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Monday, 21 May:

After a year and a half of investigation and implied criminality against the duly elected 45th President of the United States a dramatic shift has occurred.

The hunted is now the hunter.

When President Trump ordered the DoJ to investigate whether there was any politically motivated surveillance of his 2016 campaign it shook the rafters of the Washington DC establishment. The comfort blanket of the Mueller probe was thrown aside.

Those who hid under it were exposed, naked to the world.

This includes the usual suspects; the Clintons and their associates, the traitor John Kerry, and the like. What is new is the higher ups in the feeding chain are now having the light of truth shined upon them.

Ben Rhodes. Susan Rice. Valerie Jarrett for sure, but there's more.

James Clapper. John Brennan. And, for good measure, the Previous Occupant, the 44th president. One Barack Hussein Obama. Or Barry Soetero if you are so inclined.

The one indisputable fact of progressives is the lockstep thought process. That the people at the top of this food chain knew nothing of the Fusion GPS/MI-6 shenanigans is utterly ridiculous. It's just not how they work.

Of course they knew. They also made certain that the requisite information was disseminated through the ranks of their political minion class to be leaked endlessly. The effort to negate the will of the people and derail the Trump administration had many facets.

Leak rumors gained by illegal 'unmasking' of Trump associates, done largely by Soros protege and political hack Samantha Powers. Stock the government over the 10 week period between the election and inauguration with as many moles in key positions as possible.

Trap Mike Flynn. The final move was to trigger the Mueller probe.

Along with their bought dogs in the media, they felt they had this one in the bag. After all, the opponent was a billionaire playboy reality show star and real estate developer. How could these brilliant politicians not triumph?

As Sun Tzu pointed out millenia ago, know your enemy.

If you don't, arrogance will breed stupidity. In Vietnam the US didn't realize that Ho Chi Minh would accept any casualty count no matter how high; the US metric of weighing gains to body count was a self imposed fiction. It's why we didn't win.

This lesson was not taken by the previous administration. In their supreme arrogance -keep in mind their leader called Trump 'a carnival barker'- they underestimated their foe. 'Big league' as he would say.

His populist message of returning power to the people resonated.

Cutting taxes and regulations, streamlining permits and allowing business to flow more freely has given the American people new faith in their system. A CBS poll showed 66% thought the economy was improving.

The muscular foreign policy scored as well. No matter what one feels about Israel and the Palestinians, Iran's threats to wipe them out and desire to 'nuke up' made them the pariahs they are. Only foreign elite who want to cash in on newly minted deals are happy with this arrangement.

Bibi Netanyahu, who is a demagogue in his own right, had the good fortune of having the right enemies at the right time. He now appears every bit the Israeli patriot dedicated to the country's survival.

This is what happens when you try to manipulate the flow of information to fit a narrative rather than allow the truth. Trump, who as a born salesman is prone to exaggeration is wrongly accused of lying.

He is easily the most direct, and truthful commander in chief since Harry S Truman.

The real 'lying' comes from the opposition. Any means to an end, you know. They have been lying their asses off since the night of the election. They challenged the electoral college. Jill Stein challenged the vote in Wisconsin.

They had female 'celebrities' demand the White House be burned down.

If there was any real lying and misrepresentation it came from the opposition, intent on keeping power at any and all costs.

Now the worm has turned. The accused is now the accuser. The spotlight is now on the ringleaders, with the very creepy John Brennan now in the spotlight. He doesn't like it much; and has issued thinly veiled death threats against the sitting president of the United States.

At this point his former boss is still silent. However, this new investigation will go directly to the top. Who knew what, and when?

The Democrat party is circling the wagons; they will do what they always do and double down on the lie. It's as predictable as the sun rising in the east. You will hear a LOT of bloviating by the Schiffs and Swalwells of the world.

Make no mistake. They are now in a world of hurt. Just a matter of how bad, how many are caught up in the web, and how far the Trump administration wants to take this. Will they actually prosecute the former president?

It would be earthshattering if they do. Only a fool would discount it...

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'Feel the Bern': Sanders in his $200k Audi R8. Who says socialism doesn't pay?

Friday, 18 May:

The previous administration has admitted that which many of us knew for some time.

They have deliberately, and criminally spied on a presidential campaign for purely political purposes. The whole FISA court/Fusion GPS/Steele Dossier were just excuses to cover an operation designed to frame a newly elected president.

It was done with malice and criminal intent.

That this is coming out now, that former spooks like James Clapper have not only admitted the spying but is defending it as the 'right thing to do' is because the Michael Horowitz IG report is about to be released.

It is a damning document, and those in it's sights are now spinning like crazy to get out ahead of the story. This includes Clapper, someone not known for truthfulness and also former assistant AG Sally Yates.

She is the first one fired by the Trump administration for defying a lawful order to carry out the newly crafted immigration policy. Quiet for the better part of the year she is now tweeting and making appearances trying to burnish her reputation, which will soon lie in tatters.

The real truth, the hard facts that any independent observer has seen since Day One, is that there was a systemic and concerted effort by the previous administration to derail the incoming Trump presidency.

By any, and all means possible.

This site -and to be fair others like it- have posited this since before the inauguration. Once Trump won handily on 9 November there was a healthy suspicion the outgoing lot would use the 10 weeks until the swearing in ceremony to lay as many land mines they possibly could.

This included using the rumors gained through 'unmasking' that was spread throughout the government agencies so they could be endlessly leaked. It also had the full support of the domestic media, which had been hopelessly compromised.

The incest in the media/progressive circles is now the stuff of legend; former security advisor Ben Rhodes -who had absolutely no experience in that field is the brother of the head of CBS news.

CNN's Jim Sciutto worked for the Democrats.

That's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Virtually all of them are registered Democrats and are die hard progressives. Their contempt for anyone outside their worldview was always easy to see.

None of this is any real news. Nor is the aggressive attempt by the previous lot to undermine the president and undo the will of the people. Fortunately, the military was aware of these shenanigans and former NSA director Mike Rogers briefed the newly minted 45th president in the days before he assumed office.

He told him that the civilian intelligence -the CIA, and FBI- had been turned into a political arm of the progressive movement and had been perverted to an East German 'Stasi' model replete with illicit electronic surveillance- and spies.

When Trump said the Previous Occupant had 'tapped his phones' he wasn't making it up; simply using an outdated reference. They had literally cloaked him, and his new inner circle. This was first shown with the hit job on General Michael Flynn.

And a hit job it was.

Flynn, who knew what a con the Iran deal was had been was enemy number one. Rhodes, Clapper and John Brennan knew once he had the requisite security clearances he would be a major problem.

He simply had to be dispatched, and quickly. They cooked up the leak, he didn't inform Mike Pence (why should he, really?) and got caught in a cheap but effective trap. The Mueller investigation was the final piece of their puzzle.

With an overly broad mandate and an Attorney General forced to recuse himself, a united opposition of Democrats who were gobsmacked by the election and a compliant media the die was set.

President Trump was toast. He and his cabinet would be forced from office, and Mike Pence would be shamed into resigning. The Smartest Woman in the World would be lifted upon their shoulders and given her correct birthright.

The Presidency.

But something went terribly wrong for them. It started with Admiral Rogers. He wasn't alone, though. Two former Marine generals who were both driven out by the Previous Occupant were recruited to serve.

James 'Mad Dog Mattis, and John Kelly.

These men were fully in the loop. The Deep State tried to surround the new crew with their own; people like Rex Tillerson who was a Condy Rice/Bob Gates favorite and a bunch of staff who were rewarded for leaking became the norm.

This all has changed. The opposition made several key errors, most notably underestimating Donald Trump. That was the fatal blow. He not only survived this unprecedented output but has actually thrived.

His approval ratings sit at 50% according the reliable Rasmussen, and are in the low 40's with other more suspect polls.

The economy is booming and people actually feel good about things. He has cornered North Korea and Iran.

And now the IG report is going to be released. It is reportedly most unkind to James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan and Sally Yates. The media is already preparing their response (spin) to what will be revealed.

It will be down the path Clapper already set. Sure they spied, lied and committed crimes. They did it for YOU. Trump and the Russians were coming to get you and someone needed to step up and defend the good ol' US of A.

You heard right. This blurb by Clapper, which had Rush Limbaugh in sheer incredulity all day, was the trial balloon. The progressive movement, which is utterly incapable of admitting error, will do what they always do.

Double down on the lies.

Brace yourself. The spin will be thick and heavy, and it's coming soon to a TV set near you. The best news?

They will lose this in catastrophic fashion...

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SOMEBODY is glad to be in the good 'ol US of A.

Wednesday 9 May:

Missiles are flying in the Middle East yet the world is in the safest moment of the last 65 years.

How is this seeming contradiction possible? Surely this take must be wrong. Every nation in the world is united against the Trump foreign policy agenda, right? Then again, there does seem to be little real pushback.

Other than the JCPOA (Iran nuclear treaty) being tossed on the dustbin of history, right?

More on that later. Suffice to say all is most assuredly not as it seems. As President Trump awaits the return of Sec State Mike Pompeo with his three 'guests' at Andrew AFB Iran and Israel are shooting missiles at each other.

Attention Israel haters: Iran's attack is from just outside Damascus. 

That's Syria, folks. Different country. Not sure who they thought they were fooling, but engaging Israel from a third country isn't going to cut it. So far it's US/Israel tech versus (basically) Russian; seeing who can intercept more of the other's missiles.

The Rooskies and their offshoots are not going to win that one. So, it's no real big deal, yet. Putin is smart enough to sit back and watch this play out. He knows that Trump is still prone to accepting Russia to the West.

Not something the deep state likes, but the real adversary is Red China and they can still get their dough. For now. Trump will tackle his pal Xi in the near future. Right now it's handling the surrender of North Korea.

You heard right. They have given up the ship; forced with regime change as a certainty and a nice 'demonstration' of how we could reach out and touch him at our choice, he did the rational thing and caved.

Years at Swiss schools taught him something. He's brutal, not insane.

Guaranteed that no US led operation would be mounted to overthrow, the de-nuclearization became a fait accompli', and now it's just hammering down the fine print. Think 'Berlin Wall 1989' and you'll get the picture.

Stalinist regimes cannot withstand a true Free Opposition. Reagan proved that much.

Iran, on the other hand, is a multi-layered affair. Once a free (and non Islamic) country -women wore bikinis there in the late 60's- it was seized by fundamentalists in 1977. Allowed to survive since, they have morphed into the quasi post modernist/11th century bastard hybrid it currently is.

The people are WAY cooler than those in charge.

Those who seek an Islamic caliphate are behind them. So are those who want a bulwark against Israeli hegemonic goals. There are a LOT of natural resources in that area. Always follow the money.

Then there is another movement.

One that uses the 11th century mindset for their own purposes. Check that. Islam in the 11th century was enlightened. No, this is SEVENTH century stuff. Beheadings and all that. By allowing it to exist -even thrive- this other player has an asset they can deploy.

In this hemisphere it's MS-13. Same people behind all of this.

Toppling middle eastern countries -Saddam's Iraq, Ghadafi's Libya, Assad's Syria- has cost the United States taxpayers over six trillion dollars, and the real number is unknown. It has netted death, destruction, instability and a massive refugee crisis.

Chaos on a grand scale. Out of order comes chaos, as some of them say.

The last administration cashed in on this in grand fashion. Not to single them out; so too, did the previous three. Keep things unstable and you can fleece the people better. Nobody came along and said 'enough of this crap'.

Until now.

The deal with Iran wasn't a deal in the sense people think. It was a bold attempt to alter the power continuum in the region. If Islam is empowered it will stop Zionist expansionism. No matter what one thinks, it is a strategy.

But it is founded on quicksand.

You see, it isn't the Balfour agreement or any other such bi-lateral pact. There is a UN Resolution -and the UN is 'god', right? called 242 that codifies Israel as a legitimate state. Their existence is at least as legitimate as anyione else's since.

So, constantly calling for their destruction is just a non starter.

This 'inconvenient truth' cannot be denied. Therefore, if one wants to negotiate in the region they simply must be part of the equation. This puts the Mullahs, their backers and the seventh century force (known as 'international terrorism') squarely behind the old 8 ball.

Backing Iran is a losing scenario. The EU, and their pals in the previous administation bet on the wrong horse. No matter what the media tells you, Iran is in a world of shit right now and haven't a clue how to proceed.

President Trump knows this as well.

However, Israel is not going to get the free ride it desires, either. We are NOT their proxy force. But what's right is what's right,and they have history on their side; not the PLO or any other fringe group.

This whole affair will be sorted by late fall. You heard right.

It's festered long enough, just has a 1950's Stalinist regime on the Korean peninsula. There is a major economic imbalance and debt load that needs to be addressed. These disturbances are in the way.


If you don't think the current group at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue think like this you haven't studied your subject. Business people think logic as policy.

Bureaucrats have it just the opposite. But they are no longer in charge, are they? No matter how much they huff and puff. Stormy Daniels and her $130,000 issue is pretty funny when you weigh it out.

Like Patton slapping the soldier in 1944. The Germans couldn't believe we would transfer our greatest fighting general because he accused a corporal of cowardice. This is even sillier.

But is behind this backdrop that President Trump will greet the 'three gentlemen' that 'Rocket Man' freed. He's just happy to be alive right now. Look at his body language closely. It's pretty obvious he's seen the light.

The real news?

The Mullahs are next; Stormy and her lawyer nonetheless...

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Pepe the Maryland toad agrees: Kerry is a traitor.

Monday, 7 May:

For the better part of two years opponents of the legitimately elected 45th President of the United States have either inferred, or openly accused he and his surrogates of treasonous activities.

Namely conspiring with a foreign entity to deprive the American electorate of their honest choice.

From the very beginning this whole affair has been at least highly suspect; a lot of secret skullduggery happening from the onset. Who can forget the State Department apparatchik who made sure allegations against the incoming administration were spread throughout the various agencies so they could be endlessly leaked?

This included conversations between US citizens 'unmasked' by political operatives of the previous administration including Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Samantha Powers and others. None of this was based on any illegal activity.

It was based on innuendo gotten through highly suspect means.

Played against the backdrop of an election beating that wasn't very close yet shocking nonetheless, the attacks on the newly arrived executive branch were furious and relentless. Right off the bat the accusations that Trump and his associates were 'colluding' with Russia to both deny the Clinton machine it's deserved victory and enrichen Trump and his 'cronies'.

Mostly criminal Russian oligarchs.

This has been the narrative since that fateful night in November. To those who were at least honest observers it never quite smelled right. Too much hysteria, too much smoke and mirrors, and precious little in the way of any actual evidence.

They managed to get past that seeming contradiction by having a 'secret' investigation. One that to this day will not reveal when, where, how and why it was started. It will not reveal just who is being investigated, or for what.

It relies on the oldest of excuses: Trust us, we're working for you.

But are they? The public spoke loudly on 8 November 2016, electing Trump by a healthy margin in the electoral college. No cliffhanger, it was really over by 11 PM Eastern. That it wasn't the favored outcome of the establishment was made painfully obvious immediately.

Here we are 16 months later.

In spite of every attempt -indeed, because of the backlash- all of these attempts have not only failed but backfired. The attempt to de-ligitimize the new government has failed, and miserably.

Against this 'resist' backdrop Trump has seen his poll rating rise. The people spoke, knew what they were getting, and are for the most part fairly pleased. The permanent power base in Washington is the only one that is unhappy.

Unhappy doesn't quite capture their discontent. They hate this newly minted president with a fury heretofore unseen in this country. This has created an emotional maelstrom that underscores every action of this 'resist' movement.

To the point that they, in their fury to somehow derail the will of the people, are committing the same crimes they accuse Trump of. Namely 'collusion', and negotiating with adversaries to undermine US policy.

They charged General Michael Flynn with a crime for speaking to the Russian ambassador about removing sanctions after the election was won. He was the incoming National Security Advisor.

They even floated charging him with violation of the Logan Act, a never prosecuted relic from 1799 that prohibits American civilians from entering into negotiations with a foreign power. It didn't apply to the highly decorated Flynn, who was doing his job.

It does apply to someone else though. Former Secretary of State John Kerry.

Kerry, who rose to notoriety by accusing fellow Vietnam veterans of rape, pillage and behaving in a manner 'more befitting Genghis Khan'. Most who served did not agree with his take, and his ceremonial tossing of his medals away during a 1971 protest.

His duplicity over this from an old ABC story:

That Kerry is a liar and a fraud is of no real surprise; he is a legend in his own mind and always has been. His Vietnam exploits -including a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts are all tainted; he gamed the system to write his own after action reports which allowed him to more or less award himself.

To virtually every decorated Vietnam veteran he is worse than a fraud; he used his service solely to further a political career and these awards insult those who died doing their duty, all but forgotten by history.

Just one of the 57,939 names on a wall in D.C.

Kerry, who succeeded Hillary Clinton at the State Department was one of the architects of the now infamous JPCOA, or Iran nuclear treaty. The same one the current administration ran on as opposing and won.

What is Kerry doing?

He's actively negotiating with the Iranians to save the agreement he helped craft. He is doing exactly what they accused Flynn of doing, and is not shy about it. He also reportedly told Abbas of the PLO that 'Trump will be gone in a year' last November.

The media disinterest was universal.

Kerry is doing now what he did post Vietnam. He is engaged in treason, pure and simple. He is attempting to undermine the will of the American people and negate the Constitutional restraints put on those who are not elected government officials.

He is a traitor. In any other world he would be tried, convicted and shot. But since he is doing the will of the progressive left, which is engaged in it's own 100 year plan of treachery, he will not only not be challenged but is secretly lauded.

This is what it has come to.

A patriot like Mike Flynn has been reduced to poverty by charges that are almost certainly overblown if not entirely fictionalized. Yet John Kerry, multi millionaire by marriage, is talking to the very Mullahs who have been the pariahs of the ME since 1977.

It's simple, folks. It's called treason...

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How one perceives this is yet another 'war'.

Thursday 3 May:

Warfare is as old as man itself.

Rooted in the ancient struggle to survive, conflict is part of the human experience, and war is a mass experiment is societal struggle. What began at a small neighboring tribe level it has in the intervening millenia blossomed into wars spread worldwide.

The New War isn't about tanks and aircraft, although such implements are still commonly used.

It is about ideas wrappped in perception. The different forces uses various methods to present their idea set, but the perception of that set is the key. If someone can show you an idea that fits into your preconceived notions, good.

But if someone can actually make you act against your own best interests by twisting that perception model so much the better. It's easy to throw money at the underclass and buy their votes.

It's a hell of a lot harder to get someone to support a policy like carbon tax in the diffuse notion that somehow this will make a cleaner planet. That one would allow an unnamed third party to tax your breaths just by a 'consensus' of thought is real warfare.

Winning without having to fire a shot. Surrender through sheer stupidity.

This isn't to single out the climate change whores; they are but a head of the Hydra. You also have the 'perpetual war' crowd. These are the ones who assure you that a presence in Syria will turn out better than the ones elsewhere.

Iraq, Libya. You know. Those fun adventures that have cost the US taxpayer $6 trillion while creating both ISIS and the migrant crisis in Europe. It sure looked like a lose/lose to those with clear heads.

But this is not the case, they assure you. You may have the 'facts' right but your perception is all wrong.

Sure, John McCain has been over there multiple times arranging financing for some really dubious 'friends'. Many of whom the military has been cleaning up the last  six weeks or so. He also seems to really dislike the legally elected president.

Seems he doesn't want any change to the previous policies. You see, it's your perception that is incorrect; the $6 trillion, hundreds of thousands of lives, and migrant crisis are acceptible. It will all turn out just peachy at the end.

Just 'trust us'. 

This wholesale assault on your intelligence is steeped in the arrogance of those who are spreading it. The public's 'perception' of the endless war crowd is actually spot on, and they know it.

Same with climate change. Immigration and tax relief. The public is, as usual united more or less in protecting their own selfish self interest. California politicians may be out of their minds but the citizens are starting to revolt.

The attempt to remove a sitting president for simple policy reasons is on full display.

Everyone knows this, as well. The preception battle is whether it is a good thing or not. Even the vast majortiy of those who would desire to turn back the page to the night before the election are aware an unfair attack by their forces is blatantly apparent.

They're just good with it. They have been sold the story that it was unfair, unjust and whatever else is charged. Their perception is all that matters; the 'greater good' is being served by less than just means.

Those on the other side of the equation see the same facts but have a completely different take on them. They are righteously indignant of the unfounded insults and leaks, and the manufactured news cycles (Stormy Daniels) meant to keep the successes of the administration off of Page One.

If Trump has an amazing foreign policy run -and he's had a few in the short 15 month span- then some sort of counter attack must be mounted; now it's the Mueller probe yet again. You'll notice there is, as usual, nothing new.

There never really is.

It's just more 'maybes' passing as news. It is the thinnest of gruel; whether the president 'considered' firing someone six months ago is somehow not only news but better yet, a conspiracy.

The 'resist' movement has dedicated itself to a world of smoke, mirrors, supposition and less than educated guesswork. Creating John LeCarre novels out of chance meetings because that's how you keep perceptions alive.

Just like a solid bloc of the populace thought the Previous Occupant was a practitioner of a differing faith, so, too does a similar sized group believe that the 45th president is controlled by a foreign power because of some peeing prostitutes.

No matter how hard the facts on the ground contradict what is on it's face a fairly absurd allegation.

It's 'baked in the cake', as they say. The 25% of the population who want to  use whatever means necessary to regain a power they deem a birthright will not be deterred by what's true or not.

It is a war, one waged on the conscious perception, and it is in full fury. There are various outcomes, but it is a gurantee that someone won't accept any of them. This will only get more difficult.

Until the resolution, that is. Then, and only then, will perceptions have to take a back seat to the reality on the ground...

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