Aim this at the US and suffer the consequences.

Independence Day, 2017:

As everyone enjoys their 4th of July holiday today -OK, maybe those who live in Kansas and Missouri may have to dodge serious raindrops- keep a few things in mind while you sear those burgers and slam a few cold ones.

First of all, the 28,500 soldiers and airmen of the 8th US Army stationed 30 miles from the DMZ at the Yongsan Garrison, and the 7th Air Force headquarted at Osan Air Base are now in peril as the N Korean regime's actions now threaten war in the region.

This is a dangerous, and desperate lot. 

The testing of an ICBM yesterday was timed to inflame the region; they know damn well about the 4th of July and the G 20 meetings later this week. Their actions have always been a 'what about us' statement, and this was no different.

But with a possible nuclear test- and thermonuclear, to boot- on the horizon and a delivery vehicle designed to carry it just successfully launched, the threat to the mainland US is now both on hand and untenable.

This can't, and won't be allowed to continue. There will be consequences to this rogue regime.

President Trump has been given a series of options. Some from the State department involve more sanctions, like the ones put on a Chinese bank that was laundering NK cash. But they are the most sanctioned bunch on earth.

They simply counterfeit US currency and pass it in the 3rd world to cover cash shortfalls among other criminal acts.

The other options are military. These are decidedly unattractive but may be necessary. One of them is a lightning strike on the regime heads, a decapitation of the snake.

This would be really risky, but is the best option. It could still end up in regional war, and if so expect a million casualties. However, they will NOT  be allowed to attach a nuclear warhead to a missile.

It will be destroyed on the pad. That you can be assured, and what occurs next is anyone's guess.

This is a sobering reality that the American Way is under threat, and a lot of it is internal as well. The Previous Occupant is setting up his 'presidency in exile' as expected, and is already committing treachery by attempting to undermine the man elected to replace him.

Frankly put, the threats to the United States are as high as they have ever been, and much of it is because the foes see the country on the rebound and getting stronger. We are now energy independent, and we certainly can feed ourselves.

This independence is contrary to what the World Order wants. They want a weakened America with a military that serves THEIR interests (see NATO for details) rather than ours. The deep state wants conflict with Russia so they can finance expensive weapon programs.

Meanwhile, the media works for the globalists and attacks not just the president but his supporters whom they see (correctly) as the real threat. Armed, land owning middle class citizens are not part of their Plan.

The beauty of this all?

For once we are winning these confrontations and as long as we stay vigilant as a nation, and aware of the threats both abroad and internally, the nation can not only survive but prosper.

So, enjoy the day and the company of friends and loved ones. You have earned that, and sub $2 gas prices won't hurt. Just keep in mind the treats to the constitutional republic, and stay steadfast in your support.

Have a great 4th!