack on the one hand, while appearing above the fray on the other. It is absolutely a pernicious evil, not wanting to get your hands dirty while you pursue destruction of a lawfully elected President.

This includes apparatchiks like Rice, and Valerie Jarrett. It also most definitely includes the last person to sit in the Oval Office. They are all activists, not citizens in the truest sense. They don't wish the country well.

They want a different country. Remember 'fundamental change'?

The voters didn't just turn on Clinton, whom the editors here deemed unelectable years ago. They rejected the programs they rammed through, whether it be socializing and rationing medicine, restricting access, slowing consumption, increasing surveillance, and flooding the country with illegals.

They don't care that the majority of the folk do not want this. This was force fed; the wealth was being systematically looted from those that earned it to the government apparatus to be redistributed how they see fit.

This is NOT the constitutional republic the Founders envisioned. 

Trump was elected because the people did not trust the Democans or Republicrats, who they correctly saw as different sides of the same coin.

Whether he wins with one vote or one million, he has a mandate as long as it is constitutional. 

Securing the borders, cutting taxes, rescuing the health care from a Euro-socialist model, restoring the military to fighting strength, and avoiding foreign conflicts certainly seem constitutional here.

So, this is what has been exposed. It is now completely evident that the forces of globalism which was on the march, will fight any attempts to stop it tooth and nail.

They have a compliant media and entertainment industry dedicated to support this. Meanwhile, those who voted for him are being told he is no good, a liar, a charlatan, and worse. He is being isolated.

This cannot be allowed to happen. He will need those who fought to see him succeed have his back. The media -and be careful, because even your favorites are being compromised to an extent- will push the meme that it is hopeless, he can't achieve any of the goals promised.

And then hope you vote them out of office as a result. This is their plan.

It can't be allowed to work. A lot of that will rest on you...



Comey: No more leaks allowed.

Wednesday, 17 May:

In a classic case of be careful of what you wish for, the DoJ and asst AG Rod Rosenstein named former FBI head Robert Mueller as special counsel in the Russia probe.

Mueller, a former Marine with distinguished service in Vietnam, including the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, is straight shooter and about as good a choice as it gets. It has turned out to be necessary arrangement.

First of all, this is a conditional victory for the Trump opposition. The GOP  (well, most of them) was against this, and it does have the possibility of dragging this out. But by the same token this does take at least some of the hysteria out of the equation.

If you believe, as does this site, that the whole affair is something cooked up by the Clinton camp after their meltdown of a campaign, then this is no big deal. The new statute does not allow the 'fishing expeditions' of the Kenneth Starr/Monicagate.

Mueller has a defined task, although there is some lattitude; he can follow an offshoot if he so desires. Rosenstein made sure to say that this does 'not mean any prosecution' will entail.

So far, as usual, the pundits and talking heads have it wrong. They love to be purveyors of doom, and most think this will hurt Trump's agenda going forward. That is not the case.

What the opposition won't like is manyfold:

The dog and pony shows of the congressional investigations where they can parade Sally Yates and James Comey will come to an end. No one will want to talk to congress if they are about to be asked to testify under oath.

Mueller will conduct his affairs in secret. He will not be leaking anything. Seeing their is no evidence of any crime committed, people may NEVER know what his findings are. While the other committees are political, this is NOT.

They don't care what, if anything, the 'public's need to know' is.

Make no mistake, this is not a good thing, but the sheer attempt of the opposition to derail the Presidency had reached the metaphysical '11 on a 10 scale', and given the cowed nature of the GOP made this a necessity.

The problem for them is it may just backfire on them, and even as the Democrats are applauding the nomination of Mueller they are already saying this is a good 'first step', and want Mueller to look at the Comey-Trump affair.

Plus they want their show trials, too. They will never be content until Trump is gone and they are back in power. And as poorly as they are playing their hand that just might not be any time soon... 



leaker #2: Sally Yates.

Tuesday, 16 May:

What happens when you are in a poker game, have drawn your two cards and all you have is a pair Ace high? The pot is huge, you can't really match it and you should fold and walk away.

The opposition party- the unholy alliance of the progressives, deep state neocons, and the media- is raising the ante; trying to get the Trump administration to think they have at least an inside straight if not a full boat.

The game is about to end. The 'alliance' is hoping that renegade GOP types might just bail them out if Trump sees the raises and calls them. There are a few of them.

Maybe even enough to seal the deal. It's a big 'maybe'; the behind the beltway crowd will be in for a real wakeup call if they try to railroad the president out of office based on this phony, generated and manipulated nonsense.

They are now aiming for an obstruction of justice charge. Same as Nixon.

This comes on the heels of James Comey's latest leak, and he is leaking like crazy, about Trump asking him to drop the investigation into Mike Flynn after a dinner meeting in February.

This is all breaking, and expect even more as they unload whatever else they have. It does give all the 'never Trumpers' a chance to come out with their tongues clucking, and they're everywhere.

This smells as bad as anything else; why would Comey wait until after he was fired to basically accuse the President of obstruction?  He should have informed Chairman Burr or Mark Warner or Andy McCabe.

This seems a lot more like Trump probing as to what the fate of an innocent man is.

Stay tuned, this site is all over the story...



McMaster: Trump leak? No way, Jose.

Monday, 15 May (Late Edition):

It looks like the Deep State/Progressive coalition is moving for the kill.

Like a big game hunter who's safari is about to end; they are desperate to land the fatal blow on the Trump presidency. For them, it's all been about leaks and pressure, hoping something might break for them.

Much of the 'breaks' so far were either misfires, wishful thinking and/or outright lies.

So, being opportunistic has been the modus operandi. They are so fixated; fueled by caffeine and pure hatred, that anything that breaks they run with hoping it might be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

The problem for them to this date is that their target has been elusive. Trump is playing multiple hands at once while his foes fix their attentions on whatever shiny object of the last 24-48 hours.

They broke big on James Comey. So much so that it caught the Trump people somewhat by surprise. The sheer fence jumping hypocrisy of the opposition was breathtaking.

The same character that they wanted to run out of town on a rail last week, the man who lost the election for St Hillary, was now being fitted for shining armor.

It was quite a makeover. But is should have been anticipated; they will grasp at any straw no matter how thin and run with it. The Comey flip flop was eminently predictable.

So now they have 'evidence' that Trump gave 'highly classified' information in a Oval Office meeting with the Russian ambassador. They have 'sources' who have given them this information. Problem is, the three people in the room besides Trump and Lavrov was Gen McMaster, Rex Tillerson and Dina Powell.

They all said the story is false. The Post however says they have even more information 'they haven't yet disclosed'. Apparently a third party (country) was involved in this discussion and some sort of intel got out. 

This entity isn't very happy with it and it seems they may be the leaker. But a President can never divulge a 'secret'; indeed he can declassify it just by saying it.

Once again, even if this is true it's not a crime. Nor is firing Comey. There is no evidence of any crime in Russiagate, either. So how can one appoint a prosecutor? To prosecute exactly WHAT? 

Collusion isn't a crime, and confusing it with treason is absurd.

There is, and always will be nothing there. Drawing out a useless investigation for control reasons is their goal, that is if they cannot muster the impeachment in a couple of weeks.

They will try to add all these zeroes up to create  a wall of voodoo to bring the man down. The bluster on this latest item will be shouted from the rafters, and they will try to get some GOP types to turn on Trump.

Other than John McCain, that is.

This will fail. He is not going to be removed from office; the GOP is nothing without him and knows it. The Deep State is the mover and shaker behind this but  they have lost credibility as much as anyone.

They lost their man, and their control over Trump when Comey got the axe. Trump called bullshit on them, and wants this wrapped up. There's nothing to 'wrap up'; he just didn't do anything wrong.

Nor did Paul Manafort, or Carter Page, or Mike Flynn. These men are the victims of setups; some unwittingly and others clearly manufactured. The progressives and their deep state enablers have been relentless, but not very successful.

They won't be this time, either. But it won't be through lack of trying... 




Merrick Garland as FBI chief? Don't bet on that one.

Monday, 15 May:

The gauntlet has been tossed.

In a 'use it or lose it' gambit, the Democrats have decided that there will be no 'reconciliation' with the Trump administration. They will not cooperate on Health Care.

They will not participate in tax reform. They will not only block every one of the Trump initiatives, but have ordered their media water carriers to not 'normalize' him, his family nor his appointees.

The latest throwdown is that they will do NOTHING unless a 'special prosecutor', really an independent counsel, is appointed. This comes from one core conviction.

They have no other option except to submit to public pressure and cooperate, and their hysterical base will show up at their homes and protest. People like Chuck Schumer, who would really like to make a deal or two instead will starve their communities of investment.

As long as they can get rid of one Donald J Trump.

Therefore, the desire to keep the utter nonsense of Russia spying alive is occupying 100% of their time. The independent counsel could go on for years; they can dig through the fine silt and extract a coincidental meeting and assign malintent to it.

Then leak it.

This, they hope, will stymie his presidency, and they think his base will either turn on him or stay home in 2018 because he hasn't lived up to his promises. The whole problem with this approach is it almost assuredly will fail.

Their conduct on the Neil Gorsuch appointment is a case in point.

Polls showed him to be an overwhelmingly popular pick. But you had the likes of Al Franken accuse him of being a liar who wanted truck drivers to freeze to death simply because he followed a law he didn't like.

This was just obstruction; they knew damn well that Gorsuch will not rule from the bench with progressive policy gains as his reason to be. They were decidedly unhappy with his appointment.

As they are with just about everything else. Face it, the electorate isn't done yet. In 2018 every progressive hack up for re-election must be targeted and defeated, including RINO's.

Trump needs to pick up at least three Senate seats while keeping the House, and break the back of the 'no' coalition. The public will turn on them given the chance.

They want things fixed, and NOW. Those who stand in the way should, and will, be defeated.

For now, he has to get a replacement for Comey at FBI. The Dems will fight this tooth and nail, too. They may have to get it done on a 51 vote party line affair.

But it must be done soon, and with a solid, law enforcement official. The issue will die shortly thereafter...



The Trump Presidency...

Friday, 12 May (Weekend Edition):

Yes, it's true.

Watergate is a hotel. Pretty nice one, too; rooms start at $272 a night and it gets 4 1/2 stars from Tripadvisor.com. Once upon a time in the years before MTV a room there was burgled by a few CIA types trying to dig some dirt on the DNC for a President named 'Nixon'.

It was, and still is a petty, third rate burglary in and of itself not very important. But it caught the man in charge in a scheme to cover it up, and as consequence he was forced out of office. You are hearing a lot about this right now.

The opposition media and their political associates think the James Comey firing is in the same mold as this iconic moment in history. 

There was a firing in the middle of that, too. But this is where the comparisons end, and any mention of Watergate now should be in respect to travel plans to Washington D.C.

Not the incident in 1972.

There is no comparison. That was after a special prosecutor (Archibald Cox) was fired, not an FBI director. Cox was appointed by the Attorney General (Elliott Richardson) and when Nixon thought the crime (the burglary coverup) was about to be discovered he fired Cox.

Richardson resigned and walked out, leading what became the 'Saturday Night Massacre' which is also synonymous with this event.

The differences are stark. Trump, nor any of his associates, are charged with anything. James Comey, as director of the FBI serves at the pleasure of one man, and that is the President of the United States.

He can fire him for any reason. The investigations will continue unabated; Comey was five or six levels up from the actual investigation. Asst Director Andy McCabe will continue as if Comey were still there.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is still having their hearings. So, to is Adam Schiff at the House, under the watchful guise of Trey Gowdy.

In other words, NOTHING has changed. James Comey did not 'request additional funds', as the NY Times reported; their whole story is a lie. You have to submit written requests through channels; you don't get money by lobbying.

McCabe said they are 'fully resourced'. Meaning that was a fake news lie.

Then there's the Rod Rosentstein issue. He did not tell Trump to fire Comey, nor did Sessions. They just gave him the reasons he needed. Trump wanted to get rid of him all along, and with good reason. He is, as aptly described, a 'grandstander' and a 'showboat'.

He did it on grand scale in front of the world. Trump just inartfully reflected that which was already known by many. The list of Democrats calling for his scalp over the last year is both deep and even funny.

Maxine Waters, always good for a laugh, said it would be OK if Hillary Clinton fired Comey but not if Trump does. Hey, at least she's honest. The rest of them just ignore what they called for just weeks or months ago or say it's the 'timing' that bothers them.

Is there ever really a good time to let the head of the FBI go?

Ultimately, this may be consuming the Beltway; they're obsessed with Trump anyway and this red flag in front of a bull approach has certainly got their attention. However, once again the progressives have overplayed their hand.

They keep thinking that they finally have 'it', the magic gotcha moment that will do the 45th President in. It was Megyn Kelly. The Pope. The insults at 16 GOP competitors. Hiring Mike Flynn.

Talking smack with the Australian prime minister. Firing Sally Yates.

One could go on. Every thing he has ever done is twisted to appear malevolent. But guess what? It's not resonating. In what is 'trending' on social media the firing of Comey ranks NINTH.

Healthcare. Tax Reform. Even the Syria airstrike ALL get more attention than this does. Face it CNN, Dick Durbin and all the rest of the chattering opposition:

Nobody cares. And if you think you can overthrow a lawfully elected president for exercising his constitutional authority think again.

They had better chill out, and soon. For they can't keep this hysteria level going for long, and people will NOT blame Trump come election time for nothing getting done. 60% of the Democrats want their leaders to work with Trump.

But they have no interest in their voters; just the rabid base that has money and a set of lungs.

No, this is not Watergate. That's a pricey hotel. It's not a 'constitutional crisis', either. But it is a real shot to the Deep State, Comey was a piece they coveted as control apparatus on Trump; drawing out these endless investigations forever.

But not looking for who criminally leaked Mike Flynn and how much illegal surveillance of citizens were done by the previous administration. You want to see real crime?

Try looking there...



FBI #2 McCabe: enjoy your short time as #1.

Friday, 12 May:

The firing of James Comey isn't just a change in tone, or substance.

It was a sea change; the environment is totally different as Donald Trump seized power from the Deep State apparatus. This was apparent in the reaction of their weathervane John McCain. His displeasure, unique among the GOP, tells much.

Simply put, James Comey and his Cheshire cat handling of the Russia spygate affair was how the establishment was controlling the president. Trying desperately to force him into a war in Syria that would end up confronting a nuclear state in Russia, he has had to bob and weave to keep these forces at bay.

As long as he was advancing the ball to their designs he got props for his conduct; the rocket attack on Syria is a prime example. The real truth there is that the Syrians bombed a rebel chemical warfare plant, and it wasn't sarin but chlorine gas that everyone saw exposed to those children.

Assad took it on the chin for it. Now, it's most likely that Trump knew this as well; Steve Bannon is still by his side after all. But he used the incident to tell the world that playing with these substances was no longer going to be tolerated.

It was turning chicken droppings into chicken salad.

But this, and the relentless assault of the opposition party (media) and the pissed off progressives came to a head when he dismissed their guy. This is why the story on Comey did a 180 in 24 hours.

They were using him, with his compliance, to keep Trump in line by dragging out this investigation. The Democrats do NOT want it to end; indeed, they want more investigations dragged out as long as possible.

Any way they can stop, or slow down, his agenda is item #1 for them. It will only be a massive punishment for them at the polls in 2018 that will change that.

One thing you simply must understand about the 45th president. He is way smarter and more informed, than his detractors give him credit for. He came into office knowing about the systemic problems in the world's governance.

He is not trying to make America great again as much as he's trying to make sure we survive the coming financial crises. The establishment banking system will do the 'global reset' at some time; the experiment in Greece was a harbinger.

So, too is this notion of a 'cashless society'. These are their trial balloons to seize wealth, and consequently power, from the middle class. This is why he's trying desperately, to free up our energy reserves so we can take care of ourselves.

The opposition to the Keystone and Dakota piplelines has nothing to do with sacred Indian land, that's all B.S. They have no problem allowing gem mining on the land, which is far more polluting.

This, like all of the Obama era regulations was about DENIAL of resources to the US populace. With oil prices low, it seems that breaking one's neck to allow extraction of tar sand oil wouldn't be any priority.

The fact that it is should serve as a warning to all. Trump and his inner circle are all America first patriots, NOT the 'tool of the deep state' or a 'converted neocon' as some of the conspiracy sites claim.

His actions have been completely linear. The foreign policy initiatives with China, Russia and the Philippines show that, as does his arms length embrace of the Merkel led EU.

It all fits if you take a step back and look at the big picture. James Comey's firing was a ballsy move, but that is classic Trump, as was his branding him a 'showboat'. No matter what Comey says in his defense, and believe it that he will be lured into a tell all by multi-million dollar book and speaking deals, he will always be known as a 'grandstanding showboat'.

Branding. Like 'Lying Ted', or 'Crooked Hillary'. He's really good at media manipulation.

His absence means a non politicized Director who doesn't feel a need to 'even the odds' for his screwup on the Clinton e-mails. Someone who can put his head down and come up with a conclusion.

Not a never ending affair that cripples an honest government... 



the Queen of Hearts: No fellow Republican he.

Thursday, 11 May:

There has been a lot of speculation about the James Comey affair.

The media has something to obsess on, and it's just out to lunch on this. The comparisons are all either misleading or completely wrong. Much of it appears to be by design.

There is a lot of 'fake news' out there. Let's take a look at some of it. The best example is the call for a 'special prosecutor'. They no longer exist.

It's an 'independent counsel'; after Ken Starr and the Lewinsky thing neither party had a desire for someone with such sweeping powers. An independent counsel has subpoena powers but has a narrower scope; you can't be looking at Whitewater and find Monica Lewinsky's dress.

What it will do, however, is continue the search for something, anything that might tie Trump and the Kremlin in a plot to subvert the Constitution.

The same document the opposition want to 'progress' past.

Anything that can if not derail, at least slow down the efficacy of Trump's policy changes until they (hopefully) regain the power that is so rightfully theirs.

Or so they believe. This explains their constant shift in narrative; James Comey was a horrible bum who cost Hillary the election last week and now he's the last bulwark against a fascist takeover.

It's pretty breathtaking. The Trump administration is genuinely surprised at the reaction according to some; they thought everyone would be good with this. Not those who hate Trump, including John McCain, a supposedly fellow Republican.

To comment on him would take an entire article; he's a odd duck by the best of standards and a genuinely creepy figure by others. His constant desire for war is his signature item.

That, and a bruised ego from having lost his chance at the Presidency. It's quite obvious he considers himself a shadow President, and his dismay at getting rid of Comey tells you something.

His pals Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan are both backing Trump, This is the first split in the trio so far. McCain has joined in the 'special prosecutor' cries, too.

They all want one thing: To muzzle, and control, the 45th President. This is the 'silent coup'; NOT the efforts of the duly elected Trump. By firing Comey, who had, as the Post admitted had given him the excuse he needed, he regained political control of his own actions.

No matter how much they huff and puff it was in his authority to fire the man, there is no 'constitutional crisis', and both life, and these silly investigations, will go on.

Watergate, which they like to compare it to is dead wrong. Nixon was already involved in a crime, the coverup of the burglary, and fired his AG Elliot Richardson. Not the FBI director.

Bill Clinton fired HIS director, though.

Nixon's malfeasance, while petty (a 'third rate burglary') was still a crime. Trump, nor any of his associates, have been charged with any crime.

Can't prosecute it. Sorry. This is just a dredging exercise where political differences are being criminalized, it's that simple, and hopefully the American public will see this.

Because there might come a time when they'll have to stand and be counted... 




asst AG Rosenstein: Hidden hand here?

Tuesday, 9 May (Special Edition):

Update 11 pm CDT:

This is what happened.

When Trump was sworn in, he had to see the lay of the land for himself. He didn't get his AG (Jeff Sessions) approved until 9 February, having had to fire the acting AG Sally Yates on 20 January.

He literally had no one at DoJ. During his hotly contested confirmation, Sessions recused himself from both Clinton and Russia investigations. He could NOT see the evidence there.

On 26 April Rod Rosenstein was confirmed and sworn in as assistant AG. He replaced the now fired Yates. Unlike Sessions, he had access to the evidence in both investigations. He did his own research and two weeks later came to the decision that Comey had to go.

He went to Jeff Sessions with his decision, and he agreed.

They both went to the Oval Office and met with the President. Not being the politician type, he did what any CEO would do, and terminated his employment.

It is really that simple. He was, and continued to be a disaster as Director. That is common knowledge; you didn't need Rod Rosenstein to tell you that. He put himself in the middle of constant controversies because HE wanted to solve them.

That doesn't make him a bad fellow. It makes him a terrible FBI director, Trump was given a perfect excuse to fire him and he did. This will not affect any investigation currently ongoing, and it's up to careerist Rosenstein, who was approved at 96-4 vote to decide whether any of this rises to a crime.

That is required before a special prosecutor can be approved, and so far the only crime anyone knows about is against poor Mike Flynn.

You just can't make this up...


This was bound to happen sooner or later.

FBI director James Comey found himself with very few friends on either side of the aisle after the head scratching appearance before Congress last week. In what seemed to be a rash decision, it was anything but.

He was given a tough task after former AG Loretta Lynch had her infamous meeting with Bill Clinton on that airport tarmac. She never really recused herself, but instead let Comey wade into the muck.

He came out with the immortal 'she is a moron but not a criminal' defense. 

The reaction of the Democrats is predictable. Best described as 'hysterical overreach', they immediately go to 'Nixonian' behavior, and every one has the same result, which is appointing a special prosecutor.

It's almost like they have talking points.

Comey, by all intents and purposese a well meaning bureaucrat, got caught in an impossible vice. His removal changes nothing; the investigations will continue.

But the progressives, in a now ever increasing panic in their quest to remove Trump from office, are going to throw a world class hissy fit over all this.

Trump will have to go on the offense, and keep in mind he does control the Intelligence Community now. He can start a war against the Previous Occupant and his administration they cannot win.

IF he chooses to do so.

Here's the Post, which actually gets it right for a change:


This site will have more on this later; stay tuned to a Presidency that plays like '24', with Trump as Jack Bauer...


19.05.2017 13:05


Another excellent analysis, thank you. I worry about the indoctrination of our youth, they believe the lies from the left, and that is scary.

17.05.2017 13:11

Puma Punku

It is astounding to see that a large, albeit less that majority of American people seem to believe the spew from the left. Hellen Keller could see the Liberals are lying and creating these straw men

10.05.2017 13:16


Thank you for this concise explanation. Trump seems to have cleaned up his internal leakers as the media and the rabid, always obstructionist Dems didn't see this coming.