'Time to heal': Media whores saying 'get over it' in complete unison.

Wednesday, 18 November:

You had to suspect it would turn into this.

Considering the president was attacked only moments after his inauguration, and the same forces have waged a relentless 24/7 war ever since, did you really think they wouldn't try to steal the election as well?

This was as predictable as rain in the tropics.

The only real problem is that the thieves never counted on the amazing popularity of Donald J Trump. They thought their constant barrage, fake polls and slavish media trolling would make people tire of him, and they could 'massage' the vote into a narrow but still convincing victory for them.

Then came the election.

After the scores of Trump rallies, none of them expected because they thought the 'virus hoax' would keep him off the road, happened he had huge momentum. On voting day more people turned out to vote for him than on any day in history.

The DS/Dem alliance had their 'secret weapon' up their sleeves: Mail in ballots combined with 'ballot harvesting' and the even more curious 'ballot curing' became commonplace. Trump's raw vote totals were SO huge they had to resort to old fashioned 50's 'ballot stuffing'.

Right down to having 'the boys' of the Philly mob sit around and fill out ballots for $1,000 per hour as trucks dropped off boxloads of fake ballots for them to fill.

This has been attacked and 'debunked' by so called 'fact checkers' -all of whom are progrressive activists posing as 'unbiased researchers'- but anyone who knows Philadelphia politics, and Joe Biden's long ties to the mob this is completely believable.

In fact it would be far more of a shock if they didn't do this.

The 'Red Wave' was such that the networks stopped counting , shut down for the night and the Dem machines fell back on their old stuff the ballot box tricks. These were so flagrant that hundreds of thousands of ballots had only 'Joe Biden' checked off.

No votes down ballot at all.

They found only a few hundred examples for the president. Statistical anomalies abound. To wit:

This just continues to get worse, as the sheer volume of evidence that this election was, and is hopelessly compromised sees the light of day. Bully boy tactics by the opposition also rule the day.

Michigan GOP members who did not want to certify Detroit's results were first called the fallback option of 'racists' and then their personal information was 'doxxed' and finally their families threatened with violence.

This is not how someone who won a fair election acts.

Indeed, it illuminates the desperation of their attempts to steal it. People are now learning about the Dominion software the swing states all used. The fact it was developed by the Red Chinese and Cubans for Venezuela and Hugo Chavez is only now being revealed.

So it could be monitored, and and used to flip the elections in his favor. Today it's servers were in Munich, the staff in Barcelona and the IT staff all Serbs. It's headqurters are in Toronto, Canada.

For an American election?

Not too many US citizens know this. To wit:

Understand that just in the last few days the social media people have been busy scrubbing anything on Dominion including the communist connections, the Serb IT people have removed their names from Linkedin and once again, the 'fact checkers' are busy 'debunking' all this.

Nothing to see here, they say.

Trump and his legal team have filed lawsuits all over the country, and for the most part corrupt local judges toss them out. This is actually exactly what they want. For you see, they always knew this was going to end up in the courts.

So, too did the Dems. Why do you think Schumer and Pelosi wanted the newly seated Amy Coney Barrett to recuse herself from anything resulting from the election?

She did refuse to do so.

This will be a simple case. For you see, there IS precedent. This was envisioned by the Founders with the 12th amendment.

This happened in 1824 in the Adams/Jackson election. Once again, to wit:

The Dems knew damn well they would lose this election. They took the excuse of the virus, created the scam of 'mail in voting', abused the living hell out of it, and then got their media minions to push some sort of inevitability that Biden would become president.

Now, when it goes to the Supreme Court, where they WILL LOSE, they will incite violence and continue with the 'Trump as illegitimate president' meme. In other words, nothing will change.

Except for what Trump and his team is up to right now. 

Does he have all the goods on them? Is this a trap they willingly walked into and DJT and his people were waiting to jump on? There certainly is a TON of evidence that this is, indeed the case.

Trump just today retweeted tweets from 2012 where he warned the Romney campaign that the 'machines cannot be trusted'.

He knew back then. He also knew when he warned everyone that 'mail in ballots were ripe for fraud last spring. That he wasn't expecting this is ridiculous, because he most certainly was.

Just a matter of what he would do about it.

We''ll all see in the next week or so...


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