meanwhile, Trump secures release of Otto Warmbier from N Korea.

Tuesday, 13 June:

Another day, another crisis.

In what has become a wearisome parade of daily leaks and accusations, this is all culminating in a two week period of investgatory hearings. Today it's AG Jeff Sessions on the hot seat.

This follows the testimony of former FBI director James Comey, who is being exposed on a daily basis as the serial prevaricator he is. The Trump alliance, for what it is, has coalesced around the fact that Comey is no boy scout.

That, and the fact that the independent counsel Robert Mueller is a little TOO close to Comey and his staff is comprised of hard core Clinton operatives. Much of this has to do with protection of the status quo.

Seeing there are no underlying crimes here, and that the president is NOT under investigation, Mueller's job is to protect the DNC, Clinton apparatus and the deep state from exposure. A true independent prosecutor would follow the real leads.

That would include the murder of Seth Rich. If it were found out to be that he leaked the e-mails to Wikileaks, that Guccifer 2.0 is a double agent, and the Russians had no hand in it these facts would destroy the DNC, Clinton and take away the insistent war drums against Russia.

This would completely collapse the oppostion, leaving only the Sanders snowflakes in opposition. 

Therefore, it is patently obvious that the Mueller pick is to protect the status quo. The attacks the Trump surrogates bring to bear will be to keep his investigation 'honest'. 

This means finding that nothing really happened when indeed, NOTHING really did happen. Speaking to Russian officials isn't a crime.

Is the 'fix' in? That would depend on Rod Rosenstein, who is a key player in this. The progressives are learning that they will not be able to void a legal election over a crimeless set of charges.

Therefore they are trying to castrate the administration so they cannot achieve their lofty goals, and make them vulnerable electorally. It's all they have left.

Now, anything can happen. Anytime you testify under oath there is a risk, and the oppostion will be loaded with trick questions to get a 'gotcha' moment, or better yet a perjury charge. The administration is not out of the woods yet.

Trump has the truth, and the people, on his side. The polls are skewed against him, but on pocketbook issues they cannot hide his overwhelming support. He needs to put these controversies to rest.

Whether he can or not will be on display over the next month or so.


The State Department secured the release of Otto Warmbeir, the student the North Koreans nabbed last year. Rumors have it that former NBA star Dennis Rodman was dispatched to the country by those who knew State had negotiated it and do NOT want them to get credit.

The 'Worm' will take it instead. It's come to this...



AG Sessions: On the hot seat Tuesday.

Monday, 12 June:

So, the James Comey firestorm has come and gone, more or less.

But anyone who thought the 'swamp' would somehow find normality and begin to function will not be encouraged by what is happening. In predictable fashion, the 'never Trump resistance' will simply not give in.

It doesn't matter if they're right or wrong. They don't care; the media will give all of their glaring errors cover.

The most breathtaking aspect? The Russiagate fraud, thoroughly exposed as such is STILL being embraced. It is now apparent that no matter what is found out, no matter how exculpatory the information, it just will NOT be accepted.

To the opposition, Donald Trump is guilty, he can't be worked with and he must be replaced. You might ask by whom, but that isn't the real question. Mike Pence would be worse for the secular left.

He's a devout, fundamentalist Christian who would love to see abortion outlawed and prayer return to the public forum. He is a strong social conservative, much more than the New York businessman.

They aren't concerned about that. If they can get Trump removed he would be the NEXT TARGET. Their plan, classic Alinsky tactic of isolate, attack, marginalize and ridicule will continue.

They use it on everyone.

MIke Flynn, Trump, Steve Bannon, Kelly Ann Conway, Monica Crowley and others have all received the same treatment. All carried by a corrupt media bent on carrying out their orders.

AG Jeff Sessions is the latest target. He will testify in front of the Senate this week, and has even asked for it to be a public setting. It's a brave move as they will now conspire to lure him into a perjury trap.

It could be as simple as 'how many times have you  met with (Russian ambassador) Sergi Kislyak while under oath. If he says 'four times' and it was actually 'five', it's a technical lie. This is how the same team put Scooter Libby in prison.

When they knew he wasn't guilty. It didn't matter, a scalp was required and gotten.

Sessions is a good, and honest man. He is a huge supporter of Trump; the first senator to endorse him and a determined asset. But make NO mistake.

He enters a lions den, and the knives are being sharpened right now.  It's a high risk/low reward activity as anything he says that contradicts sworn testimony or indicts the president will be lauded and any other statements either ignored or ridiculed.

If he does as expected, which is doggedly defend the president he will be mocked and his character and honesty impugned, count on it. Nothing will change UNLESS the progressive narrative is fed.

It is the conclusion of the editorial staff here that this will continue for at least several more months with the narrative moving from collusion to obstruction and then lacking any evidence, fitness for office.

None of this will work overtly. But their fallback option is to damage him so severely they can get back congress in 2018. Just how they can achieve this is suspect; although they have poured tens of millions into the Georgia house race between Jon Ossof and Karen Handel.

He has a tiny lead now. The reporting on it is all skewed in his favor, of course. But if he does win a squeaker it will be trumpeted from the mountains as a referendum on the president. It isn't, of course. This district has been trending progressive.

But if they do win it will give them some traction, and then they hope a dispirited GOP/Trump base will stay home in the '18 midterms. That is also unlikely.

But it's all they've got, save for unleashing their dogs of war. The problem with that is they are hugely outnumbered and outclassed. Their 'streetfighters' are small in number and really dubious in quality.

The summation here is that Trump will survive, as confidently predicted. He is also achieving a great deal more than given credit for as the dismantling of the regulatory state goes on every day. The resistance of the swamp denizens is fierce, but they are now being replaced.

By mid-August he should have a majority of his people in office somewhere. However, the holdovers will continue the daily leaks set up by the previous administration. It's the criminal pursuit of THEM that will change the dynamic.

And with Loretta Lynch, who was thisclose to the Previous Occupant, as was Susan Rice, both in the sights of the AG's office, the opposition knows damn well their days are numbered. Game is fully 'on', now.

So don't expect any calm waters anytime soon...



all this gave McCain a major 'senior moment'.

Saturday, 10 June (Weekend Edition):

So, the Great Comey has spoken and the spin is as thick as the disinformation can make it.

As the dust settles, things are starting to surface that are now irrefutable. First and foremost the Fraud that was the Russia collusion accusation. The extent of this trap, and that's exactly what is has proven to be will be exposed over the coming days and weeks.

'Getting Trump' has been correct about all of this. Pore through our archives if you'd like.

Created in the hours after the stunning defeat (for some; we predicted Trump's victory early on) of Hillary Clinton by her operatives, Russia was going to be an excuse to blame the loss on.

Progressives are genetically incapable of admitting error; they are so convinced in their belief system that any mistake would be seen as an apostasy never to be forgiven. Therefore, they blame others by instinct.

You have seen Clinton's EIGHTEEN excuses for the loss. It's breathtaking in it's cluelessness.

The created, out of whole cloth, a conspiracy between the incoming Trump adminstration and the Russian government, based on leaks given to them by their politicized FBI (and that would include the department head Comey) that Trump associates had made surreptitious contacts with the Russian government.

Now, keep in mind that even if any of this is true it would NOT BE A CRIME.

But it wasn't true. The Trump people had been above board all along; insistent on better relations with a country that quite frankly the US has  some commonality with. They are (nominally) free, capitalist, and under threat from Islamic terror.

To a businessman from New York, making an enemy out of what could be a fairly reliable ally made no sense. Trump's inner core had no illusions of Putin's Russia. They knew the corruption and criminality that was rampant in the former Soviet country.

But new alliances were going to be tried. The Previous Occupant had left a complete and utter mess; his sole goal was to liberate Iran from sanctions and set them up as a counterweight to Israel, who they destested.

The progressive left, many of whom are Jewish, are split with the Zionists. Secular versus religious. They don't see Israel as a manifest destiny, they see a problem that precludes peace in the middle east.

Not to get in the weeds on this, but this sets the table for the whole conspiracy, and you can bet your shorts there WAS one. Trump threatened to undo the Iran deal, which isn't just ugly but criminal.

As was most of what the previous administration did. They broke more laws in eight years than one can count. You saw the tip of that iceberg when Comey outed Janet Lynch for both obstruction of justice AND meddling in an election.

Those are the least of their crimes. They never thought they'd lose power, and with not only Trump but -God help them- Jeff Sessions in D.C. they knew the future wasn't just cloudy for their movement, it was a path to Federal Penitentiaries.

As Hillary Clinton said -and people aren't sure HOW much of a joke it was- 'if we lose we're ALL going to prison'.

Her server in someone's bathroom was no accident. It was a deliberate effort to deny anyone obtaining her e-mail files by the FOIA. The 30,000 deletions were covering up crimes, not Chelsea's wedding.

Or yoga classes.

James Comey was in the middle of all this. He has the same notion all progressives have, the self righteousness that inspires them to insert themselves where they don't belong. If he had any real honor, he wouldn't have allowed Pat Fitzgerald put Scooter Libby in prison when they couldn't get Dick Cheney''s scalp.

He, and everyone around him, knew Valerie Plame had been unmasked by Colin Powell's aide Richard Armitage.But you never accuse a deep state operative.

If James Comey had any honor at all he would have RESIGNED when Loretta Lynch changed an investigation into a 'matter'. It isn't the Federal Bureau of MATTERS.

But he said 'it wasn't a hill worth dying for', pretty clever for someone who wouldn't know the butt end of an M-16 from a typewriter.

The more you dig into Comey's history the more you see the typical 'gator in the swamp'. A little more polished than most, but a gator nonetheless. He's no Boy Scout.

The spin from the corrupt media -and one that was FORCED to admit they had lied because of this snake's testimony- is that 'he called Trump a liar and that is a bad day for the President'.

But did Trump lie? Here's the trick:

When he told Comey there 'might be tapes' was he telling him a fact, just kidding, or more likely setting HIM up? If Comey thought the meetings were recorded his testimony would necessarily have to be accurate before the Senate.

Then the admission that Trump was NEVER UNDER INVESTIGATION came out. This exposed Adam Schiff, Diane Feinstein and the rest who knew this all along. He also admitted that he told Trump this three times, that Flynn's investigation was never interfered with.

The ugliness of this attempt to derail a legitimately elected president because of policy differences is just now getting exposed. The media says this 'isn't going away'.

They're half right. But it's what isn't going away that they won't like... 



Loretta Lynch is in some deep doo doo.

Friday, 9 June:

So, the great Comey spectacle has come and gone.

It was a huge ratings success; the overnights are not in, but it's fair to say that it did quite well. Your editor talked to friends who are not political but tuned in and couldn't tune out. It was, at least for some, riveting TV.

Here it was tired and boring after the first 10 minutes. 

Comey admitted up front, and as expected, that Trump committed no crimes they know of and didn't obstruct any investigation. He did ask the FBI director to take it easy on an associate who just had his career ruined by an (illegal) leak.

Was it inappropriate? OK, sure. It's not the way things are done in D.C., granted. However, as Jonathan Turley pointed out, 'just because you sound like Tony Soprano doesn't MAKE you Tony Soprano'.

After two and a half hours of the two parties essentially asking the same questions the only real news was that Comey most likely committed a crime by leaking his memo to the NY Times. He claimed it was 'his recollections and he was now a private citizen'.

For a good lawyer that wasn't all that smart. He wrote in on an FBI laptop, in the back of an FBI auto on the course of his FBI duties. That would make them government property. He could very well be indicted and prosecuted over it.

That is if Trump has anyone around him that hasn't recused himself.

As far as Trump goes, how was the day? It was a net positive, considering Comey called him a liar it wasn't the best day of Trump's tenure. This will hurt his ratings for a bit without doubt.

His response by lawyer Mark Kasowitz was not that good; it was better than nothing -he pointed out Comey's exoneration of Trump and such- but took no questions and didn't battle the media for the day.

Comey wins the day on style points. But for substance he took a shot in the chops. Comey's past isn't exactly spotless, and this realization will come back soon enough. He let former AG Janet Lynch roll all over him, as she fared the most poorly of anyone.

She not only REALLY obstructed justice, she also interfered in an election. Bad stuff.

Trump comes out of this in better shape legally, but the beating he's taking is starting to take it's toll. His detractors- and they are legion- will only double down on the 'unfit for office' aspect.

He is definitely different, that''s for certain. Getting Trump 'gets him', which is why the site was started in the first place. He's an easy read if you care to dive into his universe. The opposition hates him so much they don't bother to learn his why's and wherefores.

Some GOP types do. Senator Jim Lankford does.

He correctly spelled out that Trump is used to a different universe. One where 'covering your back', 'being on the team', and 'loyalty' are paramount. For him to ask Comey for this is completely understandable.

It's not appropriate. Given. But a crime? Really?

The net result of this is a very short term gain for Comey, who was an entertaining and erudite witness. It's a good bet that he won over some folks who only knew OF him.

However, this will fade quickly. Trump will still be president, and now everyone knows there will be no impeachment no matter how many progressives hold their breaths. Comey is done, finished, and can go write his book or opine on CNN.

The operable question is what's next?

CNN and the NY Times have both had to retract stories from 'anonymous sources' that were utter fabrications. Oh, and by the way the female contractor -Reality Winner- who leaked the NSA docs last week is now outed as a pro Islamic whackjob.

She has kind words about Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and wanted to 'burn the White House down'. She was reportedly shocked by 'all the men with guns' who came to arrest her.

She is being held without bail. Her shallow understanding of reality will not give aid; the book will be thrown at her and with good reason.

As far as the 45th President goes, he needs to get some more good people around him, and quick, too...



Mimosa's and testimony. Better order a few.

Thursday, 8 June:

The spectacle that is the Trump administration so far has moved to it's biggest stage yet.

In what promises to be the Al Capone vault of the political season former FBI director James Comey will testify to the Senate Intelligence committee Thursday moring at 9 am Eastern. To say this thing is hyped beyond belief is a massive understatement.

Not only will every cable channel have this on so will all three major networks. The ratings will be good but with no commercial breaks they each lose about $350,000 per hour. It will run four hours, too.

That's a big shot in the income pocket. Oh, well. That's their decision; these people actually believe that something that finally nails Donald Trump will somehow avail itself for them tomorrow.

You'd think they never saw Comey testify before.

He has already shown his selective idea of testimony; loves the Cheshire Cat moment and has a very high sense of self regard. That he would seriously dislike a brigand like Trump is easy to see.

For Trump, he would see the stringbean bureaucrat as the type of well heeled preppie types he saw at Wharton and didn't like. Never really worked a day in their lives, and thought themselves superior.

The antipathy is pretty apparent on both sides. But this is still all artifice; it means nothing, it IS nothing and is going nowhere. The real story here is that this is the last real artillery shell the Trump opposition has.

Comey is a major Hail Mary pass, and the irony couldn't be more fitting. The man who cost them their election, or so they say, is now their savior. They are already trying to front load the narrative by claiming an open and shut case of obstruction of justice.

Or so hacks like Jeffery Toobin, who's next correct read on the constitution will be his first, say. CNN is already raisng the 'we got Trump' banner and chilling the champaign for the impeachment party.

The Trump people, seeing the document Comey handed out yesterday, see a complete vindication. It's somewhere in the middle, but ultimately Trump survives, and that's game, set and match for their movement.

Trump gave the prep school Comey a New York talking to about Mike Flynn, who's career had already been ruined by the firing, about 'cutting the kid a break'.

When he demanded loyalty he sounded like the billionaire developer he is. He never asked to end criminal investigations; indeed he mentioned if some of his associates had done something wrong get to the bottom of it.

The kicker? Comey exonerated Trump completely of not only NOT being a target of investigation but having offered that statement THREE separate times. It's obvious, if you get Trump at all to see this was all harmless.

Crude, and boorish as Jonathan Turley correctly said. But not 'obstruction of justice'. Comey will do the bob and weave today, and as Lindsey Graham pointed out, if they thought they had a case against Trump on this Comey would NOT be testifying.

He did clear his testimony with Bob Mueller. He wouldn't let his star witness get in a crossfire in front of an angry Senate if he was going to testify in an obstruction case against Trump, so you can pretty much eliminate this from hurting the President.

However, the media will try to spin this furiously, and hope to swing public opinion as their insane faction in the House enters impeachment proceedings. It doesn't matter what really is said in the hearing.

They have already made up their minds. It's time to use it or lose it, and the deep state is keeping a close watch. For the casual viewer, well bars and restaurants will have morning specials and cute drinks as peope gather to watch.

It's not '24' now. It's 'Dallas', and this is the ultimate 'Who Shot J.R.?' episode.

Have a mimosa or a brandy sour, two of the ones advertised with some eggs benedict and watch four hours of boredom disguised as 'intrigue'...