The man who probably invented the virus invents the 'cure': Step right up for your injection...

Wednesday, 8 April:

The narrative on the worldwide pandemic just shifted dramatically.

What was touted as a world population threatening plague has turned out to be a not particularly lethal bug. What was supposed to kill millions was downgraded to hundreds of thousands and now down to thousands here in the US.

Worldwide death totals are 87,435 as this article went to print. More important is the 319,031 that has recovered out of a million and a half infected. Most see little to no effects. Nightmare projections of just days ago have gone from thousands to hundreds here in the US.

Remember the great ventilator debate?

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo demanded 40,000 of them just ten days ago. President Trump resisted as he pointed out there were plenty sitting around unused. Sure enough a warehouse in Queens had hundreds sitting in storage.

Now Cuomo is offering his 'excess supply' to other states. 

It also turns out the government is counting every death of a patient diagnosed as having the virus as cause of death. This includes cancer and heart disease patients who were already under care.

A simple anti malarial drug called hydroxychloroquine has proven effective, and when paired with a common antibiotic (azithromycin) has a phenomenal cure rate. To wit:


Yet the muckety mucks at the CDC and the media not only downplay it but seem resolutely opposed to it. They also torch the president for being 'positive' about it and other remedies. His daily pressers show in full bloom how hostile the media is to any quick cure.

Why? It doesn't make any sense unless there is another, far more insidious agenda.

Keep in mind the timing of this outbreak. Just as the impeachment follies ended and 'Ukraine' was no longer a daily topic POTUS went on yet another foreign trip, this time to India where he was warmly embraced by Modi and over a billion Indian people.

Like all other foreign trips something bad or negative was unleashed on him as soon as he was gone. Generally a combination of Dem operatives and the NY Times/WaPo nexus. The 'resist' movement has been dedicated to keeping his negatives up on a 24/7 basis since he was inaugurated.

Remember when he had his private meeting with Putin? This will remind you. To wit:


Roger Stone, who is unfairly not only imprisoned but unconstitutionally silenced by a left wing operative posing as a 'judge' said much about the DS determination to remove POTUS from office. To wit:


Key in the story is this phrase:

“So we’ll see an uptick in all of this ‘Trump is mentally imbalanced, Trump is insane, Trump must be removed,’” Stone warned. “Now you have to examine the extent to which they can whip up that hysteria as a backdrop because, without that hysteria, such a political move on the president will fail.”

And guess what? Paid shill Jake Tapper just said that, retweeting a post by the troubled husband of Kellyanne Conway. Once again, to wit:



Coincidence? Only if you are a nitwit civilian who thinks the world a benign place. No, this is yet another major attempt to remove a man who is an existential threat to them. Just what does he threaten?

1) One world global governance 2) Socialism 3) Mind control 4) child trafficking 5) sex slavery 6) Abortion (fetal tissue industry) 7) Big Pharma 8) Population control/reduction 9) Endless wars 10) Indoctrination as education

So they have an enemy, all right. Not the real people, the regular folk who just want to be left alone with a couple of nickels to rub together. He is doing Herculean efforts to ensure that it is they who come out of this on top.

Much has happened in the last couple weeks to prove this. Given wartime powers, he called up one million ready reserves to serve for not more than 2 years. He also folded the Federal Reserve into the Treasury.

This was a huge development. The cash he is about to distribute to the American people, the cash the Dems and DS pals were completely against is not going to be Fed 'funny money' created out of thin air.

No, he is draining the Fed (which negatively impacts the EU, of course) and giving the people their own money back.

He is also breaking up narco terror rings (Maduro in Venezuela named a 'drug kingpin'), busting up child trafficking and pedo rings as well. Some say he is even waging a war underground taking out DS refuges.

Sound crazy? Read this and you be the judge:


If you train 26 out of 31 Combat Brigades to fight underground it is because a real threat was there. Maybe this explains all the seismic activity and 'booms' people are now hearing.

Make no mistake. What is happening is for all the chips; both sides are 'all in'. If POTUS and the white hats win these people will be rounded up and brought to a justice that will not be kind.

They will go down swinging. Right now this virus is being exposed as not only of Red Chinese origin but most likely a bioweapon engineered at a lab in Wuhan. There is a lot of evidence that Bill Gates is behind all this; his recent appearances on DS tv shows (yes, Chris Matthews and his FOX show are DS) touting a 'worldwide vaccination' is no coincidence.

Guess who is backing him up on this?

Only 'Mr Megadeath' himself, the model Stanley Kubrick used for 'Dr Strangelove': 96 year old Henry Kissinger. He can barely conceal his glee. To wit:


So, there you have it.

President Trump wants you healthy, wealthy and more important alive. The DS wants you subservient, poor and mostly dead.

This is the ultimate wake up call of all time, and it is impossible to overemphasize how fortunate we are to have DJT in charge...


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OAN's Rion outs the media. It was brutal and thoroughly deserved.


The Fake News media had another absolutely awful, terrible day.

Thursday, 19 March:

Another Rubicon was crossed today, and it took yet another fearless female to do it.

As the last couple of years have shown, the most honest and intrepid reporting has been from Kim Strassel, Mollie Hemingway, Susan Ferrechio, and others who have stripped away the beta male animus towards a King Tiger like DJT and see the essence of the issue.

They have no ego issues like their male counterparts.

Add to this noble list Chanel Rion of OAN News. Born in Texas of French and Korean parentage, she was raised there, in Korea and also France. Early on inculcated in real history; not the leftist propaganda pushed here by the NEA, she grew up both well educated and utterly fearless.

Today she became an international celebrity.

For many, a newly found voice of freedom and honesty. For others, an 'enemy in their midst'. During the press conference with President Trump she asked THIS:

'Do you consider the term 'Chinese food' racist? 

'No, I don't think it's 'racist', he said. She followed up:

“Major left-wing news media, even in this room, have teamed up with Chinese communist party narratives, and they’re claiming you’re a racist for making these claims about Chinese virus,” she began.

“Is it alarming that major media players, just to oppose you, are consistently siding with foreign state propaganda, Islamic radicals, and Latin gangs and cartels and they work right here at the White House with direct access to you and your team?”

You could hear a pin drop.

POTUS was obviously pleased with getting a really honest question. He replied with how badly he is treated by the press, and that none of them ever contact him about specious stories they otherwise attribute to him.

But the eyes were on Ms Rion.

In one paragraph she put every action of the craven paid shills who recite nothing but cleared talking points and coordinate responses so they can deliberately embarrass a president whom they hate.

They are the bought dogs of Red China, and their support network of Iranian terrorists, drug cartels and MS-13 gangs. All of whom this hideous lot supports.

Their rage was as predictable as it was nasty. A sample:

“’Reporter’ for OANN complaining about ‘state propaganda.'” said journalist Andrew Feinberg. “That’s rich.”

“This question is straight propaganda,” tweeted Molly Jong-Fast of the Daily Beast.

It got worse. She not only defended the president, she exposed the obvious bias of this mob, who hide in a cloak of sanctimony that is as thin as it is a phony facade. The 'how dare you' theme was everywhere, as was the how could a president allow the 'innocent media' to be painted in such treacherous terms.

While governors in all 50 states -and even the likes of AOC and Ilhan Omar- praise the president for his leadership and the reaction of his team the media mobs are still in Russia/Ukraine/impeach mode.

They sure haven't 'moved on'.

Instead, a little known but extremely brave young woman took all of them on at once. She is now the most hated person in DC, not the president. The contempt being heaped upon her would make the strongest guys think twice or three times before they went there.

Not her. No, today a new star was born. Don't let the media fool you; they have dug up everything they can to discredit her (notice they never address the actual charge she makes) because she has floated issues that may have not panned out.

She won't be the first who falls for Greg Rubini's dart board approach to journalism. But her instincts that the virus was a bioweapon is most likely correct. The media's absolute refusal to consider it sure makes it that much more believable.

President Trump, who is dealing with 'an unseen evil' is doing a fine job. He has the powers of a wartime president yet he is empowering states and local municipalities to act. He has coupled the awesome might of the Federal Government with the free market and has revolutionized how aid is dispensed.

Chanel Rion gave him a nice, albeit temporary respite. She is now a target of DS hatred. The sheer vitriol she is getting is cruel, but she wears it like a badge of honor.

Add her to the list of patriots of the New Revolution...


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Meanwhile, sitting in the bay of a tropical island 90 miles off the Florida Coast perhaps? Some say yes...

Thursday, 12 March:

So here we are.

To many this viral epidemic is not only no real surprise but was actually fully expected. Sad as that may sound, such is the nature of the forces aligned against this president and his policies. 

Think about the timing. Just as the president finally triumphed over the impeachment farce and then the succssful SOTU speech, a rip roaring economy and a field of incompetent and crooked opponents lined up against him, this came out of nowhere.

Once again, a very convenient narrative shift for the black hats.

Immediately their media slaves pushed the inevitable line of 'no matter what the president does it is wrong' and completely politicized the epidemic. Oddly enough, and to this very moment, none of them seem particularly worried about their own health.

For a lot that is obsessed with their own comfort and safety this seems quite odd.

No, they are far more concerned in mining this for any political advantage they can. Their desire for open borders hasn't faded a bit. Does it make any sense to you, the average voter, that this policy seems really silly right now?

China, where this virus began, went medieval on it. They closed whole cities. So, too did Russia, who closed their borders immediately. Particularly the border with China. They have as of today 28 cases in their country.


The United States, however, has 1323. We are listed as 'high'. This site has the whole world rate broken down by country. Many have zero cases.


We're only this well off because the president closed off flights from China weeks ago. He was roundly criticized, and was even called 'racist' for it. The same people who are calling those who correctly point out the virus started in Wuhan, China 'racist' for mentioning it.

If you see a definite politcal agenda here you are right.

This whole pandemic was most likely a plan. Now, it also seems the plan might have gone awry. One doubts the ChiCom biowar lab in Wuhan just let this thing escape so it could wipe out thousands of their own people. 


Perhaps in the fullness of time we will learn if there was some sort of derring do, or if it was a simple accident. The timing seems to lean towards this was all set to be 'delivered' worldwide (notice how it showed up all over the world almost simultaneously except for countries that, frankly, just don't matter much in the scheme of things) almost like FedEx showed up.

Some think the pathogen might have been switched for one far less lethal.

There is little doubt the white hats have expected this; the Q Anon community has long predicted a 'scare event' would occur that will wake people up and also allow them to do some 'house cleaning' using it as cover.

The sheer amount of miltary activity recently seems to indicate something is most defintely 'up'. Just today there were 26 military helicopters up in the air, the average is a half dozen or so.

Not to mention the full staffing at Guantanamo Bay. Some say prison barges await at newly built docking facilites. The 40 remaining terrorists sure don't need the extra beds. The place is practically empty.

No, something is up, and it's big. If this event was planned by the DS as part of their plan for worldwide depopulation it seems they brough the wrong 'bug' to the fight. Thus far the average age of death for the virus is eighty.

Mostly with underlying health -usually resperatory- histories. It just isn't killing people.

Now it's still a little early to make sweeping assessments. This could get worse, we'll know a LOT more in a week or ten days. The virus could mutate into a deadlier strain; the Spanish Flu of 1918 was far more deadly the second time around.

But this pathogen was meant to follow a war that never happened. Thanks to POTUS and his 'understanding' with Putin and Xi, no shots have been fired in spite of countless provocations.

The great killer pandemic of 1918 directly followed WW I and a decimated Europe was easily overwhelmed by it. However, today is different. Instead of a collapsed economy with health care scarce the US has a robust economy with a fairly efficient health care system.

Thanks to this president.

His first order of affairs was to make the country independent of the rest of the world as far as citizen safety is concerned. We are energy independent and have a robust military. The removal of onerous regulations make this a far more nimble country that can deal with a crisis like this.

Even if this is all a 'happy accident'; that POTUS makes this up on the fly and is 'lucky' it still works. Rather be lucky than good, as the saying goes. But this is highly unlikely.

Namely the phenomenon that is 'Q' has laid this whole thing out and it is playing out pretty much as predicted. That the good guys would use this event as cover to run the table on the black hats fits the Sun Tzu mindset of the administration.

Maybe it was the Rahm Emanuels of the world who wanted to not 'waste this perfectly good crisis'. However, judging by the response, they are NOT the ones making hay. Yesterday the president addressed the nation.

He banned travel from Europe yet permits the UK. This has the DS going absolutely crazy. He just kneecapped the EU, while saving the Brits. Talk about a 'Brexit'. It must be a huge deal judging by the sheer rage of the blowback.

The EU types like IMF chief Christine Lagarde complained bitterly of 'not being consulted'. POTUS, never one to shy away from a dig simply said 'they don't consult with us when they raise tariffs'.

Ouch. He knows these people are not our friends. They are parasitic remora fish living well while the US military protects them on your tax dollars. They also have allowed Islamic hordes to invade their country.

Merkel just announced that '80% of the population will be infected'. This is the same person who allowed millions of military age Muslim men to waltz into her country and set up Sharia Zones.

Well, guess what? That 80 percent can stay just right where they are. 

The Dems have shown their hand. They ar FAR more interested in featherbedding their donors; don't even suggest tax cuts or the reallocation of funds. Pelosi even wants to put taxpayer funded abortions in any 'rescue' bill.

That they are unserious is well known. That they are this obvious in their lack of actual concern is revalatory. This is something they think they can use to defeat the president in November, and if it takes a pandemic and economic collapse so be it.

Their idiot minions like Bill Maher have actively wished for a recession so as to wound the president. That it would harm millions more means little. After all he is worth a cool $100 million.

Recessions mean nothing to that income sector.

Of course this is speculation. But when the pieces fit so perfectly, and you have an underground movement that POTUS tacitly acknowledges that has predicted this pretty much to a 'T', well then that adds a large degree of jusitification in laying it out.

Have you noticed just how comfortable and in charge he seems? During his wildly successful Town Hall on FOX, he was asked by young man about 'uniting the country'. He said simply this:

'I think we are far more united than anyone thinks. We will ALL be united, and sooner rather than later'. He said it with that sort of all knowing twinkle in his eye, too. It seemed very much to some observers as yet another message.

Be safe in your homes. The scare event will soon pass. We are there for YOU.

Sounding a hell of a lot like some chaps who call themselves 'Q'...


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''I had to rebuild the military' said POTUS. The Marines are pleased...

Thursday, 5 May:

By any stretch of the imagination, the FOX news town hall for President Trump was a stunning success. That this comes as some sort of surprise to some is the question.

Only those who have remained deliberately unaware could have been surprised.

The 45th president was in his fine form for his roughly 58 minutes or so on screen. Those who thought that the team of Brett Baier and Martha MacCallum would somehow 'take the president down' were sadly mistaken.

Indeed, some out there thought Martha might have a Meghan Kelly moment.

First of all, that moment may have helped her career (money wise, anyway) but it never really hurt the president that much. Second, MacCallum is far more professional than Kelly ever was, and wouldn't pull such stunts.

Never asked him about 'Q', either.

Instead, with a very friendly audience and a relaxed environment, he was able to address everything thrown at him. The virus led the parade, and he made a forceful case for closing the border early and the various contingencies they have.

But he also said the silver lining was 'people staying in the country to spend their money'.

Hard to argue that. Indeed, time and again he just dealt with the issues with common sense and a very obvious honesty. The Afghan pullout was framed as an inevitability; after all just HOW many decades do you want to spend there?

They have been warriors of the Khyber Pass for a thousand years. Some things just don't change quickly. Same with Syria.

Why are we on the Syria/Turkey border? Let them sort out their own problems.

The audience was friendly, yes. But they loved the right moments. Ones that spoke of strength, safety, security and of course, opportunity. When questioned about the differences between he and the Previous Occupant he simply said it all here:

'We really feel that we're saving the country'. No more detail needed. The audience roared their approval. His only weak spot -and this is on the GOP congress of Paul Ryan- was the whole issue of health care.

The best part was his admission that as much as the Affordable Health Care Act stinks, they are 'managing it as good as they possibly can' as opposed to letting it fail.

One wonders if the other side would care enough about the citizens as he does.

That answer is simple. They would throw anybody and anything over the side to regain power. This is what makes them who, and what they are. The power is privilege bestowed upon them by themselves to be controlled into perpetuity.

To a man like Donald J Trump -and most of those who vote for him- this is unthinkable. They would much rather serve, get the job done, and go back to private life. 45 said he misses the freedom of being spontaneous.

He just can't walk out on Pennsylvania Avenue and go shopping. He poked fun at being a germophobe, and not liking to shake hands. He knows handshaking goes with the territory.

He still doesn't like it much, as he admitted laughingly.

The president did display one thing all night. His confidence in all things USA, and a glowing take on the future. Which when compared to the dismal Orwellian dystopia the Dems like to scare you with is refreshing, to say the least.

The hour raced by. This was one that you actually wanted more of. FOX pundit Chris Stirewalt was impressed; he thought the president was 'amazing' and 'calmed the fears of any undecided who may have watched tonight'.

He was all that. That it was any surprise to people is the what's funny...


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Corona Virus with Mers: Ugly little spud...

Friday, 28 February:

First of all a disclaimer.

At this point the verdict on the virus outbreak is still unclear. Nobody can speak with 100% clarity on it, and much conflicting information is being issued. This article is not denying the argument to take it seriously.

It exists. That is a fact. Therefore it is a threat.

No, just how much is the real questiion. The evidence that this may not be the disaster predicted is growing every day. First of all, the numbers:

There are 84.175 confirmed cases in the world. Of that 36,884 have recovered. 

44,320 active cases in 'mild' condition. 8.095 in serious or critical.

39,760 are closed cases. There are 2,876 deaths reported.

(source: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/)

Yes, it is real and it does kill. As do most viral infections left untreated. The CDC predicts between 18,000 and 46.000 flu deaths in 2020. This is your regular garden variey influenza.

(source https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/preliminary-in-season-estimates.htm)

Point being that so far -and the emphasis is on the 'so far'- this is a relative nuisance; not a worldwide pandemic that should be causing economic mayhem and closed borders.

More on the 'closed border' thing in a minute. The evidence that coronavirus is not particularly lethal is everywhere. The survival rate for those over 80 is 82%. Like many other illnesses of this type it preys on the very old, the very young and the very sick.

So, why are the media outlets covering this like it was an invasion from Mars?

As the days pass it is becoming more evident by the moment that this is seen as an opportunity to inflict damage on the President of the United States. The very timing of the 'plague' is suspicious.

Just as the administration had cleared the table, buried the Russia/Ukraine hoax, and started cleaning house this happened. Just as he appointed Ric Grenell to office of Director of National Intelligence, and on the eve of a very big foreign trip, this time to India (you may remember that literally every time POTUS goes abroad something negative comes out of nowhere) this nascent pandemic occurs.

What timing! What a gift to the opposition, who wasted no time exploiting this.

That's when it started to unravel. The first clue? How utterly unconcerned these people were with not only the health of their constituents but THEIR own health. No, they were much more interested in mining this for reasons to retake power.

This is someone who is actually running for president:


Yes, that's right. To hell with the border; let's give the money to a bunch of think tanks instead of trying to keep disease carriers from racing across the border.

She can't be serious, can she?

It's one thing to stand in the way of a poor migrant wanting to work in the fields, and yet another to allow 'Typhoid Mary' free access. Yet to a person, the resist movement does not want any talk of closing borders.

Speaker Pelosi and Minority leader Schumer both want more money to be spent, and not moving any funds from, say, Ebola research. Money alone will do little; particularly the way the Dems want to allocate it.

They want to keep their donation pipelines flowing. Re directing money does them no good and adversely affects their donor base. It is that simple.

This is all very curious, indeed. California is warning they have 'two confirmed' cases and 80 under supervision. They are already dropping hints for large government assistance.

Meanwhile, the media is in full 'fear porn' mode.

Even FOX news, which was between constant fear mongering about either the virus or the looming financial disaster. For your edification, the market dropped below 25 bucks for a bit and then rallied late in the day to close at a still healthy 25,409.

The rally was all but ignored. 

When they moved to another story it was about FOX polls showing that basically any Dem will beat POTUS come November, including the communist Sanders. The same one their own experts predict to be a major disaster if he gets the nomination.

Something just isn't right here.

No, there is another side to this story and it is now being pieced together. This virus outbreak is obviously some DS plan to wreck their opposition. Few doubt it was a biowar weapon; just a matter of whether it escaped or was let loose.

The actions of the two sides tell a story.

While the progressives seize on this to extract money and attack the president, what he and his people are doing is just as revelatory. First of all, there is no doubt that the worm has turned on the coup plotters.

Those responsible are all under investigation, either by AG Barr or his assistant John Durham.

To wit:


Keep in mind that if 'Q' is right this is not a legal struggle but a counterintelligence operation, and there is plenty of evidence that this is, indeed, the case. Why are there all these sealed indictments yet no grand juries convened?

Nor none of the relevant witnesses yet interviewed by Durham?

Some say this is evidence they are all just as crooked and DS oriented as the others. But that doesn't fit. In an interview Barr referred to the 'resist' crowd as an 'illegal army of occupation'. You just don't say things like that when you are 'one of them'.

No, if this is indeed a CI Op then the last thing you want is a grand jury in DC leaking to the NY Times or interviewing possible future arrests with questions that would give the store away.

Also, this.

Ric Grenell going to office of DNI is allowing things to happen keeping the bad actors out of the loop, and the appointment of John Ratcliffe to be permanent replacement isn't making the Grenell haters any happier.

Not only did POTUS go to India but he just completed a peace agreement with the Taliban. The neocons are furious but hell, the virus is taking all the attention. With the IC no longer the protector of the DS/progressive alliance the president is now fully in charge.

Just in time for a nice pandemic to ruin the day.

In the universe of 'there are no coincidences' neither is this. And judging by the relaxed demeanor of the president -he had an hour long presser and took every question; not the act of a desperate man- it seems the white hats have this fully in control.

The tables have turned. So, you want a pandemic, do you? Be careful what you wish for.

Those borders will close. The Fed will have to cut rates. And although the virus has caused the price of oil to crater the very convenient refinery fires in California (where else?) are keeping the money out of the hands of the motorists. This obvious DS ploy shows the desperation, and soon gas prices will drop to $2 per gallon or less.

That puts money in everyone's pocket. This is a war, people and it has taken another twist and turn. But the good news is this 'crisis' seems to be yet another blip on the radar. We will all know a lot more in a couple weeks.

Just watch the actions of the 'resist' crowd. They don't hide their failures well, and POTUS knows how to rattle their cages like no other...


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Madcow disease being eliminated as well...

Thursday, 20 February:

Let there be no misunderstanding about just what is occurring in Washington D.C.

The swamp is being drained. Right in front of your eyes, and with the precision of a first class military operation. In the aftermath of the impeachment hoax, which was a self fulfilling prophecy of the destruction of the progressive Democrats the purge is full on.

Gone are the Vindman twins. Ambassador Gordon Sondland, a living testiment to the risk of appointing a millionaire donor to these positions, is gone as well. Yovanovich, Taylor, Fiona Hill, Tim Morrison finis.

Under secretary for defense policy John Rood was forced to resign yesterday.

Don't forget the 70 NSC staffers who found their posts eliminated:


Brick by brick the president is dismantling the Wilsonian dream of a permanent progressive government of faceless bureaucrats unanswerable to the voter. The thought that only these people can somehow run the government irrespective to the wants and needs of the Republic laid to waste by POTUS.

This runs in stark contrast to those who whine about the president 'not doing anything' just because some of the noisier kingpins like James Comey and John Kerry are running around shooting their mouths off.

They will be dealt with in due time. First order of affairs is to deprive the biggest 'gators' in the swamp their support network. The people who actually do their bidding.

They are being removed from positions of power at a wholesale clip. The 'resist' crowd knows it, as this article shows:


Think about just what they are saying here.

The president has the sole authority to conduct foreign policy; not congress. 'Oversight' is not 'control'. They can raise issues but it is the choice of the people, the commander in chief, who dictates what foreign policy is.

Not career bureaucrats. These same people would be raising holy hell if the situations were reversed. Imagine the GOP trying to pull this on the Previous Occupant. The same ones who rammed a crooked deal with Iran through in the dark of night without congressional approval.

No, this president is clearing the deck.

Freed by the disaster of Dem overreach with impeachment, he can move aggressively now. The media whore hounds call it 'revenge' and perhaps to them it is. However it is more about ridding the system of 'holdovers' (read plants) of the previous administration than personal vendettas.

That said, Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, who just days ago briefed lawmakers on Russia wanting Trump to be re-elected (as if this means something nefarious) was just replaced with Ambassador Ric Grenell.

That is a spectacular upgrade. Maguire is not a bad actor, just another careerist. But Grenell is a perfect choice. Smart, savvy and wise to the ways of the IC. Think about this succession:

Dan Coats, gone. His aide Susan Gordon who congress wanted, gone. Maguire now as well.

Replaced by Grenell. That is a sea change in the community. The pundits dismiss the openly gay ambassador from Germany as a Trump loyalist'. He was formerly the spokesman for John Bolton.

You know, the one Brad Pitt spoke so lovingly about at the Oscars. 

Folks, this is exactly what 'winning' looks like. Like any war, success has to measured in daily gains, which then can be measured as monthly results.

If impeachment was the Democrats version of the German offensive in the Ardennes forest known as the Battle of the Bulge, well the acquittal was the rescue of the 101'st at Bastogne and now the German army is in full retreat.

Keep in mind the Bulge was December of 1944. Germany surrendered in March of 1945, a mere 90 days later. This March should be just as significant for the President.

Things are moving fast. Much quicker than you might think.

Watching DS types like Chris Murphy and John Kerry meet secretly with Iran to try to undermine the will of the people only highlights the sheer desperation as their movement collapses around them.

All the while the approval polls of this amazing force continues to skyrocket. He is even winning the debates of the opposition. You just can't make this stuff up.


So, to those who are crying tears in their beer because McCabe hasn't yet been indicted, or that he and others have lied and gotten away with it simply this:

Time is not on their side, and no sense trying to slap every charge you can (like they do); hold your fire until you can actually put them away. Meanwhile, waking up the populace is paramount.

What is coming will change the way people perceive things. 

That you can safely bet on, and Donald J Trump is completely in charge...


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Even the Magic 8 Ball knew what was up...

Wednesday, 5 February:

The inevitable has occurred.

In what was set in stone the day impeachment was started, the 45th president of the United States easily survived the futile attempt by his foes to remove him from office. With the standard being a two thirds vote (67 votes) it was never going to happen.


Yet they carried on until the last second, akin to seeing a Volkswagen Bug attempting to beat a Ferrari in a race it cannot win yet the driver is willing to wreck the bug in the effort. Or a 100 pound weakling wailing on Hulk Hogan.

It was always going to fail.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi knew this was going to happen. She may not be brilliant (she isn't) but she is smart enough to know that no impeachment can work on purely partisan grounds. However, her looney tunes base (and their masters who paid them off) demanded that this exercise in futility be done. 

The sheer audacity of these people is mind bending. They had to know this wouldn't work.

Then the supposed 'hidden agenda' was revealed. It goes like this:

Knowing full well that their presidential field is weak, and none of them can defeat DJT (they knew how bad Biden really was; that's why the Previous Occupant never endorsed him) so,the story goes, they hatched an effort to capture the senate.

This 'plan' was to drag out the trial, get witnesses in there to say anything that could be used to attack the GOP senators, and get the 'purple state' crowd (Susan Collins, Maine, Cory Gardner, Col, Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, etc) in electoral trouble.

Many bought into this. Lindsey Graham mentioned it numerous times among others. Mitch McConnell believes it as well. The only problem with it is it, too, was doomed to fail. These senators were not going to put themselves in this situation.

This is why they voted against calling more witnesses. The slop in the House case gave them all the cover they needed.

Make no mistake. House managers made an absolutely awful case against the President. They wanted Mueller and his henchman to show he had illicit contacts with Russia; that was their 'show horse'.

Instead, they ended up with a crippled truck horse: A phone call to Ukraine and their sheer terror that a real investigation may occur. That's how this mess was ginned up. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler supplanted actual evidence with a combination of rumor, innuendo, supposition and outright falsehoods.

They were abysmal. Only a corrupt media could see them 'heroically'.

For hours on end they would shout angrily, repeating the same half dozen or so talking points endlessly. Cries of POTUS 'abusing power' and even sillier, 'he set up a 'shadow foreign policy' that somehow sidelined the 'real professionals in the state department'.

Their admonition was breathtaking.

They asserted that somehow the Chief Executive, who has sole power in foreign policy, was impeachable because he fired an ambassador. That she was in the corruption up to her chin -and is also a DS favorite- just made it that much more ridiculous.

Nobody bought this for a second.

The media thought the public was so stupid they would never see the real truth here; that POTUS not only had every right to fire her but should have. He was hired to change how we dealt with foreign powers.

Just because the state department and the 'alphabet agencies' don't like it makes no difference. But as Charles Schumer warned early on, these agencies will 'get you six ways from Sunday' if you cross them.

Boy, did they ever.

This whole ugly process is a result of what the Previous Occupant and his cronies cooked up in the last hours of their term. After DJT was elected but before he was sworn in. They created a phony narrative about collusion and 'interference in the electoral process' and hung it around the new president's neck.

It lasted until today. That whole thing is now history.

Oh, they will continue on like this never happened; progressives do not think well on their feet and will just double down on what has failed hoping against hope that screaming it even louder will somehow make it work.

Meanwhile they will dig for anything; overdue parking violations would suffice.

Those of us who have been around a little longer than others will take this all a little more personally; Trump has done a fine job and should be complimented for it. Not vilified with a bogus impeachment.

The whole affair cheapened the system. This is not good.

That said, many others are overjoyed. Followers of the 'Q verse', the so called 'Anons' have predicted this all along right down to the magic 53-47 number. Q did say 'the senate was the key', and it will 'bring down the House'.

The House of Representatives is in really bad shape because of this now.

Pelosi lost control a long time ago, The radical left has seized it. That they are unelectable on a national level is lost on them. They think that because the House has a jail cell in the basement that they 'can march over to the White House with a Capitol Police escort and arrest the president'.

From the blubbering lips of Rashida Tlaib(D, Mich) came that bon mot.

When idiot actor John Cusack confronted Jerry Nadler in his office last year he demanded to know why this hadn't yet occurred. He also sharply reminded Nadler that 'they paid hundreds of millions' for the House and wanted to know 'when are we going to get our money's worth'.

Therefore, this miserable excuse in constitutional oversight was going to happen whether it was a train wreck or not.

Guess what? This train has derailed, crashed and burned. It will never ride the rails again.

Now the page will be turned. It is now the president's time. No matter what the House does -they will continue to sputtter and spin- POTUS has been fully vindicated. That the treacherous Mitt Romney voted to impeach, and in doing so became the first member of his own party ever to vote to convict, was no surprise.

Even then he still split on the two articles, only voting for the nebulous 'abuse of power' and not the 'obstruction of congress'. Experts will tell you that neither is really a charge. They simply don't exist.

EVERY president 'abuses his power'; that's why we hire a chief executive. He needs to run roughshod over his people from time to time. If he does something really egregious the courts are there as a remedy.

Same with 'obstruction of congress'. There is no such thing.

Don't like it? Take him to court. But they declined to do it. That's their problem, not his.

From now on POTUS has the ball. This nonsense has come to a just end, if indeed it was an ignominious beginning. Now the restoration of his character and conduct will begin. AG Barr and John Durham are sitting on a ton of indictments over the criminal actions of those who plotted this.

President Trump called it an 'attempted coup'. It was.

This cannot go unpunished. It won't, either. The Last Lot played dice and crapped out. They will try, and fail, to revive the corpse of impeachment. It is a dead end.

Instead, the tons of exculpatory information that will exonerate the president will start to come out. The evidence Schiff and his gang hid. The stuff Barr and Durham found out on trips to Italy and the UK.

Jeffery Epstein and the pedophiles. That is the 800 pound gorilla sitting in the corner.

President Trump has the ball, has a winning game plan and is about to turn the tables on all of them...


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Impeached, perhaps. Removed? Never...

Wednesday, 29 January:

Having fun so far?

This is the only actual issue at hand. Is this comic opera/Kabuki theater providing any real entertainment? Because it certainly isn't moving the ball towards removing a sitting president.

The answer is mixed.

It does have it's chuckles, chortles and even a few outright laughs. However, much more likely is the eye rolling and groans the Democrat House managers provide. The big problem for progressives is being 'nimble' and 'thinking on their feet'.

This is why they marry a limited talking point infused narrative ('wtnesses and documents' the new mantra) and repeat it endlessly. This is their antiquated process of having every aspect 'focus group tested' first, and tailoring their dialogue to these protocols.

Maybe 5 years ago this worked. No longer.

The sheer speed -and volume- of information moves so damn fast now that last week's focus group opinions are now ancient history. But for the Dems, the arthritic talking point -'witnesses and documents' was mentioned literally dozens of times this afternoon- is now an ankle chain.

The measured response of the GOP team (which is decidedly mediocre in reality) makes the constant hysteria of their members seem not only desperate but even silly. They have nothing, and probably even know it.

Yet they insist on repeating not only falsehoods, but ones that are ridiculous in the abstract.

Does any US citizen care whether Ukraine got it's military aid after a 45 day hold? And that somehow a president concerned about corruption in a notoriously crooked part of the planet isn't somehow a good thing?

The answer is no.

This whole charade is aimed at those who paid billions to buy the House and want their impeachment, which they see as some sort of a 'moral victory' for their side. Like Speaker Pelosi infamously said: 'he is impeached FOREVER'.

Problem with that is he will also be ACQUITTED forever. That's all history really counts; Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton dodged a far more lethal bullet, and Nixon cheated the hangman by resigning.

From a purely historic standpoint this has some interest; after all three impeachments in 250+ years is rare, indeed. Then again this writer has already chronicled TWO of them and that is two more than should have ever happened.

That's right. Even though Clinton was a liar, a creep, and a disgrace as a president, Monica Lewinsky is a far piece from a Whitewater investigation. Sure he committed 11 felonies, and that is why he got impeached.

But the country had no stomach to nullify an election over it.

The supposed misdeeds of Donald J Trump are not misdeeds at all. They are going after him for what his counsel calls -nicely- 'policy differences'.

Really? What was the first clue? Talk about understatements.

They are going after him because he is ruining their decades long scam of knocking over countries, raping their resources and selling influence in change for personal wealth and power. They also know he is aware of their own actions.

That they were criminal in nature, too. This explains the hysteria over the Bidens. Does anyone really believe they did not profit off of their interference in another country's affairs? The evidence is right in front of your eyes.

The opposition just ignores it. 'Don't look here', they say. It's been 'debunked' you know. They never say by whom, other than 'no credible source' (who? CNN? MSNBC?) has given it a thumbs up. It's amazing how they get away with it, but then again when you have the media (yes, including FOX) in your hip pocket you can make all sorts of ridiculous assertions and get away with it.

None of this comes as a real surprise to the visitors to this site.

What is new is the the end is obviously near. While many Dems -and some shaky RINO's- want more witnesses (only the ones they call, of course) there is a sense of weariness over the entire senate.

The GOP wants to move on; they have work to do. The Dems are a mixed bag; the House managers really think this is ginchy stuff; they love appearing important and the camera time. They are also utterly unaware of how bad they actually come across.

That is the result of the bubble they live in. They think the rest of the country really doesn't exist, anyway. 'Flyover country' full of rubes, as Don Lemon pointed out the other night on CNN.

Others would like very much to return to the campaign trail. Sanders has a shot at the nomination (supposedly; they will block him yet again) Klobuchar and Warren are chafing at the bit to see just who gets the VP nod.

Still others have tough elections coming up. You wouldn't want to be Doug Jones (D, Alabama) right now. He is pretty much screwed no matter how he votes. Manchin and Sinima are going to save their jobs and exonerate the president.

Would Romney like to see POTUS removed? Of course he would. DJT is a threat to his cult. But he has zero help; even Collins and Murkowski are prepared to abandon him.

Then there is the deeper issue.

Is this actually a designed trap for the Dems to walk into? That this will get them to expose their vulnerable underbelly?

There is plenty of evidence that this just might be the case. If indeed this is all a hoax, that the Dems have 'projected' their criminal activity on the president, well then this seems to tee that right up.

It is a fact Ukraine and the previous government was horribly corrupt. Poroshenko, who was supported by the previous administration, was thrown out of office. He wasn't simply defeated.

Zelensky won seventy three percent of the vote. That is an abject rejection of a despised figure. Yet Ambassador Yovanovich, Vindman, and other state department employees were in close contact with him and supported him untll the very end.

POTUS was well aware of all this.

His only desire was to see if this situation had been rectified. He knew Yovanovich was no good, but allowed Pompeo and Bolton to wrangle the issue. DJT is a very smart and savvy fellow. He let this whole thing play out; including keeping Yovanovich in her place for fourteen months after his now famous tape recording shows.

Bolton was far more circumspect about the issue back then. He thought the call between POTUS and Zelensky was 'cordial'. That runs contrary to what the NY Times is saying about his new manuscript.

Some think Bolton is working as an agent for POTUS. He sure does seem to be following the 'Steve Bannon model'. He, too had a famous 'falling out', as did Jeff Sessions. But they are all of a sudden very much in the president's corner.

If this is indeed a counter intelligence operation -which this author believes to be the case- then this scenario fits perfectly.

How this ultimatlely ends is pure guesswork. But an embarrassed congress just might pull the plug on  it Friday. The Dems will scream 'coverup' -they have already threatened that- but it could be the best outcome for them.

Certainly calling witnesses won't be a savior. There are the Bidens and some fellow named 'Eric'. None will be welcomed by the opposition. As such, acquittal is a fait accompli'.

However, acquitting this president will NOT stop what is about to come. Justice will be delivered, and it will change the way things are done...


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POTUS lawyers Pat Cipollone (L) and Jay Sekulow make a compelling case


House manager Schiff: As Dirty Harry would say: 'You've had your six'

Saturday, 25 January:

The three year long attempt to impeach and remove the 45th president came to an ignomnious end in the well of the Senate today. In a little over two hours the president's legal team laid bare the thin gruel this whole affair was based on.

Keep in mind the Washington Post noted 'the time for impeachment has begun' only hours after his inauguration. This was incubated early, and finally was dealt it's death blows today.

Truth be known, that only a corrupt media and a determined DS opposition has propelled it to this point. Despite their determined 24/7 efforts this affair never did take off. The TV audience agrees.

The first day of the hearings last week drew about 11 million people. By contrast Day One of the Kavanaugh affair had twice as many viewers. As gripping as that was, he is still just a SC nominee; NOT a president facing impeachment.

There have only been three impeachments in the country's history. To say they are historic is a massive understatement. There certainly should be more people interested in this than what we're seeing.

But no. Left wing pundit David Axelrod pointed out the other day that in a focus group the topic of impeachment did not come up until eighty minutes into the session. He found that profoundly disturbing.

He shouldn't have been surprised, though.

There has never been a snowball's chance in hell this president would be removed from office over this; even RINO 's are aware there is only ten more months until the people have their vote. 63 million voted for President Trump, and to take their vote away over what is essentially a left wing hissy fit is political suicide.

The hysterical overreach of the Dem House managers has alienated the very 'moderate' GOP types they need to convince to vote for more witnesses. So far, Susan Collins (R, Maine) Lisa Murkowski (R, Alaska) and Mitt 'Pierre Delecto' Romney (R, Utah) have all weighed in negatively on the Dem efforts.

Of course, Schiff and company had no illusions about swaying wayward Republicans.

They just wanted to pay off their campaign debts and assuage their lunatic fringe base. When the globalist left (read: Hungarian billionaires and such) 'bought' the House of Representatives in 2018 it was with the full understanding that they would stop at nothing to impeach this president.

To this moment that is all they have done. Stop at nothing.

They did this without ONE vote from a Republican. This was a first. Impeachment has always been a bi-partisan affair. Bill Clinton may have been a railroad job too; after all Whitewater misdeeds became lying about sex in the Oval Office with an intern.

Why Special Counsels have been restricted ever since. Endless fishing expeditions will usually find something. That said, he still had eleven felony charges, and he did commit a crime.

However, the Senate realized that this was not enough to violate the will of the people; to nullify a popular vote and remove a president. There is a reason why this process is both rare, and to this point, ineffective.

Yet the Dems were not to be deterred.

When actor John Cusack showed up unannounced at Jerry Nadler's office last year he demanded to know just why the president was still in office, instead of in jail after all those millions they gave to recapture the House.

Cusack, a famous dullard, really believed the Omars and Tlaibs who uttered nonsense like 'arresting the president and putting him in the House jail'. He wanted to know just why this hasn't happened.

So, this whole affair was 'payback' to the nutjob left. When Speaker Pelosi said the president would 'be impeached forever' you got the idea. Here you are, paid in full.

You wanted impeachment, you got it.

Now the sugar high is wearing off fast. Soon after the GOP defense wrapped, the 'usual suspects' showed up on que, all with their Dem talking points. This cannot be ended until 'witnesses and documents' are produced.

The 'aritight case' Nadller insisted they had, apparently needs a lot more help. They want to cherry pick witnesses and docs they can spin to fit the narrative they blasted over the loudspeakers last week.

Except for the Bidens.

Their participation would 'be a sideshow', and without a hint of irony, claim Hunter Biden 'has no connections to this matter'. Calling the so called 'whistleblower' hasn't even been broached yet.

Imagine the 'fine whine' that will cause.

Saturday the president's legal team laid out a coherent argument about how weak the Dem case is. They are setting the table for a summary judgement. The Dems (and their media slaves) are hoping four GOP senators will vote for more witnesses.

But that would have to bolster a case that passes the smell test. So far their arguments were based on very selective use of facts to create what is essentially a false narrative. To bring in more witnesses would legitimize this farce.

They seem to think that they can take the senate by holding the votes of these marginal GOP types as a reason to defeat them in 2020. It is a thinly disguised blackmail scheme.

Not even these RINO's will buy into that. As of last week, the idea that there would be a vote to allow more witnesses was pretty much a fait accompli'. Now it is looking almost exactly the opposite; this case is so thin, and so poorly prepared that a motion to dismiss just may occur.

No matter how much you hear the new talking point of 'witnesses and documents' being repeated ad nauseum, it will not move the needle much. What little strategy they have left is to tar and feather vulnerable GOP senators with the 'cover up' smear Nadler and Schiff hinted at.

The hope being they get the senate back and can hinder the newly re-elected President Trump.

Yes, you heard right. They know they have almost no chance to win in November. POTUS should win comfortably. Just because they release phony polls doesn't mean they don't conduct honest ones for internal use.

This whole thing a Hail Mary to blunt his 2020-24 agenda. Purely partisan politics.

They will not get away with it. POTUS will not only win re election but his coattails will aid any and all who support him. Only Republicans who run away from him will be in peril. Keep in mind the Durham revelations have yet to break.

Once the nation realizes how criminal this whole enterprise was he will win in a landslide like what the country saw in 1972.

Nixon had a hard left opponent. He was personally unpopular.

He won 49 states. His opponent George McGovern, a better man than Joe Biden (or the rest of the field, really) got seventeen electoral votes. Nobody is going to turn their backs on a roaring Trump economy to vote for global socialism.

Donald J Trump just won re-election today. Wonder if the Dems know this yet...


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Meanwhile, AntiFa/BLM thugs melted away...

Monday, 20 January:

The rally in Richmond is now history.

The verdict is in as well. It was a smashing success; a major victory for freedom and a model of how to comport one's self at a major demonstration. Particularly when you consider the local government actually wanted a confrontation.

AntiFa/BLM assets quickly melted away when faced with the type of surveillance usually used on their prey. Tens of thousands of patriots, with cell phone cameras on hand monitored every single movement of anyone 'suspicious'.

The DS knew they would be met with this; that those who attended were all on the same page.

Go to the event, make yourselves heard yet be of good cheer and friendly contact. This 'good medicine' makes agitators uneasy to begin with; they feed on what drives them- fear and hatred- and when treated cordially usually have no cogent response.

The black hats have been hoping for another 'Charlottesville' -which they engineered; they controlled BOTH sides and got away with it- but their arthritic, by the numbers machinations have made them both predictable, and as a result ineffective.

Virginia governor Ralph Northam was heavily ridiculed; posters with him in blackface (or was it a KKK hood? Or both?) everywhere. His 'damaged goods' persona was an easy target and put his movement in the hole straight away.

Circling the wagons around this guy ended up hurting them yet again. Why progressivism is failing nationwide; they reward their own no matter HOW much of a loser they are. Think 'Maxine Waters' and you get the idea.

This event was executed masterfully. 

Virginia gun owners showed themselves to be the peaceful, and responsible citizens they are. These are the people you WANT to be armed. They are your friends and neighbors, and their presence keeps us all safer.

Bad guys don't like good guys with guns. Keep that one in mind.

Meanwhile, the Virginia government, which would love to have had a reason -no matter how phony- to make a move on the 'sanctuary counties' now has to go back to the drawing board. The old DS tricks of FF operations not only no longer work but have backfired badly on them (Las Vegas comes to mind as does some other 'incidents') and they are out of ideas.

Having Hollywood weigh in on guns is a stitch when most of these dribbling fools are shown running around shooting everything in sight with automatic weapons.

It sort of takes them 'out of the game'.

Same with celebrities like Rosie O 'Donnell who has at least THREE full time armed guards on her and her family. Gun ownership is OK for her; not the great unwashed. These people are so insulated in their bubbles they don't even realize how hypocritical -and foolish- they appear.

No, this was a major win for the Second Amendment. It showed exactly why James Madison and John Jay thought it so important. It protected their right to assemble (the 1st amendment) and to petition a hostile government peacefully.

Impeachment may be causing The Founders to do cartwheels in their graves; it was never meant to be a partisan attempt to nullify a legitimate election. But the behavior by tens of thousands of Virginia patriots made them much more content.

The Founding Fathers would have bursted with pride knowing 250 years later their ideas are still revered, and treasured going forward.

Much to be proud about today...

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Yes. they're back. Well organized and financed, too...

Sunday, 19 January:

There will be a pro Second Amendment rally in Richmond Virginia tomorrow.

Ordinarily this would be a secondary story; citizens collecting to address perceived issues with their duly constitutional guranteed rights. This occurs often, and other than a Page Six type coverage gets little notice.

Not this time.

The election of 2018 installed, a hard left progressive government headed by the now infamous Ralph Northam. You know, the one who either dressed as a KKK klansman or a slave in blackface and remembers neither.

The former pediactric Doctor also discussed allowing a newly born baby 'being made comfortable' as it is allowed to die outside the womb. Some doctor he is; Hippocratic Oath seemingly only a 'suggestion' to him.

Such is the state of progressive politics. It is purely reductionist in form; lowest common denominators (race, gender,faith,sex) wrapped in lofty utopian phraseology like 'equality', 'diversity' or the ever popular 'saving the planet'.

All meant to silence debate.

So, when the Northam regime took power they immediately pressed the progressive agendas. Not wasting a second of time the newly redistricted state passed Draconian firearm legislation that models the most extreme measures taken by other leftist states.

Belligerent and bellicose, his administration even advocated a seizure of certain types of firearms, first and foremost the AR 15 series otherwise known as the 'black rifle'. Following the same progressive plans adopted elsewhere, they advocated bans of high capacity magazines, and a re-introduction of their beloved (and proven failure) the 'assault weapons ban' from the Clinton era.

It was as in your face as it was bold. They left little doubt how they felt about legal gun owners.

As usual, the constitution is merely a 'suggestion' to them; when it fits their political purposes (like the phony solemnity of the impeachment and newly found fealty to the Founders) and the Second Amendment is something they just hate with a passion.

For decades they fooled the courts into somehow believing it was a collective right as opposed to the other individual rights. As if the Framers would divert from the 'God given' freedoms to ensure a state contolled 'militia' as the only recipients of this 'right'.

They seized on the phrase 'well regulated militia' as their key. Unfortunately for them, it never meant what they wanted it to; the Founding Fathers were keenly aware that the biggest threat to freedom was an invasive government.

'Well regulated' does NOT mean 'gun control'. 

It means that the citizens had exactly the same rights to weapons as the standing Army; in the day it was the 'Brown Bess' or flintlock riflle the military carried. To wit:


Face it. You cannot have freedom from tyranny, the right to assemble (First Amendment) and the other God given rights without the right to defend yourselves from a corrupt government. 

This is what is at stake here. Essential freedom from an overreaching government seemingly bent on globalist control.

The good citizens of Virginia will come to Richmond to petition the elected officials who serve at their pleasure; not 'lead' them like a dictatorship. However, that is not how they are being received.

Instead, the state is arresting so called 'neo Nazis' for even thinking of going there. Militarizing the State Police, and the FAA is closing the airspace over Richmond as well.


In what is appearing to be a very cynical attempt to turn this rally into another 'Charlottesville' like occurred in 2017. Many now know that the violence there was 'coordinated'; the police 'melted away' for over an hour only to return after the violence.

The police chief lied about the incident and resigned shortly thereafter. Rank and file police officers claimed they were told to 'stand down'.

This site has a variety of YouTube videos of the incident in case one wants to refreshen their minds about it. The left and their media slaves tried to use this 'event' to tar and feather POTUS as a 'racist' because he put the AntiFa thugs on the same level as the neo Nazis.

'There were bad people on both sides, he correctly claimed.


Many of you may also know that the so called 'organizer' of the Charlottesville rally was one Jason Kessler. But do know that he was once a supporter of the Previous Occupant? That he very conveniently 'switched sides'?

Dinesh D'Souza remembers here:


This is what the patriots heading to Richmond fear.

They know damn well that Northam and company would love a violent encounter, particularly if they can tie President Trump into it. This MUST be denied them. Many suspect AntiFa goons will dress as MAGA supporters and seek camera coverage misbehaving.

The networks also are licking their chops. They will gladly carry that message.

This whole narrative must NOT become a reality. This is a carefully orchestrated trap that must be exposed as such. Best outcome would be an exposing of the undercover AntiFa elements as the agent provocatuers they are with zero violence.

It's going to be sunny and a brisk 38 degrees tomorrow. Dress accordingly and leave the 'Trump/MAGA' gear at home. Go and petition your government as is your fundamental right. 

Do it with grace and humor. Let the other side shoe their hatred for all to see.

Will this be just another event or the new Fort Sumter? The first shot in the new civil war? It appears some -those who cannot win the vote- may desperately want that. Northam has issued orders to seize weapons from law abiding citizens.

Don't give him an excuse...


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08.04.2020 21:10


What a great summary of where we are with the Deep State(Cabal). I love Trump, and will crawl to the polls to vote for him! We are all in this together.

08.04.2020 20:07


Outstanding analysis and facts. Thank you for your patriotism greatly sir.

01.03.2020 14:42

Tonya Franklin

Great article, shared

01.03.2020 18:12


thank you!

29.02.2020 18:10

Fred Hill

Excellent column my good man! We’re still winning!

29.02.2020 18:23


indeed we are!

21.02.2020 03:27


Excellent... Excellent...

18.02.2020 09:32

Curt Bernhard


06.02.2020 03:19

Real gold miner

God I love this website. Time to share far and wide...TYVM

30.01.2020 03:32

Mister Christopher

Good analysis in the Impeachment Follies post. I'm liking where your head's at. I'll be back for more.

30.01.2020 04:39


will try not to let anyone down...

26.01.2020 01:50

Real gold miner

While most of us do not like waiting for shoe's to drop and Durham reports and the like, your writing is a breath of fresh air and gives one hope. Thank you for keeping us informed...and hopeful.

26.01.2020 04:31


you are too kind...

25.01.2020 22:01


No, the Dems don’t know it yet. They’ve lost but they have an election talking point, “cover up”. Pathetic, 5 more years of Trump ahead.

21.01.2020 01:41


The ANTIFA elements “melted away”, ha! I agree, it was very well carried out and disciplined..