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Tuesday, 14 May:

It has been an epic struggle for the 45th president of the United States.

Ever since the powers that be realized he was actually going to win the GOP nomination they have been in a state of apprehension that became fear. It is now abject terror.

You can hear it in their words. More telling still, you can actually see it in their eyes now. There is little doubt that the vast majority of the so-called 'resist' movement didn't really believe that POTUS was a Russian agent working at Putin's behest.

It was a convenient argument that both fit the narrative, and also provided cover for the activities of the previous administration. The public now knows if there was any 'collusion' between Russia and the US it was the last lot.

Not President Trump.

In the now famous fashion of doubling down on your errors hoping volume will supplant reason, they have continued the 'muh Russia' meme in spite of the findings of the Justice department. Their paid shills still pushing the same tired narrative.

Their followers? 

They are regarded in the lowest of terms by their own masters. Idiotic NPC's incapable of any individual thought programmed to believe 'Orange Man Bad' no matter what they may hear. Soon you will hear them claim that it 'doesn't matter what crime we committed because we are 'saving our country' and worse yet 'our traditional allies'.

It's eminently predictable because it's all they have left.

Having painted themselves into the proverbial corner no offensive by them can come unexpected. Indeed, POTUS and his inner circle are thoroughly prepared for their 'last resort' which appears to be right on the cusp of happening.

This is an easy prediction as well.

You see, being both wrong, and criminal as well, has consequences. They know what they did, and now know that the white hats have them dead to rights. Don't be fooled by the announcements of 'pending investigations'.

None of them are 'pending'. They are complete and awaiting release at the appropriate time.

As one might imagine, time is not on their side. There really is no '2020 election savior' as the obviously pathetic nature of the field shows. It's just a circus sideshow to cover their actual attempts to get rid of the man they rightly consider their mortal enemy.

Not like they haven't tried.

With a fully compliant media, every attempt on him has not only failed (obviously) but none have ever been even mentioned in the so called mainstream media. Indeed, when POTUS was in France a year ago and cancelled the drive to the memorial he was mocked by the media for not 'wanting to stand in the rain'.

Like the 'courageous Macron and Merkel'.

The fact that the 50 km drive was found to have a credible threat (supposedly a rocket launcher was found abandoned on the route later) was never mentioned once. Your 'friendly US media' had zero interest.

According to inside sources there may have been as many as a dozen or more other serious attempts. His life, and that of his family, are perpetually in danger. Both sides know how important DJT is.

He is the 'tip of the spear'.

That said, it's one really important 'tip'. No other politician could withstand the 24/7 pressure from the globalist movement he derailed. They are most unhappy with him personally; therefore this isn't just a movement but a 'grudge match' as well.

He can't be bought. He can't be dissuaded. He is on a mission.

That mission is now very close to fruition. The next few weeks, perhaps into the fall will show that. There will be criminal indictments of those who held the highest and most important positions in the land.

Some have asked, will they ever really see justice?

Just consider this: The Feds just made a deal with Felicity Huffman of Hollywood fame. This is the first of much yet to come from the Huber team. She pled guilty to having a 'fixer' get someone to take her daughter's SAT test.

She will receive FOUR MONTHS IN PRISON.

Why is this important, and why now? Because if they put this poor woman, who has harmed no one, away for that just what will they do with the real criminals?  POTUS has used the word 'treason' at least 16 times in the last month.

The penalty? Death.

Understand these terms and this situation is as dire as it seems. A constitutional republic can only work if it is a nation of laws, and justice must be blind. The Huffman case is the first example.

It ain't the last.

This whole sordid time in American history has just hit a major turning point. The guilty can no longer count on the system covering up for them. Like Joe Biden's corrupt actions in both the Ukraine and China. The opposition is saying investigating this 'isn't fair'.

Uncovering their crimes is now a 'personal vendetta'. Go ahead, run with that. See where it gets you.

The patriots want to return the country to it's constitutional roots and give it back to the people. This is heresy to the global masters like Soros, Bezos and the EU swine. They want control and want to eliminate most of the world's population.

This is their 'utopia'.

It is no longer going to occur, so all they have left is to destroy what they can and hope to hide. That won't work anymore. New Zealand ain't far enough away and space travel isn't yet an option.

The end of the beginning is upon us.

Now the real work begins, and it is hold onto your hat time...


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Pompeo to Maduro: better grab that flight to Havana.

Thursday, 30 April:

Today's activites in Venezuela have been expected for some time.

There is at least as much going on beneath the surface as there is showing; most know about the tortured path the country has taken since the advent of Hugo Chavez in 1999. He instilled the 'Bolivarian socialism' that has slowly but surely collapsed the economy.

It was classic communism.

Create a populist movement based solely on class envy (Bernie Sanders, anyone?) and raise taxes, hire a protective security apparatus, and divide a prosperous country by every means possible.

When the economy tanks the command economy takes over, people start fighting to survive and power is secured. This evil has been practiced before; Soviet Russia the classic leader but followed by China. N Korea, Vietnam and of course, Cuba.

It is Cuba that is the center of this, and why POTUS sees the change in government there as a national security issue. For you see, no matter what you have been told about the island 90 miles off the shore of Florida it is one thing for certain:

A sworn enemy of the United States of America.

The hard left, and to an extent the moron libertarians have argued against this; the left sympathizes with their politics and libertarians buy into the 'live and let live' philosophy that is why they never win elections of consequence.

Love the Paul family but they are historically wrong about this malignant government. The DCI (Cuban Intelligence) has been actively involved in anti American activites -and extremely hostile ones- since their revolution in the 50's.

You might have heard about the US and Canadian embassies having their staff complain of migraines and worse; some actually getting brain damage. The Cubans were bombarding the embassies with microwave radiation.

It is now referred to as the 'Havana Syndrome'.  To wit:

The media, in an almost comical fashion, claimed it was -hold onto your hat- crickets. Once again, to wit:

This is an utter laugh. Nobody in the world has gotten brain damage from crickets; there is zero evidence of this and it was obvious cover for their communist pals.

But there you have it. Just screwing with us in a hateful way. Pure DCI. They were also the key players in the Contra/cocaine wars of the 80's; it was the Castro brothers who organized the Danny Ortegas and Tomas Borges to deliver the drugs to them.

They took their cut and financed all the communist insurrection in this hemisphere. They even helped pay for the ANC revolution in S Africa.

The only reason Cuba has survived as a communist state is aid from first the USSR, and then Venezuela since. This is where they get their fuel oil. That, and taking over an island paradise where people won't die from exposure and food still falls from trees.

The Cuban government is a singular, and thoroughly corrupt, evil.

Right now they have over 15,000 of their troops and 'technicians' there, knowing full well if Maduro does NOT hold on they are cooked.

President Trump is handling this crisis smartly. He has built a consensus, and turned loose the DS players who have long lusted for both a regional war and seizing their oil. However, he won't allow that outcome.

Nor should he.

He is wisely playing both sides against the middle. His support for Guiado is tepid; he knows that his constitutional claims are somewhat specious. He also knows that the 'constitution' was just rewritten by Maduro and his Cuban advisors.

As of today's reporting, Maduro was supposedly 'ready to board the plane to Havana' until the Russians insisted he stay. Russia and China have poured hundreds of millions into this country and want their investments protected.

Namely, they want their loans repaid.

However, if anyone thinks Putin will take on POTUS over a communist country in our hemisphere -enforcing the Monroe Doctrine, the oldest foreign policy initiative in our history- they are nuts.

They want something in return. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wouldn't go into detail on this but one could only imagine. Sanction relief, a summit on the Ukraine, it isn't much. China the same.

It's all about the money. China would like us to cede the South China Sea to them but that isn't going to happen. Either way, both powers will back off.

They aren't stupid. They are playing this out and the phony Russia collusion narrative most certainly did NOT help.

Venezuela was one of the richest countries in the world 30 years ago. Then socialism took root and once again, a nascent failed state results. Is it by sheer stupidity or design?

It's both. They want to create a world slave state answerable only to an invsible and unaccountable elite. The stupidity is a side effect of collective thought.

The president will not let this happen. He just spoke to the congress about a $2 trillion infrastructure bill, is fighting baseless investigations, trying to get a deal with China done and the USMCA ratified.

He threatened an embargo on Cuba if they don't withdraw their troops and the S 300 missile launcher systems and hundreds of MANPADS (shoulder fired surface to air missiles) with their 'tech support'. 

He isn't kidding around, either. He is basically defeating communism in our hemisphere in his spare time...


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What will CNN and MSNBC tell them now?

Thursday, 18 April:

After two years and $30 million dollars the bottom has fallen out from the now infamous Mueller probe the verdict is in. The President of the United States is not guilty of any crimes. After all of this investigation only one actual fact evolved.

It was the simple fact that a trap was set for the incoming president and upon his awareness of it he became angry, and frustrated with the situation the recusal of his then attorney general (Jeff Sessions) caused.

This is ground zero of the opposition's attack.

They deliberately placed a political novice in a crisis not of his own causing into this artificially created construct in order to provoke him into some sort of action they could then seize as worthy of impeachment.

It's all right there, if you add the whole FBI affair to the mix.

This was the insurance policy  Strzok, McCabe and the others discussed in explicit detail. Their removal from power is the first real evidence of the setup. This stil continues today, as the opposition shills seek to turn innuendo into crime. 

The continuing assertions from the likes of Nadler and Schiff are a joke. They have no other choice but to continue down this path because of two things:

One is the unholy alliance between the Deep State and the progressive movement. They demand Russia be kept as an adversary and preferably, an enemy. Keep funding those black projects.

Two is the simple fact the SS Progressive sailed their ship on the sea of collusion and are past the point of no return. They cannot put into port, can't turn around. Their passengers expect to land on the shores of 'Orange Man Gone'.

They lied to their constituency and have to continue the fraud.

AG William Barr, flanked by a zombie like Rod Rosenstein, gave the right report. He even took apart the hostile media; this encounter with a CBS 'reporter' is classic:

This is exactly what the opposition feared last night when they howled in protest over the 9:30 am press conference was announced. They knew he would frame the narrative. Keep that phrase in mind in all things political.

The progressive left has been able to set the narrative for 50 years or more.

This includes just about every aspect of life in these United States. You know the score; white men are bad, cars are evil, owning guns and land 'hostile acts', every form of perversion is good and noble, religion backwards and corrupt.

The narrative of 'Orange Man Bad' just got tossed on the rocks, and it is their biggest single defeat ever.

No matter what parsing of the Andrew Weissmann authored hit piece on POTUS (Mueller did not write the report) to find a tasty tidbit for Rachel Maddow, it's over, done.


The Barr summary of several weeks ago put this in the coffin. Today's briefing nailed the lid shut. It is true the Dems will keep flogging this dead mule because they pretty much have to.

However, the rest of the country will move on. Before today, this reporter felt the Dems might have more to seize on, that perhaps POTUS made an innocent -but possibly critical- error in judgement.

He didn't. Complaining to his staff about an unjust investigation is not a crime, nor is grousing about firing James Comey (his right to do so is unchallenged) or the recusal of Jeff Sessions. Instead, this report completely, and utterly, wraps up this whole sorry chapter.

The fact the Russians wanted Trump to win is no surprise. He ran on better relations with them and won.

What the opposition tried to do is criminalize political differences. It is, after all, in their DNA. If you dare disagree with their politics -which is their religion- then you are worse than a criminal, you are an apostate.

No one disagrees more with their politics than Donald J Trump.

Now that the veil has been lifted, and the truth is now known to all, POTUS and his inner circle are now free to go on the attack. Those who have pushed this fraud will now be the subject of investiagtions.

The big difference? They're guilty as hell.

What will be of interest is to see what direction POTUS and his people go. They have the FISA docs ready to release. The IG report is maybe a month away. 

Then there's John Huber. He and his 177 lawyers (and the 90k sealed indictments) still lurk with nary a leak to be found. This report from a couple of weeks ago (not much on him) does tell a tale, though.

Now why would this all be so secret?

Simple. There is some very bad news aboout some very bad people, and soon all of us will know just who they are.

Meanwhile POTUS can now get back to the business of running the country while trying to save the rest of the world in his spare time...


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Pepe's FBI: Restored again.

Wednesday, 17 April:

The wait is almost over.

Thursday morning, at 9:30 Eastern, AG William Barr and assistant AG Rod Rosenstein will hold a press conference to discuss the imminent release of the 400 page Mueller report. It will be made available 90 minutes later at 11:00 am.

There have been few things as anticipated as this report.

The big controversy is about not what it says but what it doesn't. There will be numerous redactions in it, all color coded so as to be able to ascertain as to whether it is grand jury testimony, sources and methods, ongoing investigations, and keeping innocents on the periphery of having any damage to their reputations.

The opposition knows damn well that Donald J Trump did not collude with the Russians to deny the Smartest Woman in the World her deserved spot as president. They all know that this was a con job from the get go.

One that didn't quite work out the way they had hoped.

They all know that the Previous Occupant and his inner circle started their 'surveillance' which is a fancy word for spying long before Trump was even nominated. They know that the DoJ was a simple extention of the progressive political apparatus.

They know what Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton talked about on the tarmac. They know that General Michael Flynn is innocent of any crime, they also know that the inner circle of the FBI created these 'crimes' out of whole cloth.

They also know that Flynn speaking to the Russian ambassador about sanctions was not only legal but something an incoming national security advisor SHOULD be doing. It's his job. Sally Yates, who became AG when Sessions recused himself knows damn well that he didn't violate the never prosecuted Logan Act.

If anyone ever has it is former Secretary of State John Kerry travelling to Iran to tell the mullahs to 'wait until Trump is gone'; he told them he would already be gone by now and then the Iran deal could be reborn.

You know that deal. The one with the pallets full of untraceable cash delivered in the dark of night.

They know that Sessions' whole recusal was set up by (former, thank God) Senator Al Franken and CNN. They are also aware that Michael Cohen had nothing, as did Michael Avenatti, and the same with the 'career prosecutors at SDNY'.

The simple fact is this: Donald J Trump is the most vetted president in modern history. When you consider the cypher, the blank slate of the Previous Occupant the contrast is amazing. They want 6 years of Trump's tax returns.

However, if you wanted to know, say just what the Last Guy did at Columbia, or who paid his admission to Harvard it's all sealed. Any inquiries are considered 'racist'.

This is the political world POTUS has inherited. To call it simply 'corrupt' does no justice to the word. It is an institutional evil now, meant to repress the individual citizen while embracing anything that depletes their wealth.

Not to mention their freedom, too.

This has all built to the crescendo that will come to it's climax tomorrow. The universal screaming of the progressives you hear right now is the simple fact they cannot see the report first.

They desperately want to see the entire unredacted report first so their paid shills and bought dogs can seize a sentence here and a paragraph there to give CNN and MSNBC some raw meat to keep the Russia fraud alive.

This is being denied to them. Worst still, not only is Barr giving the presser 90 minutes before the release he will be joined by Rosenstein, who they have cherished as 'one of us' for two years now.

They will find, much to their chagrin, that this is not so.

Instead, you will get 400 pages of supposition, innuendo, rumor and outright fictions that are now in the position of being disproven by the new investigations. In other words, the Trump administration is investigating the investigators, and the establishment is just besides itself.

They have no one but themselves to blame.

As the president moves on, he will further expose the sheer level of malfeasance of the previous administrations. It isn't just the Kenyan. It's the three before him and the corruption of the CIA as a intelligence asset of US foreign policy.

It had become a domestic spying agency, having infitrated the FBI with sleeper moles like Peter Strzok and Nellie Ohr.

It now answered to foreign interests like the EU and worse, Red China. Their betrayal of the American people was absolutely epic in both scale and effort.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot. This president has seized the power back from these resolutely anti American interests and has given them back to the people of the United States. This explains both the hatred directed towards him and the passionate allegiance he has instilled in others.

Like the US military, for instance. First order of affairs was to assure the Guardians of Peace that they have an honest government to defend; that they will no longer sacrifice their lives for global interests like protecting the opium trade in Afghanistan.

They can now help defend the southern border against a planned invasion that brings killer drugs like fentanyl, pandemics, violent gangs and 5th columnists from all over the world. If you don't think they appreciate the difference just ask any of them.

Meanwhile, the president and his men can extract their revenge slowly, and with all the due calculation they could possibly want. The Hollywood/college admission scandal a perfect start.

If Lori Loughlin can do hard time, and she will- then what happens to, say, John Brennan?

Or James Comey? These people never thought they would be held accountible for their actions; hell they never thought she was going to lose.

It was the height of supreme arrogance, and those in the know what that produces:

Sheer stupidity. For people with a lot of fancy college degrees from prestigious universities, they were really, really dumb.

POTUS, on the other hand, is not. In pure Sun Tzu fashion, they had no idea who their opponent really was, other than 'Orange Man Bad'. The president, on the other hand, most certainly DOES know them.

As a result he is now about to run the table on them. It starts tomorrow morning... 


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All that cash delivered in the dark of night. The crime exposed...

Monday, 8 April:

The media as we know it is dead.

No longer content to ignore news that didn't fit and spin the rest, it now is furiously creating stories to fit the The Narrative. There is no introspection, no thought of what the consequences wil be.

Just creating lies out of whole cloth.

Examples are myriad; they run the gamut from the border issue to the designation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization. Let's take that as an example. According to the media some of our 'military and intelligence experts' are not happy with this because 'it may expose US forces' to the same 'terrorist' description.

That is simply hilarious. 

The US, under our current president, told the International Court they could jump off a cliff before we allow them to try our forces for war crimes. To wit:

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that we could care less what these Islamic potentates think about our actions. They can all go and screw themselves. Therfore, why would the media make this assertion which is facile on it's face?

Because they support Iran.  Think of those pallets of cash sitting on the tarmac in Tehran delivered in the dark of night in an unmarked aircraft. Who was responsible for this?

Simple. The 'Voldemort' of politics; he who shall not be called by name: the Previous Occupant at 1600 Pennsyvania avenue. He and his lot have thrown in their future with these mullahs. Do you think for one second that that cash, all in unmarked bills, was for these so-called 'leaders'?

If so, consider yourself hopelessly naive.

This is the retirement account for the previous lot. That and the other funds they have stolen. Understand that first and foremost, progressive politicians are thieves.

Look at one of their titular leaders. Robert Cremer, who is a big McGaffer in that movement; he is tight with Billy Ayers and was behind the candidacy of the Previous Occupant. He 'kited checks' to keep his political action committee (and his own pocket) going. Did five months in the pen.

The left laughs this off. Yet imagine if the positions were reversed.

They do not believe in our system. They live to overthrow it; therefore they have absolutely zero compunction in deceiving it. They also feel they have a birthright to lead, and stealing funds is justified.

They are a sick, and twisted lot. Most people with control issues are.

What everyone is seeing now is the consolidation of the opposition. There is now no real separation between, say, Jeff Zucker and Jerry Nadler. Or Don Lemon and Adam Schiff. 

Rachel Maddow and Valerie Jarrett.

You will hear exactly the same words come out of their mouths, as the 4 AM briefings that they all take suggest. Bought and paid for by their master, open borders advocate George Soros.

It takes about 5 minutes of amateur sleuthing for an open mind to find all this. It frustrates the president no end, too. He sees the suicide the country is committing which was inflicted upon this country by these people.

The Democrats in congress refuse to do anything to stop the flow of illegals; indeed they advocate their arrival.

Regaining power is all they care about; just how it's done is irrelevant. They are outcome based, after all. So, Monday's moves must all be seen within this prism. From the replacement of Kristin Nielsen and the head of the Secret Service (Randolph Alles) to the Iran sanctions to the Cuban baseball decision.

Nielsen, a nice person and dedicated public servant, was just in over her head. Alles, on the other hand is another former Marine and pal of John Kelly. Perhaps he is 'headed to the tropics' as well.

Nielsen's replacement, Kevin McAleenan, may be familiar to some; he has been on TV a bit lately and is just the firebrand to replace her. Action is desperately needed.

Another plum the Last Lot gave to the communists was an agreement with MLB that all Cuban players now be signed through the Cuban government, with them getting a percentage of the contract.

No longer. Soon they will be evicted from Venezuela, too.

Simply put, it's this:

President Trump has control over the issues. The oppostion is throwing everything they have left at him. This explains the 'united front' against him. However, they are in a real bind. They can't 'make a deal' as Q has said there 'will be none', surrender is not an option and victory is basically impossible.

It's just a play for time. 

And when this president is pressing the issue, time is not on their side...


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White hats to the patriots: we are in control now...

Thursday, 4 April:

It's been a little over two years since the 45th president was elected.

It comes as no surprise to the faithful that much has changed in this period. Like all wars, and this is every bit a 'war', it has it's rhythms. Offensives and counteroffensives succeed or fail on the strength of their pursuit.

For the first 26 months POTUS and his crew were under both a cloud and constant attack.

The Mueller investigation was the cloud, and also the bludgeon used to attack. Considering what the public now knows it was probably one of the most effective semi transparent frauds in history. 

Based on a disinformation campaign started by the previous administration, they hoped to keep the 'investigation' going on until 2020, delivering the 'death of 1,000 cuts' to the legally elected President and effectively 'bleeding them dry'.

With the very willing assistance of a compliant media. We are just now finding out how compliant they really were, too. That will be the subject of much soul searching going forward as they are slowly but surely exposed.

On 24 March AG Wiliam Barr sent a four page memo to congress after conferring with Robert Mueller. It contained what was both expected and a blockbuster as well.

The president and his inner circle were exonerated of any criminal activity. Now, keep in mind this was a counter intelligence, not a criminal investigation in the first place. Therefore, it was a preordained notion no actual crimes would be found.

'Collusion' with an adversary is not a crime. It may be politically  suspect, but not against the law. They would have to find a conspiracy.

There was none to find, and the fraudulent nature of the probe is now sinking under it's own nuclear weight. What the public is finding out is just what a fraud it really was. They now know what the 'insurance policy' the FBI heads planted.

They were phony indictments of the president's family.

Based on nothing, they were there simply to intimidate POTUS from going on the attack. It took the president's men all this time to separate these malevolent people from the investigation.

You know the names: McCabe, Strzok, Page, Jim Comey and of course let's not forget the lynchpin, John Brennan. With the huge assistance of a newly deceased senator. 

Never did get any thanks for the funeral, too.

These people were fully invested in the election of the president's opponent. A small part of a much bigger cabal, with worldwide tentacles, they had both their beliefs, AND their orders.

As the smartest woman in the world, in a rage that caused a brief bit of honesty said in 2016:

Hillary’s meltdown included throwing a water glass at a staffer — narrowly missing her head, and demanding Matt Lauer be fired!  She was overheard threatening executives at NBC saying  she’d get that fucking Lauer fired for this.

Referring to Donald Trump, Clinton said, ‘If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished, and if I lose, it’s all on your heads for screwing this up'.

Please forgive the language. It is a direct quote.

By the way, if you research this all you will see is denials by apologists like Snopes. This incident DID happen, it was observed by NBC employees working for Lauer. So, like everything else that is being scrubbed, remember this:

There are people who actually were alive and listening and recall it. It was only three short years ago. Once again, the media is the enemy of the people. They are even proud of it, just ask CNN's Jeff Zucker.

He will gladly tell you CNN has done nothing wrong, just reported 'the facts'. 

His agenda now fully exposed for all to see.

The Democrats, of course, are in for the long count They have few alternatives; this was THE plan and although it has backfired -and badly- they will just get up, brush off the dirt, straighten the tie and pretend it never happened.    

So, the worm has turned. President Trump now has the advantage. He can now prosecute an offensive, and keep the opposition on it's heels as it continues to fight a battle it has LOST.

Hoping that the full Mueller disclosure has some tidbits of innuendo and supposition they can have the NY Times push for them is actually kind of sad; pathetic even. You know why?

POTUS is sitting on a veritable treasure trove of information. Between FISA, and the upcoming IG report (don't forget mystery man John Huber) he has enough to make phone calls to the Russian ambassador look like the harmless actions they were.

And guess what?

It all has the added benefit of being true...




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POTUS and friends: 'Where we go one, we go all' indeed...

Wednesday, 27 March:

Anyone who has been following the news lately know things are breaking fast.

The Mueller report, which delivered what most analysts expected last Friday, has already been digested and filed as 'history'. The full report, which will be released some time in the next couple of weeks has some bits for the faithful on both sides but will not change anything.

No, POTUS has been cleared. That's all one needs to take from it.

The rage-and resultant clueless confusion- of the 'resist' crowd is really what is driving the media right now. Everything is couched in the miasma of pure hatred and frustration they feel. It's not hard to see why.

The media, bought and paid for by the same global interests that had control of part of the US intelligence services, willingly pushed a fake narrative hoping the people would rally to their side and demand the removal of the legally elected 45th president.

The 4 am phone calls giving them their talking points of the day, aka 'Mockingbird' stands as mute evidence of their complicity. To see the exact same phrases regurgitated by these talking heads daily was all one needed to hear.

On a given day the entire news world would repeat the same lines.

This was no accident; the Mueller report was based on a covert operation to take down the president, and these people were all players in that scheme. The only reason you haven't heard more yet is because they know this most likely will destroy the progressive movement.

It's collateral damage will be the DS/neocon faction who bonded with the progressive left as the 'enemy of my enemy' style marriage. They got the antiwar left to sign on to the push Russia to the edge of conflict.

It was never going to be a lasting arrangement.

This of course, explains the refusal to take the Mueller verdict. The globalists want the money siphon to stay on for their black projects. Therefore keeping Russia as a boogeyman keeps the military industrial complex going.

It also props up Iran and the Mullahs, who are their businesss partners.

The Sisyphean task the president has done in the face of this is nothing short of stunning. Now, he has had help. The inner circle of patriots who backed him from the beginning did yeoman's work on this as well.

You know their names. Rogers. Pompeo. Sessions. Wray. Mattis. Kelly. Hope Hicks. 

Lieutenant General Michael Thomas Flynn. 

Among others. With the old world united against him, everyone from the Pope to Satan's minions offering condemnation endlessly, he still was able to prevail. The simple fact that the system was so corrupt and based on lies helped immeasurably.

He is now in full control.

This does not mean we, as a nation, are out of the woods. It is now coming out that the Mueller probe determined Trump was not involved in any conspiracies long ago. In fact, it preceded the November elections.

This whole affair caused dozens of vulnerable GOP congress members to retire.

Add to it the billions spent by his foes, and the House fell. They hoped this to be the bulwark against his seeing any successes at all so they could beat him in 2020. This is why they will get their followers to lay down in front of bulldozers trying to build the wall on the southern border.

They have to deny him one inch of new barriers being built.

That's where the 'fake MAGA' Ann Coulter and her ilk fit in. No wall will be considered a failure to his base, and they intend to exploit that. Now, it is this analyst's take that he will get at least some wall built as he wins the national emergency court case.

He just needs to get it up and running. He has 20 miles started just west of El Paso. The rest will take care of itself.

The Smollett case, another gift from the heavens, showed all the incredible moral corruption in the Hollywood crowd, the absurd hoax absolutely inflamed Chicago and in a bizarre twist actually united the city against the progressives.

Faking a hate crime is one thing. Embarrassing a city by making them spend a cool half million investigate it is something else. The tracks of this leads directly back to the former First Couple.

The good news? Although the Cook County DA Kim Foxx has dismissed the charges and sealed the records, she is also exposed as trying to help the case be transferred to the Feds, and had phone contacts with the chief of staff to the former First Lady.

The FBI has the 'death threat letter' he sent to himself. They are investigating this, and if they find any of his DNA or prints on it he will be prosecuted. Not to mention the Chicago FOP has submitted a lawsuit against Foxx.

This is not going away, and the Hollywood types who are celebrating this release will be singing a different tune when he is hauled in on Federal charges.

Now the time to get even is here.  

Not in a 'revenge' sense, although that cannot be discounted, after all they do have it coming. Their bad karma will take care of that issue. No, this is about clearing the deck and getting the public ready for the reckoning about to come.

The sheer breadth of the malfeasance of the 'resist' crowd is epic.

Much of it because their masters are morally and spiritually corrupt beyond repair. Like a scene from a mythical story, they have 'embraced' the Dark Side and cannot be absolved. They made their beds.

They own the minion class (entertainment, media, ultra wealthy) lock, stock, and barrel. The pedophile network is the tie that binds. This whole extremely ugly universe is about to be divulged in all of its hideousness.

You will be shocked to see who it touches. People you think good and noble are not. Just the opposite is true. They are sick, twisted individuals who have a front but lead very dark secret lives.

The tip of this iceberg was revealed in the Hollywood/college admission scandal. That was discovered by the same prosecutors that are handling the pedo cases. Those 90k+ 'sealed indictments' await.

You can relax a bit because President Trump is now in control and is going nowhere.

However, his life is in constant danger; as of this afternoon Virginia State Police shut down I 68 near the Maryland border due to threats made to kill POTUS and blow up the Pentagon. 

There have been at least 14 attempts on his life according to insiders with the protection detail. He does have the best security of any head of state in modern history, though. Then there is the threats from the DS of EMP attacks and pandemics.

They will stop at nothing until THEY are stopped. Guess what?

Donald J Trump and his circle of patriots are the ones to do it. With your help and prayers...


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It's OK to come out now, Pepe.

Thursday, 21 March:

History is a wonderful teacher.

It's probably why they don't teach it much anymore. The 'boomers', did, however. Those over 35 who have actually taken a civics course or knows who Theodore Roosevelt is.

You can tell how much, too.

Everybody knew Theodore Roosevelt was a president. The ones who actually knew something knew he was far more; he was the man who painted the battleships white and sailed them around the world. He led the Roughriders up San Juan Hill.

He created the National Park Service. He wasn't 'Theodore'. He was Teddy.

They also not only know who George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were but WHAT they did. Not simply 'president' and 'statesman''; no, far beyond that. Franklin was not only a statesman but a prolific inventor who's creations revolutionized the world we lived in.

Washington not just a fighting general -his horse and swordsmanship skills were epic- but a brilliant strategist with vision.

Together they created the spycraft that won the Revolutionary War.

Why is this important one might ask. After all it is 'ancient history'. Actually, by today's standards it's positively prehistoric. Anything before 1980 is 'pre MTV' which is when modern history began for many.

This, of course was done on purpose.

By teaching social studies -the easy stuff back then- exclusively today's kids are conditioned, and controlled mind slaves. The Speaker of the House reminded all of us when she just said this:

"I myself have always been for lowering the voting age to 16," Pelosi said. "I think it's really important to capture kids when they're in high school, when they're interested in all of this, when they're learning about government, to be able to vote."

 'Important to capture kids'. Telling slip right there.

Notice she also said they were learning, meaning of course they haven't yet, and who better to teach them than the NEA and the tenured teacher's unions. The ones with the pensions 'guaranteed' by state governments like in Illinois.

That's right. They are written into the State constitution.

That they are all left wing progressives is a given; this is their revenge on 'the man'; they can thumb their noses at the worker/producers out there with their 30 years of retirement on $100k penisons.

Like college loans. They are guaranteed to be paid no matter what.

This whole exercise sets up the story's theme- that this most unconventional of presidents is now turning the tables on his opponents- in a precision that mirrors the great leaders of the past.

Teddy knew that the Big Money guys hated and feared him. When McKinley was assassinated they found the guy they hid as VP is now their mortal enemy. Anti trust laws followed.

See the parallels? Don't even really have to point them out. The first two years of Donald J Trump's service have been an intense, mostly one sided battle as he and his inner circle, aided by his incredible covert operators, held the whole world at bay.

That dynamic just changed.

Like George Patton and his Third Army tearing through the French countryside to get to the besieged Belgian town of Bastogne, Trump and his forces are attacking the foe with a withering high speed assault.

There is no time to catch a breath.

As the Mueller probe- which always had a different intention than what has been revealed- comes to a close the real truth is coming out. There was never any real truth to the Trump/Russia collusion tale.

It is now known, although not 'accepted', that the report is a fraud cooked up by his opponents and implemented by deception that is most likely criminal. The only criminals they have found involved in this so far is THEM.

The FBI was sullied by the likes of Comey, McCabe, Strzok and the rest. The great 'war hero' who recently passed was in the middle of this, openly supporting his own highly questionable conduct and swearing he 'would do it again in a second'.

This is all now a matter of public knowledge.

The offensive continues. Through his covert forces the Hollywood elite and the criminal conduct with Universities, the tip of the pedophile scandal is now being revealed. With a side helping of the colleges in this country being entirely screwed up as well.

They charge a fortune, pay no taxes, and have zero accountability.

Mueller has yet to land a punch on anyone in the Trump orbit for collusion, conspiracy, or obstruction. But FARA violations, now popular to charge, are.

All of the evidence points to Mueller being a vessel to catch those who thought they could somehow depose a sitting president, even talking trash about using the 25th amendment which was absurd.

Jame Comey as of this article's posting:

"I have no idea whether the special counsel will conclude that Mr. Trump knowingly conspired with the Russians in connection with the 2016 election or that he obstructed justice with the required corrupt intent. I also don't care," Comey, a frequent critic of Mr. Trump, wrote in a New York Times op-ed published Thursday.  

Well, well, well. Now he 'doesn't care'. If it wasn't so blindingly a lie it would almost be precious. 

Sure is a change of heart.

Trump, like the other inspired leaders of the past, is on the move now. This is no longer a war with static lines of defense. It's a mobile, combined air and ground assault one. His warriors are holding China and Russia at bay (they want to see who wins here) while putting the pressure on Venezuela and the EU.

Israel, guaranteed it's freedom as a state in 1947 by the UN got it's capital and today the Golan Heights, a very strategic strip of land on the Syrian border. One TV talking head said 'it was like giving the Crimea to Russia'.

Exactly. Russia must have access to the port there to survive, and Israel can't allow hostiles to occupy that high ground. Trump instinctively understands these historical precedents.

This is sensible foreign policy; not an embrace nor refusal of Russian ambitions or Israel and Zionism. That's their business.

There is so much more going on. Some of this we'll all know, some to only those that dig, and even more that will be buried as being not essential enough to publicize. The dump by the 'Anon' movement on someone by the name 'Rachel Chandler' was both epic in scale and given the Q stamp of approval.

She is 'Allison Mack' times one hundred. Ms. Mack is singing like a birdie:

This war has turned on a dime. It is now the Trump offensive, one he and his core have planned for some time -just how long will be a real surprise when it's revealed- and it is fearsome. The targets know who they are.

It's the one's paying the others who are lying to you. Bet on them at your own risk...


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Cronkite and Vietnam: Infancy of Fake News.

Friday, 15 'The Ides of' March:

The national media is now dead.

This has been ongoing for decades; the slow erosion of both faith and trust started in the late 60's. Oddly, yet somehow appropriately, it can be directly traced to the original Lion of TV news, Walter Cronkite.

He stared at the camera during the Tet Offensive of 1968 and declared the war in Vietnam was 'lost'. Even back then this came as a shock to the 'boots on the ground'. General Giap and Ho Chi Minh's big plan was a failure.

Not just a simple failure; mind you. It was a disaster.

After some intitial -and well publicized gains like the attack on the US Embassy in Saigon- the US forces did what they do best. That is counterattack an enemy now out in the open. The mistake made by the communists was epic, and Cronkite completely missed it. To wit:

Surely Cronkite could be forgiven for this rush to judgement, right? He was 'America's anchor', right? 

Not so fast. He was a die hard left wing progressive eager to excuse all communist actions.

The US administration under Johnson was liberal, but decidedly NOT pro communist. They knew that Cronkite had just delivered a death blow to the US presence in Vietnam. The fact the US ran the table militarily for the next three years meant little.

The public had made up their mind. The war was lost. Cronkite and CBS News had just told them so.

That was 1968. Many of our loyal readers were either not yet born or in short pants back then. However, you can draw a straight line to this day. Literally every major news story for the last 50 years has been either slanted left or wholly accepting their viewpoint.

The exceptions were few, and those mostly neocon events like Iraq, or other adventurism in the Middle East. In the last dozen years they (the neocons) have formed an alliance with the  progressive left, so even that has disappeared.

What does the media now say?

You must move to the cities, pay much higher taxes, restrict your freedoms and tolerate (and therefore accept) a libertine lifestyle that dissolves the family unit.

You have to get rid of your guns, reject Christianity and embrace every other belief system on earth including Satanism. You should legalize drugs and force innoculations, yet ban herbal remedies.

That evey person on earth has a 'right' to healthcare, housing and a basic income.

That not only is a border barrier unnecessary, but also 'immoral'. That these caravans approaching the border have a 'right' to be allowed in this country, placed in Balkanized communities, given public aid and then registered to vote.

If you oppose any of this you are the litany of left wing insults. Racist, sexist, homophobic, anti Semitic, etc.

This has now come to a screeching halt. POTUS and his inner core of patriots, who are determined to return the country to it's roots as a constitutional republic, have given the order.

YOU are the news now.

The Q universe, which has been on the receiving end of information for the last 16 months is now the disseminator of it. They are well briefed, and well trained, and the 'Anons' -the analytical minds who have deciphered the codes given to them, often with utter brilliance- are now tasked to 'spread the news'.

The circle is now complete.

The American Revolution was won largely because of the civilian intelligence network George Washington and Ben Franklin installed. The British lost the numerical edge in military as a result, and this was the most singular cause of their defeat.

This is the second American revolution.

The media is now pushing their favorite memes; namely 'Orange Man Bad' or some theme of it. POTUS, through the Q verse, now wants the public to pick up the mantle. The 'town crier' is once again the font of all information.

This is a war, folks. One for the hearts and the minds of all who yearn to be free, those who see the encroachment of an evil entity determined to subjugate them.

It isn't a shooting war, at least not yet. Hopefully that can be avoided. Now the real truth must be spread and that now belongs to US.

As it should be. Thank this most courageous of presidents -and the Q team- for the faith and trust, and God speed.

We are alive in the most amazing of times...


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POTUS in Alabama after killer tornadoes: They believe.

Friday 8 March:

First of all, a full apology to followers of this site.

Over 70,000 of you have stopped to visit. This is much appreciated. You may have noticed a drop off in production lately and that's true. Frankly, the President, in his Sun Tzu approach to business has made his choice of the battlefield.

That is, without much surprise, Twitter.

Twitter is all about instantaneous change of information. Twenty minutes ago is the past. A half day is ancient history. It's all about what is going on NOW. 

This is where the war, and it is every bit a war, is being fought. The goal is to keep your base support satiated and try to get as many of the 30-40 percent of 'sheeple' to wake the hell up and smell the coffee.

This is where your humble correspondent has been. It's a full time affair. You see, by the time a cogent story is written, edited and published it's already the Dead Sea Scrolls, so it better be good in a timeless fashion.

Ergo the dearth of recent posts.

Understand that this absence doesn't mean you aren't being rewarded for lack of effort. Assure yourself such is not the case. No, it's the street battle going on, the sheer fury of the pace. There is SO much going on at once -Venezuela is huge and you hear almost nothing about it- that it's hard to address a single issue.

The dialogue is as pernicious as it is suspicious.

The media has thrown any last remnant of objectivity over the side; FOX tries but it's both hamhanded and confusing. They know The Narrative is moving fast.

A year ago it was about trying to control it for 48 hours. Now it's a few hours here or there. The stakes are so huge, and it does seem a free for all of sorts. But it really isn't.

In Sun Tzu's approach to warfare the ones won without firing a shot are by far the most desirable. Use of deception is a key. This POTUS and his inner circle has used to a fine art. They have the opposition basically eating their own now.

The media might yell 'Michael Cohen' and shills like the 'judge' on FOX will seriously intone that the parking ticket level offenses by Trump somehow equivalent to the criminals who have tried to subvert him for 2 years.

But today the Somali in congress said this about the Previous Occupant:

“We can’t be only upset with Trump,” the freshman firebrand told Politico Magazine.

“His policies are bad, but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was,” Omar said.

“And that’s not what we should be looking for anymore. We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile.”

'Pretty face and the smile'? That's just brutal. No Repub could get away with such a spot on put down of that clown than this. It's also absolutely true. In fact, as nasty a bit of Brotherhood business as she is, she's also the most honest one on their side.

Her obvious prejudice against the Jews aside, her criticism exposes the schism of the secular left and the pro Zionist right. AIPAC and 'the Benjamins' was harsh but not wrong. They throw plenty of money around and Israel is well represented in congress. But she's dead wrong about their loyalties.

Taking on 'The One' got her in serious doo doo. 

She got her ears pinnned back and backtracked immediately. They spent a fortune making him a pagan idol and want to hold onto some of that (rapidly diminishing) value. After all, it is all they have left.

That and 'Bern'.

Therefore the truth is now a total victim. POTUS was prepared for this, therefore the 'fake news' meme. Even major outlets like ABC and Washington Post openly misrepresent the facts to bolster their narrative and even outright lie.

Their headlines tell the tail. It is always twisted to make Trump look as bad as possible, and if the facts have to be reversed so be it. It isn't simple spin anymore. As far as the president goes, does HE lie?

No, he doesn't. He uses deception. If you listen closely to the man he is the most honest man in that office since at least Harry Truman. However, to his foes he plays the game of 'you fool me I fool you first.'

Trump was right about his inauguration. That was the first 'big lie' they laid on him. They only got worse from there. They will NOT admit one mile of new fence has been built but about 60 miles has.

Many more rebuilt and effective. It is they who lie.

No, POTUS will use deception like Washington did against the British and what Eisenhower used against Germany. Coded drops and all, courtesy the 'Q' team.

All New Yorkers 'bullshit' you. Living close proximity to 13 million people will do that, that and the free and easy insult. He's no different really. But when the chips are down he is straight as an arrow.

So, please excuse the lack of 'coverage' articles. Would need a half dozen clones to handle the sheer rush of material. Encourage all of you to open a Twitter account. They are free and easy, and where the war is being waged.

Keep the faith, though. Soon we'll have a LOT to wrtie about. This is getting good...


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This site would love to bring a better product to our readers; an improved platform that is more interactive is in the works. It is more expensive, and since the site is self funded any and all aid would be appreciated. Every penny will go towards this goal.

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POTUS to Pepe: 'Go spread the word'.

Tuesday, 26 Feb:

He calls them 'the enemy of the people'.

These of course would be the multimedia conglomerates. He, naturally, would be the 45th president of the United States. As he has stated on multiple occasions.

They chafe at this description but do very little to actually counter it. In fact, they reliably go along with their corporate donors and do their bidding. That, of course has resulted in the 'double down' strategy.

If that's what you want to call it.

Strategies involve much more than rote resistance, but there you have it. No matter what they do, no matter how ridiculous the attempt/hoax is, they will insist on being right no matter what. No matter how overwhelming the evidence may be.

This culminated in the now infamous Jussie Smollett case.

He's obviously guilty of the whole thing, and has lied badly to cover it up. But the media is going to try to facilitate some sort of exit ramp for him. It won't work, and he is going to be tried, convicted, sentenced, and put in prison.

As deserved. However, there will never be an admittance of guilt, just the tired cries of 'racism' and all the other inevitable 'isms'.

There is the abortion issue which has now become a race to see who can legalize infanticide fast enough. Now, if one is a cynic perhaps, seeing the pressure on Planned Parenthood is hurting their efficacy somebody has to supply fetal tissue.

After all, there are aging billionaires and ancient judges who need their Mengele type treatments. Must keep that ball rolling you know. Think this is a joke, do you?

It isn't. And the blood has to come from somewhere. Maybe this is all legit transfusions from healthy young volunteers. Then again.

This industry has been referred to multiple times lately; the scam of taxpayer money going to Planned Parenthood to be paid back in campaign contributions. It is sordid beyond belief, and the types of 'medicines' being developed are terryfying in origin. 

Innocent human life as a cash commodity.

These aborted babies are worth a small fortune. Project Veritas exposed them undercover bargaining for a Lamborghini as a possible reward. Over a nice chilled chablis.

And they call who 'Nazis'?

Do not doubt this. Do some research and connect the dots. They lead, fairly quickly too, to a obvious but dreadful conclusion. We allow the unborn to be harvested as a commodity, and it is very precious to those who demand it.

This observer would refuse it if offered. Never trade 'time' for 'eternity', if you catch the drift.

This isn't even mentioning POTUS in Hanoi (sealing the deal) to then meet with Xi after the successful trade talks. Or meeting Comrade Kim tomorrow. The Dems have put on the Michael Cohen show on to run opposite so they can 'derail' any good news from it.

Not very classy of them. But to be expected.

Venezuela? Trump is making Pence earn his salary and arrange the coming 'exit' of Maduro. That's all being worked out behind the scenes. His 'generals' don't want to be executed as the narco terrorists they are.

Any fighting will be with the Cubans who run the place and they wouldn't last long. Assets already in place to deal with that.

No, it's the lyin' media. The ones who don't want to be called 'the enemy of the people'. If so, then stop acting like it.

So, brace yourselves. The 'mainstream media' is now officially dead. They have been replaced by us. That's right. We, the people, are now the media.

Q said so officially the other day and you can go argue with them over it. Not here. Been too right too many times. Nope, this is the real deal. Everyone out there has to become the 'new media' and to disseminate as much info as they can. Q and the 'Anons' have shown the way.

The truth will be everywhere. 

The only problem will be waking those who need to hear, and that is now the job tasked to all of us. The next month will be very dramatic, indeed. So, do your part. The winning hand has been dealt but it needs to be executed.

So much on the line. What a great time to be alive... 


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This site would love to bring a better product to our readers; an improved platform that is more interactive is in the works. It is more expensive, and since the site is self funded any and all aid would be appreciated. Every penny will go towards this goal.

Thanks for the consideration.  gofundme.comfund-the-truth /5jd7t8-



21.05.2019 03:15

Fred Hill

Excellent column my good man!

27.03.2019 23:21

Faith Woolers

Every time you write, I stop everything and read. I just wish everyone else could read the truth you publish. Thank you for sharing.

28.03.2019 01:20

Don Case

humbly yours...


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