The Pope: 0 for 2 against Trump.

Saturday, 26 May(Weekend Edition):

You may not hear this much on the mainstream media, but Donald Trump didn't just have a good week. He had THE week of his young presidency.

With every day being a whirlwind of sorts, making any concrete assessments isn't easy. Everyone is hanging on the next tidbit, or 'Breaking News' coming out of FOX or CNN.

Let's take a step back and look at this most amazing week in a most unusual Presidency.

When he left for the Middle East, he was embroiled in what his opposition gleefully called 'a crisis of disaster after disaster', and the progressive propaganda organs called daily for his impeachment.

Michael Flynn was bandied about as a combination of Alger Hiss, Benedict Arnold and Satan's wanton stepchild.

Son in law Jared Kushner was a 'person of interest' in the FBI probe. Trump 'lawyered up' to deal with the Special Counsel Bob Mueller's investigation. The EU/NATO leg of his trip would be a trap where the elite would embarrass the blundering Trump.

It was all set. He would have a disaster, be the joke of the world and come back to the jeers of impeachment. 

Something happened on the Road to Rome. In what will be considered the inspired, turning point of his adminstration, he went to the Heart of Islam.

Saudi Arabia. Home of the two holiest of sites, Mecca and Medina. After a welcome that bordered on ecstasy, before 60 Muslim nations in attendance, Trump gave a speech that content wise easily eclipsed ANY speech the long winded Previous Occupant gave.

He told the whole lot of them what the lay of the land is. This cancer of radical Islam is eating your countries from the inside out, and YOU had better take care of them or else. Don't look to the US to fight your wars for you.

Coming from a politician they would be but words. Coming from a world class businessman, something these people truly can relate to is another thing altogether.

They want a DEAL. They understand business, unlike the moneyed elite of Europe. And they see Trump as a real solution maker. From there he went to Rome, where he also told the Pope that his left wing world view is fine and good.

For him, not the United States. We may care about the climate, but we're not about to commit financial suicide in order to reduce CO2 by a tenth of a percent.

The pontiff came out of the meeting clearly unhappy with it, which is EXCELLENT. The worldview of a left wing Jesuit has nothing to do with American exceptionalism. From there he went to Brussels.

'Six foot two and full of muscles' to paraphrase the old song,

In front of the entire assemblage of NATO bureaucrats he gave them a public scolding befitting a bunch of fifth grade miscreants caught stealing brownies from the lunch room. Telling them they need to 'pay up', that the US won't fight their wars for them as well, and they need to think about taking care of themselves.

The rush of Montenegro to join exposes the game; we'll be part of the alliance if YOU guarantee our security. We may hire a couple of unarmed guards, but the rest is up to Uncle Sucker.

When Trump brushed that leader out of the way when photo time came might have been rude, but it was hugely emblematic. This is what happens when you suborn your security to a foreign power.

You become a vassal state, and will be treated like one. Ugly but true, and it's about time someone pointed out what the TRUTH really is.

This wasn't just a good road trip. This was the best foreign trip by a US president since Eisenhower went back to Europe in the mid 50's. He remade ME foreign policy, put the EU/NATO on notice, and made the meeting of Merkel and the former POTUS look like the engineered cheap shot it was.

One that NOBODY paid attention to. Trump has succeeded in one major thing, and that is to reduce the inflated status of the Previous Occupant to the spoiled and perturbed shadow of his former self.

You don't accuse your successor of 'hiding behind a wall' when you are behind the Brandenburg Gate. That contrast wasn't missed by many. Lacking the bully pulpit, his excoriations sound small and petty.

Then the whole of the Russiagate thing started falling apart. The appearance of John Brennan, the political hack who was former CIA head gave the left absolutely NOTHING. They were hoping for some 'fire' among the smoke.

Once again, he said there wasn't any. Just some 'feelings' about this or that. The Bob Mueller appointment all of a sudden came crashing down on them as well. They never wanted a special counsel, they wanted a SHOW TRIAL.

In public. And realizing that James Comey now has to consider testifying in front of Mueller he has to be far more circumspect about his Cheshire Cat smirks, hints, and 'that's classified' answers.

Now he has to explain how he can suggest obstruction of justice when he said it NEVER HAPPENED. His notes be damned. You can't keep detailed notes of a crime and not report it.

Comey is in a box, plain and simple.

The leakers in his White House, drunk on the raw intel corrupt officials in the IC provided, made a BIG mistake. They released tasty bits on the Manchester terror attack because their pals at the Times and the Post wanted them.

Ooops. This caused a major rift with the UK; PM Teresa May excoriated the US for leaking this and ordered MI-5 to stop data sharing. This gave Trump a 'YUUUGE'  window to walk through. He sent Reice Priebus and Steve Bannon back to the US to coordinate the apprehension of the leaker(s) who they know.

He can turn the Russiagate investigation right around; make it about the criminal leaks as opposed to the silly rumors of Russian agents. The progressives are in a full bore panic about this turn of events.

They are slow, true. But not clay brick stupid. They now see the hold they had over Trump fading like a morning fog, and the likes of Adam Schiff are now whining about the investigation 'not being public'.

Mueller's findings may NEVER be made public, particularly if he finds nothing criminal.

What a week. And he isn't even back home yet...



Angela Merkel: How's those open borders working for you?

Thursday, 25 May:

President Trump continued his sweep of the world with a stop in Brussels to speak to NATO. In yet another remarkable performance on another memorable day, he basically excoriated the allaince to their face for being, well, a bunch of freeloaders.

There is nothing new about this.

Going back to Bush 41, Donald Rumsfeld used to complain biitterly about the countries that wouldn't pay, and even the Previous Occupant mentioned the 'free rides' being given. The big difference is Trump called them out to their faces, in front of the international press.

Keep in mind German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who's relationship with Trump is to put it bluntly, 'frosty', had just met with the former President who 'coincidentally' was in town the same day.

They are ideological soulmates. Globalists with a penchant for fascism.

Trump, on the other hand, made no apologies as he told everyone about 'America First', which has now become at least a cogent issue for the rest of our alliances to realize. They have been feeding off the public commonweal here as well.

Trump was both brusque and eloquent.

His chiding of the NATO members was softened with his passionate appeal for the horrors visited on the citizens of Manchester. And once again, he showed the world that he intends to lead the US from in FRONT.

Not from 'behind'.

This excellent trip, which has cemented his grip on the presidency, came at the perfect time. The opposition here, led by a manic media, have pushed the Russia issue as far as it could go; the net result of 24/7 coverage had gotten about half the country to believe there was at least some fishy business there.

Latest poll had 74% of the Democrats and a healthy 38% of Republicans admitting they had concerns. This is what happens when even a phony issue, created out of whole cloth can have traction if the top rated cable program spends EVERY episode crafting exotic tales of Russian agents infiltrating political parties.

What is ironic is that back when Russia was communist the Democrats steadfastly rebutted obvious Soviet interference. Joe McCarthy may have been an obnoxious boor but he was RIGHT about the attempts to plant communist propaganda in the US systems.

And yes, Hollywood was compromised. Can you look at the entertainment industry and not see the results of 50 plus years of progressive programming?  It's pretty blatant.

But now that Russia is a Christian country that is both an energy exporter and a nuclear armed state they are the nexus of world evil. This is just not the case. Russia is a sovereign state with the same national goals it's had since Peter the Great.

That's right, The Czars.

They need warm water ports to feed their country. This explains both Crimea and Syria. That said, the US has certain commom interests, and this spygate nonsense is blocking actions that would benefit the United States as well.

Like concentrating on the eradication of Islamic terror organizations. For starters.

This does not absolve Russia and Putin of their flaws; it is basically a criminal oligarchy. But that's THEIR problem, not ours. The Russian people seem to be good with where they're at as Putin enjoys wide support there.

President Trump will return to the US soon. He comes back to a fractured GOP and a hostile press corps. The Democrats are finding that the impeachment thing is but a wetdream, and are furiously looking for the next phase of 'resistance'.

It's not going to get any easier. Still, the high points the man delivers are uniquely his. While at the new NATO headquarters in Brussels he did mention how much it cost. And then just let the matter drop.

Implied message being if you can spend a billion on a shiny new palace for the high command then you can toss a few Euros our way as we do all of the warfighting.

The media is fullof snark about all this, and their preference for Merkel is apparent. But the rest of the world is seeing something different. They are seeing leadership.

And for now that's just fine...



Brennan testifies: OK, he didn't do it. So there.

Tuesday, 23 May (Late Edition):

Russia or Islamic terror?

What's the real story? This war, and there is no other way to describe this, is getting down in the trenches serious. The movement, for lack of a better term 'dump Trump' crowd is reaching critical mass.

Lindsey Graham has made the split; he's in Trump's camp. Or at least as much as a jingoistic fence sitter can be. McCain is grousing about not enough money for war items, once again no surprise. But he's backed down from the 'Watergate' nonsense.

Not to bore the brilliant and informed readers that visit here, but this investigation into the Trump administration and Russian influence is simple. It wasn't, isn't and cannot be, a crime.

What they are trying to do is create enough smoke and fog, broad hints of influence peddling and backroom agreements. All to advance Russian interests, or so they say. Then get some people under oath, and snare them in a process/perjury trap.

This worked with the last Independent Counsel, Patrick Fitzgerald, over the Valerie Plame incident. Which was an 'unmasking' by the way. Fitzgerald could find no evidence on WHO leaked it; it was Richard Armitage, btw. 

So, wanting a scalp he settled on poor Scooter Libby, who was the Michael Flynn of that sad affair. He did nothing wrong but served as a scapegoat for George W Bush, who was almost as hated as Trump is.

This is coming to a head. While the Special Counsel Bob Mueller will take his time, he should have this wrapped up in less than a year. The other investigations will end; the FBI has spent 11 months on a fruitless intelligence search.

The progressives want this to become a criminal investigation. It is on Mike Flynn, but not on Trump and no matter how they stretch the truth obstruction of justice is virtually impossible to prove.

So, Trump will not ever be accused of criminal conduct. The oppostion has several levels of success they can achieve. What they want, which is removal from office is just not going to happen. This is why Lindsey Graham can be his new 'big brother'.

They won't succeed on the 25th amendment argument either. Temperament is subjective, and just because they don't like somebody doesn't mean they can void a legal election.

Trump is on solid legal and constitutional ground. Jonathan Turley, and other distinguished jurists have all openly mocked the entire affair as just baseless in law. Even if collusion is proven it isn't a crime.

There are some pretty profound cases of 'collusion' in the previous administration. You can start with the 'pay for play' with the Clinton Foundation and take it from there.

So, the focus of the media will shift, ever so subtly, to his ability to perform the job. The just released (illegally, of course) phone call between Phillipine President Duterte is a case in point.

Here it is for your perusal:


This is the last gasp of the removal crowd; it won't work either but they're hoping the cumulative effect will be to erode his base, and win back the House. That's a long shot.

They have been blocking his work so far. The public won't tolerate it for the time it takes them to make the elections. They will have to help govern at some point.

These are the realities. Everything else you hear is a fantasy. Trump just showed the world what a foreign policy trip is behind a respected figure. The big lie was that the Previous Occupant was highly regarded.

He wasn't. The rest of the world had him figured early, and knew he was but a mouthpiece. Trump is a different animal.

Then there was the horrific attack in Manchester. This took the latest leaks about Russia not only off the TV but off the radar. Rex Tillerson is right when he says the rest of the world doesn't care a whit about the internal politics here.

The changes will be evident soon. These investigations will become quiet as congress lets Mueller do his due diligence. The daily leaks will stop as well.

This site has been informed that both Mr Priebus and Mr Bannon returned early to coordinate the firings that will happen as soon as Trump returns. It's hard to clean house when it isn't really yours, and he just hasn't gotten his people in.

No thanks to the Democrats. They think this obstruction will put them back in power. When polls like Rasmussen say 60% of their voters want them to work WITH Trump those numbers fly right in the face of that.

If one takes a step back, you'll see the forces allayed against Trump starting to fray at the seams. The Democrats have seen focus group testing telling them that impeachment is a BIG political mistake.

It was for the GOP when they went after Clinton for lying about sex. He was guilty of a felony but the political price was too steep to pay. Trump's impeachment would be a million times uglier.

There would be blood in the streets. The opposition has created a fiction, that's quite a difference from Clinton's horndog behavior causing a lie. Trump is a businessman, NOT a politician and his behavior has been against protocols.

His desire to cut a deal and get moving is contrary to the dry pace of the career bureaucrat. Using this as a pretext to undo an election will get those responsible in Harm's Way.

They will not be saved by the First Responders they just betrayed. They surely must know that; the snowflake Stephen Colbert crowd is basically worthless if needed.

Therefore Mr Trump is safe from removal. For now.

Because no matter what, the opposition, which in many cases may not be the Democrat party but the special interests who own them, will NEVER stop the attack.

Trump can never do anything wrong becuse he will most certainly be hung for it. As opposed to the Previous Occupant, who will be zealously guarded by his sychophants no matter how crooked his deeds will be shown to be.

But one suspects Trump is OK with this. He's lawyered up, and his phone calls will be a lot more circumspect from now on. What will be interesting is when this shifts from defense to offense.

The first leakers are about to be discovered and exposed... 



the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

Tuesday, 23 May:

So, what does one think of the travel ban now? Or the wall?

Of course, the media, the lovely media will point out that this wasn't done by a refugee or whatever infinitive they want to split. It doesn't matter if the suicide bomber in Manchester was someone who was born there or thumbed a ride.

Because it's the Balkanization of the West.

This has been going on for some time; these things don't happen overnight. But as long as you have a forced immigration -the mass resettlement of displaced persons- you will have the unpleasant situation of a separate community.

One that is apart from the rest. Different languages, cultures, and religious beliefs. The state tells you to be 'tolerant', which is a basic Christian fundamental. Don't need government to remind one of that.

But they do. Relentlessly. And if you disagree you are a moral monstrosity. Meanwhile, those whom you are being urged to tolerate really don't like you much. They don't like your culture, mostly.

But they have a deep resentment for your native born status. This is fostered by the various agencies; they want to use them as a cudgel to beat citizens into accepting the government edict. You will take it, and you will pay for it.

So, shut up or we'll brand you a racist.

This sickness, and it is just that, has permeated the civilized world. No one is sure why any Somalian would want to live in the frozen tundras of Minnesota. But they do. And they all congregate in one section.

And many of them go back to become trained as ISIS/Al Qaeda fighters.

This makes no sense, not from any angle. That's why the President wants to restrict the travel ot the US from failed states with radical ideologies. France didn't.

Crippled by their criminal actions in Algeria, they allowed hundreds of thousands to move to France. None of these people were absorbed into the populace; indeed they were put in welfare communities and not made part of the workforce.

In France, jobs are basically for life, so hiring is rare. They just stacked these people on top of each other, threw money at them and hoped they'd behave. They didn't.

This is happening in Germany, Austria and the UK, where London is not so jokingly referred to as 'Londonistan' and the mayor is a unrepentant Muslim who scolds the citizens to 'accept' the occasional violence.

He says it's 'here to stay'. This tool, his name is Sadiq Khan, called everyone who voted for Brexit 'racists'. But London isn't ALL of England, and the rest of the country voted out of the EU.

Now, at least 19 people are dead at a concert for a former Disney star. The audience was young, mostly under 20. But someone took a professionally designed suicide belt, one with nails and tacks and other sharp items for shrapnel.

They bundled it around a shaped charge that would blow directionally. This was no amatuer hour deal. Those who weren't killed immediately were maimed by shards of sharpened steel coming at them at 5,000 fps.

There are at least 59 injured. Many of them critical. Most of them young and innocent.

If you go into the Manchester twitterverse you'll see anguished relatives putting up pictures of their missing family members. The pictures will break your hearts.

This is a shock to the core. It was meant to be that. But when someone wants to do something about it, address this situation and protect your citizens you face an assault of criticism. It's so bad here that several of the cable news channels -you know who they are- could not WAIT to move on from the bombing.

They had their daily leak about Trump and the Russians to pursue. Fake news; driven by an agenda based media desperate to see a sitting president removed from office because THEY DON'T LIKE HIS POLICIES.

The hell with terrorism; that's just an unpleasant sidebar.

Donald Trump has tried to secure America's borders so this shit doesn't come here. And all he has gotten is a fight at every step of the way. The progressive forces want open borders and a diminshed middle class.

They need immigration, lots of it and illegal is just fine. The more hostile they are the better, too. Poor and hostile. Move right in, plenty of room next to somebody else.

Never them.

Trump has been rejected by their loaded court, ridiculed by their lapdog media, and given the finger by their political class. You can't have a free, successful and safe country any more.

What were you thinking? You need to pay more taxes, have less freedom and accept the will of the state. Elections are meant to be fixed; NOT have a wild card like Trump get in there.

You can believe one thing for sure. If this man is not allowed to preside over the country that freely elected him you will NEVER see another 'fair' election again. They'll make sure of that.

This little escapade in Manchester, England is yet another wake up call. If your government will not protect those who put it in power than it needs to be overthrown. The voters did that last November.

Wake up. Trump is under a withering assault, and they still hope to drive him out of office in the next couple of months. Some of their pundits are predicting he won't last until Christmas.

There is little doubt Donald Trump is a tough guy, and commited. But without the people having his back he won't make it. And make no mistake. It isn't Trump they fear.

It's YOU...



TE Lawrence; 'Lawrence of Arabia'.

Monday, 22 May:

As the 45th President travels the Middle East, his personal profile now counts another luminary of the past.

T.E. Lawrence, otherwise known as Lawrence of Arabia. The common thread being that both men worked against the grain. Lawrence was a facilitator, as is Trump. Never sitting in judgement from a faux sense of western superiority, they saw the secret to unification was playing to the sense of selfish self interest.

For Lawrence it was uniting the disparate tribes against the Ottoman empire in WWI and the capture of Damascus. While that noble goal is currently outside Trump's ability to solve, he may not be that far away from that, either.

During his visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia he gave a textbook speech; it was not the type of lofty holier than thou rhetoric favored by the Previous Occupant, or functionaries like John McCain.

They preferred speeches that made themselves feel good. Ones aimed at western media; human rights and all of the western notions of what that entails. Trump, who is both smarter and more solution based, calmed the diverse Muslim audience by pointing out they have a shared interest.

That being the nature of Iran and it's attempt to establish Shia dominance at the point of a gun, or ballistic missile if you'd like. That radical terrorists have hijacked their religion, and for reasons of political conquest.

It was a measured, reasoned speech that made the entire world forget the last individual who sat at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. His preference for empty rhetoric to play to a particular political base doomed any incentive.

Trump, on the other hand, like Lawrence came to do business.

For Lawrence it was the business of war. He overcame the tribal rivalries and created a cohesive fighting force that was able to defeat the modern Turkish military using the tactics of the nomadic tribes.

Trump's business is BUSINESS. Seeing that the entire world knows just who he is, not a test tube cypher but a worldwide entrepreneur, they are eager for a deal. Trump represents success.

Pretty simple concept to grasp. The message of 'we're all in this together, radical extremism is against all of our best interests' is one thing. The underlying issue of 'hey. let's get past all this and make a buck' was certainly not lost on the audience.

Frankly this trip is a game changer.

The nonsense of the Russiagate thing, and the effort of his domestic enemies trying to drive him out of office couldn't be more irrelevant. This shows how the business of the world is conducted.

The world is anxious for leadership and a shot at the brass ring.

Trump brought that to them, just as he did to the Rust Belt of America during his campaign. People see him as the 'anti-politician' who can get thiings done.

They, too, are sick of empty pontification. He didn't promise them anything; indeed he told them they would have to participate and put their own resources into the fight. In Trump's world nothing comes for free and one must take ownership of a problem before any success can be had.

Today he is in Israel, and just got finished being the first president to visit the Wailing Wall. Every aspect of his visit will be endlessly analyzed, and his foes will search for any misstep.

That will not affect those he is meeting with. They correctly see the leader of the free world, one who means what he says. In the Middle East this is everything.

They could care less about MSNBC and their obsession with Russian spies from the 60's. In fact, most foreign leaders are a little perplexed that he is not getting the backing of his own party.

Add that lack of understanding the GOP to ours. It appears nobody can figure them out.

Meanwhile, outgoing oversight committee chairman Jason Chaffetz interviews James Comey today, and will be the first to ask about the memos and the leaks. Comey, who once thought himself the heart of the government will now have to explain how he could both indict and absolve Trump at the same time.

As the man says, 'good luck with that'.

Then there's this nasty little bit of business about Seth Rich, and his murder. Nobody in the Democrat party seems the least bit interested in an investigation. His death is shrouded in both intrigue and mystery.

But if it's brought up the media immediately discounts is as 'conspiracy theory', just as they did the Pizzagate pedophile story. They buried that one quickly, too.

Here's the latest twist, and it's kind of a big one. Some are saying the progs are moving off of impeachment because of it...




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john Huttner

You have a great grasp for events unfolding ....and are very articulate at communicating your opinions....keep it going Don...you do GET Trump!!!

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My wife now starts her day with this website. The single most informative on the daily happenings with the hate Trump crowd. Thank you!