Is this thing over yet? The fantasy continues.

Tuesday, 26 December:

Just as the last bits of Christmas dinner are being wrapped for future dining pleasure, the newest media narrative is being developed.

Essentially the Russia screwed us out of our rightful place in power dream. 

This idea, a false but powerful narcotic injected into the unstable center of the progressive brain is now the propellant of their party going forward. Unable to keep the flow of income dictated by the federal government by passage of the Tax Reform Act, the various reflections of the themes since inauguration are congealing.

A nice little liberal/left stew, if you will. Start with the notion, which is demonstrably false, that the great machine of progressive politics lost a fair election. These people have historically never accepted defeat.

Every lost election is blamed on external events. Amazingly, the usual fallback is that the voters are too stupid. They didn't 'get' their message;  the message was either delivered by flawed sources (rarely) or were too 'lofty' for simple minds to decipher.

That was assured far more often.

To really comprehend their state of mind one must add that 1) They were very close to pulling off their long planned transfer of power from people to government, and 2) they were beaten by Donald Trump and a bunch of 'deplorables'.

This culminated in the 24/7 rage and hate machine currently on display.

On election night, as the notion of a Trump presidency was no longer a laughable nightmare and now a looming, existential reality, the muckety-mucks in the former administration coughed up a scheme.

One that is now, quite probably, the 'insurance clause' one disgraced FBI agent spoke of.

This plan, already vetted, was the 'break glass in case of fire' emergency fallback. Officials including John Brennan, Ben Rhodes and Robbie Mook decided to toss this to the media immediately.

You all know the story by now. Trump and Russia, by way of Julian Assange and Wikileaks conspired to overthrow the 2016 election in favor of a Russia friendly Donald Trump.

It is a mixture of fiction and fact, and none of it was ever a crime. Not like covering up, say Watergate, or Fast and Furious. Those were crimes.

One resulted in a censure of a sitting Attorney General and the other a presidential resignation.

This was never going to have the same power behind it, because the notion of improving relations with another country by an incoming administration just isn't a crime. Not now, not ever.

This feeble premise became the breeding ground for an investigation in search of a crime without any knowledge of one occurring. That is NOT a good thing for the country.

Frantically, the opposition tried everything. From laying a perjury trap for Mike Flynn, which worked, to trying to prosecute the president on the emolument clause, which predictably didn't.

The assault by threat and invective came. It was answered, tit for tat, by the President. This was not something ever done before. With the powerful progressive media alliance behind it, they could use the Saul Alinsky playbook to attack, ridicule and marginalize their opponents.

Best example? The fraud of the Charlottesville riots. How dare the president compare 'peace protestors' with white separatists?

Replace 'peace protestors' with 'communist insurgents' and 'white separatists' with 'white nationalists' and you'll see an obvious equivalency.

Both sides had their crosses to bear; both came to tango and both were guilty of abhorrent behavior. Trump called it as he saw it; it was a fair assessment.

The aftermath was swift, and furious. Weak kneed Republicans joined in the criticism; it was so damn easy to do. The ultimate 'go along to get along'.

But it ultimately went nowhere. Nobody really thinks a New York billionaire is a 'racist'. Would sort of be bad for business, you know. Those things have a tendency to get out.

No, the needle always came back to Russia. A country the progressives were quite fond of, until the West presided over the death of Soviet Communism; which was not so quietly admired by them back then.

Now it's the Great Satan, along with Mr Trump, of course.

With the Mueller investigation either winding down of switiching gears to snare different fish, and the tax bill passed there is a need for their feeling of panic to ensue. Indeed, their battle plan to win the midterms of 2018 is fear of Trump; not real policy initiatives.

Russia will fit the bill because it's all they've got now.

So, like a capsized ship with people fighting for life preservers to stay above the water line, the Russia is evil narrative will continue. Now sounding more like Dick Cheney than Bill Clinton, they speak in apocalyptic terms of Putin and Russia.

He helped Trump steal our power and he must pay. Even if that means putting the country on a war footing with a nuclear adversary, and a big one, too.

It's profoundly stupid, and flirts with insanity.

The deep state likes the big budget black projects and such, keep those tens of billions coming. Fighting a bunch of 6th century nomads is a .50 caliber conflict; NOT one that needs F-35's.

That, and a state department dedicated to the overthrow of every country in the Middle East, turning them all into Lebanons. Meaning 'failed states'.

These can be both turned, and exploited. No Khadaffi's going to the gold standard in Libya.

This is the 'backbone' to the progressive anti Russia dialogue. They cling to the fantasy of nullifying the election of 2016, undoing all the efforts of the last 11 months. That thinnest of themes is worth so much to them that they will prostitute every other idea to further this.

Tax cuts for the country? Hell, no. Just lie and say they're increases. They'll never really know.

Work on health care and infrastructure? Hell, no. Unless Trump surrenders on immigration and health care. Fix our broken military? Hell, no. Not without equal money going to our bureaucrats.

Nope. For now, you will be treated to lifelong passivists talking trash about pushing someone with 4,300 nuclear weapons into a corner. The same ones who are terrified of North Korea and their 20 or so.

The same ones who decry the possibility of thousands dead on the Korean mainland are awful quiet about the possibility of a nuclear war in eastern Europe. This strikes one as utterly delusional.

When politics are your religion, and the lust for power is all consuming, the barriers of all reasonable thought can be removed. This is exactly what one is seeing right now.

As far as trying to affect other nation's elections, for the US to claim some sort of noble high ground on this is a complete joke.

There's a long history of this country trying -and sometimes with success- to change foreign governments; Allende in Chile', Thieu in Vietnam, Noriega in Panama.

Or even the state department trying to help Putin's competition just a few short years ago. Bibi Netanyahu has something to say about Dem operatives from the US helping his foes.

Did Russia mess around? Of course they did. So do we.

But that honesty won't be offered any time soon, not as long as those who put the desire to rule over the best intentions of their citizens...

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To our canine friends as well.

Christmas Eve, 24 December:

People of good will always have something to be thankful for on Christmas.

It's historically been more than just an ecumenical holiday. The message of Christmas transcends the basic tenets of Christian dogma. It speaks of kindness,thoughtfulness and respect of those less fortunate.

It asks for those to share, and respect the bond that all humans share. 

It advances the notion of Peace on Earth. Goodwill towards others. It is a righteous time no matter what one's actual religious belief may be.

It is a time to give THANKS. Plain and simple.

For some it is a time to receive thanks, as well. Those who serve and protect. Those who defend our shores. Those who tend to our most basic needs.

Soldier, sailor, airman or Marine. Medical experts and first responders of all stripes. We celebrate their selfless service and dedication. The president has spent most of this day teleconferencing with troops deployed overseas.

Now it's time for a little payback. To those who have turned this country back in the direction of honest government that is both answerable to the people and moral as well, our thanks.

To the cabinet and administration of the 45th  president, who have done yeoman work rolling back the 8 years of heathen mayhem that preceded them. This may not sit well with the opposition, but they did, and are doing, the Lord's work.

A hint to the other side: It's why a rogue like Donald Trump is loved by evangelicals. It's called 'action' as opposed to 'words'.

And to the 45th President, the Honorable Donald J Trump:

Thank you for what you've endured, the sheer bravado in how you've handled it -not to mention the delight of 'in your face politics' as an answer to progressive fascism- and a most successful first year in office.

We, the great deplorable unwashed, await the next year with breathless anticipation. For now a very Merry Christmas will do...

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With apologies to weasels worldwide.

Thursday, 21 December:

Perhaps the sea wall has broken.

For the better part of the last 11 months, the duly elected President has fought a daily battle for control of the narrative for 24 to 36 hour periods. No matter what issue he successfully advanced it would be ferociously countered either by refuting it outright or changing the subject.

The treasure trove of leaks the opposition had was once well pointed out by former government apparatchik Evelyn Farkas. Way back when she breathlessly told her media pals that they made sure these bits of info, all gathered illegally by unmasking US citizens for political reasons, needed to be saved from the intruders (Trump's people) before they could destroy them.

This allowed them to weaponize them regularly, and they were released several times a week.

Then the various committees formed, and the other source of leaks occurred.  Democratic congressman Adam Schiff (D, Ca.) is now suspected as a major source. It's probably why the man who was on TV every day is now nigh on invisible.

The crescendo happened a month or so ago, basically when the Donald Trump Jr story fell apart. Thinking they might actually get one of the family, they unloaded the last of the ammo.

It was, and still is, a massive misfire. Junior might be a lightweight in over his head, which seems the case, but he's no foreign agent.

Shortly thereafter, things started to change.

Little by little, Trump made inroads. The leaks became fewer, and far less effective. Meanwhile, the administration was working, and hard. ISIS, a creation of the previous administration, was basically eliminated.

Deregulation was happening at the most rapid level in US history. The true extent of this will be quite a story when it's told. But the sheer amount of needless rules being trashcanned is mindblowing. It's already in the thousands.

More to come. This caused the economy to pick up. The reason for the 3% growth in October.

Panicked, the opposition did what it does best, which is return to their several core issues, which is identity politics. Basically, everyone is a racist, sexist bigot.

Everyone. Except for their annointed ones, that is. They prattled endlessly about how horrible Trump was because he thought both sides in the Charlottesville riot were 'bad people'. Their assertion, that only the 'white separatists' are evil while the other side (AntiFa, BLM) are merely protesting against hatred is laughable.

AntiFa and Black Lives Matter are fronts for communist insurgency groups intent on the overthrow of the western capitalist system. They're not even very shy about it, either. So, once again, Trump was right.

The election in Alabama? Doug Jones was a blessing in disguise. 

Not having to deal with the Roy Moore circus, the media intensity on his seating in the senate was a huge relief. Jones has the choice of moving to the right or becoming the Scott Brown of Alabama.

Meaning 'see ya' two years from now. This got Al Franken and John Conyers to resign, which tumbled down to a handful of others, none of them any real loss. Trump ended up winning this one as well.

Then the media collapse happened. In the course of about three weeks, they got almost a dozen stories basically completely wrong. It was an ugly sight to see, and it will take quite some time for them to recover.

This was followed by the meltdowns at FBI and the DoJ.

The Russia/collusion story cratered under it's own nuclear weight. Instead, it turned into a litany of partisan attempts to interfere with an election; not by politicians but by career civil servants.

You want criminal activity, Rachel Maddow? You want the Hatch Act enforced? 

Go after these people at FBI and Justice; working with Fusion GPS to create a bogus document so they could use it to unmask and surveille political opponents. In case you're sketchy on this law, to wit:

This all culminated this week into the Tax reform act, and the bitchslap to Islam about Israel and the US embassy. This site has it's issues with Israel, and doesn't offer blind support. But if the US wants to put it's own damn embassy in Jerusalem, that's our business.

If the 'Arab street' doesn't like it, tough. Go find a job or something.

The wall has broken. The floodgates now are raining the cleansing water of honest government, one that is by, and for, the people. For a change.

The media is verklempt. They are praying for Mueller to drag out the investigation; that's basically all they have. That and the generic ballot, which shows Democrats with an 18 point edge.

That, and fifty cents will buy you a cup of coffee. 

It means nothing. They won't run a 'generic' Democrat. They will run a bunch of left wing stooges or else their base won't show up.

They're so damned desperate right now that they have this idea if they can keep asserting that Trump will fire Mueller it will happen. They would like that, it would fire up the base and allow them to get complete media attention.

He's only said about a dozen times he isn't about to fire him. It wouldn't make much sense, at least not now. That would only come down if something goes terribly sideways and Rod Rosenstein has to step in; a major scandal with the investigation.

In lieu of that, no dice.

This is framed, of course, by the congressional investigations of the Uranium One deal, and the breaking news on DoJ lawyer Bruce Ohr and his wife. He was demoted for meeting with Fusion GPS during the transition, and his wife, who just coincidentally was employed by Fusion GPS.

There's that damn 'coincidence' thing again. This site takes a dim view of them.

Oh, by the way she applied for a ham radio license during the campaign. She sure doesn't fit the profile of a ham radio operator. But is sure would be a nice way to 'stay in touch' with UK contact Christopher Steele without any unfriendly ears listening in.

Every bit of news happening is either exculpatory, or aiding Trump. He is, by any measure, on a roll.

It's going to be a good Christmas for the 45th president. He's earned it...

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Just WHO is the catch? It isn't Al Franken...

Saturday, 16 December:

The Trump presidency is now in the 'all hands on deck' phase.

Ever since the man was elected, the opposition, a collection of progressive activists, 'big government' Republicans, and a Deep State intelligence network wary of an uncontrollable Chief Executive have tried every trick to toss him from power.

The truth was never an issue. Most, if not all the charges against him are either exaggerations, misrepresentations or outright fabrications.

He is not a 'fascist'. Nor is he 'for the rich'. He didn't conspire with Russia, he sought better relations. He isn't a 'sexist homophobe anti Muslim'. All of this is utter nonsense is thought up by the DNC people and their fans in the media.

No, what is coming to light, as has been chronicled here since last February is this:

Trump is a legally elected president who won an election that wasn't close. The 'game' here, so to speak, is not popular vote. This isn't a Democracy. It's a Constitutional Republic with limited suffrage.

That means the vote is sacred, and for the citizens of this country. As the Founders envisioned.

The previous lot were in fealty to the globalist movement, one world government under UN rule with the US being but a vassal state. This is not in dispute.

You may like it, or not. But it is the truth.

What Trump does bring to the table is a pragmatic, America first form of governance that is not ideological in application but it is by design. The Founders didn't envision 'conservative' versus 'progressive' political opposites.

They saw a Federalist/Anti-Federalist issue, perhaps. More centralized as opposed to state's rights thing. The thought of handing power to unelected foreign bureaucrats (think 'Paris Climate Accord') never occured to them.

Trump has turned away from these things. He also brings a businessman's eye to a bloated bureaucracy; the State Department is absolutely bereft over the hiring freeze and layoffs.

Therefore, they are literally, and figuratively, backed into a corner. The tax reform act is on  the periphery of passing. You can bet your bottom dollar it will be on his desk for signature by end of next week. ISIS has been decimated.

He has had 12 Circuit Court judges approved. That's a record for the first year of any administration, add Neil Gorsuch to that. The deconstruction of the regulatory state is continuing at a rapid pace.

EPA head Gregg Pruitt has a special investigator rooting out holdover progressive activists that try to block the changes. These people are not playing around.

So, what does the opposition have left?

Easy. The old playbook of one Saul Alinsky. It's called 'Rules for Radicals' and it's dedicated to Satan. Hillary Clinton did her graduate thesis at Wellesley College on it although it's been conveniently 'lost'.

Like a poorly written and evil take on Sun Tzu's 'Art of War', 'Radicals' is a blueprint for communist takeover. Attack the bastions of freedom by playing the guilt card. Good people have a built in guilt complex, and they know this and try to exploit it.

Simply put, their approach is to attack, ridicule, marginalize and then remove.

One of the favorite moves is to use the 'sex' card. The United States is a moral nation, but that has been eroded over the last 40 years or so by a laissieze faire approach to consensual sex and the mainstreaming of pornography.

The net result? You got it. 


Now, how do you exploit that to get a political gain you otherwise wouldn't have a prayer of getting?  That's simple too.

Take advantage of someone like Roy Moore. It may cost you an Al Franken, but it just may be worth it. Neither Moore, nor Franken, should be out of the scene over this.

One was a hillbilly trolling for a wife in 80's Alabama. The other an ugly troll who used his power to indulge in bad frat boy activities. Neither were a Harvey Weinstein or a Kevin Spacey.

But that doesn't matter. The accusation is enough. The noun 'allegation' is now the most looked up and misused word in the country. Any suggestion, no matter how specious, is now an 'allegation' and must be taken seriously.

So, you can pay some one $750 grand and nullify an election. Pretty good ROI (return on investment) don't you think?

The ultimate goal? Take down the president. Russia ain't gonna do it; the Mueller probe is coming to an end, at least as far as the president goes. In fact, the whole thing is coming back to bite them in the ass.

Which, as Bill Murray might say, is 'nice'.

Seeing it was  a trap laid by the previous lot, it was either going to work or get exposed. Well, it isn't working. Therefore the players are getting exposed, and it's kind of ugly. Then when you add their supplicant media to the equation, it just gets worse.

CNN had a real, real bad week. But all of them -the NY Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC and CBS- are in a world of shit now. They are forever known as purveyors of 'fake news' by over half the population.

People aren't as stupid as they think. They may not like Trump much -he doesn't care- but they know when they're being fed a bunch of crap. 

The feeble response to the failure of the Russia probe is to march out the women who accused Trump of unwanted sexual advances. Now let's get one thing straight:

There's a big difference between trolls like Al Franken or Blake Farenthold and Donald Trump.

They are ugly bastards who use their politcal power to subjugate others for sexual reasons. Trump is a billionaire reality show star who throws beauty contests. There, women, and very attractive ones, scramble to become stars.

If anyone was 'assaulted' by others it was Mr.Trump. He was, and still is, a prize catch. Ergo Melania. He doesn't have any problems attracting women. This is a fact.

So, this, too will go nowhere. Kirstin Gillibrand (D, NY) will try to make something out of it, but she spent decades covering up for Bill Clinton, who is a real, live rapist.

Not a whole lot of credibility there. Which is just their problem. Progressives are so blind and tone deaf from their arrogance that they can't see this. It's their key weakness,and it does them in every time.

As it will here.

Meanwhile, the Trump adminsitration will pass the tax reform act. And Putin just commended Trump for the 'good things he's done' for the US. Don't forget he criticized the Previous Occupant for 'moving to far to the left'.

That coming from the head of the Russian Federation. Different times, indeed.

It has been a couple of very good weeks for the 45th president. Some of it is his doing. But a lot of it is the implosion of the feckless opposition; so dedicated to a short term fantasy as to lose sight of any long term gains.

The reason is simple: They are terrified he will be a success...

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Moore gets his Captain's bars; Vietnam.

Monday, 11 December:

First of all, a disclaimer.

This site is not, nor has it ever been, enamored of Judge Roy Moore. This goes back many years, as he showed more of a desire to grandstand and demagogue rather than simply do his job. Both times he was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court it was for showboat activity.

The 10 commandments probably should be in a court room; our system of law is based on the Judeo-Christian concepts inherent within. Gay marriage has always seemed somewhat of a contradiction in terms. Marriage is a millenia old societal device meant to raise children, protect women and civilize men.

Civil unions were, and are, perfectly acceptable. So, there is no fundamental disagreement with the judge on that, and numerous other issues. 

No, it's about him.

He has a quality that just rubs raw on one; an in your face old school southern lawman who would gladly throw one out of 'his' county for not getting along with their cultural norms. Not necessarily a judge an out of towner would want to go before.

But he is sort of an institution in his home state, much like 'Sheriff Joe' Arpaio was in Arizona. His absolutism on core moral issues gives comfort to many, and he is well respected there. But he was never going to be welcomed in the US Senate.

The left hates his politics and the GOP mainstream dislikes his lack of East Coast Prep school manners.

Enter Donald Trump.

His presidency, which has exposed a rift in the country that goes to it's roots, is under constant threat from the previous administration and it's allies. Desperate to stop his deconstruction of the regulation state they have crafted over decades, any advantage, no matter how small, is being fought bitterly.

Moore is running to replace the now Attorney General Jeff Sessions. His seat is one of 52 the GOP currently has. It is a very thin majority.

Especially considering the 'never Trump' crowd that exists there. This seat is pretty damn important, no matter how one slices the pie.

That's why one should hold their nose and vote for the judge. If you simply look at his record it's pretty impressive; he was the oldest of five children who attended West Point and then served as Commander of the 188th Military Police Company of the 504th MP Battalion in Vietnam.

After his service he went to University of Alabama law school. He then went to work as a District Attorney, and his record as a judge is a mixed bag ever since. But there is little doubt that he has been a pillar of the community who has, except for his now famous scuffles with the federal judiciary, little to apologize for.

The allegations of sexual impropriety against him are most likely true. But they should be viewed in context. Culturally speaking, the Deep South has had child brides. A young man had to prove himself worthy of supporting a wife.

He would then ask the parents of the girl of his attraction the permission to court. Elvis Presley did this with Patricia Beaulieu, whom he met at 14 while stationed in Germany. They eventually married when she was 21.

That was more about Presley being unavailable due to the movies he made than about any long courtship. Of course, most know about Jerry Lee Lewis, who married his 13 year old second cousin.

Moore was trolling for a wife. In those days, you didn't have the attractive professional girls in their 20's and 30's like you do today. If a girl wasn't married before 21 she was either not interested in guys or over 300 pounds.

He did the same thing a LOT of men his era did. Not creepy predatory like Harvey Weinstein, or the immature frat boy antics of Al Franken. It may not be attractive by today's standards, but Moore didn't rape someone like Bill Clinton did.

He just crossed some lines gentlemen shouldn't.

The media is presenting this all through a contemporary lens. A 32 year old with his background doesn't need to 'rob the cradle'. Women don't marry off at 18 anymore.

This doesn't excuse him. It simply tries to put this sort of conduct in context, and having his vote on the Senate is now important enough that the Previous Occupant and his second banana are in Alabama trying to steal the state using the 'sex' card once again.

If Moore wins, and he should squeak by, he will be immediately met with the ethics committee, and if they vote for censure and/or removal, well so be it

The governor of Alabama will appoint a replacement. The people of Alabama will have spoken, their will represented, and the issues they believe advanced.

If Moore is found to have been sordid in his actions to the point they are a hindrance, he will go. This is how the system works.

So, to the good people of Alabama, vote for Roy Moore if he reflects your values and beliefs, the rest will take care of itself in due time... 

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Words to live by...

Friday, 8 December:

If anyone out there thinks the current political scene is more reminiscent of a distant era where charges, counter charges and insults flew about without restraint you sure can't be faulted for that thought. 

Where news was made, revised and remade almost daily with little thought given to what had just been said the previous day. What's even more amazing is that this is happening in spite of all the recorded evidence of what was said.

That's how fast the narrative moves. Like a cheap thriller that carelessly ignores contradictions that might slow down the pace, every day something breaks, or whether it be large or small is launched for all it's worth.

Some of it isn't worth much. Picking on Melania Trump, for one.

That results in some of the most ridiculous displays of what can only be called sheer jealousy by these detractors, mostly females of decidedly less attractive personas.

No, the big bomb is always something aimed at the Oval Office at the faint hope it may be 'the' Moment that Took Trump Down. Due to the competitive nature of the media opposition which is fighting hard to seize audience shares from each other, they have gotten sloppy.

Stupid, desperate sloppy.

Last week ABC and Brian Ross claimed Michael Flynn had said candidate Donald Trump had told him to contact Russian officials. It turned out it was President-elect Trump and it wasn't about sanctions but about taking on ISIS.

It was responsible considerations from an incoming cabinet. But it was 'mis-reported' and taken as proof of violating the Logan Act. The progressive left cheered loudly thinking Trump was finally going to be impeached.

Instead, this false report caused a 350 point collapse in the Dow, and people who got caught 'short' got hurt. ABC isssued a weak apology and suspended Ross for a month without pay. It was a slap on the wrist.

Then, Reuters and Bloomberg ran with a story about Trump's bank records with Deutsche Bank being subpoenaed by the Mueller crew. This is even though the bank said their internal audit showed no financial connections with Russia.

Once again, the 'gotcha' crowd went nuts. This proved that Mueller was expanding his probe to include financial records; heretofore considered off limits. Then the other shoe dropped.

The real story came out that it was 'peoples or entities close to Trump'. Big difference.

Then Friday came along. CNN, ever the reliable source of specious anti Trump news reports, claimed that a secret source sent e-mails to campaign officials and even Trump himself that purported to leak unreleased Wikileaks documents with Clinton inside info on it.

The Big Deal? 

It was dated 4 September, 2016 which would indicate that someone with connections to Wiki was collaborating with the campaign. CNN was breathless about all this.

They went with wall to wall 'is this a crime' or 'is this political destruction' all day. Only problem is that partners in crime the Washington Post had found an error in the reportage. 

Turns out the e-mail wasn't dated the 4th. It was dated the '14th', or ten days later. By then, the Wiki docs were all public domain, and this was simply a 'heads up'.


Bad week for Fake News, eh? Then there's the people surrounding Bob Mueller being removed for 'anti-Trump bias' and the Peter Strzok affair. It's a particularly ugly bit of business.

Unless it is a reverse sting, then the 5th columnists in the upper echelons of the agency are being exposed and removed. If you'll notice, Mueller is drawing more blood from the swamp than he is from Trump.

Mike Flynn's indictment may have been the bait. The more this chugs along the more this all fits.

So far Strzok, then Andrew Weismann, Jeannie Rhees and several others have all been 're-assigned'. Some say this is because of the GOP house demanding answers from the Agency.

Then again it might all be part of an overall plan. It's the 'coincidence' thing, you know.

Roy Moore. Al Franken and the new gambit also came along. Knowing now that the Russia/collusion affair, always a fraud that will not produce fruit they needed another game plan.

Seeing they're progressives, they will always go back to what they know, the thin tome known as the Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals', which is their bible. In it the first order of affairs is to attack and brand your opponents.

The new brand is actually a tired old one, but that is all they have. Sexism.

Every male is a potential predatory pig. Seeing this has been the record of Homo Sapiens for 20,000 years or so, it's not exactly a shock to most.

Now, how to politicize it? For decades the progressives could drive self concious Republicans out of office for having a relatively mundane extramarital affair when someone like Barney Frank could have a homosexual prostitution ring run out of his house and not only survive but be re-elected as well.

That dog doesn't hunt any more. Steve Bannon is seeing to that, as first the predatory Hollywood types are outed, and now Democrats like Al Franken. His so-called 'resignation' speech, which was every bit as whiny and pathetic as one might expect, did show one thing:

The new gambit. Attack key politicians with allegations of sexual impropriety, get them to step down and then try to steal the seat. It is, without doubt, their next move.

Right now it's about defeating Roy Moore, which unless fraud of epic proportions is exercised, won't happen. They will demand he not be seated if he wins.

They will have some GOP 'lite' types with them on this. What will most likely happen is he will go before an ethics committee almost immediately, and if he faces expulsion -he just might- then the governor will ask for his resignation and replace him with another GOP figure, saving the seat.

It's what Minnesota will do with Franken when he leaves, which by the way will be a very good day. He isn't a sexual predator, really. He's a perfectly execrable human being, vain, petty, and miserable to all he meets.

That he meets his political demise by the hand of his own party is an amazing display of Karma.

It's been quite a week.

The next one might even be more interesting...

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Mueller: He just may NOT be on the wrong side.

Monday, 4 December:

The continuing circus act that is the Trump presidency opened a new ring last week.

Timed conveniently to knock the Trump tax cuts off the front page, the indictment of Michael Flynn was announced by the FBI. It was followed almost immediately by a major gaffe -which very well could have been intentional- by a major network.

As this site has pointed out more than once, you couldn't make this stuff up even with a bevy of screenwriters and a few gallons of alcoholic beverages.

The Flynn indictment was long expected. The opposition is making much of it, but as some experts have shown, you wouldn't plea deal to a lesser offense to flip a witness; it isn't DoJ policy. It is likely that this is all they have on the general.

That, and a threat to prosecute his son. He has been wiped out financially by the investigation so far, and according to sources close to him is 'broken emotionally'. Even the charges against him are in some dispute. The FBI found he hadn't lied, but just didn't recall correctly when he was questioned.

But the Mueller team thought different, and quite frankly returning an indictment in a grand jury is a lot easier than you think. Scooter Libby went to jail because of the last Mueller prosecutorial hunt (Valerie Plame incident) and was almost certainly innocent.

But when you 'misremember' with the FBI, or somehow cross yourself, you end up in big trouble. Martha Stewart will tell you that.

Then there was the amazing incident on Friday where ABC news reporter Brian Ross broke the story that then candidate Trump had ordered Flynn to talk about lifting sanctions against Russia. This caused the progressive left to jump with joy.

Like in 'Behar', who couldn't resist the impulse to scream with joy and assert that the President was 'going to jail'. The only problem with it was it was false. Not only false, but a diametric opposite of the truth.

What DID happen is that PRESIDENT ELECT Trump ordered than National Security Advisor Flynn to reach out to Russia to discuss how to take on ISIS. Pretty big difference. In the pantheon of 'fake news' this one took the cake.

ABC issued a 'clarification'.

Now, a clarification is when you tell the waiter you want home fries rather than a baked potato. This needed a 'retraction', and it didn't come. Instead, the network tried to have it both ways, saying it wasn't 'vetted properly' (ya think?) and then threw Ross under the bus.

He was suspended for four weeks without pay. In reality his career is over, as no one will take any reportage seriously from him ever again. His irresponsible actions caused a 300 point nosedive in the stock market.

ABC left the Ross post on their site for TWELVE HOURS. Make no mistake, they are also major players in this scheme, and it was as rotten as it seems. One more time: 'Coincidences are for civilians'.

Repeat when necessary.

Now, let's look at the Logan Act. This is the trap that the opposition laid for the incoming administration. First passed in 1799, and of dubious constitutionality, it posits that no civilian can interfere with the foreign policy of the current president.

It has been charged several times, but no convictions have ever arrived as result. Some legal experts think it applies here, but they are almost certainly opposition types indulging in serious wishful thinking.

The actions Flynn took were in December of 2016. Trump was already elected, and was in transition. Any entreaties with foreign powers are not only legal, but routine. The Previous Occupant sent emissaries to Russia during their transition period in 2008.

No, this is not going to be prosecution because of violation of the Logan Act. What it is is an effort to trap Trump in an obstruction of justice scheme. By firing James Comey they hope to tie that to his desire to stop the investigation into Flynn.

They know he has the legal right to fire Comey, or anyone else for that matter. 

But this could set the stage for articles of impeachment, which is a political act, NOT a criminal prosecution. Very cute, indeed.

This is what their Hail Mary pass looks like. But there is big trouble with all this. The FBI, and other investigative agencies including CIA, are involved in this setup. The Mueller team has the evidence on the complicity of the Clinton state department and others.

They know what really happened. Therefore, this possibility exists:

This could be a reverse sting of massive proportions. Trump interviewed Mueller before he hired Chris Wray, and then the assistant AG Rod Rosenstein selected him as special prosecutor. Trump has shown no interest in firing Mueller, either.

He is a former Marine platoon leader decorated for valor. So, too are John Kelly, Trump's chief of staff, and John Mattis, head of the Department of Defense. Do not discount this. Marines take their oath to the constitution seriously.

And Trump was the duly elected President. The people had spoken.

There is some serious backchatter out there that indicates this may very well be the case. The charges against Trump are almost certainly based on lies, and the opposition does not represent the people but international/globalist interests.

Meanwhile, Trump is busy rolling back the agenda of the Previous Occupant; today he announced the return of millions of acres back to Utah residents that was seized in the final days of their term using the antiquities act.

The president is living up to his campaign pledges and is returning power to the citizens. The tax reform act reverses the plunge to government economic control; that's why the opposition is SO against it.

Their days are numbered. Unless, of course, they can reverse the political trends, gain control of congress and remove the 45th president. They think there is new openings on that front. But there is serious evidence that it is THEY who are in trouble.

As it should be...


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