Talk about 'bitter clingers'; Dem reaction.

Wednesday, 31 January:

Two things were made clear in President Trump's speech last night.

It was a terrific affair, and was widely enjoyed and appreciated. Tons of drama as well. But the two big, salient points to take away are this:

One, so much for 'bipartisanship' which was oversold -mostly by the media- and while this was most likely a wish more than a reality the reality took the night. 

Two, this is Donald Trump's country now. The sheer force of spectacle drove this home as the world was treated to a petulant, childish and disorganized opposition. There is no real threat to him from any of their candidates right now.

Now, let's address the notion of what constitutes 'bipartisan'.

In Washington speak, it means giving the progressives what they want. They never have to 'reach across the aisle' to make things better. Everyone saw how silent the chattering classes were when the Previous Occupant shoved socialized medicine was shoved down the country's throat.

Using every parlor trick they could, too. You never heard a peep about reaching across that aisle. The President was duly elected and with his congressional majority had a mandate.

To the GOP it's always been just the opposite. You can count all the times the media has demanded that the left be 'bipartisan' on one hand. Of a double amputee.

The nature of Big Government is to sustain itself, to continue it's growth and reach. This is loved by the establishment and those who cover it. To an extent it makes sense. Everybody wants power and self importance.

Even when it runs counter to the best interests of those who both sent you there and pay your salaries.

The president put all this to rest, and quickly. 

There is a real United States; not the progressive fantasy pushed by those in power. One that works, produces, obeys the laws and needs some help. This is the country Trump spoke to last night. They're called citizens, and Washington has lost sight of them.

It wasn't just the Previous Occupant. You have to go back to the mid 80's and Ronald Reagan to find a Chief Executive who was as invested in the rank and file of the country. His successor started the drift to global rule, and it has continued more or less unencumbered until now.

The speech was criticized for being a little long. It wasn't. The president and his people knew they had a unique opportunity, and seized it. The opposition is hard wired to interfere continuously with whatever message he delivers.

They are fully aware of that after one year of fighting tooth and nail for the 24 hour news cycle. Fully aware that they had yet another piece of 'Russiagate' slag to throw at them, this time it was the actual opposition research by the Clintons that begat the Steele dossier, they knew it was a chance to monopolize the airwaves AND the audience.

And boy, did they ever do it.

Cleverly using actual people's incidents to propel the narrative, the president put a powerful narrative out there, unchallenged for once, and it captured the nation's attention. Snap polls showed 70% and better approval ratings.

Then there's the reality of the situation, and this is the real 'breaking news' of this piece. This country is now Trump's to lose.

He has won the major battle, and the oppositon is on the ropes, weary, beaten and completely out of ideas. The pathetic display they put on last night reinforces that. Viewers were treated to the Congressional Black Caucus sit sullenly as the president pointed out the lowest black unemployment figures in history.

They also saw a dyspeptic Nancy Pelosi frown and play with her dentures.

When chants of 'USA, USA' broke out Luis Gutierrez(D, Il) literally ran out of the House chambers. Democrats, united in only their emotional feelings of the 45th president behaved like churlish middle school students deprived their study hour in the cafeteria.

Perhaps some Skittles or M&M's should have been handed out and little cartons of Juicey Juice.

The media, unhappy that the word 'Russia' was only mentioned once, tried to spin this speech as negatively as possible; right down to the word from the deep state reliably delivered by their agent Chris Wallace of FOX.

'Where's the bipartisanship?' he railed. That means surrender, of course. Trump was having none of that.

He put out a vision of the country that even the BBC lauded as 'powerful'.

America is back. It has every intention of regaining it's proper place in the world; not a nascent globalist entity eager to put it's citizenry in a third world decline.

The speech, which comes at a critical junction for the administration, nailed the deal down. What with the malfeasance of the previous lot now being displayed for all to see, and the FISA abuses about to be released, the wave was cresting for Trump.

And like a surfing champion given a nice, long wave to ride he rode it like a champ. This explains the overall length, not something Trump is given to doing. Clinton was self obsessed and loved to have the attention.

His speeches are the longest. But that was self congratulatory blather. What the president did last night is take advantage of as MUCH time as they could to spin a new narrative. The old one about Russia and spies is gone; kaput.

The new one is all about coming together as a nation to further our own goals. To repair that which is broken, is and create what is necessary to thrive. Not exist, mind you.

Thrive. That's the real message. Things are going to get better.

Now, no one really knows exactly what the future holds. That includes the president. But to instill a measure of optimism is a good thing. The whole idea of an independent United States is very appealing to the citizenry.

Maybe not the EU, or the international banking interests, or left wing Bond villain financiers.

To the honest citizen?

It's just fine, and last checked they were the ones who actually vote...

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With the Super Moon in full bloom, too.

Monday, 29 January:

The big week is here.

Or, at least the most anticipated, or for cynics most overhyped, week in some time. There is the Release the Memo thing, the either retirement or removal of office of FBI asst director Andrew McCabe, and the State of the Union speech on Tuesday.

That's a lot of news for one month. Then there's the ongoing Mueller investigation which is now the river Styx; each side believes to cross it is to enterThe Underworld. Just routine matters like major tax reform or reforming a corrupt immigration system are more or less routine.

Does anyone even know about Turkey taking on US backed Kurds in an incursion into Syria, a sovereign country?

Or that North Korea has foisted players on the South Korean female hockey team that are not competitive and have the S Korean players incensed? Of course, if you go on Google and look for this story you will only find ones that criticize the South Korean conservatives.

The glorification of North Korea -did you see Lester Holt make a moron out of himself and NBC falling for the phony village?- continues. Progressives love their communist dictatorships, they truly do.

But these are the other stories. Lot's of stuff going on, but like in Hollywood the interest isn't in the TV programs but the big Tentpole blackbuster movies. The Memo is one.

So, too will be the SOTU tomorrow.

Conspiracy buffs are not being left behind. 'Q", or 'Q Anon' and the derivatives '4 Chan' are abuzz with their cryptic texts. The patriot movement is winning; indictments are near and heads will roll.

Guantanamo Bay, or 'Gitmo' as it's popularly known, is a BIG factor in all this. There will be military tribunals because the Federal Courts are stacked with progressive activist judges.

It's quite incredible, really.

Any one of these issues could propel Washington for a month. Monica Lewinski comes to mind; that's the difference between now and the non social media days of yore. Now you don't need Peter Jennings telling you the sanitized version at 6 PM.

You have 'Q' bringing you into the inner sanctum. It may not be much more informative but it is way cooler. Everyone has their Little Orphan Annie decoder rings with them 24/7 with the laptop or Smart phone.

So the society is wired. Tight.

The buzz is so deep, and moves so fast, that unless it plays to recurring themes found popular- has Trump really thrown in with Russia to win an election, or has the man been framed by an evil shadow government- the stories fade quickly.

Like the huge successes the administration has accomplished, some of them almost legendary. The sheer amount of talented young conservative judges being appointed, or the rollback of onerous regulations.

For the opposition it is the lack of interest in Paul Manafort, or the other fringe players in the Trump universe who may or may not be guilty of anything much less the Logan Act. Hell, if anything former Secretary of State John Kerry is guilty of that.

He reportedly told PLO head Abbas to 'be patient, Trump will be gone in a year or less'. So far he hasn't denied it, indeed he just made a joke about Trump's physical calling for a copy of his 'girth certificate'.

You can stop rolling on the floor laughing any time.

Then there's the never ending spectacle of Adam Schiff, (D, Ca) and his torturous reign in the House Intelligence committee. He addressed the media about the forthcoming release of the FISA doc,the 'memo' everyone is waiting for.

He essentially said it shouldn't be released, but it should be released, and our reply should as well. That they voted on the reply to be released simultaneously.

The problem? Their 'reply' doesn't exist.

Only the unquestioning nature of an uncritical, slavish media could allow a five minute embarrassment of a presser like this to go unchallenged. A few, like Tucker Carlson have a go at it.

There's some sites like this.

Ultimately, it's YOU. The rank and file, the masses, however you want to describe the majority of the country. You are the ones who are the ultimate arbiters, the consumers of this information.

The president will make his case tomorrow. Many other things are bubbling as well, but listen to the man. It will be a consequential speech.

BTW, it will also be a Blue Moon/Super Moon/Blood moon tomorrow. 

Big medicine, as the warrior chief would say...

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Neither rain, nor snow shall stop this president.

Thursday, 25 January:

The country is on the verge of being torn apart by partisan divides on the Mueller investigation.

Most chief executives in the middle of this would go into hunker down mode and start with the categorical denials. What does Donald Trump do?

He goes to Davos. Once again, swimming upstream and catching the shiftless media out of synch, he supposedly walks into the den of globalist entities who despise the man and his 'America First' policies.

Once again, the media got it dead wrong.

He was, as predicted here and elsewhere where crack isn't smoked before breakfast coffee, received as both rock star and conquering hero. The top corporate heads of various worldwide consortiums foisted lavish praise on the billionaire turned president.

One could literally feel the media heads exploding. Still 'chasing the dragon' (another drug reference; sorry) of the phony Russia theme, they are only excited by the ridiculous thought that Trump will testify to Mueller and get led out in handcuffs.

They still cling to this. It's not just ridiculous, now. It is profoundly sad.

While this pathetic delusion still wafts about like a fading fog on a summer morning, Trump once again seizes the high ground with advancing US trade interests. Instead of the hamstringing of burdensome regulation like TPP, or NAFTA, he's making smart bilateral trades that these entities are excited to get involved in.

To a person they were all bullish on the US economy and investing their money here for a change. This is the last bit of unravelling the legacy of the Previous Occupant, whom the latest news has him 'lawyering up' in anticipation of his coming time in the legal spotlight.

That's those 'FISA memos' they keep talking about. There is prima facie evidence that his administration weaponized US justice and intelligence to promote a non US world view and defeat an incoming administration by any means necessary.

What the 'smartest woman in the world' claimed in the Wiki dump that if Trump won they'd all go to jail was all about. They know damn well their conduct was criminal. They just didn't care because they never thought they'd be caught.

Right now, Washington is all abuzz because of the four page memo the House Intelligence Committee is about to release. The one the opposition says you shouldn't read because you're not smart enough to see the 'nuance'.

The Great Friend of American Democracy, Adam Schiff (D, Ca.) has said the Dems will issue their own memo, one that disputes the claims of the GOP. This indicates the usual progressive tactic:

Deny, obfuscate, ridicule and attack. No matter what evidence is presented they will deny and spin, and expect the Morning Joes of the world to carry their water for them. With George Soros throwing tens of millions around in 'lobbying' fees (read that as 'bribes') there will be no shortage of punditry sounding off on the sins of Trump and his people.

They are even calling FBI agent Peter Strozk a 'hero' for his post 9/11 contributions to 'keeping the country safe'. Being ignorant of history, one could point out to them that Benedict Arnold was a top general and terrific warrior before he defected  to the English.

Strozk isn't in Arnold's league. He's a two bit bureaucrat apparatchik of the progressive machine, just like his mistress, and their superior Andrew McCabe.

To his credit, Trump is telling everyone who'll listen that he wants to testify, under oath if necessary to get the Mueller affair wrapped up. He won't, of course because his lawyers won't permit him to.

He will most likely work out a framework of what range of issues are allowed, get the questions in advance and answer them in writing. This is what other chief executives do. But Trump knows the people are watching.

He goes off to Davos to bring home some bacon and cheerfully dismisses the Mueller probe on the way out. Meanwhile, the opposition is going to immolate itself with the DACA illegal issue, the House GOP is in full pursuit of the FBI, and his poll ratings are rising,

Just as predicted here. It's not that there is any psychic predelictions.

It's just common sense projection. Trump was hired as an antidote to 20 odd years of progressive/statist ideology and the resulting decline of the country. His approach is both honest and effective.

Not rocket science, folks. Just good old fahioned governance, by and for the people.

Get used to it. It ain't going away anytime soon, and that's a good thing...

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Closed: Little Millie Sue will get in soon.

Monday, 21 January:

The most amazing thing of the Trump presidency so far is it's immediacy. 

Politics are, by nature, meant to be at least stalwart and at most, obtuse. Mitch McConnell's slavish desire to preserve a senate rule (Byrd 60 vote rule) the other side would exploit in a New York second is a prime example.

The Trump administration has seized the high ground. It's been an impressive, but messy, enterprise. It's not over, though. 

Not by a long shot. The current situation, which is really more a dramatic retrenchment than a real 'shutdown' has the Oval Office in very good stead, indeed. In fact, the only thing that really amazes is that people are surprised they have the opposition in a corner.

Being blamed by the NY Times, Post, Reuters and others all correctly reported that the Dem caucus killed a clean proposal just hours before the deadline. They wanted this.

They went for it. They bit.

Now, you could ask yourself this: Is it better to close down the country over illegal aliens or keep it open?. The answer should be surprisingly simple.

But when one lives in a world of theory, rather than fact, certain realities can just vanish.

So, in utter obsequious fashion the 'resist' movement signs a political death penalty. As long as this shutdown -which will be handed with kid gloves, not weaponized like the Previous Occupant did in a fit of pique in 2013- exists the administration can just pound the airwaves with 'illegals over the military' meme which should work damn well.

Chuck Schumer, who really doesn't have much say over any of this, will wear the blame nonetheless. It was the Kamala Harris/Keith Ellison wing that wanted this. It feeds their coffers.

Trump wins either way, too. That makes it worse; he was in a no lose situation. If the Dems  do this they show the public THEY can't rule, either. Negates one argument against Trump and they haven't even started so far.

But Trump is the disrupter. He says 'wait a minute, this is sneaky shit and I won't go for it', which is the essence of the 'shithole' discussion. When Durbin rats him out it makes the rest easy.

What Trump said was true. Nobody in their right mind can dispute it. If we aren't letting them go back because it really sucks there is that because, perhaps, it IS a shithole? Or 'hellhole' as Lindsey Graham has called places in Mexico, or the 'shitstorm' Libya was by the Last Guy.

This changed the narrative. By calling Trump a 'racist' for inelegantly mentioning a known fact, he now owned the narrative high ground. He's the good guy in this Captain Midnight radio drama.

They're now the third act villains and various support crew. Idealism is fine, but when a foreign source is paying you to allow illegal access to land and services on the taxpayer's dollar it becomes treason. A certain Hungarian billionaire funds most of them.

Not US citizens. That's far more onerous than seeking better relations with Russia. 

That's it, plain and simple. This is a government by, and for, the people. Not for unaccountable bureaucrats to give one's property to another by executive fiat. Theft by any other name.

This is not a very difficult concept to accept.

Nobody wants to see harm come to people who have been behaving themselves and contributing to the commonweal. To intimate otherwise is a canard. But a sovereign country has both borders, and laws.

If they're not enforced they are useless. To give a blanket amnesty is an affront to the constitution. It should be voted on in congress. Let the people see the bill and have their say.

But securing the border is a different issue. This is routine business, this is what countries do,  and to pretend different is just stupid. A wall is part of it. So is a rational immigration policy, not one based on family chains and visa lotteries.

Once again, easy concepts to embrace. Then, when this is settled, you figure out how to handle the so called 'dreamers'. A decent solution is to give them a 10 year path to 'getting in line'. Green card until then. 

No benefits. And NO voting rights.

This will resonate with everyone who pays a real tax in this country, or competes for a job, or hopes a wage increase will come. Put THEM first. You're the citizens.

It's the way it's  supposed to work.

The counterargument? 

Basically, emotional pleas about this family or that. Nice people caught up in this. But these are isolated incidents selected to frame a narrative. The real truth is different. The simple fact that this whole affair, the illegal immigration story, is but a desperate voter drive.

This is what the Trump people have been handed. It is the guess here that they planned this, and the progressives couldn't resist the bait. Not that it matters much.

They are showing their hand. It's really not a very good one, either. As far as the next move, well, time rewards the administration, yet this is a great fundraiser for progressives. It might just last a couple days.

They should be rich...

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Not So Pretty in Pink: On the Mall Saturday.


Stormy Daniels: The left just doesn't get why this doesn't hurt Trump. Duh.

Saturday, 20 January:

Today is the one year anniversary of Donald Trump's presidency.

There was NO way the opposition was going to allow this date to go unchallenged; indeed, ruining his soiree' at Mar a Lago tonight was on the docket. This explains the protest on the mall today.

It's a repeat, albeit somewhat pathetic, of last year's 'million nasty woman' march or whatever it was called, where Madonna and Ashley Judd set back women's rights 10 years with their middle aged histrionics posing as protest.

They're milling around the mall trying to erase the visuals of the Pro Life movement yesterday, which was a big affair. What was interesting about that was on FOX it was called a 'pro life' march.

CNN referred to them as 'anti abortion' activists. The difference is subtle but telling.

Many watched Friday night as the government lurched fitfully into a partial shutdown. This was a predictable development. The opposition, now in full desperation mode, wants to use what weapons it has left in it's quiver.

The Russia collusion narrative has turned on them, and the upcoming release of the FISA abuses may prove the final blow to their scheme to remove the president. They lost the 'fitness for office' issue earlier in the week.

There isn't much left.

But they do have the DACA issue. This unconstituional carve out, done by the Previous Occupant with the full knowlege it would eventually be challenged in court, was ended by Trump several months ago with a six month 'sunset clause'.

Congress, who's duty is to write legislation, NOT the president, has done little. Trump was elected to secure the border, first and foremost. Building a wall on the southern border, which contrary to Democrat objections WOULD work, was a big part of it.

They don't want the wall because 1) it works and 2) it's permanent. 

Adding border agents and electronic surveillance are fine, but they can be rolled back. This is why the wall is met with such hysteria. So, the scheme -as advanced by Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin, was to give the president a little taste of what he wants in exchange for a full amnesty with a path to citizenship and chain migration fully intact.

They were willing to limit it to immediate family members. Very nice of them.

Oh, and the temporary visa holders here from Haiti and El Salvador were going nowhere. What Trump was offered was a $1.6 billion downpayment on the wall, and promises that the next negotiation would address his other concerns.

It was very easy to pass on. Graham thought he could 'roll' Trump; that his naivete' about DC politics could be exploited. However, John Kelly was there and he was the key interventionist upon reading the offer from the senators.

This is what set up the showdown yesterday. The series of CR's, or 'continuing resolutions' are a sad way to run a government, but when you need 60 votes in the senate to pass any major legislation budgets just don't get passed.

The Previous Occupant did not pass ONE in eight years. His budget proposals were laughable progressive wish lists; hugely expensive and impractical. Trump's was a serious document for a change.

But it met the same fate. It, too went nowhere. Therfore, more CR's were passed. The Democrats pounced. Even though DACA has until March, it needed to be addressed NOW.

The goal? Get Trump to commit political suicide. Get Ann Coulter furious. In turn alienate his base, who shouted 'build the wall' loud and clear. It is something he MUST do. It doesn't have to be 2,000 miles.

About 700 would do. They have the prototypes, and they're pretty damn good. Special Forces members tried to breach them and failed. The best one so far is steel slats you can see through with a concrete top.

But there are others,and they are seriously being considered. The wall will be built.

The progressive left has shut down the country over illegal immigration; something they desperately need to win any future elections. Will it work for them?

The public is sympathetic to DACA recipients, although they are painted in a FAR better light than they are. They are not 'kids'; the average age is about 26. They do not attend college nor serve in the military in any real numbers.

They are people, like anyone else. No one wants to harm them.

But do you reward illegal behavior and punish those waiting in line? It's not only unfair but it will encourage more bad behavior. This all goes back to one thing:

Open Borders. This 800 pound gorilla, in the form of progressive benefactor George Soros, is the backbone of the Democrat party today. They can't have their socialist utopia without flooding the country with illegals who they have EVERY intention of putting on the voter rolls.

They have, just as this is being written, added more demands. They want YOU to pay off their $65 billion in pension fund debt, too. Schumer gave Trump a laundry list yesterday and as broad as it was -and laughed out of the Oval Office immediately- this wasn't on it.

The double down on a losing scenario is curious. It seems almost suicidal.

There is something else up. Perhaps the FISA abuses about to be released are the cause; they want to change the topic on that ASAP.  Their media enablers are laughing it off so far.

Whatever. This will come to some sort of a head; best guess is that they want to control the narrative for a few days before they capitulate. A constitutional crisis looms.

Maybe that is the real goal...

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Emmett Kelly and Krusty would not be good with this.

Thursday, 18 January:

The biggest issue in covering this most amazing of presidencies is just how fast things change.

Just a few short days ago the world was melting down over President Trump referring to spots like Haiti and El Salvador as 'shitholes'; which gave the juveniles at CNN and elsewhere free reign to repeat the term ad nauseum.

The backlash? Trump was correct, yet again. Indelicate and inartful, but correct.

The progressive coalition -all the Dems with the handful of usual suspects from the RINO ranks- thought they had Trump in a corner and could get him to commit political suicide by agreeing to a bill that gave DACA and chain migration a pass for a token payment on the wall.

Add to it making the temporary status on others basically permanent. Lindsey Graham, who is looking more and more like the head troublemaker here, has essentially thrown in with the open borders crowd.

The president's freedom caucus members, including Senator Tom Cotton did an 'intervention' for Trump and helped cause the now infamous 'shithole' incident. But that was then.

Now, it's a looming government shutdown. The math is simple.

The Democrats have decided that 'resist' will be their sole campaign strategy; that and the media ginned up hatred of Trump. They will not assist on any legislation that 1) doesn't advance their agenda and 2) gives the administration a victory.

They are prepared to go medieval. This includes their whole arsenal including lawsuits, dirty rumors and falsehoods, all the way up to violence. They will blow the dust off of 'Black Lives Matter' and 'AntiFa' just in time for the warm weather.

For now they will just refuse to cooperate. They seem to think that just because they control the media they can vote for a government shutdown over protecting illegals while the military on duty suffers.

This is a fool's errand. No matter what the Post or NY Times says, this is a losing proposition. It keeps their excited base together, but it is far smaller than Trump's support. The 'mushy middle' is up for grabs.

However, many of them will see more money in their pockets. This will ameliorate much of the present antipathy towards the irascible 45th president. By unshackling the economy he is allowing growth that SHOULD have happened over the last four years or so to actually happen. 

This is the so-called 'Obama economy' that the media is now pushing. His administration choked the growth, and by simply removing onerous regulation the economy is now percolating nicely.

All of the predictions of a 'blue wave' in November are very premature, more of the 'wishful thinking' category than anything else. Trump has, in classic military fashion, seized the high ground.

The various investigations have produced nothing other than possible money laundering by an associate years before the election and a LOT of malfeasance by progressive plants in the various alphabet agencies.

The upcoming release of the Fusion GPS/Simpson testimony will be released. It will not be a happy day for Adam Schiff and the rest of those hoping to stick the slime of Russiagate on Trump rather than on the previous administration where it rightfully belongs.

The shutdown, if it occurs -and that's actually sort of unlikely, maybe a one in five chance- will be no real big deal anyway. The GOP, being in charge of the government, can make things go a little easier and move some money around.

The wheels will still turn.

The circus won't stop, though. The spectacle of the media making utter asses out of themselves during the press conference the other day is a new low. So eager to find something, anything negative on the Commander in Chief they spent almost an hour grilling the doctor who had just examined him.

Not just any doctor. A Navy Admiral, and who had served the last two presidents.

Now, all of a sudden he's a liar, too. CNN quack Sanjay Gupta, who is a neurologist, not a cardiologist, claimed Trump has heart disease. He made an ass out of himself, too. He was proven wrong instantly.

This charade is already biting the opposition on the rear.

When it was followed by Trump's (admittedly) tongue in cheek 'Fake News Awards' the media was in a dead sweat. The Washington Post claimed it a ratings failure before the list was even released. 

Failure? The GOP site crashed early in the afternoon; Alex Jones had to help out by posting it on Infowars. It was a lighthearted but truthful list; the media was expecting to get the roast they deserved but instead a mild tease was offered.

Here they are, on the now restored GOP site:

Just about everyone out there could have added to this list. Jeff Flake's absolutely awful speech before an empty senate chamber ('Dicky' Durbin and Amy Klobuchar don't count), done as a preemptive strike, compared Trump with Josef Stalin.

Stalin murdered 30 million of his own people. Trump only kills in the ratings department.

This incredible tin ear exposed the 'cry wolf' crowd at it's most hysterical. And their next trick is to force a shutdown so illegal aliens can be protected. In progressive speech, 'illegal aliens' means 'future Democrat voters'.

They know they cannot win without importing millions of new voters; getting them in and on the public dole. This is 100% of their effort right now.

The rest of the voters? Actual US citizens?

They are already in the pocket, being lied to daily by the media and the Jimmy Kimmels of the world. They feel no real problem in 'keeping them in line'. We shall see about that.

One of CNN's talking heads just completely outed the network. He claimed Kim 'Rocket Man' Jong Un is 'more reasonable' than the duly elected president of the United States.

This is a perfect example of just WHO they are. Whether it be Madeliene Albright, who said 'we can work with these people' when Kim's dad was rolling her and her boss Billy C, or Michael Moore, who also lauded the Stalinist regime, progressives LOVE raw displays of power.

They crave that for themselves. Will of the people be damned.

It's come to this. The 'enemies, both foreign and domestic' that many swore to defend against are here, and now. They intend to 'progress' past the constitution of the United States and install a quasi socialist system.

It's more fascist, really, But they like the word 'socialism' better. This site sees NO difference between the two. Totalitarianism is the root of all evil, always has been.

Those who cherish freedom trust their neighbors, support their local law enforcement, and behave themselves. They also mistrust centralized government.

Just like James Madison, or John Jay, or Samuel Adams. 

In sum, things are  moving ahead nicely. But trouble awaits, and you -everyone in this audience- needs to be aware, and engaged. This will get worse before it gets better...

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Trump is a different breed of cat, to be sure.

Friday, 12 January:

So, it seems yet another intemperate comment by the president has the world in a tizzy.

The simple fact that it is a obvious truism, and more or less typical Trump is, as usual, secondary. Right now the massive display of self righteous indignation from the opposition and it's media enablers is in full bloom.

By now most have heard the comment.

The president, surrounded by members of both parties, was exposed to the typical behind the scenes dealmaking that congress excels in. Namely 'moving the goalposts'.

After the televised negotiations of earlier this week, the deal on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was more or less set. An agreement on these people, rumored to be 800,000 strong was outlined.

They would be given the ability to stay, and to a possible path to citizenship. 

In return, the administration would get enhanced border security. This included an end to chain migration, the so called 'diversity visa lottery' and, of course, funding for the border wall. These steps had been laid out by the administration consistently.

Then the other shoe dropped.

Several members, including Jeff Flake (R, Az) Lindsey Graham (R, SC) and Dick Durbin (D, Il) wanted to add those under the Temporary Protection Act. Earlier this week Trump took some more countries off this list.

First it was the Salvadorans, who have been here on a 'temporary basis' since an earthquake hit 17 years ago. Then he added the Haitians, they, too are here because of seismic activity in their own home country.

To the president it is a simple equation. This program is temporary, these conditions have been alleviated and it's time for them to return home. But in Washington there really is no 'temporary' programs.

Everything gets funded, has a constituency and it's political benefactors. This includes programs such as this. Ever the pragmatist, Trump saw something that was being abused and decided to act.

But the politicians who came to the Oval Office, as usual, wanted more. They wanted to add these people to the DACA deal. Reportedly, Trump exploded. 

'Why do we want to keep bringing these people in from third world shitholes?' he said. He supposedly added why not bring in more folk from, say, Norway? It was classic Trump; his desire to make a deal meets the ever mutating congressional proposal.

'What is there about 'temporary' that you people don't get', he also said. He found the truth.

There was never any thought to sending these people back to their homes. Congressional members count them as constituents, and now the argument is that these countries are 'crime ridden' and returning would 'threaten their lives'.

This is when he called their countries 'shitholes'. It is blunt, may be incendiary but it is true.

The media, having an insult issued by the president to pursue, has run with it, and hard. The posturing is stultifying to watch; the hypocrisy on display revolting. Every president has uttered such things, particularly in close settings like this.

His defeated opponent, the 'smartest woman on the world' was infamous for them.

But it's Trump, and he is hated like no one. So, there it is. The demands for an apology are ringing down from everywhere. So far he hasn't.

Nor should he. What he said was the truth, as indelicate as it may be. The not so hidden fact that the progressive left wants to import a whole new bloc of voters to enhance their ability to seize back power is no secret.

Former administration official Jennifer Palmieri admitted it in a party statement. Legalizing these 'Dreamers' is a big part of their effort to gain more voters. The fact that  they aren't citizens means nothing to them.

That's just a speed bump. Giving illegals driver's licenses and then allowing 'motor voter' registration will put plenty of them on the voter rolls.

The president has made a 'clarification'. He says he meant the countries are failed; not the people. This is demonstrably true as well. Trump is no racist; he's an achiever and wants to be surrounded by them.

This explains the 'merit based' system of immigration he requests. It only makes sense. But politicians are a slimy lot. They want to retain power at all costs; public welfare be damned. This explains the embracing of those here illegally as opposed to the citizens.

The 'citizens' are already in their pocket. It's the new ones they covet.

The media will continue to whip this issue. But Trump, once again, is right. There isn't one honest voice out there that will dispute that Haiti is not just a shithole, but one of the most vile places on planet Earth.

El Salvador and Nicaragua are awful as well; years of communist insurgencies guaranteed that. And yes, AIDS is still rampant on Haiti and many central Africans still live in 'huts'.

Trump is right about all this as well. Just what IS the responsibility to the US and it's taxpayers? Give them disaster relief or support them and their families in perpetuity?

The progressive movement is funded -and in massive amounts- by billionaire George Soros. He has something called the 'Open Society' movement, which in reality speaks of a United States wthout borders.

Only this country and western Europe. The rest of the world is entitled not only to borders but extreme tyranny, like North Korea. You will rarely hear a bad word from his people about them, or Red China.

They kill border crossers there.

But the US cannot build a wall on it's porous sothern border. It cannot deport criminals who hide in 'sanctuary cities'. It cannot prevent Islamic terror from entering the country by putting terrorist states on a no travel list.

The last administration never left. And unless they are rooted out one by one, they never will...

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Et tu, Brute? Maybe not.


Author Wolff: Truth or dare?

Saturday, 6 January:

So, you all thought there might be a Holiday break in the action, did you?
Like the Christmas of 1914-15 when both the Allied armies and their German counterparts laid down their weapons and wished each other a Merry Christmas and played games and toasted each other. After all, we're all Americans, aren't we?
It's just politics, right?
Nope. Any notion of that was immediately disabused by the fervent, and fevered, opposition to the duly elected 45th president. Basking in the reflection of a pretty successful first year, and with approval ratings exactly the same as the Previous Occupant at this time; roughly 46%, the new year held much opportunity.
Like in the continuing effort to roll back the regulatory state. That, by all accounts, is going swimmingly.
These efforts, which have been far more widespread and successful than one might think, are flaming spears aimed directly at the heart of the globalist movement. And they don't like it one bit.
This has only caused the so called 'resist' movement to double down. With the Russia collusion story collapsing around them -not to mention ensnaring their own- they needed a new scheme. This is now the 'unfit for office' or 25th amendment theme.
It is, like the rest of this messy but futile business, doomed to fail. But it does have several effects that they desire.
One, is it keeps their base fired up. They are now addicted to what is called 'impeachment porn', which caters to a craven desire to not only regain power but to punish those who would strip it from them. This continuation of the collusion theme morphs nicely into the 'senile old man' and even more favorite 'too dumb' to be president beliefs.
Two, it serves as an overall corrosive. If every utterance is hyperbole, it wears at the public's
patience. This sword cuts both ways, and it's benefits are usually short term. But this allows the stream of insult to continue unabated, only challenged by in kind response.
These are all emotional arguments; totally subjective and therefore fit their type of mania.
Ultimately, they simply cannot let the Trump express get any real momentum, therefore any and all forms of attack will be used irrespective of whether it hurts them in the future. The collusion nonsense will end up with their own people being either forced from office or even prosecuted.
That is a small price to pay to stop, or even slow, the policy agenda of the Trump administration. Think 'Al Franken'.
He found out just how loyal the progressives are to their own. He even fancied a run for president. Instead he leaves quite angry and bitter.
One of the nice sidebar victories of the Trump train. A small and petty man, he deserved every bit of this Karmic bitchslap.
One of the key pieces of progressive concern has always been Steve Bannon. Feared by the progressives and hated by the 'mainstream' GOP, he was (and still is)  a key adviser. He was not instrumental in the election victory other than helping craft policy.
That was more Jared Kushner's role; he saw the insurgent campaign as an internet startup and used microtargeting to a very effective level.
That's what gave them the Florida victory. They isolated districts where Romney underperformed and turned out the vote.
Bannon and the Breitbart crowd were part of the populist 'alt right' that was elemental in turning out voters long disenfranchised by the Big Government policies of both parties. Joined by the underground radio and internet people like Alex Jones, they crafted a policy of America First, a nationalistic take on both foreign and domestic issues.
It is not 'racist' nor 'separatist'. These are canards thrown by the opposition, who when called 'Marxist' (or more correctly 'fascist') scream bloody murder. To put the United States first is simply taking care of your own.
This is why Trump won. Steve Bannon and he agreed on these basic tenets. The book 'The Fourth Turning' was a rally point.
It speaks of the generational repeat of war, and/or economic collapse that occurs every 80 years. In any internet search you will see the various articles on this; all negative of course. This is predictable because those who call it 'crackpot' theory are those who desire
world governance.
Wealth redistribution and dissolution of the armed, Christian land owning middle class. Their financial guru George Soros has named this strata of society as their #1 enemy.
So, mocking this belief only strengthens it.
As soon as Trump was elected the internationalist segment of Washington wanted Bannon GONE.
For someone they mocked and derided he sure scared the crap out of them. If America adopts these policies it will derail their dreams of a worldwide socialist utopia. The US has the resources to be independent and can 'ride out' any coming calamity.
Like, say, the Dow Jones bubble. The worldwide credit debt. 
An aggressive, militaristic Red China and their proxy in PyongYang. 'Rocket man'.
This explains why they hate the tax cuts, the energy exploration and other measures of self sufficiency. As the Previous Occupant once admonished. 'you can't drive your SUV's, keep your thermostats at 72 and think the rest of the world will be good with it'.
To Trump and Bannon the retort to that is 'so what?'. 'Slowing consumption' is yet another canard to create a feeling of guilt so it can be exploited to take from one and give to another.
When Bannon was driven out of the West Wing the progressive left was elated. But he went back to Breitbart, backed with the millions from Rebekah Mercer. In other words, he was still a threat.
Cut to today. This 'tell it all' tale by Michael Wolff is now the rage. Full of rumor, innuendo, second hand information and pure fiction, it serves the progressive narrative to keep the heat on Trump now that Russiagate is basically dead and gone.
This is the 'unfit for office' 25th amendment stuff mentioned above. It is the latest in a series of increasingly desperate moves.
In this book Bannon is uncomplimentary on some statements about Trump, who this author can tell you he openly admires. The readers here want to know, to paraphrase Trump, 'just what the hell is going on around here?'
Is this a 'stab in the back?' as is being commonly assured?
Maybe. These are two very equal men in career and philosophical terms, and Trump has a wall of establishment warhawks around him. This gives many, including Bannon, nervous pause.
But the man was under assault, and had to make allies. He also needed to mend bridges with the GOP. It's called 'the art of the deal'.
You may have heard of it.
Washington is a tough place, and the political parties no longer really represent the citizens of the country. See 'sanctuary cities' for details. This is true guerilla conflict, one with third world tactics being used in a first world Republic.
Counterintelligence will be a key. An old Gestapo trick was for them to kill one of their own in order to 'sell' an Op. Bannon is stealing the progressive's thunder; he is mouthing their fictions and will not be welcomed by them.
Think about it. The author of this book is a known fabricator who 'did what he had to do' to get the information. Not exactly Bob Woodward material. Red flags everywhere.
Trump, in on all this, feigns offense and threatens to sue. He won't. Bannon, in the meantime, has called Trump a 'great man', and 'will faithfully see that his agenda is pursued'. Something is definitely amiss.
Falling out? Or perhaps freeing the man so he can protect Trump's flanks? What do YOU think?
These are very determined and capable men. Not bureaucrats nor media whores. The only thing that really makes any sense is that this is a very deliberate act, brazen and more 4D chess they've been playing...


01.12.2018 22:54


Where can I purchase one of those Army Trump Covfefe Coffee Mugs that is shown on your page?

01.12.2018 23:07


sadly, it is an illustration that doesn't exist as an item that I can find...

23.01.2018 01:58

George Westriver

I agree no voting rights. Here in California Gov Brown is giving illegals drivers licenses and enrolling them in the voter rolls. Isn't that illegal?

23.01.2018 02:06


It is. You must be a citizen to vote, to do so otherwise is a felony. This is why they don't want ID's to be displayed at the polls...

21.01.2018 07:05

Stacy Stevens Yakima

Love this website. I fear the Dems are a caged wild beast now. They are going to strike and do something really stupid, it's all they have left.

21.01.2018 17:56


they are desperate. The shutdown is over illegal voters they NEED to regain power. All bets are off...

07.01.2018 15:12


Thank you. Bannon is being ripped apart on Brietbart by commenters. They do not understand what is happening like you explain. Thanks for shedding light on it.

08.01.2018 02:32


there will be more in the coming days. Remember the 'hidden hand', and actions over words...