The modern face of treachery; Reality Winner.

Tuesday, 6 June:

73 years ago today the largest invasion force in modern history stormed the beaches of Normandy to attack Hitler's 'Fortress Europe'. 24,000 men attacked at 06:30 in weather conditions more befitting November than June.

At Omaha Beach, the the 1st Infantry Division with support of the 29th Infantry Division encountered the crack German 352nd Infantry Division rather than the single regiment expected. The losses were so bad that at one point- about 09:00- Eisenhower started to think they would be repelled and the invasion would be a disaster.

You all know what eventually occurred. After a month long struggle when the British forces finally took Caen the push to Berlin was basically a done deal.

This is pointed out for several reasons. One, never forget the sacrifice the United States took that day, if not for us Europe would be either goosestepping or singing the Internationale.

The EU bureaucrats would be scrubbing toilets instead of insulting the President.

Second, and this is key, is OpSec, or 'operational security' for Operation Overlord was watertight. The Nazis had ZERO idea where we would hit, and when. Even that morning they rejected the invasion news; thoroughly convinced it was going to occur at Calais, which was the shortest and most direct route.

The lesson? That although losses were huge; no SECRETS were divulged. Nobody was leaking secure documents to the NY Times because they didn't like FDR.

Now we have a 25 year old contract worker hired by the NSA disclosing Top Secret information about an attempted Russian hack on the electoral system by the GRU, their intelligence service.

She took it upon herself because she likes Bernie Sanders, hates Trump and thinks being white is somehow 'terrorism'. She saw the document, copied it and e-mailed it to an online co-conspirator.

It was so brazen she was caught within days. Altnough this woman was a former USAF employee who spoke several languages she was clueless about the import of her actions. She admitted her actions and apparenty thought she was being a 'whistleblower', not a traitor.

Au contraire, mon frere.

Traitor she is. She hasn''t a clue about where this report started, and could have very well exposed an active operation- the 'sources and methods' you hear about- and put it and the operators at risk.

Since this leaking became an epidemic, Snowden, Manning and the rest, the US has lost 18 agents in China to execution. They don't screw around in communist countries, you know.

Quick trial, no representation and then shot.

The hatred of the 45th President by the progressive movement not only threatens them but now the entire country. This revelation makes it more difficult to forge any alliances with a nuclear power that faces the same threat from radical Islam the US does.

It makes a possible nuclear exchange that much more likely. This may please crackpots like John McCain, but not anyone else.

The improbably named Reality Leigh Winner took it upon herself to reveal this because it 'made her feel good'. It's come to that. Fortunately she will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and faces 10 years in Club Fed, Supermax edition.

The DoJ must proceed full force to eradicate these leakers; it was no different under the previous administration. Undermining the US security apparatus may sound sexy but the ramifications are HUGE.

Perhaps this will give Trump a little breathing room; the Comey testimony on Thursday will not give the jackals the raw meat they expect. He will NOT say Trump obstructed justice, which of course he not only didn't do but Comey could be prosecuted for not having reported it.

He will simply dispute the notion he told Trump he wasn't the target of the investigation three separate times, which can be argued one way or the other. Meaning classic Comey spin.

If there is any silver lining here it's the idea that this Russia bashing to help salve the bruised egos of Hillary Clinton and her disatrous campaign might be coming to some sort of close.

It just ain't worth a nuclear war, folks...



The man speaks the truth whether they like it or not.

Monday, 5 June:

The opposition is in somewhat of a fix.

Their tactic so far has been to oppose everything the President does, even if it contradicts positions they held days earlier. The James Comey firing is one. The Paris Accord on Climate is yet another.

The hard core greenies hated it, and many US politicians correctly saw it as a transfer of financial resources far more than a climate agreement. However, as soon as Trump opposed it then they all lauded it as a Sermon on the Mount.

Then the terror of Islamic radicalism struck yet again. This most inconvenient of affairs has flummoxed the media; they really want to stay on the 'hate Trump all of the time' meme but then reality shows it's ugly head.

The third major terror attack on the UK in three weeks. This is NOT something the progressive movement is happy with; they are fully behind the open border element and having radical Islam to pit against fundamental Christianity which they see as their true mortal enemy.

The 'tolerance' they preach is to accept the slaughter of native citizens by first generation radicalized followers of the most virulent strain of Wahabbist beliefs. They try to excuse this by asserting they aren't 'immigrants' but children of immigrant settlers.

As if this is somehow exculpatory. The Balkanized communities are hotbeds for radical Imams who preach death to the infidel on a daily basis, all while soaking the UK welfare system. The reaction from the media has, once again, been about 'tolerance'.

Donald Trump would have none of this.

In a series of tweets he took on the slimy mayor of London, the US court system and the Democrats who oppose his travel ban. He also weighed in with a principled take on gun ownership, and how it can reduce terror incidents.

His logic based on the fact that these cowards pick soft targets; you won't see too many terror incidents in Arizona or Texas, where many carry guns and are quite good with them. Trump the pragmatic businessman sees all these things through the crystal clear lens of what 'makes sense'.

His opposition says just the opposite. Serial liar Susan Rice, who's refusal to cooperate with the Russia probe tells much, went on the air once again to push the ridiculous assertion that the travel ban is wrong because essentially it will piss off Islam.

Think about that for awhile. Europe has not only tolerated radicals but supported them. Look what they get.

It is true that Muslims integrate better in US society than the socialist-lite Europeans. They ladle out jobs sparingly, and many recent immigrants live is collective communities on public assistance.

This just breeds hatred of the system. France is the best example, as is the Netherlands where they actually have 'no go zones' where the police won't enforce the law.

The UK has allowed Sharia to be practiced openly. They have supported people who would overthrow the government and enslave it's populace. This is not 'freedom of speech'.

It's sedition, and the President is committed to see it does NOT occur here as he should. His tweets are not politically correct, nor are they diplomatic. He doesn't care.

They are true, and that should be enough. The Supreme Court will announce this week whether they will issue a stay on the lower court injunction on the travel ban. It is possible but unlikely that they will grant the stay.

That said, they will take the case and Trump will win it come fall when the case is argued. What he said on the campaign trail should be irrelevant; he's either legal or he isn't. What his 'feelings' were should be dismissed.

The media desperately wants to get back to the Russia smokescreen, is praying Comey will give them something new (he won't) and that these machinations either indicts or at least cripples his presidency. But they are on real thin ice now.

His popularity has gone up, contrary to the push polling numbers the media shows. In spite of all the attacks he's 46% approval according to Rasmussen. CNN spent a whole show disputing their modeling but it was a sham.

Their conclusions were specious logic, just wishful thinking and projection. Rasmussen uses robocalls instead of live voices, and doesn't call cell phones. Somehow this makes their polls unreliable.

However they never say boo about the polls that oversample big city Democrats which is the typical model. That's because they LIKE those findings. Trump is cementing his base, which is quite happy with him.

He's also showing plus leadership. This is fracturing his opposition, and they are in insanity territory 24/7 because of it. They will throw the rest of the kitchen sink at him over the next couple of weeks.

It might be their last shot... 



'Eggsy' would be proud.

Sunday, 4 June:

The only real truthful statement of recent vinatge regarding the attacks in the UK was the admission that there were 'more attacks imminent'.

In relatively short order a horrified free world saw the attack at Westminster Bridge, then the bombing of the concert in Manchester, followed by the three simultaneous assaults Saturday evening.


The corrupt media, particulary the now evil, vile CNN had to get away -momentarily- from their personal campaign to drive the president out of office to actually cover a real news event. Same with the other networks, who now differ very little from the treacherous propaganda pushed by the toads in Atlanta.

Palace intrigue had to be shelved.

Instead, you get the same mealy mouthed 'let's not jump to conclusions on Islam' nonsense. These people are not hesitant to use the smallest thread of a dubious 'fact' to indict the man that 63 million people voted for.

But they tiptoe on broken glass not to insult a 'religion' practiced by a small group of anarchists for political reasons. These attacks are meant to help the globalists to 'crash the system' of laisseiz faire capitalism and the free association of men.

By using political correctness, which is actually 'cultural Marxism' they have cowed the masses to accept whatever happens to them without question. The Muslim mayor of 'Londonistan' has gone on record as saying that these terror attacks are a 'way of life' and to 'get used to them'.

Get used to WHAT? Allowing radical Imam's to contimue to preach hatred of the west while accepting public aid? What country on this planet allows this?

Europe does. And if you question one aspect of this you are branded an 'Islamaphobe'. Their police agencies routinely shield this 'religion' from any inspection. Rapes, knife attacks and other assaults are covered up.

Women are chided against going out in public, or wearing anything revealing.

Meanwhile, their open border campaign continues as hordes of immigrants, mostly Muslim and virtually all of them incompatible with western values pour into Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy and France.

Any mention of a travel ban by the President of the United States against six countries that are either enemies (Iran, Yemen) or failed states (Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan) is met with hysterical opposition.

One again, why? Do they not see the threat?

Of course they do. They all want the same thing, which is a global government run by a ruling elite. The Previous Occupant was chosen to be one of them, and he joins the billionaire class of assorted Bond villains like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Jack Ma, George Soros and the others who want to rule the world.

For it's own sake. You see, they really believe the world needs THEM.  This is what happens when a free world turns it's back on what made it that way; honest, representative government sensitive to the needs of the people is abandoned in favor of the creation of a fascist oligarchy.

Their movement has been behind the scenes trying to undermine the constitutional republic of the US for 100 years. They were very close to achieving it, too. 

But something went sideways for them; their supreme arrogance created a culture of blind stupidity that gave them the cosmic bitch slap of Donald Trump. Their insane reaction to his legitimate election shows how 180 degrees out of phase this was for their plans.

He is the absolute opposite of the Previous Occupant; a self made alpha male who is resolute in his belief of free association and fair trade as opposed to an artifice created out of whole cloth and sold as a bill of goods to the country first, and then to the world.

He was created to BE an 'icon', right from his eponymous poster and same suit worn every day.

The world global elite, which controls the Marxist left for their own selfish purposes, had the world on the road to serfdom. But they needed foot soldiers.

That, and a 'new religion'. Gaia worship is too 'airey fairy'. No, they needed a nice, fascist friendly totalitarian belief system to corroborate with the nascent police state. This is where this Wahabbist strain of Islam came handy.

Ancient rules enforced by the most brutal of means. Demands instead of requests. Autocratic family rule.

Perfect. So, they promote this insanity. Not because they believe in it; the elite are drug using sexual perverts by and large. They would all be beheaded.

Every last one of them. No, they use them against the honest citizens who support them at the polls or buy their products. It is an almost unspeakable evil. The worldwide 'deep state' is good with anything that furthers their weapon production and surveillance ability.

They absolutely LOVE the surveillance aspect. A few nutjobs with knives are having average citizens ask for their rights and freedoms to be taken away for some form of nonexistent security.

Their biggest problem was losing control of The Narrative. 

Guess what? That's happening, and thank Trump once again for infusing honesty to the situation and calling the people's attention to the true crisis. The media would love to continue to bash the man for pullling out of the joke that was the Paris Climate Accords.

But then real news invades the information stream. Now, the desire of the administration to restrict travel, build a border fence and deport undesirables cannot be argued against. The elite has unwittingly created a situation that now contradicts their goals.

And their heads are blowing up over it all...

Now for an appropriate nugget from the classic 'Kingsman of the Secret Service'




At least Scaramanga had a REAL skill unlike Steyr.

Friday, 2 June (Weekend Edition):

The world is learning that if you declare war against the Movement you will get what you ask for.


Wars are fought in different ways for different reasons. Some are raging infernos like WWII. Some simmer longer on the stove like the now endless Afghan conflict. Others are political stalemates like the Cold War.

Then there's the New War. The culmination of decades of un-American, anti constitutional policies shoved at the populace a boiling point was reached. The public became aware they were being fed sugar coated poison.

Their wealth was being systematically looted, their freedoms restricted and futures threatened. For the most part this happened under both Democrat and Republican rule; the Menshevik GOP little better than the Bolshevik Dems.

Then there was the election of the first African American president.

The 8 years of that administration codified every fear and apprehension of those who firmly believe in constitutional rule. The people saw their standards of living erode, saw the organized left use the politics of division to split communities and even families.

All of a sudden 'transgender rights' was enough of an issue to throw a state (North Carolina) to the progressives in a blatant exercise of cynicism that achieved a desired goal. It became evident that there was not any issue that could not be exploited for their political gains.

Honesty was an early victim. Facts became malleable items, and the 'story' could change from moment to moment depending on how it developed. The key agent being the corrupt deceivers known as the 'mainstream media'.

This site has covered the why's and wherefores of how this phenomenon of the Fourth Estate went from public criers and advocates to government agents of influence, but the simple Walter Cronkite example says it all.

He helped lose a war-Vietnam- by misrepresenting facts on purpose.

The media today is a distilled version of Cronkite. They are not there to report the story; they exist to push a Narrative. And 'climate change' is THE Narrative right now. What any honest academic can easily see as a highly politicized issue where facts are shaped to fit an agenda is now a religion that cannot be questioned.

Here's a list of the more hysterical reactions:

Of these we have a quintessential 'Bond villain' come to the fore named Tom Steyr. A hedge fund manager, which is no honorable enterprise to begin with, he became a classic progressive political hack.

He is a liar, a cheat and a fraud.

His protestations about the environment are all to further his own financial interests, and the Paris Accords are a classic example of 'follow the money'. Like any good villain of 007, he pretends to be a lover of nature and philanthropist.

Meanwhile he continues to run and profit off his carbon rich energy investments of course, and won't divest himself of them until at least 2030. Hypocrisy is a major element of the Bond villain.

His investment in 'green energy' will make him fabulously wealthy if this agreement was codified.

The Paris Accords does a couple of things. One is redistribute wealth to third world nations who have NO obligation to spend the money of climate. That's right. Being a voluntary, non-binding agreement it required no action.

Everything was voluntary. Except for one key aspect:

The US has to kick in a fortune that has been estimated at $2 trillion. Here's a partial breakdown:

President Trump made one of the single most courageous speeches of any leader since Eisenhower outed the military industrial complex in 1959. He called out the bureaucrats in the EU, the communist plant that is the Pope, the media and the (now 'so called') entertainment industry.

His statement cannot be refuted by any sentient human being who loves the constitutional republic that is the United States. As pundit Charles Krauthammer said Thursday, 'if they (the Democrats) feel so strongly about this then demand a Senate vote tomorrow'.

They won't. The Previous Occupant had both houses of congress with a supermajority and still used the end around of executive order to circumvent the will of the people. This is a treaty everywhere else.

But an 'accord' here. Non binding except for the healthy suggestion that the US lead by sacrifice.

Of all the reactions it was that of Steyr that needs to be addressed. To wit:

Democratic super-donor Tom Steyer — who as an investor in many green-tech companies is anything but a disinterested party — thundered that Trump is "committing a traitorous act of war against the American people."

This piece of trash- and that's all he is, a liar, cheat, coward and political hack- called the duly and legally elected President a TRAITOR. This is the most classic example of projection of any of their hysterical utterings.

It's YOU who is the one who commits treason, Tom Steyr. Your lies and selfish self interest are 100% proof. He is no environmentalist; no more so than Scaramanga meant his Solar Agitator for good in 'The Man With the Golden Gun'.

He is a thief. He hangs on to his carbon rich investements while pushing a fantasy of solar/wind that will line his pockets at the taxpayer's expense. If there is any justice in this country it is HE who should be investigated, impoverished and imprisoned.

You want to go the treason route? Really?

Be careful what you wish for, because all your millions cannot protect you from betraying the people that made you rich...




meanwhile Trump shows the N Koreans what's what.

Thursday, 1 June:

The opposition may be corrupt, clueless and bankrupt of ideas.

But they are not short on whining, and the epic loser of modern times went on tour to make sure that nobody thinks it was her fault. Yes, the Hildebeast was on display once again, out of her cage and snarling at anyone and everyone, both near and far.

She spun a conspiracy web so deep that Alex Jones and Infowars would pale by comparison. Tossing out allegations and insults with equal ease, her descent into madness was the most evident exposure.

The supposed 'facts' she offered was a potpourri of bizarre allegations. The Russians were definitely a part, and so was Rebekah Mercer, a GOP activist.

Among the wilder assertions was the '1,000 bots in Macedonia' who peppered Facebook with anti-Clinton stories, that Mercer's analytics swung the Brexit vote (it passed with over one million vote margin) and the DNC was against her from the start.

The DNC has already struck back; she claimed they were 'bankrupt' and 'without ideas', and they are not at all pleased with Clinton 'throwing them under the bus'.

The simple fact is, and this flies in the face of the media narrative, is that the Democrats are in a fatal tailspin. Prisoner to the loudest voices in their caucus, they are ceding to the hard core 20% that is literally insane (see Kathy Griffin for details) and running away from any real chance to win electorally ever again.

No matter what the video tube tells you. This is not a socialist country, it will never be, and for a myriad of reasons it CANNOT be one. No matter how bad snowflake students want free everything forever it's not going to happen.

They are pursuing their own destruction. The US is a meritocracy, and will always be one. Guaranteed outcomes do not exist; you earn your way here.

The Dems talk about getting the 'forgotten blue collar worker' back. How can that happen if they continue to push fringe ideas like free college, gender norming, income redistribution and open borders?

It can't. Period.

As Trump returns to the Beltway, he comes back to a 43% approval rating (Rasmussen); not that good but not terrible. The Previous Occupant was in the low 40's for months on end; it wasn't until the lame duck election cycle he got his 60% ratings.

But there is an 'up arrow' next to his name. The House Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed several of Trump's associates, but much to the chagrin of Adam Schiff and the Dems Devin Nunes subpoenaed Susan Rice, John Brennan and Samantha Power for 'unmasking'.

The GOP is going to start fighting back, and this is a big week for them. Later today Trump will announce his position on the Paris Climate Accords. Much speculation abounds, and the globalist movement is in near hysteria about the possibility of it being trashed.

Our sources say that he will claim the bill, done by the last fellow, will be rejected because it was done by Executive Order, and anything as sweeping as this- and it will cost every family in the US at least $20,000- should be debated in congress and voted on in the Senate.

It is, really a treaty. He would be within the proper interpretation of the law to send it there, and that is what is expected here.

There will be a post up later today on the results...


06.06.2017 13:43


I'd sure like to hear someone come up with a way the general populace of America, who see's the media as corrupt, give us some idea on how to combat them. Drudge seems the only fair and honest media.

02.06.2017 01:52


Trump continues to swim upstream like no other...

01.06.2017 19:11


Really suffering from HRC Fatigue...Having her mug grace the tube as well as Griffin has me eating anti-nausea meds like skittles. I could use a break about now!

01.06.2017 18:22


If Clinton is ever held to account, she would be in prison for the remainder of her life along with the other's like Rice, Podesta and Jarrett. Is there justice? I sure hope so.