James Madison: Very clear on the 2nd Amendment.

Thursday, 22 February:

There are two stories in this Florida tragedy.

One is the obvious. The new form of terrorism is the attacks on what are called 'soft targets'. This displays itself in a myriad of ways, from the muzzle of a semi automatic rifle to as mundane as plowing a rental truck into a crowd.

If the desire is there to inflict pain and suffering, the way will be found.

Then there's the OTHER story. The real one. While nobody underestimates the fury of the survivors of these incidents and their righteous demands, there is the underlying matter to all of this, and that's the decades long effort to disarm America.

It goes all the way back to the first progressive President, the dictatorial Franklin Roosevelt. In 1934 the Federal Firearms Act was passed. It addressed the taxation and transfer of firearms. It was followed -again during the reign of FDR- with the Federal Firearms Act of 1938 which set up the idea of a database for owners.

Meanwhile, the congress accepted the novel take on the 2nd amendment as a 'collective right'; somehow they interpreted  the phrase 'standing militia' to be the National Guard and therefore no individual rights were inferred.

This was clearly a deliberate attempt to deprive the populace of what the Framers intended.

Both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were quite clear in what the amendment meant. Some of the quotes, to wit:

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."
- Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Constitution, Draft 1, 1776

"The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed."
- Thomas Jefferson, letter to to John Cartwright, 5 June 1824

This from George Mason:

"To disarm the people...[i]s the most effectual way to enslave them."
- George Mason, referencing advice given to the British Parliament by Pennsylvania governor Sir William Keith, The Debates in the Several State Conventions on the Adooption of the Federal Constitution, June 14, 1788

They were QUITE clear, indeed. It was the current governing bodies that lied to you. For one reason.

CONTROL. This is the desire of all tryannical regimes; FDR was the precursor but it was followed up on with each successive administration. This all ended with the Bush 43 presidency when John Ashcroft immediately stated that the 2nd amendment was an individual right.

It was always a real stretch; the idea that all the other rights were individual and the 2nd would be the sole 'collective' right. But since the public was relatively small, fairly well off and basically homogenous no one made a point of it.

Times, and things, change. 

As the country has become increasingly 'Balkanized', with racial and ethnic subgroups and the threats of terror now real, people now perceive a threat. They also know that the police are there to preserve the peace; NOT 'serve and protect'.

If you'll notice, that slogan has all but disappeared. If there is a shooter and it's a threat, you have three choices: One, run and hope for the best, two hope they have mercy on you, and three fight back.

Americans are fighters by nature. It comes easy to them.

So, now you have the phenomenon of not only an armed populace, but a heavily armed one as well. Most gun households are multiple gun areas.

In the old days you might have a .38 in the nightstand drawer. It still kills more people than any semi-auto rifle; the vast majority being suicides. Now, many, if not most gun owners have a semi automatic 9mm pistol, a shotgun, and an AR variant of some sort.

Now, like any other situation that was reversed, some course corrections are needed.

This is where the 'two stories' meet. The assault on masses of unarmed innocents MUST be addressed. It is a societal corrosive, and a bad one. People need to feel reasonably safe when in a crowd setting.

The Super Bowl had layers of security including Apache helicopters enforcing a no fly zone.

It was only a football game. There are at least 22,000 high schools in the country. Almost all are 'gun free zones'; meaning, of course, 'soft targets'. Every mass shooter since Columbine has attacked gun free zones.

The Aurora Colorado shooter searched for theaters that didn't allow concealed carry.

The president was right when he called them cowards. They are; they want to inflict death on innocents; NOT be turned back by a couple of ex Special Forces types hired by the local school board.

Protecting these venues is not difficult. It calls for both honesty of what the threat is and the will to see it through. This will mean malls and other public places will have to be addressed.

If some nutjob with an AR-15, a pistol and a backpack full of ammo wants to 'go tactical' he needs to know that he will be met with more fury than he brings. However, as pointed out earlier this is not the argument the progressive movement wants to have.

They want to disarm the country.  Senator Diane Feinstein in 1995:

"If I had my way, I would ban the possession of assault weapons anywhere in the United States of America, but there were not going to be the votes for that," she said, according to a transcript in the Congressional Record. 

This, of course, would put the public at the mercy of the government who would no longer be faced with the same weaponry they have. This description of 'well regulated militia' is apt:

 It is an absolute truism that law-abiding, armed citizens pose no threat to other law-abiding citizens. The Framers' writings show they also believed this. As we have seen, the Framers understood that "well regulated" militias, that is, armed citizens, ready to form militias that would be well trained, self-regulated and disciplined, would pose no threat to their fellow citizens, but would, indeed, help to "insure domestic Tranquility" and "provide for the common defence."

Well regulated militia. It's YOU. Keep that in mind when the jackals call for you to give your rights away. The president understands this.

It's why the NRA will go along with his desires to 'tweak' gun ownership. The initial ideas are better background checks, more community involvement, mental health and even the peripheral gun issues.

These include outlawing gadgets that convert a semi-auto into full automatic; 'bump stocks' were made infamous by the Las Vegas shooter. There are others like 'trigger cranks', readily available at $40.

These things are useless to any real shooter; you just blow through ammo while losing accuracy. Only for entertainment value; unless you need full auto for suppressing fire during small squad infantry tactics.

Pretty unnecessary. They will be banned, and nobody in their right mind will miss them. More controversial is the age limit being raised to 21. This also seems a fine idea; today's youth is quite immature emotionally, and this makes sense.

Perhaps a carve out for service members under 21. But as much as the NRA is making noise against this they will do what Trump suggests. That's because they know he isn't trying to disarm the country.

They trust him.

Trump, ever the pragmatist, will actually come up with a solution to these events. The question begs to be asked: 

Does the other side really want this solved? Or do they want these things to keep happening until people cry for a repeal of the 2nd amendment?

You'll find out soon enough...






The AR-15 'black rifle'. Needs to be in the right hands, that's all.

Saturday, 17 February:

When this site first started a year ago this week, the whole idea was to help people understand the phenomenon that is the Trump express.

He is, without doubt, the single most misunderstood man of recent history. Not to mention most underestimated. So few pundits actually 'get' the man; ergo the name of this site. The opposition hates him passionately, and it is so vituperative that it always lays in the realm of emotional histrionics.

To this point, sad to report, there is little change. You can count the people who actually grasp what this strangest of presidents is really all about. Oddly enough female analysts like Kim Strassel, Laura Ingraham and Molly Hemingway are close.

Tucker Carlson intellectualizes it without cheerleading; he leaves that to Sean Hannity.

Almost all miss the 'New York' in the guy. He is a classic representative of the Big Apple. Loud, obnoxious, mega Type A who knows and understands the trappings of power. He is an expert in what he's good at.

Communication. Sheer raw leadership skills. His six years at military academy, strong parenting and flair for drama made him the formidable creature he is. However, underneath lies a kindness and genuine warmth that has endeared him to a base that couldn't be farther from his lifestyle.

The media cannot understand why people aren't upset with his numerous dalliances.

One, his evangelical base hired an advocate, NOT a 'saint'. Two, regular guys see the quality of the women he has been with and to a man would trade in a 'New York second'. Billionaire reality show/real estate moguls are not known for marital fidelity.

So it was never expected in the first place. Go ahead, keep showing pictures of Stormy Daniels or the Playmate of the Year. It doesn't hurt him one bit. It adds to the mystique.

How dumb they really are. Bill Clinton has to trap a 20 year old homely intern. Trump has the Playmate of the Year stop by. It just ISN'T the same thing, and his followers know it.

As the year has gone on, this has become a 24 hour daily battle, with maybe a few days respite here and there. This site was giving a daily briefing early on. But then it became an issue of simply trying to catch up, and there was so much information it was a task to inform without overloading.

This is why the posts have gone down to two or three a week.

This way, a 36 hour cycle can be analyzed en toto; for that's basically how long any story really lasts. The reasoning here is that while everyone else wants to be on top of the news curve, they all throw out the same factoids.

Sensory overload occurs quickly.

That brings us to this week. It was yet another big one, with many implications for the future. The Florida shooter started it all, and the story has played out in predictable fashion. The progressive left immediately seized on it as a chance to advocate their pet agenda.

Gun confiscation. They may call it 'control', but don't be fooled. It's about disarmament.

The cruel twist -for them, that is- is because the truth almost immediately sidelined their argument. No gun law could have prevented that. But community interdiction could have. The FBI, on a very bad roll, dropped the ball, as did the local police.

They made 39 calls to his home. The FBI had both complaints and his own words saying he wanted to be known as a 'school shooter'. This is the real truth.

A bad egg was known to all and allowed to do this. An AR-15 didn't jump off the shelf and commit it. They are still trying to whip the community into an anti gun fervor but the actual truth has seized the day.

As it should.

The solution to this is painfully simple. Schools are the new airports. After 9/11 they toughened security and created the TSA. Now you do the same with schools. You harden the target.

Not deprive citizens their right to bear arms. Make no mistake; when the Framers created the 2nd amendment the phrase 'well regulated' meant having ACCESS TO the same firearm the standing army had, which was the 'Brown Bess'.

The AR is the civilian counterpart to the military M-4 platform. The only difference, besides AR's being semi auto, is the .223 round is just slightly less velocity than the military 5.56. They are essentially the same.

This is what John Jay and James Madison argued for. It still stands true today. Trust your armed neighbor; NOT the government. 

You harden the target. Schools need magnetometers at the entrance; both an openly armed and undercover presence. A central surveillance office.

You do this and these attacks STOP. 

Then there's the Russia deal. Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein proudly announced a totally ridiculous series of indictments. 13 Russian civilians doing rudimentary interference in the US election cycle were charged with crimes that would be pled down to probation and a fine IF there was a trial.

We have no right to try these people. The Russian government won't turn them over anyway.

Their 'crimes' were some silly sites with Jesus telling Satan he'll vote for Trump. Other ones carried out an anti Clinton rally that drew 7 people. The most successful was an anti-Trump rally outside Trump tower the day after the election.

Notice it was 'anti Trump'. 

These indictments give the deep state succor to continue the attempt to incite a conflict with Russia, and the progressive movement got a fig leaf to cover their Russian interference wet dream.

It is the thinnest of gruel, to be sure.

So, what does it mean? It doesn't mean the process is over. It's winding down, but not over. It does mean that Trump is not now, nor ever was, the center of any investigation. It means the deep state wants to protect itself from dissolution.

They know the malfeasance, and criminal incompetence, would cause whole agencies to be disbanded and reorganized.

So you are seeing one part truth to two parts 'CYA' beltway style. But Trump is in the clear, and the next phase will exonerate Mike Flynn. He never lied. He was caught in a perjury trap by remembering incorrectly, and the government was going to bankrupt him.

So he caved. But he will be redeemed. Count on that.

As for Russia, they think this action is silly, which it is. The Clinton State department messed in the 2012 Russian elections. The Previous Occupant sent his OWN TEAM to Israel to unseat Netanyahu.

Not to mention installing Boris Yeltsen. Tucker Carlson pointed out that the Mexican consulate in Mexico City was doing a US voter registration drive. That isn't in their purview. Imagine if the US was inciting Mexicans to vote against the socialist favored to win there next election cycle.

The sad fact is everyone messes around with other countries. The US used VOA (Voice Of America) to foment unrest in Communist countries. This site sees no problems with that. It was the right thing to do.

But the fact remains. What Russia did to us in 2016 was take a water pistol to a forest fire, and backing them into a corner where conflict becomes unavoidable, like in Syria right now is just flat out stupid.

It serves no one's interest, other than the war profiteers.

The best news?  The truth is busting out and the Powers That Be can't control it anymore, and that's a real good thing...

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What the Post SHOULD say: Communist oppression on display.

Tuesday, 13 February:

So, as one gazes upon the local telescreen and sees nothing but wife beaters at the White House and the default of 'Russiagate', there is real, actual news occurring.

A lot of which is pretty significant.

To most of those who visit this site already know, the circus of the White House press corps serves but one reason, and that is to hurt the President whenever possible while giving comfort and cover to their masters on the progressive left.

Everyone knows this. No sense beating a dead horse.

To address the current controversy; a White House staffer named Rob Porter has been accused of spousal abuse by his two previous wives. He was, by all accounts, a talented and hard working asset that the West Wing both liked and trusted.

The media has paraded the two women in the never ending (and hugely successful) series of attacks against anyone who has ever been rude to a woman. It could be 40 years ago, it doesn't matter what the context.

It's all very selectively reported, and while it has taken a toll of certain progressive politicians the country is well to be rid of -Al Franken of Minnesota a shining example- make no mistake. This is aimed at the conservative, male, and largely white section of the populace.

It's meant to shut them up, derail their agenda and empower the embrace of feminist mysticism.

Using the Alinsky playbook of 'attack, ridicule and marginalize' it has been quite a gold mine for them. When one of their own, like the reprobate Harvey Weinstein is outed for bad behavior they will gladly cut him to pieces to use as chum to feed the press pool sharks.

This allows a curtain of political openness. 

Therefore, now that the politcal waters are red with these sacrifices they can get what they really want, and that's any and all conservative males. Finding a heterosexual male who hasn't had a fierce argument with the opposite sex isn't hard.

For Porter it was the picture of the black eye. Now, if one wants to split hairs keep in mind that Porter is a Mormon. They have a, shall we say unique, take on females. They are, like Muslims, more or less property.

A Mormon man can have multiple wives but the woman can't have multiple husbands. This breeds a type of 'do what I say' authoritarianism within their cult, and that's what it is- a cult.

You will not hear this take anywhere else. Yet is seems terribly obvious. Christians are raised to respect women; not treat them like personal chattel. Mormons are NOT 'Christians'. 

The religion has far more in common with Scientology than Christianity, what with ET visitations and such, and the core precept of being in a 'better place' because of these beliefs. It is also, again like Islam, an apocalyptic end-times system.

They didn't hollow out a mountain in Utah for the views, and many 'prepper' sites are Mormon owned.

Porter was obviously torn. A well educated and traveled man, he fit well in the Beltway. His work ethic -Mormons are industrious by nature- propelled him to a powerful position. But his life with women was a different story.

His wives weren't Brigham Young style 'kept women'. They were independent and smart, and weren't going to stand for corporal punishment for talking back or disrespect.

He planted the seeds for his own personal destruction. The fact that the Oval Office didn't get rid of him sooner is not a real story; it is a contrived outrage. He's gone, and according to insiders the West Wing is the lesser because of it.

That, in a nutshell, is the story fully fleshed out. Like the progressives liked to say when the true criminal Bill Clinton beat and raped women, 'Move On'.

The media has beat this rug for over a week, doting over competing timelines. Did the administration make a mess out  of this? Sure.

Ultimately it is a small story. The big stuff isn't being discussed. The 'why' is obvious. The progressives are in a horrible state, the party they took over is in disarray and they have no money and no viable candidate to take on Trump.

The Olympic story is one of extreme pressure by the administration on the rogue North Korean state that has forced them to 'talk nice' and downplay the nuclear armageddon thing. There are changes happening on the Korean peninsula and they are all good.

Thanks largely to one Donald J Trump.

The Russia conspiracy is turning on the Democrats. The more people find out the more they are learning that this always has been a ruse, a trap laid by the Previous Occupant and his minions to keep the progressive agenda unchanged.

That ain't working. They are getting rolled, 'big league' as the man says.

Look at the budget. While conservatives decry the deficit spending, look at where it's being spent, and by whom.

As far as 'conservatives' go, most of these people didn't say squat about the $7 trillion spent making a massive mess out of the Middle East. Next to a self righteous progressive, the only thing close to as bad is a narrow minded conservative.

The ones who believe money and business should flow freely in spite of the consequences. Trump called them out early; they hate paying a decent wage and will gladly send their business to Malaysia where people slave in sweatshops for $3 a day.

Taking care of your own -the citizen taxpayer who works, protects, fights and dies for this country- be damned. All about profits. 

It is these people who helped create the 'feel the Bern' Bernie Sanders movement. They act exploitatively, and are viewed as such. Mitt Romney, yet another Mormon, was a corporate raider.

His firm, Bain Capital, bought troubled businesses and parted them out. They are called 'raiders' for a reason. The net result was many people losing their livelihoods. Can you look in a mirror and see yourself doing this?

He had no problem. Yet he excoriates Donald Trump, who's form of capitalism is all inclusive. 

The budget agreement just signed is NOT a 'disaster'. It's both good business and smart politics. Taking the budget cap off with the last lot in office would have been dangerous. Not with Trump and Mulvaney in charge.

The news today on Drudge? They are actually running a surplus in January. To wit:

You'll see this isn't the Post or CNN. No surprise, there either.

It also backed the Dems in a corner. Immigration can no longer be tied to a debt ceiling. While it's true the GOP loses reconciliation as a tool to pass legislation now, they can instead turn the tables on the opposition by demanding governance.

You want DACA resolved? Here's the deal.

Infrastructure? States will have to chip in, have some skin in the game. But regulations will be stripped down to a two year or less process. That is so much more important than anyone knows.

They are cornered, and Schumer, who is smarter than Pelosi, knows it. Notice how compliant he is lately. They are making noise about not cooperating on immigration, demanding a 'clean' bill.

Sorry. Not gonna happen.

They don't want to jump the Soros/open border ship. They live off that money. But the deal Trump offered has huge support. By telling the 'Dreamers' that it isn't just the 800,000 or so discussed but TWO MILLION allowed not only to stay but to get a path to citizenship is a great deal and they know it.

They are already turning on the Dems for not embracing it.

This shows that they really don't give a rat's rear end about them. They don't. This whole debacle was to set up open borders and instead it has now been turned on them. Massive backfire to be certain.

So, Trump has sidelined 'rocket man', advanced talks in the region, funded the broken military and turned over a fat budget to a budget hawk. He's turned immigration from a net minus to a net plus.

It's cost him a press secretary. Maybe he'll watch those Mormon males a bit more closely from now on...

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Gators eating their own; this time 'fake' gators.

Monday, 5 February:

The dust is beginning to settle.

A very big last couple of weeks has seen a successful SOTU from the president, a train derailment under suspicious circumstance, the release of the FISA memo, and the blowback. All highlighted by a very spirited underground movement led by the now infamous 'Q'.

This is all backlit by a very good month for the 45th president.

His immigration plan, offering the DACA 'Dreamers' far more than the Dem's asked for, was a stroke of genius. By tying it together with border security -which included the omnipresent wall- he put them in a box.

Take it and please this demographic YOU developed. Refuse it to please your open border money. A perfect conundrum.

They then stumbled, stupidly into the shutdown. This was a terrible optic for them as protesting for the 'rights' of illegals as opposed to providing for your own citizens is a losing scenario. Their internal polls showed this, and they folded.

This wasn't the only 'bad optic' for the progressive movement, either. They've had a dismal month from any standards, but their reactions have made it far worse. Their conduct ot the SOTU speech was another exercise in abysmal behavior.

Sitting on your hands when the president announces good news is one thing. When it's their 'own' constituencies hearing unemployment is at an all time low it's another. They looked like junior high school students kept over for another study hall on a nice afternoon.

Bad optic #3 was the reactions to the release of the FISA memo.

It was 'a threat to the security of the country' while at the same moment they decried it 'a big fat nothingburger'. The same newspaper that is glorified in the movie 'The Post', which was about Daniel Ellsburg's illegal release of the Pentagon papers, is now, all of a sudden, against a release of secrets.

You just can't make this up. The progressives can't win for losing.

Meanwhile, the tax cuts have begun to take effect, and in spite of a major market correction over the last several days, the economy is in pretty good shape. Experts agreed the 26,000 mark on the Dow was 'overheated'.

The market will close at a little over 24 bucks, which is about the right valuation. The president would be well advised to avoid overpraising the market and concentrate on the economy, which he's handling very well.

The blowback on the FISA memo has been predictable.

By releasing it the administration reset The Narrative. Before it was Trump was an agent of a foreign power (Russia) doing their bidding to enrich themselves. Rachel Maddow and NBC has made a fortune pursuing this meme.

The net result? The removal of a legally elected president simply because the previous lot doesn't like his policies. The people be damned.

The new Narrative?

Trump is the victim, as was General Mike Flynn, of a rigged system where the FISA court was misused to spy on an American citizen so they could unmask, and spy on, political opponents.

That this was a plot by the previous administration to subvert the president. It's not called 'treason'. It's called 'sedition'.

This is now no longer really in question; indeed the opposition is more or less saying, it was 'OK to do this because the incoming administration was a threat'. It was.

Not to you, the people. To the entrenched establishment he was, and is. Therefore, now the narrative is an honest one. Depends now on what side you choose to go with. They are more or less admitting that they are crooked, corrupt and dishonest.

They just have a reason for doing it. One most of their followers cannot understand.

The memo will be followed by their response, which will take a page from the devil, known as 'The Great Deceiver'. They will argue that 'grey areas' and 'unspoken truths' are behind all this; that Carter Page was not an excuse but a real reason for the surveillance.

They will insist that Andrew McCabe's testimony to congress, where he admitted that without the partisan funded dossier there would have been no approval, wasn't what he really said. They are parsing his words now.

Clouding the issue just enough to sell it to their hardcore followers. But it won't work.

The adminsitration will release the rest of the documents out there. The IG report is coming and it isn't pretty. The FBI and DoJ come out of it pretty bad. 

They will be swimming upstream for some time. Luckily for them they have the media willing to run with whatever thin gruel they're given and proudly present it as filet mignon.

The underground buzzes about the train derailment as a false flag attempt at 'silencing' many in the GOP by killing off a few of them. This is the second major life and death event for the GOP congress in one year.

The shooting on the baseball field last year the start. Attacks like this are rare, and two within a 12 month period is yet another 'coincidence', and if you learn one thing from this site it's that there just aren't coincidences.

Things happen by design, and for a reason. The derailment does stink to high heaven.

There's the mobilization of USMC elite units; MARSOC and FAST teams are all at high alert. Trump is surrounded by Marines. They are exempt from Posse Comitatus, because the Chief Excutive has JASOC, which is outside the ordinary chain of command. That's all of the SpecOps community.

It is, for all intents and purposes, a real palace guard. 

If they perceive a threat to the constitution they will protect the president and will pursue enemies, both foreign and domestic. These people take their oaths seriously.

If there is a clandestine effort to subvert the constitutional republic they will address this. Right now, the war is within the departments. Sessions at Justice, Wray at FBI.

They have some house cleaning to do.

The progressives are going to use whatever tools they have. They will exhaust the tool chest if necessary. This is a full blown war; there is no turning back now. But the president can afford to play his cards right.

His people just landed a few body blows. They hit hard. The opposition isn't used to such bravado being loosed on them. They're clearly reeling. 

Trump can just go back to successful governance. While they seethe over the memos, another budget crisis looms. They want to have another shutdown shoved down their throats?

DACA will not be solved unless a border is secured. Trump has the people behind that, too.

Right now the ball is in the opposition's hands, but they are in Trump's court and now playing by OUR rules. Let the sunlight in and the chips fall where they may.

Try swimming upstream against that...

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Nice speech. Now time for action.

Friday 2 February:

At some point in the next few hours the Memo will be released.

The whole of the free world is in breathless anticipation over this document, which is purported to display illegal behavior by the FBI and Department of Justice.

Once it comes out there will be much discussion, and this site will be all over it.

For now, the clock ticks. Our sources have claimed this will show systemic, and unlawful, behavior by the previous administration. The bad actors behind it are the former Attorney generals, Lynch and Holder, the former CIA chief Brennan, and Oval office advisers Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett.

The affect on the Mueller investigation is in some dispute; the White House feels this shows that they were unfairly targeted. Those who still feel Russian agents 'turned' a Trump aid named Carter Page into a foreign agent say not so fast.

Their argument is that the tactics may have been spurious, even illegal. But that the incoming administration was a threat to the world order, and that Putin had a willing accomplise in Donald Trump.

Some think both things can be at least somewhat true.

It's important to have this understanding first so that the proper intellectual framework can be established to allow the dissemination of information that is coming.

And it is coming, make no mistake about it.

This site will delve into it deeply as soon as it is released; suggest that our readers do follow the Twitter feed because it will be furious as soon as this is released. There is also a plethora of conspiracy elements that haven't been addressed here.

Yet. That will occur as well, including the 'coincidence' of the train wreck, and the pedophile scandal that is simmering just under the radar.

Stay tuned, this should be a long day...



24.02.2018 02:39


No sir, the Left doesn’t want the problem solved. Do away with or reinterpret the 2nd amendment is and always will be the goal..

24.02.2018 21:06


you are correct, sir...

24.02.2018 02:48


that's why Trump will seize this issue and surround it with solutions. They lose yet again...

06.02.2018 00:44


You've Hit the mark again as usual Moriarty

24.02.2018 02:59


Yes indeed! He’s a producer, problem solver, big-bad-bulldozer-daddy!!

06.02.2018 03:07


make sure you tell Kelly and Big Joe...

05.02.2018 23:37


Last article is spot on analysis... Glad the Marines are in charge (son of one) ... Btw... WWCD?

03.02.2018 12:44


I have now read the document and unless these people are put in prison, our country is now a 3rd world shithole.